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ISSEI funny video 😂😂😂 I try Travel Hack ! 👍

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • UZI And N (Murder Drones)
    UZI And N (Murder Drones) Month ago +29904

    *after the flight* *literally forgets about the phone recording*

    • Mahyun Jamila
      Mahyun Jamila 2 days ago


    • Сережа Козаченко
      Сережа Козаченко 3 days ago

      ​@John Meixner 😍☺☺😊😀😪😭😂😳.'ишР

    • Neha Kaushal
      Neha Kaushal 4 days ago


    • Jose Batista
      Jose Batista 4 days ago

      😂😮❤🎉SARAH homem homem acabei de te mandar umas coisinhas aí que você sempre gavia maluco aí entendeu acabei de te mandar umas coisinhas aí que eu até escrevi meu nome então vou te mandar e a foto

  • IT's me chef asti
    IT's me chef asti Month ago +2

    Asli habis ini pasti ada larangan saat take off

  • Siddharth Sankar
    Siddharth Sankar 21 day ago +341

    During take-off and landing procedures, you are not supposed to close the window shades because an aircraft engine undergoes major controlled stress on all its peripherals. Thus there is ONE in a million chance that some fault may occur and you as a passenger may be the first one to observe it (such as sparks or fumes) and you can save everyone's life on board. Primarily it's for the flight attendants, so that they can have a clear view of the engines.
    So don't close the window shades during take-off and landing. Thank you for reading.

    • TOXIC
      TOXIC 23 hours ago

      I aint readin all that

    • Timothy
      Timothy 2 days ago

      Lmao there's arehighly sophisticated sensors for that kinda shit now tho

    • Joanna Ariola
      Joanna Ariola 2 days ago


    • Zeynep Bayrak
      Zeynep Bayrak 3 days ago


  • Mute Claude
    Mute Claude Month ago +4523

    Everybody gangsta until they found out that the 8 hour flight video took 98% of the phone's storage space 💀

  • Cream bululee🥄
    Cream bululee🥄 19 days ago +83


  • Takian
    Takian 2 days ago +2

    Amazing 👏 next time when I travel I will do that

  • Minhyuk Park
    Minhyuk Park Month ago +3327

    Cabin crews always ask us to open the window cover while taking off

    • CGC
      CGC Month ago

      @Swampypolitics well let’s say that your theory could be one of the reason. Do you think that is the only reason and other people are all wrong? Why are you so aggressive and angry?

    • MADE Garage
      MADE Garage Month ago

      And landing

    • Jui
      Jui Month ago


    • FLY_키트
      FLY_키트 Month ago

      @まあ일본 항공사의 비행기는 뭐가 더 대단해서 문 닫고 있어도 괜찮다는 말이 나오지?? 그 비행기는 일본이 아니라 미국이나 유럽에서 제작한거 아니야?? 그 나라들도 이륙이나 착륙할때는 창문을 열어달라도 하는데 너네는 무슨 자신감이냐?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 웃기는 녀석들 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • Swampypolitics
      Swampypolitics Month ago

      ​@CGC that's nonsense. The attendants are seated at their own window. And the pilot will notice anything way before anything visual even happens. And what is an attendant going to do that requires an open blind? Go " oh fu-" before they die?. Wow good thing the blind was open for the attendant to see the other plane coming at them from the side and was able to make a decision that saved everyone some way some how.
      It actually has to do with your senses. Your less likely to get disoriented during take off and landing with the blinds up. If your in a closed tube and it changes elevation and pitch your body doesn't know what to do. Your more likely to get sick. Even if your not looking out the window your peripheral can see the movement.
      Like if your eyes are closed in a car as it's moving it feels different and more exaggerated..your eyes open you barely feel anything because your brain is making your body do minute movements to counteract inertia.
      So in short it makes it less likely that people vomit on take off and landing.

  • 안산행 납작이
    안산행 납작이 28 days ago +1

    오! 아시아나 항공

    JUGRAJ SINGH CHEEMA 28 days ago +1

    Bus itna ameer hona h😅

    FNSIOA Month ago +3692

    I'd actually forget my phone 💀
    i meant like i would actually forget my phone, me being my stoopid self lol.

  • Baby with sunglasses
    Baby with sunglasses 6 days ago +1

    こんにちは、購読します 🎉🎉

  • AviatorB77W
    AviatorB77W Month ago +2240

    man just slept through the *"please make sure your window blinds are open"* during the safety demonstration.

    • AviatorB77W
      AviatorB77W Month ago

      @Kyle "runway", also not as important

    • Kyle
      Kyle Month ago

      @AviatorB77W it’s the tarmac too they need to see

    • AviatorB77W
      AviatorB77W Month ago +2

      @CraftedGPthank you! I did not expect this to "blow up" like this!

    • CraftedGP
      CraftedGP Month ago

      im ur 1000th liker

    • AviatorB77W
      AviatorB77W Month ago

      @Stun X Playz exactly bro

  • Aaditya Ranjan Moitra
    Aaditya Ranjan Moitra 18 days ago +148

    GUYS! NEVER TRY THIS. The most crucial time of a flight is 3 minutes after takeoff and 8 minutes before landing. In order to see what's happening outside, the blinds should stay open

  • Raj k-07
    Raj k-07 11 hours ago +1

    Thank you bro ❤

  • 1 hour songs
    1 hour songs Month ago +2292

    guys, don't try it for too long, i did it once and i leaved my smartphone like in the video for the whole flight. when I took it again it was extremely hot and would not turn on anymore, this is because when you pass the cloud layer, the phone has direct access to the sun's rays (the clouds covered them a bit)

    • mc4nathan
      mc4nathan 17 days ago

      Same happened to me like 4years ago

    • dung huynh
      dung huynh 18 days ago

      But the flight Short you do this

    • Thiago Elias
      Thiago Elias 18 days ago

      Obrigado por avisar 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • ⋆ Simplcorgii ⋆
      ⋆ Simplcorgii ⋆ 19 days ago

      And dont try because they don't allow to close the window

  • Samonn27 Samonn27
    Samonn27 Samonn27 24 days ago +1


  • Shrutika gupta
    Shrutika gupta 24 days ago

    Yes you are right kabhi bhi flat Chalte Waqt phone phone se recording nahin karna chahie

  • Ashish U
    Ashish U Month ago +2115

    Just for information, the cabin crew will always instruct you to keep the window shades open during take off. So either you did not follow instructions or the cabin crew is inefficient.

    • DanDan
      DanDan Month ago

      @Ryleigh Kin the US is not mandatory, in Europe is mandatory to open the window blinds for take off and landing.

    • lance isaac
      lance isaac Month ago

      Australia too, tried it didn't work out. In your hand you can but blinds must stay open not sure why (on take off)

    • Nealsimon dwaf
      Nealsimon dwaf Month ago +1

      I never pay them no attention when they say that

    • jegan nathan
      jegan nathan Month ago

      During take off from landing just use the hands to hold the phone

    • Desert Rat
      Desert Rat Month ago

      I've flown a couple times allegiant airlines and they never talk about the windows.

  • Vansh Raaj
    Vansh Raaj Day ago

    Bhai Tera phone girjata to 😅😅😅 achcha hoa Bach Gaya phone

  • FaIz ShAh
    FaIz ShAh Day ago

    El video bana ne k Liye bnde ne tokeck ktwa Liye ek ham hai 🙂

  • Whiprain
    Whiprain Month ago +110

    이륙과 착륙시에는 바깥상황을 승무원들이 인지해야 하기때문에 열어둬야 합니다.

  • S_K_Z__B_T_S
    S_K_Z__B_T_S 20 days ago

    it's so beautiful!😍

  • lavinia
    lavinia 4 days ago

    Traveling just to shoot videos very good✔

  • ThatGarryMan
    ThatGarryMan Month ago +570

    Bro actually asked himself "what am I doing with my life"

    • Football
      Football Month ago

      Me why wasn't it recording battery ran out

    • Football
      Football Month ago

      Me why wasn't it recording battery ran out

    • rekia mouz
      rekia mouz Month ago +3


  • Ky Dao
    Ky Dao 13 days ago +10

    Ủa nhưng cất cánh và hạ cánh phải mở cái tấm tre ra mà 😂

  • 화영 김
    화영 김 18 days ago

    제 데이터가 날라갔어요(?)

  • 유지후
    유지후 Month ago +742

    It may vary depending on the type of aircraft.

  • ธีรกร จันทร์ทิพย์


  • Vlogi Tv
    Vlogi Tv 14 days ago

    haha and now such a window opens during the flight 😅😂

  • 脳みそ詰まってないやつ


  • evos
    evos Month ago +1


  • Juwita dua putri
    Juwita dua putri Month ago

    Iya bener pemandangan nya jadi bagus nanti di pesawat
    Ngejejer HP banyak di jendela😁😁😅

  • Kxyii
    Kxyii Month ago +462

    Actually sounds cool, but with my memory, I’d be lucky enough to remember to take my suitcase after the flight.

  • Life & Lief
    Life & Lief 4 days ago

    That excitement 😂😂

  • Karim Sydney
    Karim Sydney 29 days ago +73

    If you’ve ever been on a flight, you know that the cabin crew will ask you to keep the windows open for take off and landing.

    • Jason Niemand
      Jason Niemand 20 days ago


    • yo
      yo 28 days ago +2

      Si.Yo cuando era más pequeña lo intenté y me llamaron la atención.

  • Qutbuddeen Abbas
    Qutbuddeen Abbas Month ago +662

    Majority of the airlines tell you to open the binds during the takeoff and landing

    • Singh Singh
      Singh Singh Month ago +3

      Yes, but ,a flight attendant came to tell me to uncover the window but then she saw I was recording so she said it ok

    • MADE Garage
      MADE Garage Month ago +4

      Yes thats fatal.. becasause flight atends want to see around clearly thru the windows.

    • Daniyar Imashev
      Daniyar Imashev Month ago +3

      Look for u

    • Mile
      Mile Month ago +19

      international flying law tells that

  • M.Madhushani Sakunthala

    wow 🤟

  • Hoài Phương Phan
    Hoài Phương Phan 28 days ago

    Ở việt nam là cấm nhe bạn

  • エコふらandハクリキコ🔧


  • Phoenix the bird
    Phoenix the bird 8 days ago +1

    yo needs a Oscar

  • Krit singh Singh
    Krit singh Singh Month ago

    Next time I will try 😁 this one 😃

  • hayachandes
    hayachandes Month ago +7


  • Rakeshkumar Rakesh
    Rakeshkumar Rakesh 7 days ago +1

    pahle baat to aeroplane mein phone use karne nahin dete le lete Hain

  • Phước Nguyễn
    Phước Nguyễn 29 days ago

    Ở việt nam chúng tôi. Hành vi này sẽ bị phạt rất nghiêm trọng. Cao hơn sẽ bị đi tù.

  • Pao Haokip
    Pao Haokip Month ago +115

    Jeeez,the way you carry your bag matched my way quite too well

  • G O A T🇵🇰
    G O A T🇵🇰 3 days ago

    Bro changed the country for a video 💀

    YOKU GAMING 8 days ago

    Langsung Datang Di Indo

  • raria y
    raria y Month ago +144


  • Aky722 Twitter
    Aky722 Twitter 19 days ago


  • Ade Thea
    Ade Thea 19 days ago +5


  • アチゲータ好きのグルトン


  • あきてゃん
    あきてゃん Month ago +62


  • Paula Martine Bruzaca Santos


  • 777rider777
    777rider777 Day ago

    Nice flight speed like my bike

    RARAAN Month ago +533

    my man actually traveled to another country just to do this life hack🥶
    props to him guys👏

  • い・ろ・は・す スパークリング ぶどう


  • 오
     Month ago

    한국:실례 합니다 창문 열어주세여

  • ゆっくり動画チャンネル


    • eeeee
      eeeee Month ago

      @M i am marisaaaa

    • M
      M Month ago

      @eeeee yukkuri shiteitte ne

    • eeeee
      eeeee Month ago

      @M no this is ''yukkuri''

    • M
      M Month ago


  • Zoe Tippin
    Zoe Tippin 16 days ago +15

    I just came back from cancun back to Canada 😢 like a month ago but it’s okay!😅😊

  • Fatma
    Fatma 3 days ago +1

    ذكروني بيه من اسافر😅

  • 絶対神だんご
    絶対神だんご Month ago +23


  • みぃちゃん
    みぃちゃん 25 days ago


    THE RAHI GAMING 29 days ago

    Bestttttttttt bro superrrr

  • 魂邊
    魂邊 Month ago +26


  • Saravanan Subburaj
    Saravanan Subburaj 4 days ago

    Bro took a flight just for this😆

  • Trí Đức Anh
    Trí Đức Anh Month ago

    ngày hôm sau thấy tên sáng nhất báo chính phủ:)

  • Tafni Adam
    Tafni Adam Month ago +548

    Bro's backpack is lighter than my backpack from school 💀🗿

    • RARAAN
      RARAAN Month ago

      ​@OLI K 5 bro💀💩

    • mymii🇲🇦
      mymii🇲🇦 Month ago +1

      Dima maghribbb 🇲🇦

    • Иван
      Иван Month ago +2

      Ты бы видел какие у нас школьные парфель

    • Shabiy pubg
      Shabiy pubg Month ago +2

      Zor dulidbi

    • Shabiy pubg
      Shabiy pubg Month ago +1


  • Farheen Gazi
    Farheen Gazi 15 days ago

    i have never seen such dedication of trying out hacks

  • karen lomas
    karen lomas 22 days ago


  • Мурад Римиханов

    He actually did that for us.Respect to you Issei
    Изменено:Я не русский и вообще не из СНГ страны,Я из Азербайджана
    Изменено ещё раз:Во первых,не путатйте пост советские страны и страны СНГ.Во вторых,я из Азербайджана,но лезгин

    • МЕМНАЯ ПАПКА 2.0
      МЕМНАЯ ПАПКА 2.0 Month ago

      @lastik ага

    • 125 134
      125 134 Month ago

      Азербайджан это снг

    • SombreroNGC4594
      SombreroNGC4594 Month ago

      @Мурад Римиханов советую зайти в Википедию и проверить информацию.
      Единственные, кто вышел из СНГ это укр.

  • 紀美代
    紀美代 13 days ago


  • World Xuất Kích
    World Xuất Kích 18 days ago

    Đờ cờ mờ
    Tao phản đối cái hành vi này .... Không biết được sự nguy hiểm của trò này à.....???bố lạy cụ

  • Èomer
    Èomer Month ago +214

    At that point stewardess :
    Could you please lift the cover?

  • Евгения Бельская

    Wow 😮 that’s amazing

  • Ibraheem Alhomiedan
    Ibraheem Alhomiedan 23 days ago

    i 傻乐了都IT地日那他个他和啊肉肉哦啪啦呢头u口!!!!!!😂

  • 呪い
    呪い Month ago +55


    • 呪い
      呪い 26 days ago +3

      @ぴーちゃん あ〜!大丈夫かぁぁぁ!

    • ぴーちゃん
      ぴーちゃん 26 days ago +4


    • いちごちゃん
      いちごちゃん 27 days ago +3


  • queen Party
    queen Party 7 days ago

    Bas itna Ameer Banna hai

  • Ready to Learn!
    Ready to Learn! 16 days ago

    think about forgetting your mobile was there 😎

  • 연
     Month ago +10

    いいね... 旅行に行きたい

    HENDRI GOD 25 days ago

    coba ke indonesia dong

  • Shamima Ansari
    Shamima Ansari 13 days ago

    Bhai bandha pure Safar me Bina phone ketha😮😮😮😂😂

  • Gandhi Choron
    Gandhi Choron Month ago +71

    Before takeoff: A decent phone.
    After landing: *A 70°C toaster*

  • あゆみ 垣谷
    あゆみ 垣谷 16 days ago


  • Kadir Cakir
    Kadir Cakir 2 days ago

    You have to keep open the window blind during takeoff and landing time.

  • Chandhana
    Chandhana Month ago +129

    Bro went to a trip just to shoot this. Respect

  • วิชชุดา แสงอรุณ

    Yo u go ประเทศไทย

  • พิมพ์ประภา อากาศเมฆ


  • Modisto
    Modisto Month ago +387

    At the end of the flight
    “ uh oh i forgot to press record” 💀
    EDIT: bro 400 likes.!

  • aryaarvin
    aryaarvin 18 days ago +1

    Nereye uçtun bari değsin 🤣

  • はす
    はす 21 day ago


  • Dev Styx
    Dev Styx Month ago +114

    Bro just booked a flight for us. Legend 🤝

    • rare Legend
      rare Legend Month ago +1

      @Dev Styx😂😂

    • Ayva
      Ayva Month ago

      @Tomislav Maras agreed

    • Dev Styx
      Dev Styx Month ago +2

      @Tomislav Maras I totally understood the assignment

    • Tomislav Maras
      Tomislav Maras Month ago +2


  • Mya Png
    Mya Png 19 days ago

    so cool!

    FEBIN SHAJI 29 days ago

    They don't let you close the shade during take off

  • Ori
    Ori Month ago +111

    no way, I might actually try that!!!

      SHADOWFOX Month ago +1


    • Bluesapphire
      Bluesapphire Month ago +1

      You're not allowed to close the blind during take off and landing, actually. The stewards will checked all the windows.
      Also, I don't know if it's common yet, but all the Qatar planes I flew in on my last holiday didn't have blinds anymore, instead they have 'magic' glass which can be darken or brighten.

    • Jack does stuff
      Jack does stuff Month ago

      @OctonLego so it’s not like the plane is gonna blow up

    • OReSei
      OReSei Month ago

      Plot twist: you forget that your phone is 2% charged and you only got 1 minute recording

    • OctonLego
      OctonLego Month ago +2


  • アリモハメド
    アリモハメド 22 days ago


  • 루루
    루루 20 days ago

    funny video✖
    beautiful video✔

  • 未来永劫_GT-R35yuuki


    • Lil gaming
      Lil gaming Month ago

      I want to do that too from my flight from Sweden to Poland in the next summer

  • صايمه👍
    صايمه👍 22 hours ago

    احلا شي تنسى الموبايل😭✨

  • Chandar Mandal
    Chandar Mandal 5 days ago

    Hey bro love from India🇮🇳

  • CrishCrosh
    CrishCrosh Month ago +102

    Bro the cabin crew tell you to keep the window open during takeoff and landing

    • Ungrateful Bastard
      Ungrateful Bastard Month ago

      Exactly what I thought. I used to close it since the sun is too bright, but the crew asked me to open it.

    • Jordan
      Jordan Month ago

      @Ari Parker @topspeed25k didn't stop him, and I'm sure there is a lot more important thing to worry about and keep track of for it to be a top priority

    • Ari Parker
      Ari Parker Month ago +1

      @Jordan this is for safety so you can see what’s going on outside. If there’s a fire how are you going to know where it is if you can’t see outside or where the safest place to go is after the plane crashes. This is why the cabin crew always dims the lights at night for take off and landing so your eyes can adjust to the darkness quicker in case there is an emergency. Im not even a pilot or cabin crew but I’ve been on enough flights to know that. They ALL have to be open it’s part of ICAO regulations

    • topspeed250k
      topspeed250k Month ago +1

      ​@Jordan The cabin crew care. Even one window, if you pull the shade down, they will instruct you to open it. If you don't, you are not obeying an instruction and they will ask you to get off the aircraft. If you don't , they'll get the cops or security to remove you.
      Shades up is a safety rule. Disobey, you're out. End of story.