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Diablo IV HUGE Gameplay Leaks | Asmongold Reacts to Force Gaming

  • Published on Sep 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Asmongold Reacts to Diablo IV HUGE Gameplay Leaks from a Blizzard insider
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  • Shabadoo Shabadoo

    When asmon is talking about the dungeon you complete half way through and then have to go back to finish it when you are stronger. It really reminds me of old MMOs when a city or something would be a hub and one exit would be like the lv.1 zone but then it forks and if you take the other way instead its like the lv.25 zone and you are like OH SHIT, then you turn around and realize you shouldn't be there yet. It almost sounds like a pointless thing to do as a game dev but I think it was really impactful actually, it gave me something to thirst for to see what was behind the doors i couldnt get to.

  • mephisto40
    mephisto40  +254

    I'm reserving judgement on this until the game releases, I'm surprised how many people seem to have completely forgot that the beta of diablo immortal didn't have the crazy microtransactions in it

  • Locke107
    Locke107  +66

    It's a delicate balance. You don't want everything to be one-shot, but you also don't want 'The Division' levels of HP sponge-enemies that don't offer compelling or engaging gameplay feedback. In my opinion, the only time an HP-sponge is a valid strategy for 'difficulty' is when the mechanics of the fight are already well-tuned and/or switched-up for a particular 'harder' mode.

  • JMad
    JMad  +3

    I agree you want both types, but also a 3rd type, actual skilled hard combat. Something the community start a long time ago in GW2 was soloing dungeons, Arah for example was a very hard challenge and there was a known boss Giganticus Lupicus which was an actual triumph, sadly it was community base, but having something like that for skilled players is amazing. (whould be able so find videos of this, looked "GW2 Giganticus Lupicus Solo".

  • Brett Jackson

    So regarding paragon levels l get your point that it would make it an easier process to make them account wide. However that takes away from making each character unique. Thats what l find the most enjoyable is making a chacacter work and be different from someone elses character which is why l like POE.

  • Jordan Bryan

    Been watching force before Clip-Sharers really became a big deal. I'm so glad he's still doing quality content.

  • raijinmeister

    The only question I want to know is, it will be 800 or 900% extra value?

  • Logan Graham

    The whole "takes a few hits to take down" was what my mod did for Diablo 2 Ressurected while also bringing in mob scale from D3

  • Brendan Baalke

    the other thing to remember for those that worry about D4 vs how Diablo Immortal went. Both games are being made by different teams with a different lead director. Ultimately Blizzard does have certain goals in mind with each of their products, but as a developer myself. A lot of teams typically will have devs and PMs make proof of concepts to higher ups for decisions being made on the game.

  • FoxyRaven-TV

    If Blizzard can keep there fingers away from the greed button and not make the game p2w by any means then i think D4 is golden 👌

  • Simian
    Simian  +1

    I really want to be hyped for this. I'm just too jaded anymore. But I am holding a small part of hope that they can pull this out of the fire.

  • Zen Plays

    before watching this my expectation is it to be very similar to Lost Ark. a lot of the same mechanics having depth to the map. good interaction sequences and more in depth story.

  • Kevin Springer

    I still remember the badass gameplay footage from D3 that was completely different on actual release.. I'll wait to decide on d4

  • Tyler James

    I agree with your take on luck/magic find aspects to games

  • Kevin Mulligan

    this is a huge leak, it really makes me wonder if this is some new promotional meta.

  • Slower is Faster

    Blizzard gets no pass on the monetization from me. They took a golden opportunity to get the franchise into the mainstream and ruined it. Blizzard can do whatever they want and people will shill for it but actiblizz is running every franchise under their belt into the ground and I will not give them any money.

  • Ryan Power

    I hope they come up with great "engagement mechanics" like they did with OW2

  • Bindair Dundat

    I assume since they have planned Gundrak to be a raid and it would have been much bigger, the snake might have been seen in various places inside with its head being a boss. Like a Snake Loa. And when they turned it into a 5-men and cut much of the places, its tail was accidentally left inside. And since it is a scrapped idea, or part of a scapped idea, not many people at Blizzard even knew about it.

  • topherr68

    Maybe a lot of loot, but maybe they are using a loot filter? That would be awesome!

  • Urbano Helguera

    As a Diablo 1 and 2 player, I hope the leveling and item and character customization is really progressive in a rewarding way. There is a moment in Diablo 3 when you essentially kill everything easy. Its like hard until some level or item, and then it is suddenly easy. The ladder should be more continuous, not a discreet jump.