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45 yard slow motion field goal

  • Published on Dec 20, 2015 veröffentlicht

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  • Jack Pottow
    Jack Pottow 22 days ago +1

    I’m just starting kicking I’ve been playing soccer for a long time and just started, today I hit from the 35 yard line so It felt pretty good to see someone else who is proud of it

    • J Devassy Devassy
      J Devassy Devassy 10 days ago +1

      Cool. As you probably have already figured out to an extent, it's the brain you have to tame, as a placekicker. I'm glad you're working up to longer kicks, but keep working on the positive mental piece, too. That's where true kicking success occurs. Keep kicking!

    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  22 days ago

      People think 45 is a chip shot because pros and top kickers in college make it look easy. But 45 yards is a decent distance for sure. Especially just starting out. How old are you?
      And I posted this video because I thought the slowmo was cool. And the fact this was one of the first times I'd kicked in years at that time. I've only kicked a handful of times since this video as well. So I'm happy I can still put them in from 40/45 without working on it.

  • GamingWithTheGang
    GamingWithTheGang 3 months ago +1

    That was a great kick! Just made it in!

  • Gifted Athletes
    Gifted Athletes 3 years ago +4

    Nice Form! Great contact!
    My Boys play AAU Football.
    My 10 Year old Kicking 30 Yarders and My 8 Year old kicked 24 Yarder .
    They Both had Kicked 20 Yarders by 7 years Old

    • uh
      uh 8 months ago +1

      one of my cousins plays aau football in nc

    • uh
      uh 8 months ago +1

      @Kyle Roehler AAU i think is the Amateur Athletics Union

    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  3 years ago

      @Gifted Athletes I'm not a workout kind of guy. I haven't worked out since high school honestly. But I'm sure there are some out there.
      And I tore it doing lineman drills. They were non-contact, but long story short, a guy fell into my knee with his helmet when my knee was locked. It didn't tear completely, which allowed me to rehab and play my senior year. I was cleared to play the first week of the season.
      And for sure man. Thanks for listening. I'm pretty passionate about kicking. I'm the weird guy that likes to show up to games early and watch kickers warm up. I've volunteered to coach a few kids over the years and it's something I'd like to pursue at some point.
      But if you haven't seen it, I've got a video of a friend of mine hitting a 55 yard one step kick you should check out. He's the kicker for the high school in the town I live in. One of the top in the state. It's more impressive than this 45 yarder 😂

    • Gifted Athletes
      Gifted Athletes 3 years ago

      @Kyle Roehler very good point on the PATs, HEIGHT, and Not Killin it...
      Amazing how you remember every detail of your kicks! Awesome!
      JW, how did you messed up your ACL, just from kicking? From soccer?
      And YES, CORE... Thank you for pointing that out. Any video for those type of core workouts?
      Thanx Man, for your time, HS Memories and everything you share! 🙌🙌

    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  3 years ago +1

      @Gifted Athletes Soccer definitely helps. It was a pretty natural transition for me. The first time I started kicking field goals with no training, I was hitting 40's. People don't realize there are differences in the techniques though.
      I missed 11 extra points in 3 1/2 years. 5 of which were blocked. 1 was off of a bad hold from my holder, he missed the tee tipping it up and I hit more of the tee than the ball. Normal holder was out, and it was his first in game snap. 1 was from a miscommunication between me and my holder, they signaled for the snap while was still taking my steps. Making me kick from a straight on position, which is a really bad situation for a soccer style kicker. And 1 more was a stupid mental error on my part. One I never should have missed. So only 3 real misses because of form out of 100+. (Roughly 115). Best advice I was given about extra points. 20 yards is easy. Go for height, not distance. I used to try and kill it to show off. Which lead to the blocks. After I was told that, I never had one blocked.
      My farthest in a game was 41 from the left hash my junior year. Farthest attempt was a 47. Missed it wide left because I hit it off of my ankle. I didn't have a true kicking coach with me every day to point out my inconsistencies in my steps which lead to different plant placements. True small town high school where none of the coaches knew anything about kicking. But my farthest kick in practice was from 60 off of a 2" tee the summer before my senior year. Tore my acl the next week. Still played my senior year, but was mostly used for PAT's. Only attempted 2 field goals that year. Throughout High School, I was only 5-13. If I had the advice I was given after high school, that percentage would have been higher for sure.
      Only advice I know to give is to work on consistency all the way down to your steps. My angle on my side steps would vary. I wouldn't go straight to the left. One could be diagonal and to the back while the next would be diagonal and to the front. Throwing off the whole kick. I've marked where the kickers are that I've worked with after finding their steps and have had them practice just taking steps to build in that consistency. If they're not at the same spot every time, it's going to mess something up. Their plant foot will be too close, making the ball come off their ankle, like my 47 yard attempt. Or it could be too far away making the contact be too far forward on the foot and not get the power through the ball.
      And people think distance comes from a strong leg. Leg strength and speed are important, but it comes from a strong core. Find exercises that really focus on the core strength. Strengthen hip flexors as well. And always work on flexibility. That's what gives you the height you need.
      But your kids sound like they're well on their way! Don't know if there's really anything I can help with that you may not know already.

  • flex
    flex 3 months ago

    uh. I can only kick a 15 yarder. Yeahhhhhhhh..

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia Year ago


    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  Year ago

      Did I play college? No. Tore my ACL going into my senior year of high school. Never had the surgery.

  • Fiox
    Fiox Month ago

    iwanna be justin ticler

  • Elon Zuckerberg
    Elon Zuckerberg 5 years ago +5

    My friend is 11and he can kick40

    • Dakoda Fisher
      Dakoda Fisher Month ago

      @Kyle Roehler I was the center, kicking and speed was NOT my forte lol. And you’re right about that, they do make it look easy

    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  Month ago

      @dakodafisher2034 most people can't. College, NFL, and even some high school kickers make 30 look easy, but it's not if you're just starting out most of the time.
      That's why the NFL pushed the extra point back to 33. That's the average distance most kickers started missing consistently at that level. But it's something that's definitely attainable with a slight tweak of the form. If you have no form, a 30 yarder can easily be made just by learning one of the basics.

    • Dakoda Fisher
      Dakoda Fisher Month ago

      @Kyle Roehler I’m 21 and I can’t even kick a 30 lol

    • Dakoda Fisher
      Dakoda Fisher Month ago

      That’s pretty dang good

    • Cruce Entertainment
      Cruce Entertainment 3 months ago

      I can kick 60

  • Brandon DeLong
    Brandon DeLong 5 years ago

    That's only 30 yards.

    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  4 years ago +1

      @MikeOxlong69 Just double checking man. Appreciate it 😂

    • MikeOxlong69
      MikeOxlong69 4 years ago +1


    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  4 years ago

      @MikeOxlong69 I'm assuming you're talking to the other guy 😂

    • MikeOxlong69
      MikeOxlong69 4 years ago

      Not to be rude but u needs glasses

    • Kyle Roehler
      Kyle Roehler  5 years ago +2

      Brandon DeLong if you notice, what you're calling the "pat line" in this video actually goes all the way across the field. Which the 3 yard line never does. It's difficult to see, seeing as it's recorded on my phone, and in slowmotion which distorts the quality any way. It's hard to see, I'll give you that, but if you notice, that "pat line" you're saying you see 3 lines up from where I am in the video, the goal post is still a long way away from that mark, which should only be 13 yards away. If you don't believe me when I say it's 45 yard field goal, go check out my 40 yard 1 step field goal on my page. If you still don't believe me, then it's whatever man. I didn't post it to impress random strangers online. I posted it, 1. Because I thought it was a cool video. 2. So I could post it to my Facebook with as little dip in quality as possible. Appreciate you watching though.

  • Elon Zuckerberg
    Elon Zuckerberg 5 years ago