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The FASTEST Way to Hunt Shiny Pokemon in Mass Outbreaks - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Barrel
    Barrel 2 months ago +2576

    Austin is an absolute legend for helping us colorblind folks. Most people wouldn't even consider making an accessibility section for tutorials like this. Thanks man!

    • Camden McLaughlin
      Camden McLaughlin Month ago

      Imagine being colorblind

    • Mark Spector
      Mark Spector Month ago

      For real when I heard that I was like this dude is a damn Legend that's one of the problems I struggle with is my color blindness if a Pokemon isn't completely a different color I have so much trouble distinguishing whether it's shiny or not.

    • Notch Poodles
      Notch Poodles 2 months ago

      You’re totally right. I️ hadn’t considered the colorblind aspect either and now I️ feel kinda bad about 😅

    • Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe 2 months ago

      bro i always forget you’re colorblind

    • Jominski
      Jominski 2 months ago +2

      Austin is dyslexic, I believe, so he thinks about accommodations like that, like an absolute G.

  • sc6ut
    sc6ut 2 months ago +73

    thank you so much man, you got me through sword & shield from start to finish getting the shiny charm - here we go again, hopefully another fun year

    • Ane30
      Ane30 2 months ago +2

      What the hell are you doing herr sc6ut?! Love your edits btw

  • hungoverkitty
    hungoverkitty Month ago +127

    Just got my shiny purple dolphin!!! Been looking for Finizen for nearly 30 mins using this method, was about to give up and start over but waited... And there it was! Thank you so much Austin!!

    • hungoverkitty
      hungoverkitty 25 days ago +1

      @Necrozain I picnicked on the cliff above where I wanted to hunt and just dropped down

    • Necrozain
      Necrozain 25 days ago

      but how did you picnic in the water? or did you just swim around

  • Benjamin Posey
    Benjamin Posey Month ago +70

    As per usual, great advice explained and understood easily. Just hunted a shiny Glimmet with this method. You are a huge help to our community, mate. Keep doing what you're doing, you are greatly appreciated! Happy hunting!

  • thegreatchrispy
    thegreatchrispy Month ago +59

    I watched this right after losing 2 shiny Forretress in a row to explosions. Didn't think about saving before encountering the shiny. I'll never lose another one again!!

  • get-yoinkd
    get-yoinkd Month ago +18

    I’ve played Pokémon for years and I’ve finally found my first shiny! After just 22 minutes of the picnic method!!!!

  • Galactic Gardevoir
    Galactic Gardevoir Month ago +9

    My first two shinys were both complete luck, I had only finished the first two gyms and was on my way to do the first Titan and stumbled across a shiny shinx in a mass outbreak... as in like I walked past it and was like "oh look a shiny!" My second one was on my way to the third gym after doing the first two titans and the first team star raid and I went down to the beach to do a terra raid right before going into town and I saw a shiny Mareanie just hanging about. Pure dumb luck I guess lol. I want to get a shiny salazzle eventually, which will be a time

  • Josue Molina
    Josue Molina Month ago +13

    Have you ever considered how the ability No Guard could affect in regards to the spawn rate of the wild pokemon?

    • Aubroski
      Aubroski Month ago +1

      I believe only a certain number of Pokemon can appear on the screen at a time (15 I think?) And they spawn rather quickly when you move far enough to despawn the others. So no guard shouldn't make much of a difference

  • biggentastee
    biggentastee Month ago +16

    Did this on a Psyduck outbreak, thanks to my hard save i had a Psyduck and an Azuril spawn at the same exact time. Had to lure them close because if i engaged one or the other the other would wander and despawn 😂

  • Patrick Tiangco
    Patrick Tiangco Month ago +49

    This worked for me even on water! You just have to open picnic while in the water and it automatically brings you to the last land area you've been in, and no need to do a proper picnic as this automatically generate new pokemons.

    • talk to em
      talk to em 27 days ago

      @Doug Doggington I believe so, I’m gonna try to get a shiny drakloak doing it

    • Doug Doggington
      Doug Doggington 29 days ago

      So when it says I scramble out of the water or something it resets Mon spawns?

    • Patrick Tiangco
      Patrick Tiangco Month ago

      @Mike Scott I did some normal battle too, but like in 65 battles, prolly around 3 to 7 times only.

    • Mike Scott
      Mike Scott Month ago

      Do you have to use the lets go feature to defeat the 60 or can you normal battle too?

  • lethe.archive
    lethe.archive Month ago +12

    i like using the picnic method cause it lets me count how long it took but it has occurred to me that i could just walk away to despawn them. glad to hear that’s correct.
    also for people who have trouble with counting without getting distracted and forgetting your number (me) i use a free counter app

  • Uni Black
    Uni Black Month ago +9


  • Combat King
    Combat King Month ago +27

    This is a first, just found a shiny whilst watching the vid 😊. Very in-depth descriptions thank you!

  • I don’t know what to name this

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! Decided on a whim I wanted a shiny magneton because of how cool their materials are and I saw an outbreak nearby. Took less than ten minutes and ONE ROUND of refreshing to get one! And it was so worth it- I love the colours with the materials!! Thank you again, Austin!

  • Metalchefkiwi
    Metalchefkiwi Month ago +5

    After 125 hours in game i got my first shiny, a noibat, by doing this! Great content as always!

    • 3DS4U
      3DS4U 22 days ago +1

      When I got to level 30, I got to cassarya lake (i don't remember how to spell it) and there was a lvl50 shiny Gyarados, I almost cried cause it was so high lvl, but I caught it!! Named him kratos😂

  • UUSER142
    UUSER142 Month ago +1

    A question: When you move away and you don't see the icon of the mass outbreak Pokemon does that mean you are not in his area of the mass outbreak?

  • ZGlove
    ZGlove Month ago +2

    Do the shiny odds reset after catching the shiny?
    If not, that would make it a bit easier to hunt for mons with multiple forms, such as Tatsugiri.

    • gatoman101
      gatoman101 Month ago +1

      Shiny odds stay the same until the outbreak goes away, either through time or by defeating all of them

  • W4RO7
    W4RO7 Month ago +1

    I got two shiny swablus just getting to the 60 K-Os it was insane

  • UnclePhilLawl
    UnclePhilLawl Month ago +2

    I just wish in mass outbreaks, (or catching Pokémon in general) you could just throw a ball at them like in PLA it’s just tedious to have to keep going into encounter after encounter. That’s ,y only real complaint about this game.

  • Kai
    Kai Month ago +5

    I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble getting herba mystica from 5 and 6 star raids. On my violet copy i’ve gotten a lot of herba mystica as i’ve done many raids but i’ve been playing through my scarlet copy and i’ve completed the game and post game and gotten no herba mystica at all. I’ve done many raids on my scarlet copy as well and I was wondering if this is a bug or if i’m just extremely unlucky. Does anyone have any solutions?

    • McBewar
      McBewar 17 days ago

      Seems they are incredibly rare. I've done almost 30 5 star raids, and gotten 2 herba

  • Daffy mendoza
    Daffy mendoza Month ago

    I went to a small pond and got two shinys really quick, 1 dratini and 1 golduck in less than 30 minutes and is a pond small one full of golducks and dratinis and occasionally drakloak also have one shiny.

  • TamagoSoup
    TamagoSoup Month ago

    I randomly found a shiny golduck in the giant lake area, so I saved in front of it (autosaves off) and I tried to battle it and ended up killing it. Reloaded my game and it just disappeared... So Im just going to assume that the giant lake area bugged my shiny spawn or something off happened there. So a shiny fail on my part, but ultimately not a big loss seeing as I dont like golduck really, but still a shame.

  • Toki412
    Toki412 Month ago +3

    Thank you so much for this video lmao got my favorite shiny in 7 minutes

  • Bee_Pear
    Bee_Pear Month ago

    Isn’t florges just fairy type? Wouldn’t that mean it’s weak towards poison and steel?

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. Month ago +2

    If you have a party of 2-4 people, does everyone need to follow these steps (do shiny rates stack?), or are the odds only based on the host player (if a host has a shiny charm will guest players see more shiny pkmn)?

    • Iroam
      Iroam Month ago

      Pokemon don't exist contantly on the map, rather, they start appearing within your proximity depending on the area/biome you are in- this is excluding static spawns of course. With this in mind, odds when in a group are based on the person who is spawning those pokemon.

  • Sjacko Stegenga
    Sjacko Stegenga Month ago +3

    If you catch a shiny, does this reset the “60-defeat” count or can you go on and still have those odds?

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago

    So if I move away/picnic to despawn them, the mons that spawn will be different, and not the exact same ones I just saw, right? So I don't actually need to spend time killing them all?

  • Robert Grah
    Robert Grah 2 months ago +125

    Austin, I just wanted to let you know your a positive role model in our home. This is my sons first Pokémon game (after a few years of TCG collecting and playing) and we watch your videos together. We’ve had multiple conversations about how following your passions WITH a lot of hard work and thoughtfulness can lead to success. My 8 year old considers you a professional Pokémon trainer and is coming for your job 😂 Thanks for all you do!

    • Aynessa Valerion
      Aynessa Valerion Month ago +3

      This is so cute 🥹❤️

    • J Harris
      J Harris Month ago +4

      That's so cute, Austin better watch out for his title lol

  • PolarBro Omega
    PolarBro Omega 2 months ago +323

    A note that helps a great deal, at least for me, on counting how many you've killed. Your "The outbreak has less pokemon" or w/e message is your 50th, so you can just not count until you see that message, then count the next 10. It's infinitely easier to pay attention for the message than keep track of 60 individual kills.

    • lethe.archive
      lethe.archive Month ago +2

      it’s not a set number for the notifications its always better to manually count. i use a counter app personally.

    • Andrew Brooks
      Andrew Brooks 2 months ago

      @Niedasyeah I just found that out too. I must of been too early in the game to only get 1 material each KO but now I am receiving more than 1 per KO. Also no one dies in Pokemon , its a KO.

    • Hazzmatt Plays
      Hazzmatt Plays 2 months ago +1

      Nah this isn’t true for me when I was shiny hunting finizen I got the message after killing only about 15-20 of them

    • Andrew Brooks
      Andrew Brooks 2 months ago

      @Niedas For me, its 2 materials for the very first encounter then 1 material for every "Lets Go" KO after the first. I do the Lets Go KO because its faster. But I never gotten more than 1 material after the first encounter.

    • Bower
      Bower 2 months ago


  • Leon Stellar
    Leon Stellar Month ago +2

    I found that you can just save at 11:59pm and when you dont like the outbreak just reset the game the outbreaks will change.

    • gvs93fdr
      gvs93fdr 7 days ago

      But if you save at 11:59 then time passes on switch, would it mess with the in game clock? I'm really having a hard time understanding the clock parts of the method.

  • ztks
    ztks Month ago

    Doing this seems broken. Twice now I've searched for 1-3 HOURS for a bisharp and forretress in an outbreak, killed 60, constantly picnic resetting, with a shiny charm and with a sandwich and never got one. It's like the game glitches out and goes back to 1:4,096 somehow

  • Alejandro Torres-Martinez

    thank you I was about to give up on my noibat and last try i got one.

  • andrew mac
    andrew mac Month ago

    This works for the first 10-15 times I set up a picnic but when I despawn them at a certain point they don’t show up again and it’s over

  • FearFul
    FearFul Month ago +10

    So while I was knocking out like 40-50 drakloaks using this method to shiny hunt, I found it before I even began to actual hunt lol
    Btw no shiny charm or herba were used. Just got really lucky

    • HollowKnightFan
      HollowKnightFan Month ago +1

      How are you so lucky? i've been shiny hunting drakloak for a couple of hours now I think, and no luck.

  • jda41589
    jda41589 2 months ago +94

    This man turned playing Pokemon into a career, much respect. Love all the content

  • SuperEffective
    SuperEffective Month ago

    Do you use a luxury ball or a premier ball for shiny Pokémon?

  • CAT
    CAT Month ago +1

    what about pokemon that only spawns at night or only day and it turns to the other

  • Hunter Tipton
    Hunter Tipton Month ago +1

    Does it affect the game if I move my time back to normal time after doing this?

  • Iautocorrect
    Iautocorrect Month ago

    WOW! So, I did this method once with a noivern (my favorite Pokémon) outbreak. The 30 minutes ran out; so I reset to restart my picnic timer. AND FREAKING WALA THERE WAS A SHINY RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! No picnic lol

  • KrusherKane
    KrusherKane Month ago

    What do you do if you forget how many you have knocked out. Is there a way to check

  • SpaceAndy
    SpaceAndy Month ago +1

    NO HERBA MYSTICA, NO SHINY CHARM. I found one in less than 5 minutes after I defeated the 60!

  • SakuraRex
    SakuraRex Month ago

    If you run into a different Pokémon species and battle it will that reset the counter?

  • Kareena Harrison
    Kareena Harrison 2 months ago +5

    So what he is saying is if I keep opening picnics after checking the pokemon in mass outbreaks AFTER defeating 60 pokemon I might encounter a shiny? (Do not have any herbas mystica's)

    • Kareena Harrison
      Kareena Harrison Month ago

      @Gabriel Guedes well that's good because I don't have any lol

    • Gabriel Guedes
      Gabriel Guedes Month ago +4

      Yes, without herba mystica your odds will be 1 to 1365

  • Richard Shim
    Richard Shim 2 months ago +20

    A note regarding caves and valleys: Caves and valley areas do decrease the spawn zone but they can also spawn Pokémon inside of walls and ceilings (if you’re in a cave). Though this is something Nintendo or Gamrefreak is probably going to patch up in future updates, for the time being you should scan the walls for any hidden Pokémon and/or hidden shinies which may be inside of the walls and ceilings. You can do this by holding down ZL and simply looking at the wall and moving around so that you can see the entire length of the wall or ceiling; most of the time you can lock onto Pokémon through walls.

    • SlightlyUncomfortable
      SlightlyUncomfortable 2 months ago +1

      I did this with a glimmet outbreak. It really does help.

    • Boon
      Boon 2 months ago +1

      This is a great shout

  • Nes Radub
    Nes Radub Month ago +4

    Ghost types are the hardest because they only appear when it's night in-game and will despawn when it becomes day.

    • Nes Radub
      Nes Radub 8 days ago

      @SnowKirbs! Froslass outbreaks are the exception

    • SnowKirbs!
      SnowKirbs! 8 days ago

      froslass spawns day and night and it's a ghost type

  • Xayahna
    Xayahna Month ago

    Im clueless about this. I dont get any herba mystica's from my 5-6 and 7 star raids. I try to do the 6 and 7 ones as much as I can. Solo or with others. But it just doesnt ever drop for me :(

    • McBewar
      McBewar 17 days ago

      Well don't waste your time on the seven stars, they can't be dropped from them. Only 5-6, and they do seem to be pretty rare. Good luck with the hunt

  • Tezca-39
    Tezca-39 Month ago

    Idk if I'm doing it wrong, but defeating 60 mons is terminating the outbreak

  • Alpha Jrom
    Alpha Jrom Month ago

    I'm so unlucky! 2 hrs hunting shiny gyarados and no one come out :( HAHA

  • Geoffrey Easterling
    Geoffrey Easterling 2 months ago +27

    it is really thoughtful and well done you took the time to include others and their vision differences in your videos. You’re a gem and a benefit to the whole community.

  • Glacenair
    Glacenair Month ago

    I just turned back the clock on the same day to give me more time on the same outbreak. However, it reset the outbreaks. I am wondering how this is possible. I changed it back to 00:04, didn't change the date. Maybe you can go back so close to midnight? Does anyone know what happened here?

  • G. Gómez
    G. Gómez Month ago

    I got a shiny just as you said; but… if I keep doing and quitting the picnic… it would be “easy” to get another shiny… right?

  • Anomalous Entity
    Anomalous Entity Month ago

    I mass outbreak farming a Corvisquire and randomly encountered a shiny Murkrow
    My second random, full odds Shiny Murkrow in a 24 hour period
    Wrong shiny corvid, but ok

  • TheSpookyGamer
    TheSpookyGamer Month ago

    So all I have to do is keeping going to and from until a shiny one spawns?? I want to make sure I’m understanding that.
    Edit:Nvm it worked 💀💀 I left and came back a few times and boom shiny Tatsugiri

  • Skar face Gaming
    Skar face Gaming Month ago +5

    It’s cool that you considered the color blind. Gaming can be way harder for them than anyone can think. I used to play eso and we had a tank that struggled with blues and we were doing something where the bosses ability would turn the boss transparent blue and to him. The dude literally went invisible and he sadly dropped the progression mostly because of this issue. It was a sad moment. So yeah it’s awesome you consider that

  • Rhi Shadows
    Rhi Shadows 2 months ago +7

    Thank you so much for this video, Austin!! It helped me get my Shiny Sneasel! Now I have my favourite ice type and she’s so pretty - I caught her in a matching Heal Ball, too!

  • John Wiggains
    John Wiggains 2 months ago +11

    I’m not color blind. But mad respect for you being considerate of those that are!
    This is why I subscribe. I wanna support loving people like you. Making the world a better place for everyone.

  • 🍑Mу iD 4178 - TаP Me t0 have seX With МЕ!🍑

    You're so good at pumping out videos. I appreciate all the work that you do to get the info out to us and your delivery is why I watch them. Amazing work, as always.

  • Warden 2113
    Warden 2113 Month ago

    can you do this *without* eating for it in theory?

  • Lord First
    Lord First Month ago

    @AustinJohnPlays that prompt that says the outbreak seems to be disappearing only pops up after 60 knock outs so you don't gotta count.

  • enbykenz
    enbykenz 2 months ago +11

    I’m moving so slowly through the story, but I’ve found two shinies just walking around without even trying?? I’m so happy 🥰 and so glad they made it more attainable for people with less dull grinding. I could never get shinies in the past, so this is really nice!!

    • CryoSting520
      CryoSting520 Month ago +1


    • enbykenz
      enbykenz Month ago +1

      got a third one like right after posting this 😎

  • Owen GK
    Owen GK 2 months ago +5

    Thanks so much for the accessibility section Austin! It’s super helpful for people to address and help color blindness when most people forget about it!

  • 15kinz
    15kinz 2 months ago +9

    you’ve done it again austin! i can’t even tell you how helpful you’ve been in all of my pokémon journeys!

  • Septembergirl
    Septembergirl 2 months ago +9

    LOVE that you helped make shiny hunting more accessible❤️ seriously that’s amazing thank you for doing that

  • baldmark
    baldmark Month ago

    why do my mass outbreaks not spawn many pokemon and i know its a mass outbreak because when i zoom out to remove the nearby mons the pokemon (in this case maril) has the pulsating red skull next to it but and i have encounter power 3 but theres so few of them

  • 🚨Baty- Go t0 my Ch@nnel LIVE -NOW-🚨

    Thank you for your thoroughness and the having the completest disease lol the work you put in for these charts and research is unmatched. I have long since retired from video games but I still tune into for entertainment but most importantly its the respect you have for your craft and audience. Thank you for all the work you do you are a pillar of the community

  • 🚨ID 0342 - TAР Mе to have seX wITн МЕ!🚨

    The amount of quality videos you pump out is insane. Been getting most of my shinies from outbreaks and this video will definitely help with that, thx for the hard work.

  • UnderLeveled
    UnderLeveled 2 months ago +1

    Awesome video man! Always super detailed! We wanted to add that we were able to calculate the probability of a shiny Pokémon spawning with every picnic or route reset. Using 10 Pokemon spawning with every reset as a baseline.
    Clearing 60+ ONLY: 0.73% that one of the 10 that spawn will be shiny with every reset.
    Clearing 60+ with Sandwich buff: 1.455%
    Clearing 60+ with Sandwich and Shiny Charm: 1.936%
    We have the formula in our video, if anyone wants to adjust the number of Pokémon per spawn.
    Keep up the awesome work! 👍

  • neptune_021
    neptune_021 Month ago

    I’ve been doing this for 3 hours and so far I’ve not seen one shiny.

  • Tons
    Tons Month ago +5

    Thanks man, just did my first shiny hunt with this method. Nabbed myself a shiny rotom in about 45 minutes 😁

  • SentretIsCool
    SentretIsCool 2 months ago +338

    Hey Austin, you’ve been really helpful with my shiny hunting in my violet save file so I just wanted to say thanks. Keep working hard (Edit: That’s a lot of likes)

    • Haley Bourinot
      Haley Bourinot 2 months ago

      Dude got insider's that tell him about all the methods and then just makes a video...hes basically a huge sponsor for pokemon...its not like he just randomly figures out how to perfect each method in each game

    • SentretIsCool
      SentretIsCool 2 months ago +2

      @Jacko Its not a save apple, what do you expect me to say

    • Redd
      Redd 2 months ago +2

      @Jacko How was that unnecessary? not every sentence has to be simplified. The only unnecessary thing here is you making that comment. Stop criticizing others on little things and do something better with your life. Lmao.

    • Zeid
      Zeid 2 months ago +3

      @Jacko bros just on the internet looking for anyway possible to hate LMFAOOOO get a grip dude

    • Rani K.
      Rani K. 2 months ago +8

      @Jacko And you could have used the proper term 'could have' instead of 'could of'

  • Ethan Geary
    Ethan Geary 2 months ago +2

    Great video as always Austin!!!
    Been watching since I discovered your earlier BotW tutorials and have loved how concise and to the point every video is while still being enjoyable to watch and being a good overall piece of content and information!!
    Cant wait for the next one and good luck everyone on your shinies!!

  • Stephen Yates
    Stephen Yates 2 months ago +2

    I find it interesting that the outbreak of Florges are all the same flower form and not random flower forms. That's going to make it much harder to hunt a Shiny white flower Florges.

  • AzumarillFairy
    AzumarillFairy Month ago +2

    I did everything and had the level 3 sparkling shiny to try and get Mankey. No luck, it’s actually really discouraging that everyone is getting them and I have literally never seen a shiny. Your videos and effort are top notch though. Thanks for what you do!

  • Overlordzane
    Overlordzane 2 months ago

    I caught a shiny today and I wanna name it after you since you’ve been such a help for shiny hunting and other Pokémon game situations for me thank you so much!

  • Cassiano de Assis
    Cassiano de Assis 2 months ago +791

    Part off the hype for a new Pokémon game is receiving 200 videos from Austin! What a man ❤

    • Jedicode3
      Jedicode3 2 months ago

      What happens if the pokemon stops spawning

    • Marcus Lopez
      Marcus Lopez 2 months ago

      Anybody want to friend up to evolve finizen

    • Marcus Lopez
      Marcus Lopez 2 months ago

      Anybody want to friend up to evolve finizen

    • Justin
      Justin 2 months ago +1

      He doesn’t know who you are lil bro

    • Matthew Stephens
      Matthew Stephens 2 months ago

      Absolute facts!

  • Stationary Hearts717

    Does EV training work on level 100 Pokémon??

  • Keith Kavanagh
    Keith Kavanagh 2 months ago +1

    The amount of effort, consideration and advice given here to help players with vision disabilities is just top notch! Very well done 👍

  • Eddy McKinnon
    Eddy McKinnon Month ago

    what happens if i accedentally encounter one of the pokémon i am hunting: do i have to kill it to keep the streak or can i just run

    • Flurrystorm
      Flurrystorm 25 days ago

      No worries it's not a streak it's just accumulative

  • Comment Section Ghost
    Comment Section Ghost Month ago +2

    I wasn’t even entirely planning on doing much shiny hunting until I got my charm, and even then I had a mentality of “eventually one will be shiny” . Then today I was getting future forms and violet exclusives to eventually transfer for my scarlet dex and found a shiny Sneasel and Jumpluff and it flipped a switch

  • L̴i̴n̴a̴ C̴h̴a̴tT ̴ -m̴e̴- 👉t@p

    The amount of effort, consideration and advice given here to help players with vision disabilities is just top notch! Very well done

  • Maxwell Williams
    Maxwell Williams 2 months ago

    Hey Austin, I've been noticing while resetting for outbreaks, that I tend to get a lot of repeats of certain species, while there are others that don't show up at all. I was just wondering if you had any ideas as to why this happens, thanks

  • KenjuKizawa
    KenjuKizawa 2 months ago +2

    Kudos to Austin and to you all for your helpful comments! Not a single second is full of hyperactive annoying fluff! He's to the point, and you all truly have made this game so much fun to play

  • 💞Tilda- g0 to M-Y Channel livе -NOW-💞

    LOVE that you helped make shiny hunting more accessible seriously thats amazing thank you for doing that

  • Aeman Kheidi
    Aeman Kheidi 2 months ago

    We all appreciate your grind and hard work! Huge help to the community bless you man

  • Micah Kirby
    Micah Kirby Hour ago +1

    Worked like a charm, even though I don’t have the shiny charm yet, got my shiny fortress in only 10 minutes, had to reset a few times to catch it though, but good thing I saved

  • Kolofox265
    Kolofox265 Month ago

    Just got my shiny Larvista

  • Gabo13M
    Gabo13M Month ago +1

    I was shiny hunting for a Clawitzer in a mass outbreak. I defeated my 60 mons, even did a few extra just to be safe. Got a water sparkling power lv 3 sandwhich. I was doing everything right, and my sparkling timer was getting lower and lower. With just one minute remaining I was about to give up, when I saw a pink Eiscue 😂 It's an ice type... I got a shiny I wasn't looking for with a type that was not the sparkling sandwhich I prepared. This game is funny sometimes... At least I got a shiny...

  • Kaitogirl Draws
    Kaitogirl Draws 2 months ago +1

    Wow, this looks actually easier than arceus shiny hunting! Thank you for providing the information, as always, Austin!

  • Razar51
    Razar51 2 months ago

    Depending on the terrain (and how difficult it is to tell the shiny apart), it can actually be better to do the ride away and back method as it can generate new pokemon faster and you can ride up next to them and get a closer look. You can ride in a circle around the mass outbreak causing the non-outbreak pokemon to despawn, freeing those spawn slots for the outbreak mons.
    Also if you are shiny hunting on the cheap, it can be helpful to make a cheap encounter power sandwich to reduce the spawn rate of surrounding pokemon.

  • Donut_Hurt_Me
    Donut_Hurt_Me 2 months ago

    I remember when Sw/Sh came out I just HAD to get a shiny G. Yamask. That took me probably 20+ hours (at least) before finally getting lucky, and that was before any actually good hunting methods were out.
    This time, only with the boost of 60 K/Os from a mass outbreak, I got a shiny P. Wooper in at most 20 MINUTES!!!
    Obviously a lot of that is luck, but I just had to say thank you so much for always bringing us the best guides on Clip-Share. You're the best!

  • Pirachist
    Pirachist 2 months ago

    This looks dope. Me and my fiancé are still just taking our time to savor the story, but we did get a glimmet outbreak and found a shiny of those just going around and looking regularly! (I’m a poison user so this was great) So this new strat will surely help even more.

  • Jorden Shukla
    Jorden Shukla 2 months ago +1

    Thank you so much i was having trouble shiny hunting. I love watching your pokémon videos when a new game comes out!

  • simon
    simon 2 months ago +1

    Nice 1 for this. Really helpful & easy to follow/understand.
    Can you elaborate on the 60 mons? Why does defeating 60 raise your odds so much? I thought I understood, but if it was to do with the amount, you would just defeat 500 😅

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon Month ago +8

    I love the amount of detail that went into this video, but I do have an advice request.
    What would be the best way to go about dealing with the outbreaks of Pokémon who not only fly, but seem to have a nasty habit of flying out of range?
    The Rufflet do this occasionally, but Noivern has been rather notorious for flying about 3 stories above my head. Lol 😅

    • Deco 4k
      Deco 4k Month ago +1

      Noivern doesn't fly during the day, just during the night.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 months ago +1

    Hey Austin, any chance you could make an optimized Auction House guide? Specifically for a spreadsheet with item costs for reference and for getting items you want at the best price. Thank you! Love your videos!

  • PixelPlays
    PixelPlays 2 months ago +251

    I love how mass outbreaks are now so much bigger. We use to have up I think 15 in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Now, I think it's up to like 80

    • Didgy
      Didgy 2 months ago

      Yeah but decrease in shiny odds tho

    • Shuriken
      Shuriken 2 months ago +3

      Yea but back in Arceus the odds were so much better, having more doesn't mean better

    • OtterNectarinez
      OtterNectarinez 2 months ago

      @FancyCheese05 I got a shiny tinkatuff from an outbreak but I don't know about tinkatink

    • Matthew Stephens
      Matthew Stephens 2 months ago +1

      @absollnk 😂

    • absollnk
      absollnk 2 months ago +25

      They've gone from small club meetings to actual mass outbreaks

  • SortaSamm
    SortaSamm 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for the guides you post!! I’m only about halfway through the game, but I was just able to get a shiny Dreepy through a mass outbreak in about 20 minutes. So stoked!!

  • toastforlife
    toastforlife Month ago +1

    So I really want a shiny Scyther but I have beat the game and have herba mystica but I don't have the shiny charm. Would it still be worth it to hunt or should I get the shiny charm first? I only have like 200 registered.

    • Flurrystorm
      Flurrystorm 25 days ago

      I've caught 6 so far with no sandwich or charm. You should try!

  • Felix
    Felix 2 months ago

    So I think this was the big issue with my hunt for misdreavus yesterday. The spawn points for the outbreak where awful right around and over some small ponds. It was hard to move around to see them, to get them to spawn in nicely, and hard to get a good look at them without moving so far that part would respawn.

  • Kalimariz
    Kalimariz 3 days ago

    Thank you so much, i was testing this out on a random dunsparce horde, no shiny charm or herba mystica, and i found a shiny in a good 20 minutes