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Why Baseball Is More Dangerous Than Ever

  • Published on Aug 20, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Baseball Doesn't Exist  9 months ago +192

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  • Tux
    Tux 9 months ago +4937

    Baseball is certainly in a struggle against itself, especially when you factor in that there's a deep drive into left field by Nick Castellanos and that'll be a home run

  • pasha mercedes
    pasha mercedes 9 months ago +429

    although i understand how dangerous it is to run full speed into a wall without bracing yourself because you're looking in the opposite direction concentrating on a fly ball i've always appreciated the looney toons factor it presents as a viewer.

    • James Russell
      James Russell 9 months ago +5

      XDXD looney tunes factor lol

    • Luka
      Luka 9 months ago

      I assume you’ve never played in the outfield

    • pasha mercedes
      pasha mercedes 9 months ago +28

      @Luka once I ran through the left field wall and left a hole that was a perfect silhouette of myself

    • The Other OhlourdesPadua
      The Other OhlourdesPadua 7 months ago +1

      Yeah, reality is stranger than fiction. Rewatching those baseball-centric episodes of the Looney Tunes after watching this video enhances the experience because every gag and joke made in them has context. They weren't just silly jokes that derive their humor from slapstick absurdity but they are satirizing actual real life happenings in the sport at the time...

    • The Burden of Light
      The Burden of Light 4 months ago

      Pure COMEDY!!!

  • Phil Buttler
    Phil Buttler 9 months ago +595

    I love the fact baseball is just pretty openly corrupt and always has been like it gives the entire history of the sport a rough character you just can't get anywhere else and there's always some kind of controversy going on to go a hilarious deep dive on .

    • Michael Vigorito
      Michael Vigorito 9 months ago +6

      I think you misunderstood the video. Baseball is made up of the greatest athletes alive, the corrupt ones are found out, and the rest are placed or displaced fairly easily. You could argue the point except you also proved it doing exactly what you just did...

    • Art Vandalay
      Art Vandalay 9 months ago +71

      @Michael Vigorito I dont think you understood his comment...

    • allgo noemo
      allgo noemo 9 months ago +14

      Do u even know what FIFA is

    • Hey
      Hey 8 months ago +4

      @Michael Vigorito eh, I think the problem is MLB just gets to choose what sort of corruption is okay or not.

    • Random Modnar
      Random Modnar 8 months ago

      @allgo noemo boxing too lol

  • Victor Tuber
    Victor Tuber 9 months ago +28

    Change the hit batter rule into a walk to second base -- perhaps starting with the second player hit in a game. This would give control pitchers a greater relative worth.

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor 2 months ago +1

      I agree that it should be two bases most of the the time. Then after the first time, it's a triple, then the next time, a homer.

  • Ian McCormick
    Ian McCormick 9 months ago +137

    The overvaluing of velocity I think is also a reason game length has become more of an issue. Higher velocity means less control which means fewer strikes which means more pitches. More pitches means a longer game which is magnified by needing more pitching changes with more pitches. If control was valued more, then you would have fewer pitches and also more hitting as well. I'm not sure what rule changes could be practically applied to getting teams to value control more, but lower velocity and more control would result in both a safer and more entertaining game.

    • Jeff Finkbonner
      Jeff Finkbonner 9 months ago +17

      Probably moving the mound back would be about the only thing to help that. The higher velo is probably also why pitchers take so dang long between pitches-gotta recharge. And you’re right about the efficiency of control pitchers: look at Greg Maddux.

    • rara mcgee
      rara mcgee 9 months ago +22

      Control will only matter more when we have umps that know what a strike is.

    • Giraffeneck
      Giraffeneck 8 months ago +4

      @rara mcgee robo umps when?

    • Lelouch Lamperouge
      Lelouch Lamperouge 7 months ago +1

      Just change the count from 4-3 to 3-3, thats all, if they aren't allowed to throw so many balls they won't, and that will make it easier tobhit the ball too (Can't trick the batter as easier when they need to throw strikes).

    • Willkittwk
      Willkittwk 4 months ago

      Go back to pitching underhand as was done originally?

  • FreakishPower
    FreakishPower 7 months ago +19

    This channel is just flat out incredible. The amount of research you had to do for this is insane. I send your links to my baseball friends constantly.

  • Korey Stewart
    Korey Stewart 9 months ago +2008

    “Pete Reiser fractured his skull running into a wall, was temporarily paralyzed from running into a different wall, and fractured his skull a second time after running into a third wall. As he was being carried off the field on a stretcher, the TV broadcast showed Reiser looking directly into the camera, which broke the fourth wall.”

    • S Y
      S Y 9 months ago +128

      Pete Reiser was one of the greatest natural talents of all time but he couldn’t run through brick walls despite his repeated efforts.

    • zwykły ziomek
      zwykły ziomek 9 months ago +8


    • Fox D
      Fox D 9 months ago +50

      @S Y "I love my teammates. I'd run through a wall for any of them." - Pete Reiser

    • DBsuper
      DBsuper 9 months ago +6

      That’s good 😂

    • Kyle Sunderman
      Kyle Sunderman 9 months ago +6

      Well played

  • Benfica M
    Benfica M 9 months ago +211

    your channel is one of those things that MLB should invest it. You're making baseball so much accesible and interesting to non baseball fan

    • Bike Captain
      Bike Captain 9 months ago +11

      Exactly the reason MLB should keep their grimy fingers as far away from this porky pie as possible.

    • Eli D
      Eli D 9 months ago +2

      yeah I don’t care about any sport but i love the channel

    • Willkittwk
      Willkittwk 4 months ago +1

      I always felt sorry for a non baseball player/ fan. Seems like you missed out on the major fun and lore of being American.

    • burt the honsson duwayne
      burt the honsson duwayne 2 months ago

      This channel would be a waste of money

    • Follow Him☝️.
      Follow Him☝️. 2 months ago

      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
      ‭‭John‬ ‭3‬:‭16
      Jesus loves you repent and belive in him and you shall have eternal life. Buddha can’t save you Mohamed can’t save you kirishna can’t save You only Jesus Christ can forgive and save you from Hell. ❤

  • Poody Meiner
    Poody Meiner 5 months ago +2

    I broke a catchers shoulder playing on my 7th grade team. Love how the collisions were kept in the game until recently, always was interesting to see the little guy on the team try to takeout a shortstop or catcher

  • Zed anide
    Zed anide 7 months ago +6

    I think the Tommy John surgery related injuries aren't from doing less it's from the fact they are throwing faster pitches with more movement and a larger range of motion and often go beyond what the human body is supposed to do in order to get a better pitch

  • CxC
    CxC 9 months ago +14

    I’d like to see a team go with a strategy to have 4 starter rotation, where they pitch five innings maximum. Then they will have a designated reliever who pitches the final four innings. That reliever is essentially a second starter, and they would prepare and be conditioned as a starter. So, in effect, you have two 4 starter rotations, where each player pitches half a game. The manager could flip the pitcher that starts the first inning.
    The remaining 5 pitchers would be relievers. And you would use them sparingly, for extra inning games or blowout mop up duty. There would be no one inning closer.
    This strategy would balance out the pitch workload, where 8 pitchers would, theoretically, have the same pitch count in the season, and it would be less of a pitch count than what is average for starters.

  • Jake Blue
    Jake Blue 9 months ago +3

    I was about thirty yards away from the huge brawl that occurred from the winker incident that day. I remember looking at my best friend and saying “it’s only the first inning and both teams are brawling, we picked the perfect day for baseball” lol

  • Mo Bogdan
    Mo Bogdan 9 months ago +378

    I think the biggest thing for pitchers even with the decreased pitch counts is increases on elbow torque. Ultimately it’s insane that we can throw as hard as we do and that throwing motion is literally tearing your shoulder/elbow appart with that amount of force. Realistically a lot of the older guys who were throwing 300+ innings a year were simply not throwing 100% effort for the vast majority of their pitches, if it all.
    I think in the past it was more common to have actual shoulder wear issues for pitchers from over use but now it’s all elbow injuries due to increased torque which comes from pitch velocity. MLB is not actually solving any problems by decreasing pitch counts because it’s just allowing pitchers to throw harder for shorter outings which just exacerbates elbow injuries.

    • Mal-2 KSC
      Mal-2 KSC 9 months ago +31

      The pitches being thrown are of immense importance too. 200 knuckleballs probably does less damage (except to the catcher's pride) than 50 two-seam fastballs.

    • Michael
      Michael 9 months ago +21

      Also, pitchers from bygone eras had an arsenal of pitches. You'll be lucky today to find a GOOD pitcher with more than 2 great pitches. I remember pitchers having 4, sometimes 5!

    • Ryan
      Ryan 9 months ago +4

      @Michael ?? There are still plenty of pitchers with large pitch arsenals, 4-5 pitches

    • KukulJon JonKwonDo
      KukulJon JonKwonDo 7 months ago +3

      Completely agree on this point. Facts of the matter are, pitchers are further incentivized to throw harder and they're maxing out their arm's limit. Looking at people that threw hard for many years, like Nolan Ryan (just not consistent 100's), it's clear that the immediate velocity gains are perceived to be more important than the overall health of the pitcher.

    • Cole Parker
      Cole Parker 7 months ago +1

      @Michael That I agree with. Whitey Ford did not throw hard, but rather placed his pitches strategically do get men out. Also watch Sandy Koufax mix it up.

  • Ellie!
    Ellie! 9 months ago +1

    I think you got the numbers for home plate injuries undermined. Literally went from like 14 to low single digits concussions per year. Absolutely insane numbers

  • Zach Pozzi
    Zach Pozzi 9 months ago +2

    I think another factor is that players and organizations have become more aware of injuries and are more likely to report it. Back in the day the mentality was often "just walk it off" so I can imagine quite a few injuries would go unreported because players tried to play through the pain. Now I feel like any amount of pain no matter how insignificant is brought up and taken care of. If a player today wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and has a sore back the organization will give them an ice bath and massage, 20 years ago they probably would have been told to suck it up and go to practice.

  • numberoneballer
    numberoneballer 9 months ago +8

    I think the rise in arm injuries are due to max effort throwing constantly, less focus on control, and less focus on mechanics. This leads to wild pitchers that throw harder than the should inaccurately and also incorrectly which leads to arm injury from poor arm path and poor arm deceleration. The reason I mention this as well is that it also contributes to the rise in batters being injured by pitched balls.

  • Calmaria
    Calmaria 8 months ago +2

    17:45 Not to mention pitching is getting more reliant than ever in relieving pitchers, which not only brings the aforementioned lack of being used to pitch a lot of times per game, but also making the overall pitcher lose the "marathon" mindset of not forcing their throws to prevent injuries. Relievers are never holding back their pitches because they will be benched after one or two innings, and starters aren't holding back their pitches as much as before because they are more likely to be relieved sooner rather than later.

  • DudeWTF
    DudeWTF 9 months ago +988

    We've been seeing an increase in serious injuries across pretty much every sport. Considering that athletes today are bigger, faster and stronger than ever before, I believe we're coming to the absolute limit of what humans can physically do.

    • Kaminsod
      Kaminsod 9 months ago +304

      A big part of the rise in injuries is that while you can condition muscles, there's no way to strengthen tendons, hence the large amount of Tommy Johns and ACL tears.

    • DudeWTF
      DudeWTF 9 months ago +66

      @Kaminsod yep exactly, and a tendon tear is gonna take you out for a whole year regardless of which tendon or what sport you play.

    • Brad Reed
      Brad Reed 9 months ago +101

      @Kaminsod the increase in muscle mass makes it harder on tendons no? if i’m not mistaken that’s also a contributing factor

    • Kaminsod
      Kaminsod 9 months ago +42

      @Brad Reed You're exactly right

    • Oracle??
      Oracle?? 9 months ago +66

      Yep that is one of many reasons why players today can barely make it past 30 playing at the top level anymore. I grew up playing baseball and my dad talked to me about overdoing it when it came to throwing. He told me that you only have so many throws in your arm before it gives out and as you throw faster and faster you're losing the possible throws at a more increased rate. You have to throw as hard as possible every pitch when you're in the bigs and that like he said it kills your arm. Pro sports need to take into account that we are reaching that limit where we are going to end up like race horses: used up when we're young adults and we don't have a happy life afterwards because we're endlessly healing from past injuries ruined bodies till the day those people die.

  • TankEater
    TankEater Month ago +1

    The fact hook slides never made it big in the MLB absolutely BAFFLES me!!!

  • W T
    W T 8 months ago +1

    Seeing Greg Nettles took me back to when I was a kid watching the game with my dad. He was one helluva third baseman

  • Evan Leferve
    Evan Leferve 9 months ago +1

    It’s not just in the mlb. It’s happening in minor league games, I went to a Lansing lug nuts game a little while ago and multiple people got hit by pitch (luckily no injuries). Even in little league games are getting worse, kids are throwing fastballs faster, curveballs even NASTIER and some can’t control it. It’s dangerous but that’s just part of the game

  • Nörttiliiga
    Nörttiliiga 7 months ago +1

    As someone who played Finnish baseball in my teen years, I still can't believe how the hell baseball is fine with the bases as they are. In the Finnish version, the bases are huge, AND due to them all being on the edges of the field, you have literally 30ft of room to just run "through" the base while still being safe. Also tagging isn't used to get an out, so there is even less reason for collisions, just get the ball to the base the runner could advance to

  • Keith Shannon
    Keith Shannon 9 months ago +366

    Damn the Dave Dravecky portion hit me hard. My cousin got a rare cancer when he was around 10 or 11 and passed away. My parents got my Dave's book about his life as I was a big baseball fan. I wrote him a letter and he even responded. I knew about his arm breaking while pitching from the book but I had never seen video of it.

    • CoopThereItIs
      CoopThereItIs 9 months ago +19

      And there's a drive into deep left field and Castellanos has gone deep

    • Jim C. Goodfellas
      Jim C. Goodfellas 9 months ago +7

      I remember that, I had that Dave Dravecky book too

  • PossumBuddy!
    PossumBuddy! 8 months ago +1

    I think one thing that could potentially decrease the risk of Tommy John would be to widen the use of substances that pitchers can use. I think most baseball fans know the ineffectiveness of chalk, especially later in the season when it gets cooler and the games are later at night. So with increased use of sticker substances for pitchers, that can decrease the amount of effort that pitchers put into increasing velocity and spin rate

  • Whxterose
    Whxterose 7 months ago

    Crazy over 2000's hit by pitchers I would've thought maybe 200 in a season Have more subjects like this please. AWESOME episode

  • zachrack4
    zachrack4 9 months ago +1

    I read a whole 300 page biography about Dave Dravecky. He actually was born and raised in the town I live in, and one of our little league fields is named after him

  • Mariners Are garbage
    Mariners Are garbage 9 months ago +1

    I can’t stop watching these videos, they are so well researched and always poignant. Keep up the great work!!

  • Mike
    Mike 7 months ago

    Regarding the walls: would slightly sloping them away from the field reduce the impact of collisions without being too much of a detriment to big plays at the wall??

  • LossTheSauceBoss
    LossTheSauceBoss 9 months ago +726

    I’d be more concerned about these injuries if baseball actually existed

    • Retired Channel
      Retired Channel 9 months ago +1

      It does

    • Jacob Lebold
      Jacob Lebold 9 months ago +93

      @Retired Channel No.

    • Beau Lijah
      Beau Lijah 9 months ago +16

      This channel provided evidence in this video why the channel's name might be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Chuckadellic
    Chuckadellic 9 months ago +2

    The scariest thing that ever happened for me at the plate was when I showed bunt to lead off the game when the pitcher threw a fastball at my face. The next time I faced him, he threw at me another two times.

    • xtlm
      xtlm 7 months ago

      I would have rushed the mound for sure.

  • John Hart
    John Hart 9 months ago +1

    Buster Posey Rule is more attributed to Alex Avila because, much like the Tejada incident, it occurred during a postseason game (in 2013). Not saying Posey's season ending injury had nothing to do with tinkering and implementing the rules change, but the Avila/Ross collision was the straw that broke the camels back, not Posey.

  • Greg Dunning
    Greg Dunning 9 months ago +1

    I believe there is likely a connection with the increase in throwing speed and breaking balls, to injuries to pitchers. They may be pitching less, with more rest, but the wear on the arm seems to be higher. I don't know, but it seems logical to me given the data presented in this video.

  • Brian Clifford
    Brian Clifford 7 months ago +1

    Your videos are addicting. You probably get request all the time, so I'm going to throw another one out there. It would be great to see a video done on Jim Bouton. After seeing the documentary Battered Bastards of Baseball, I got his book Ball Four. It would make a great movie. A story of a guy, who would not let go of the child inside of himself.

  • Felixite
    Felixite 9 months ago +2

    Boxing had a similar phenomena, where by increasing the padding on the gloves the boxers could hit each other harder in the head without hurting their hands.

  • Mad Doge
    Mad Doge 9 months ago +166

    I couldnt imagine seeing 100 coming right at you. The worst hbp i had was against kid in high school probably not even throwing 80 and he still knock me out for a week when he nailed me in the side of my knee

    • S-Train
      S-Train 9 months ago +23

      In high school, I watched our team's ace hit a kid in the side of the helmet with a 92 MPH fastball. He crumpled to the ground like a sack of potatoes. It was surreal. Poor guy didn't even have time to move. He was out cold for about thirty seconds. No lasting injury, thankfully

    • Thomas Harris
      Thomas Harris 9 months ago +12

      I was in the dugout for a summer at a league for minor league caliber players. These guys take pitches and run to first base like nothing happens. You think it just hurts like a bitch but that’s it. Nope. You should see the welts the pitches leave. Even at 85mph. Gigantic black and blue welts 8 or so inches across. All the players told me it was super, super painful and if it hit them in the ass they couldn’t sit for days.
      Probably the biggest clue I got though was the catchers, many of whom went on to have careers in the major leagues, telling me that it hurt every time they caught a fastball. Like there was no way to catch it where it didn’t hurt. And these pitchers were mostly throwing high 80s or low 90s in the summer, so I can’t imagine what it must be like when you go pro and almost everyone you catch is at least mid 90s.
      Also thumb fractures were really common because catching it slightly wrong can break fingers.

    • DeusVult
      DeusVult 9 months ago

      I have no sympathy for MLB players getting hit in the face. They make face guards for that.

    • David Hughes
      David Hughes 9 months ago +5

      Agreed. I played in an over 30 hardball league a while back. Got hit on the back lower calf with a pitch that was probably going less than 80. I had difficulty walking without a limp for 24hrs and the the black & blue welt included a nice baseball stitch pattern. I was quite shocked how much that hurt.

    • Mad Doge
      Mad Doge 9 months ago +15

      @DeusVult big tough guy huh?

  • Thebeastman
    Thebeastman 9 months ago +1

    One time during high school game I was pitching it was during the 3rd 5th or something different but the facts are true I sprained my arm on a sideways throw on a fastball pitch I eventually returned after a while but you can actually believe this man. You just got a new sub

  • Valtteri
    Valtteri 9 months ago

    Nice video! I have not been a huge baseball fan before, but these videos make it more interesting. Keep it up!

  • Wil Urosevic
    Wil Urosevic 3 days ago

    Im not even a baseball fan but your videos are so entertaining and educating

  • IndieMan !
    IndieMan ! 9 months ago +5

    I remember playing high school baseball and seeing a 70 mph ball coming at your face was enough to make you reconsider things, let alone a 90 to 100 mph ball coming at you.

    • DorgleF
      DorgleF 8 months ago +1

      Baseball is the only sport I'm kinda scared of while playing.

  • teamrocfan
    teamrocfan 9 months ago +5

    Absolutely incredible video. Fantastic research. Seems like pitchers having to throw harder is the main culprit in these modern baseball injury problems

  • Olivenöl
    Olivenöl 9 months ago +167

    As a European that doesn't really know any of the American sports beside basketball, I really love your videos. Without you, I'd have never known how crazy and wild of a sport baseball actually is lmao

    • ktat01
      ktat01 9 months ago +22

      Baseball is weird isn’t it?! That’s why I love it so much lol

    • Sneersh
      Sneersh 9 months ago +22

      A lot of people think baseball is boring but I think most of them say that because they don't know much about baseball... its the weirdest, most unlikely sport I know of and there's such a huge element of randomness inherent to the game that it makes for all kinds of ridiculous outcomes.

    • King Clutchshot
      King Clutchshot 9 months ago +1

      @Sneersh yup

    • GrandSlamScotty
      GrandSlamScotty 9 months ago +3

      You should really get into baseball, it's an awesome weird game and it's full of little nuances and tactical manipulation.

    • HeavyMetal 2000
      HeavyMetal 2000 9 months ago

      I have no idea why Baseball feels so easy and for babies on a general basis if you don't actually care about it but its just that Baseball has the craziest highs and sickest injuries of any sport BUT 99% of the time its boring. I would say definitely get into the sport though its very well supported, you can have a lot of fun coming to America and seeing a game like what Americans think America is, is what a Baseball stadium actually is. Its the place you go to feel like you are getting the ultimate American Experience just go with someone or hit on every girl you see even if you are gay you can get into some interesting groups and conversations is my tip for you.

  • Bruce T
    Bruce T 7 months ago +1

    I wish baseball was still like that I would watch more.

  • Check It Out
    Check It Out 7 months ago +1

    Awesome vid. Always been curious how these surgeries are named after players. Maybe a vid explaining the surgery, player named after ect. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

  • reidye
    reidye 7 months ago

    The Stanton injury is burned into my head forever. At the time I thought he’d never play again. It was that scary.

  • r g
    r g 9 months ago +2

    I pitched for about 5 years in my youth-high school days, and I never hit anyone in the head.. I broke a wrist once, but he was crowding the plate.

  • Skylar Alley
    Skylar Alley 9 months ago +11

    So I play softball, am a pitcher, and wear a mask both while pitching and while hitting. It’s just always been a thing for me. I don’t know how it’s not required since there have been people that have gotten permanent damage to the brain or even killed by getting hit in the head while pitching

    • Squisy Chikun
      Squisy Chikun 8 months ago +1

      I'm a baseball pitcher and it's kinda hard to explain, but I think something about the overhand motion makes it super hard to wear a mask, and the ball is so small that while hitting the mask would have to block ur eyes. That's why I don't think it's required in baseball.

    • SD
      SD 6 months ago

      @Squisy Chikun they can't engineer a mask to deal with this???

    • Squisy Chikun
      Squisy Chikun 6 months ago

      @SD no clue, but honestly even if they did nobody would wear it

  • UnbidAbyss290
    UnbidAbyss290 9 months ago +168

    This isn't exactly a genius take but I would imagine that the increased velocity both to the plate and off the bat has something to do with it.

    • The Richest Ones
      The Richest Ones 9 months ago


    • Sowhiteithurts
      Sowhiteithurts 9 months ago +23

      Solve injuries with 1 new rule: All pitches over 90MPH result in immediate ejection. It's perfect. Umpires won't know what to do with it. Players will hate it. It would entirely ruin the sport. Which makes it perfect in the Manfred era.

    • NOO NOPE
      NOO NOPE 9 months ago +9

      @Sowhiteithurts i legit consiedered this the last few years. wonder if they did this how i ofc would then accept it or not. i dont watch the sport personally. my fav sport. but i done with the bs lies. but i do care about the past, present and future of it all.
      yes they be safer 90mph max speeds. but i think back to the 1-2 pitchers that threw over 95. how revered they were. how even Tony Gwenn struggled mightly to hit them. they are-were game changers. now they are not anamolies though. and it is ruining the sport........ well not alone one of many issues. but yea....
      anyways i say best plan is to just move the mound back. and be more strict on players getting hit. also start banning for life cheaters and players like Manny Machado who intentionally try and hurt other players. there imo should be no second chances in those instances. ur just gone. bye. but i know the pos players union wouldnt allow that and fans will always bow down to the unions..... as for me i rather see the league die then bow down to any union

    • TheOtherBradBird
      TheOtherBradBird 9 months ago

      The answer is more teams, talent dilution. The farm teams should be emancipated from their MLB affiliates and organized into expansion teams to decentralize the MLB.
      As we approach the absolute limits of what human beings can do on a baseball diamond throwing the absolute best players in the world money can buy against one another, can we honestly say we've improved the game or made it more fun to watch? I see the pig under all its lipstick.
      I don't think people understand just how massive baseball was in the US before the Major League Owners devoured it.

    • Connor Coultas
      Connor Coultas 9 months ago +6

      @TheOtherBradBird What I’m hearing is baseball needs promotion/relegation.
      Send the bottom 3 teams down to tripl A, and send the top 3 triple A teams to the majors. Repeat down the leagues.
      Just like soccer does.

  • R-BOY
    R-BOY 9 months ago

    Am I the only one that genuinely loves BDE'S opening music just as much as the content. I mean it's the perfect blend. Great choice 🎶

  • UrMomOwesMeMoney
    UrMomOwesMeMoney 2 months ago

    I’ve been lifting for a while now and one of the best things I did for my health is accepting that there are things my muscles can handle that my joints simply can’t.

  • Finlay Thomson
    Finlay Thomson 9 months ago +23

    As a 21 year old who grew up right after “travel ball” exploded, I think that had a lot to do with the arm injuries we see on the pitching side. My dad grew up playing baseball, but back then, it was only little league (which was more competitive than most little leagues today)or your high school team. Both of these enable an off season in which your arm can rest. The year round travel ball cycle doesn’t allow for this. Guys are just throwing more year round from a young age, and are specializing earlier.

    • Willkittwk
      Willkittwk 4 months ago

      Think you have a point. I think throwing a football during football season helped my baseball cause develop strength and elasticity in rotator cuff. I serve hundreds of balls in tennis and quite fast and then kick serves which have an inside out delivery like a screwball or the turn over change up and I never get a sore or stiff arm. I think that's insane.

  • Darren Varnell
    Darren Varnell 9 months ago

    Love your show. Great insights. Zach greinke, bartolo colon and manny ramirez episodes are priceless.

  • greg the groove DRUM COVERS

    9:26 that curveball thrown by a Cubs pitcher might be the sickest and nastiest off speed pitch I’ve seen. The one right before this one which knee buckled the batter was FILTHY AF too! I remember watching Kerry Woods 20K’s game and the sliders he threw that game looked like a whiffle ball.😮

    ASHTRAL KOALA 9 months ago +81

    About to start watching this vid but I want to say that in todays Blue Jays @ Yanks game, Aaron Judge was hit in the shoulder on a fastball from Alek Monoah, and on a normal sized human being, it would hit the head

    • Throgerino
      Throgerino 9 months ago

      In the elbow guard.

    • Mr. Folgers
      Mr. Folgers 9 months ago

      @Throgerino muscle memory reflexes or the trajectory?

    • Entername
      Entername 9 months ago +5

      Manoah is a massive human being as well probably one of the last pitchers anyone wants to get hit by

    • Brandon Edwards
      Brandon Edwards 9 months ago

      Dude leads the majors in HBP, he has shit control. And still yells at anyone who looks at him.

    • Throgerino
      Throgerino 9 months ago

      @Mr. Folgers don’t remember. All I know is it hit him the elbow guard. Middle of the tricep, but not the shoulder or at the head. It was an inside pitch he didn’t have control over. He had zero control most of the game.

  • MrSlartybartfast42
    MrSlartybartfast42 6 months ago

    The one thing I don't understand (as a recent UK fan) is the number of injuries that occur due to the solid 'bags'. In the youtube highlight reels I've seen, the number of ankle injuries that happen when players feet slip on the bag is worrying adding to the injuries that happen when players slide into the bag (whether feet first or head first).

  • P88
    P88 9 months ago +12

    The sneeze related injuries aren’t rare, I remember Sammy Sosa doing it way back when. I’ve done it myself. Injuries to back, abdominal and oblique muscles happen easily when you’re muscular but maybe a little over-worked, as well as when you’ve got weak core muscles.

    • mdbledbetter
      mdbledbetter 3 days ago

      I wouldn't say it's due to weak core muscles; I'm a professional trumpet player, and I suffer from nearly profound deafness in my left ear. This wasn't something that was caused by a weakness of my own, but by the circumstances under which I worked in the Marine Corps band. These things can be completely out of your control, and it's an enormous deal when it's something like losing an ear as a musician or losing control of important muscles as an athlete.

  • t S
    t S 9 months ago

    I’m not even a huge baseball fan but this was one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen in a while🙏🏾

  • MS90
    MS90 9 months ago

    Really impressive that Pete Reiser made it to the MLB considering he apparently ran with his eyes closed.

  • D-1 Beats
    D-1 Beats 9 months ago

    I don't even watch baseball but this video was fascinating in the amount of injuries that happen. Those fast balls do look suspect and intentional tho especially the angles they throwing at

  • manifestgtr
    manifestgtr 9 months ago +66

    This is the most painful baseball video I’ve ever watched, man…constant stream of arm blowouts, wall collisions and headshots 😬

  • Stew Pidasso
    Stew Pidasso 7 months ago

    I would have thought that 3 out of 3 pitches that hit a batter in the head cause injury not 1 out of 3. I remember getting hit with about a 50-60 mph pitch and it made me scared of the ball the rest of the season. I can only imagine getting blasted in the face with 100 mph (which has happened) idk how it didn't shatter the guys whole face or even kill him

  • Kiel Maguire
    Kiel Maguire 9 months ago

    That griffey catch still gives me nightmares (worked out OK though) as an m's fan. Love all the guys who got seriously hurt and still hung onto the ball though. Real men

  • shahzad kazmi
    shahzad kazmi 9 months ago +5

    i just want everyone to know that I've been watching every single video this man has posted for the last 6 months and I honestly couldn't name you 5 baseball players I know nothing about baseball but the presentation of his videos are amazing and make me keep coming back to watch your latest video.

    • DorgleF
      DorgleF 8 months ago

      I can only name 2 baseball players. Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth.

  • yerty
    yerty 9 months ago

    Do you think that making a hit by pitch automatically a double would be a good idea?

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose 9 months ago +1

    Keep the vids coming. You do such great work. Cheers

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    man love your videos and want more but love the time you take with the research you do to come out with quality videos.

  • S[_]ckTheseN[_]ts
    S[_]ckTheseN[_]ts 9 months ago

    I understand why they got rid of the Posey Rule, but those home plate collisions were amazing to watch

  • Joseph Churchill
    Joseph Churchill 9 months ago +2

    These documentaries you do are amazing. I appreciate you, bro!
    Go Mariner's!

  • SweatyRBLX
    SweatyRBLX 9 months ago

    He deserves over one million subs for his hard work

  • Great Hoonta
    Great Hoonta 9 months ago +39

    Start making players use hockey helmets and more specifically goalie helmets.
    They are designed for 100mph shots in hockey right to the face and the vision in them is good enough for goalies to effectively stop those shots.
    Give pitchers hockey helmets as well, except since they need to be more stream lined and have more peripheral vision give them player helmets with a fish bowl on it.
    Instead of just fences, use plexiglass to protect the dug outs. They can also easily survive 100mph shots just fine while being as clear as glass, so they work perfect
    Also use plexiglass for the walls around the stadium. If used in the design used in hockey using stanchions they provide a very good surface to bounce off of when hitting the wall.
    Make a higher penalty for hitting the batter with the ball. Instead of one base, give 2. Or maybe while giving a single base take away one of their outs so that they need to get more to end the inning. You will see the league meta change, hopefully to resort to more skilled pitchers again or to pitches farther from the batter.
    The simple fact is, don’t make safety the players choice. Make the league set that up and make those decisions.

    • webventures
      webventures 8 months ago +1

      None of the pitchers in this video ended up in a fielding position on the follow through. No wonder they got hit.

    • Willkittwk
      Willkittwk 4 months ago +1

      ​@webventures they're not stressing fundamentals.

    • zvbx
      zvbx 2 months ago +1

      I like the idea of awarding two bases for hitting a batter.

  • Jack LaValley
    Jack LaValley 9 months ago

    One of the new updates on TJ is the use of an "internal brace". Kente Madea had it done and only time will tell if it makes a difference

  • BeatnDaGutta
    BeatnDaGutta 9 months ago +9

    This was actually super informative and well technically you’re not wrong but I think players and coaches are just being more careful with their players. How the hell did someone throw 73 complete games without having an issue in one season? Nolan Ryan an absolute stud to 235 pitches in 1 game without an issue in one game

    • Walter Campbell
      Walter Campbell 9 months ago +3

      They weren’t throwing as hard as they possibly could every pitch. That’s why. Nolan Ryan threw 100 with ease, and is probably one of the top 5 greatest pitchers ever. He was just built different

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader 9 months ago +2

      Because they were smart not to hurt their arms. They didn’t throw as hard as they could. Nolan Ryan and Randy just did it with ease. But I get it, that would work nowadays. Slow pitchers tend to get lit up now because the hitters are used to 95+ so anything below 90 is like hitting off a little leaguer for them

  • Dolamieu
    Dolamieu 8 months ago

    Im into baseball at all but your honesty just interesting to listen to and i love your style, keep up the good work man this weeb is rooting for ya!

  • Colton Wilson
    Colton Wilson 9 months ago

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    These algorithms are getting scary good, and you have been blessed lol

  • Neb Munb
    Neb Munb 9 months ago +7

    I feel like in the Majors, the players aren't out there just having fun and playing the game to enjoy it. They are looking at everything so technically. Whether that is sabermeteics, film, advancments in training and practice methods, their health-care, or how they go about fine tuning their mechanics.
    It's almost like the players who get hurt are the ones not playing and having a natural flow to their game, but rather trying to implement all this training and information to throw the "perfect" pitch against that particular batter. It's like changing someone's delivery after they have been throwing a certain way all their life, then they need tommy John and are never the same again. Or hitters who get into slumps, and come back with a "changed" swing, then go from bad to worse when instead they should have just hit the cages more and fine tune your own swing, instead of adopting a whole new one.

  • Richard Bowley
    Richard Bowley 9 months ago +7

    One thing that was not brought up was Jamie Moyer: the man pitched into his early 50s and even though his velocity slowed down, he would change his pitching game that took advantage of the strike zone.

    • Jeff Finkbonner
      Jeff Finkbonner 9 months ago

      Even in his 30s his fastball was 80-83 mph. He lasted a long, long time!

  • Holly
    Holly 8 days ago

    Back in the day, center fielder Paul Blair of the Baltimore Orioles was hit in the face with a fly ball. He was never the same after that, but who could blame him? RIP Paul Blair.

  • Ryan Pedersen
    Ryan Pedersen 9 months ago

    These are bar none the best videos on Clip-Share. Thrilling, informative, lightly hilarious.

  • The Flying Narwhal
    The Flying Narwhal 9 months ago

    “ Willie Mays was knocked out but still caught the ball“
    Now that’s commitment to the game

  • NorCali ひ TRAZYCRIPx
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    Sending the pitcher to the dentist for his arm is wild 😂

  • Sunny B
    Sunny B 9 months ago

    i'm sure the insane break that teams are now all looking for are contributing to higher elbow injures too, not just velo.

  • TheRoseBoy
    TheRoseBoy 9 months ago +87

    Shoutout to the pitchers, outfielders and batters sacrificing themselves for their team.

    • Woozlewuzzleable
      Woozlewuzzleable 9 months ago +12

      Also for money.

    • Kyle Reeping
      Kyle Reeping 9 months ago +4

      Oh yeah it must be SO HARD to play a game for millions of dollars when there's a miniscule chance you may get slightly injured. Let's definitely pour one out for our homies.

    • TheRoseBoy
      TheRoseBoy 9 months ago +12

      @Kyle Reeping what?

    • Swishy Bluez
      Swishy Bluez 9 months ago +7

      @Kyle Reeping it’s definitely not just a minuscule chance to get injured. MLB players are the best .001% of what they do and they put their body on the line for the money they get.

    • Couch941
      Couch941 9 months ago

      @Swishy Bluez i played for a few months as a kid and when thete was indoors stuff I was scared like 8 meters away

  • khari amir
    khari amir 9 months ago

    Sleep walking onto a glass table because of spider nightmares sounds like a bit from Step Brothers just can’t help but laugh at that one 😂

  • Just Cruz
    Just Cruz 9 months ago

    This is exactly why I have no problem with the league turning a blind eye on more pitcher substance use. The more substances are used for pitching, the more control they have over their throw, providing for more accuracy, aka less batters hit by wild pitches.

  • Mark Kozlowski
    Mark Kozlowski 9 months ago

    I remember reading some years ago that there were more hit-by-pitches in the American League than the National League, and this difference was attributed to the DH rule. Basically, the pitcher who's throwing at guys' heads....had to step up to the plate in the NL. It will be interesting to see if we have more HBP now that the DH is universal.

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    I get that its a good thing that players aren't getting hurt as much from contact at 2nd and home, and that its a good thing. But as a Canadian hockey fan my need for violence in every sport misses those plays.

  • Jay Mitchell
    Jay Mitchell 9 months ago

    The line that got Tim Kurkjian into the writer's wing of the Hall of Fame is this 1980's era baseball take: "Baseball is a hard game, played by hard men."

    • chyang
      chyang 9 months ago

      I respect Him for liking hard men. And his laugh

  • Jeremy Noel
    Jeremy Noel 7 months ago +1

    Injuries always comes down to the expectation to perform at a high level continuously because you are an athlete and above the expectations of being human

  • Jack's Facts
    Jack's Facts 2 months ago +1

    I also think that there's just too many games being played, obviously, the number of games will never go down, but a man can dream of a 140 game season.

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  • MoonlapseVertigo243
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    So basically, increased velocity in pitches is the root of all of baseball's problems today, but pitchers want to throw that hard because thats more likely to get guys out lol

  • James Esterline
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    7:18 Imagine how even better Mantle could have been on two good legs

    • Richard Bowley
      Richard Bowley 9 months ago +2

      Even with ACL surgery and rehabilitation, a player has a 50-50 chance of returning to form. Same with those that snap their Achilles tendon: Ryan Howard is one of the best examples of a player in today's game who snapped his Achilles, had surgery, and upon returning, never played at the same level as he did in 2008, forcing him to retire after he was released by the Phillies. On the other hand, David Beckham (yes, totally different sport) did the same like Ryan Howard, yet eventually returned to play for the LA Galaxy for the remainder of his MLS contract, even helping the team win a MLS Cup in his last season as a player, although by then, he was slowing down due to both the old injuries from his Premier League, MLS, and International playing days.

  • Weaboo Milk
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    Jeff Passan's book "The Arm" is a pretty great deep dive into the increase of arm injuries

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