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The legend of Vox Machina AMV: The greatest show!

  • Published on Jun 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Clips in a video doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Critical role and Amazon.
    The editing might feel rought, I haven't done that in a while...
    Anyways here's what I forged :)

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  • AllForFire

    As someone who knows these mad bastards and their adventures, all I can say, is bravo.^^

  • Adel A
    Adel A  +23

    It definitely is the best show to me 🤩 I'm just obsessed with it.

  • The Extender

    amazing work, the song and the clips are just so matching unmatching and brought together through your editing really great

  • Maro Malul

    The edit choice for Scanlen was Genius! The legend of vox machina truly is a Great show. ✨🎥🤩🔥🎶

  • Envoy of Rot

    Took me by a huge suprise. My favorite Prime Original so far, I fell in love with it and the characters

  • S
    S 14 days ago

    My favourite show with my favourite song from my favourite musical 🔥

  • Donnie Elliott

    Really nice work! 😍

  • CraftLin _

    That’s really good tho!

  • korrasami


  • Luke S

    I love this lol

  • Soundconduit

    Who’s singing?

  • ArchangelJuicy

    Better with Hugh Jackman singing