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My Apple Studio Display Died.

  • Published on May 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Thegoatone
    Thegoatone 4 months ago +11589

    This is a certified “my very expensive Apple thing broke” moment

    • [TRF] Green
      [TRF] Green 4 months ago +114

      "waaaaaa my stupid apple guy broke woe is me"

    • Dabitz Tech
      Dabitz Tech 4 months ago +420

      apple has lost me as a customer, partly because of how unreliable and overpriced things are. I use samsung now

    • 2004hondacivic
      2004hondacivic 4 months ago +172

      @Dabitz Tech Samsung is also overpriced tho👽

    • Dabitz Tech
      Dabitz Tech 4 months ago +357

      @2004hondacivic its not as overpriced as apple, plus they have better trade in deals

    • SkyLovesCars
      SkyLovesCars 4 months ago +112

      @2004hondacivic EVERY company is overpriced…

  • ngwoo
    ngwoo 4 months ago +1063

    It's almost like a monitor is mocking you when it's able to display an error message completely fine but won't display anything else

    • eDave
      eDave 4 months ago +128

      RIGHT? Like, "I refuse to do my one basic task because no." Like, not everyone wants everything to be a smart TV, some people want a display to be a display!

    • Name
      Name 2 months ago +26

      @eDave but then they can't show ads or sell your data

    • Dragon Dev
      Dragon Dev Month ago

      so you think every none apple display shows ads?

    • Name
      Name Month ago +17

      @Dragon Dev i never said that?

    • Fiat Uno
      Fiat Uno 3 days ago +1

      @Dragon Dev who said that? bruh

  • Respectable Username
    Respectable Username 4 months ago +2648

    Under Australian Consumer Law, I believe they _have_ to give you the option of a refund, not just a replacement. Great to hear good ol' JB is up on their consumer law!

    • Abigail
      Abigail 4 months ago +235

      We have FABULOUS consumer protection. If a product is not as advertised - such as "it literally does not work" - or if it breaks in a warranty state in under a year _regardless of what product it is, minimum 1 year,_ then they MUST offer you a choice of either accepting replacement or refund. They don't get to pick, YOU get to pick. These are minimum rights that cannot be waived under law.

    • nitroxylic tv
      nitroxylic tv 4 months ago +81

      @Abigail Sad that its not a widespread thing here in the US.

    • Long Island TJ
      Long Island TJ 4 months ago +87

      America could only wish that there was any consumer protection

    • Nick Taylor
      Nick Taylor 4 months ago +59

      @nitroxylic tv you can thank Ronald Reagan or Reaganonomics for that

    • John
      John 4 months ago +30

      These laws are so strong that Valve refuses to sell their "accident prone" hardware over here. Shame on Valve for having hardware that inspires such little faith that they don't believe their products could last even a measly year.

  • Taiyou-VA
    Taiyou-VA 4 months ago +452

    Loved this video. Classic DankPods video. His stupidly overpriced thing broke and there was despair, time and probably potentially lots of money lost but not only was he able to get rid of it, he got a full refund and was able to buy a bunch of brand new cool tech stuff AND donate $50 to a Charity. Once again the day was saved. This is why we love your videos, mate. Art from adversity. Please keep it up. We know you work very hard to make and produce content for 4 channels and drum streams and Patreon and a Snake to feed.

  • Huvada
    Huvada 4 months ago +516

    Apple: Implements a self diagnosis system that allows the display to show an error message.
    Also Apple: Doesn't display the fault code because that would potentially let people repair it themselves.

    • GustArgento
      GustArgento 3 months ago +15

      here is the thing, they literally dont want it, they want you to lose money

    • Sun Tzu
      Sun Tzu 2 months ago +11

      "The best i can do is ERROR"

    • p_o_o_g
      p_o_o_g 2 months ago +14

      ​@GustArgentobecause they know most people who are able to buy a $2500 monitor will probably just buy another if it breaks

    • YB
      YB Month ago +9

      As much as I love scathing Apple for all the wrong they do from a consumer perspective this bs of not showing error codes is not exclusive to Apple, literally the other day I got a blue screen on my windows machine and all it says is it's restarting due to an error and gives a sad face :( NOTHING ELSE I had to go into Event Viewer to discover that the error was something sort of RAM issue. It's rare that I get a blue screen, most common when playing GTA V.

  • Noxn2o
    Noxn2o 4 months ago +283

    As a JB Hi-Fi Employee, I’m very happy the guys at your local store could help you! I know I’m going to keep recommending your channel to our customers, we always want them to be informed!

  • Weiss Zinfandel
    Weiss Zinfandel 4 months ago +3219

    unreal. a computer monitor is one of those things that you can have sit around for 15 years and never think about. well done apple.

    • April Showers
      April Showers 4 months ago +129

      Mine are all around the 23 year old mark and still work perfectly. Gonna hold onto them until Prysm gets LPD out the door.

    • Teddy Skrub
      Teddy Skrub 4 months ago +142

      Been running my 1080p 60hz Dell monitor with impeccable color accuracy for 13 years, besides some temporary burn in when I sit too much on the same program it's been holding up like an absolute charm!

    • Dan Loeb
      Dan Loeb 4 months ago +33

      i nearly got 8 years out of my first gsync monitor, the display port broke and it was such an early model nobody had boards for it anymore except one guy in france. paid $60+40 for shipping, and it turned out he pulled out a zif header on it along with the plug, so it was trash too. tried to save it, but I had to get a new one. I've had this gigabyte monitor for a couple years now, and it's good, but despite being IPS it doesn't look as good as that first generation gsync TN panel.

    • Ashii
      Ashii 4 months ago +48

      My old ass CRT is still going after 24 years, with a bit of blur though

    • Kastel
      Kastel 4 months ago +25

      For real. All of my extra monitors are 10+ years old and are more than good enough for what I use them for

  • Scott Clements [TechTutorials]
    Scott Clements [TechTutorials] 4 months ago +1216

    We NEED to make the LTT collab happen.. that is a chemistry i'd pay heaps to see

    • Smolface
      Smolface 4 months ago +50

      Yes if the funni canada man meets up with dankpods that would be amazing

    • d3fault 1420
      d3fault 1420 4 months ago +54

      @Smolface funni canada man and funni australian man

    • reptarien
      reptarien 4 months ago +27

      Oh they know of DankPods... I'm sure one of the only hurdles is the big ass ocean between the two!

    • derpsakry44
      derpsakry44 4 months ago +9

      Hasnt the floatplane already appeared on some show of his?

    • tvandbeermakehomergo
      tvandbeermakehomergo 4 months ago +6

      @derpsakry44 He uses floatplane for his drum streams, had loads of issues with Twitch so swapped over.

  • 0ArmoredSoul0
    0ArmoredSoul0 4 months ago +626

    I heard you mention loving Forza and my spine straightened cause holy shit, my cousin's husband did the whole soundtrack for Forza 4 and I immediately perk up hearing people enjoy his stuff, subconsciously or not.
    Thanks for helping my cousin's family afford their house. :)

    • mushroommunk
      mushroommunk 4 months ago +55

      Can you tell your cousin's husband I hate them please? I lost my buddy to Forza 4, he almost never logs onto halo anymore 😢

    • 0ArmoredSoul0
      0ArmoredSoul0 4 months ago +77

      @mushroommunk Dude just did the soundtrack, nothing with the gameplay. Have you called your buddy and asked him to play with you? If I remember right, Forza is multiplayer, even if you don't play Halo, you can still play with your friend.

    • FutureSlacker917
      FutureSlacker917 4 months ago +15

      Forza 4 > every other Forza game

    • Socky Noob
      Socky Noob 4 months ago +25

      Motorsport 4? So Lance Hayes then.

    • 0ArmoredSoul0
      0ArmoredSoul0 4 months ago +37

      @Socky Noob AYYYYYYYE!!!! HE IS KNOWN!! :D

  • Alex Nolasco
    Alex Nolasco 4 months ago +109

    Im jealous of that return/refund experience. In the US, it's a dice roll whether you qualify to get a refund or they just tell you to eat bricks and beat it

    • Deleted Content
      Deleted Content 4 months ago +15

      The U.S. runs on Money. It's so bad that it is like that.

  • Ian Mason
    Ian Mason 4 months ago +81

    The real question: does Craig make a display?

    • Ryan Tosh
      Ryan Tosh 4 months ago +11

      The Craig Pixelshower 7: Now in standard definition!

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep 3 months ago +10

      ​@Ryan Tosh "Pixelshower" is such a fun word.

    • Adriel Oliveras
      Adriel Oliveras 3 months ago +5

      ​@Blakksheep not as cool as _squirting_ music

    • Justin
      Justin Month ago

      @Adriel OliverasLOL

  • Peter's Terror Dome
    Peter's Terror Dome 4 months ago +29

    I've never understood the "firmware update can completely brick your device" thing. Surely it wouldn't be that hard to build in a backup firmware with a hidden reset button that could dump that backup into wherever the corrupted firmware is stored, getting the device back into a usable state.

    • LiveType
      LiveType 4 months ago +16

      It isn't hard. There are numerous solutions to this problem. It's just apple being apple.
      Easiest and probably cheapest solution I can think of is to straight up have 2 bios chips. If something ever goes wrong you switch over the second and flash working firmware to the first.

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep 3 months ago +4

      Me neither. Especially, surely, they should have _tested_ the update before shipping it, right?

    • Nino Frey
      Nino Frey 3 months ago +1

      @LiveType oh, you mean like gigabyte did (do they still do that?) on their mainboards?

  • 啾啾鞋
    啾啾鞋 4 months ago +3860

    I wanna play Tears of the Dingus so bad right now

    • Jun Kaito
      Jun Kaito 4 months ago +58

      didn't expect my fellow taiwanese dingus in here, cheers mate

    • Raed NK
      Raed NK 4 months ago +2

      You digise

    • Elfishjuggler33
      Elfishjuggler33 4 months ago +5

      It’s fun

    • Roland T.H.E. Jabberwocky
      Roland T.H.E. Jabberwocky 4 months ago +10

      The underground cashies is brutal man.

    • Arnox
      Arnox 4 months ago +3

      I haven't even been able to play Breath of the Wild yet. :|

  • ARTCvan
    ARTCvan 4 months ago +48

    The firmware update thing probably relates to the A13 Bionic in there, for the Centre Stage webcam feature. Always found it dumb that a monitor needed updates tbh

  • Discoh
    Discoh 4 months ago +39

    The state of retail truly is abysmal when even getting a simple refund is seen as a gift from the heavens.
    Also seeing that massive haul you were able to get for the price of a single expensive monitor was insane lmao

    • encycl07pedia
      encycl07pedia 3 months ago +1

      A refund two months later for something that was opened, used, and borked through "user error (AKA trusting Apple)" and presumably didn't have a warranty on it? Yes, that is a rare thing.

    • NappaSlappa
      NappaSlappa 2 months ago +1

      @encycl07pedia not in australia, if it dies within a year you are entitled to a refund or replacement

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep Month ago

      ​@encycl07pedia I don't think it counts as "user error" if the thing that broke it was provided by the manufacturer.

    • encycl07pedia
      encycl07pedia Month ago

      @Blakksheep Did you miss the "trusting Apple" part? That is absolutely user error.

    • Blakksheep
      Blakksheep Month ago +1

      @encycl07pedia Apple is far from great, but that's a little harsh to be directed at the person who _isn't_ Apple, I think.

  • Jansen Art
    Jansen Art 4 months ago +7

    Australia has great consumer protection laws. Hence why so many AAA game platforms are afraid to operate there.

  • Thomas Khan
    Thomas Khan 4 months ago +105

    Ive genuinley only ever had really positive experiences as JB, my iPad borked itself one morning before uni and I was freaking out (I use it a lot for uni, Art and shit). i had bought it from jb, I went there, 10 minutes and I had a new iPad, they offered a refund I decided otherwise. when I got home I read up on their return and refund policy and its really quite lenient and customer friendly. JB for the win!

    • Solaceon
      Solaceon 4 months ago +4

      I wish we had that place in my country. It sounds like somewhere I'd love to check out.

  • Ballbusting Furryfeet
    Ballbusting Furryfeet 4 months ago +23

    Planned obsolescence is a real pain to deal with.

  • Curtis J.
    Curtis J. 4 months ago +1930

    ..... I now want to see a video of Linus flying out to Australia and helping Dankpods set up a server....... MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

    • redndwhite
      redndwhite 4 months ago +31

      This definitely needs to happen!

    • no prophet
      no prophet 4 months ago +49

      Did you watch Linus setting up his own NAS? It failed. Twice.

    • Bryce Dunlap
      Bryce Dunlap 4 months ago +117

      Seeing how much Linus talks about DankPods and GarbageTime on the WAN show... It definitely needs to happen. Garbage time is the only channel Linus subscribes to after his own channel, and luke mentioned actually calling DankPods for floatplane testing since he's their only creator primarily using safari.

    • Your Boi JP
      Your Boi JP 4 months ago +24

      The great thing is that they briefly brought up DankPods on the Wan Show so Linus and Luke do know of his existence. This could happen.

    • Jackey Boiii
      Jackey Boiii 4 months ago


  • Tim van der Horst
    Tim van der Horst 4 months ago +38

    I can just imagine that scene, where the JB staff are all "where would you like us to send your refund to?" and he's immediately "store credit mate"

  • Aura Mancer
    Aura Mancer 4 months ago +47

    I feel you man. I am a programmer with some wrist issues which are actually unrelated to mouse usage, and a vertical mouse helped a ton. Bought a cheap one, it broke, so I'm like "I'm going to get the expensive reliable one from logitech" and left click broke in 6 months which is a common issue apparently. And yes I could get a new one, but I was pissed off I had to spend the time returning it etc.

  • Ostrze
    Ostrze 4 months ago +26

    I love this channel because of these types of videos. All the time I buy something that the whole internet keeps talking about. It comes and breaks, having some weird issues. And every fix on the web doesn't work. After couple of days of troubleshooting I 'm done and it's time to start the fight with warrenty. Its good to know that I am not the only one with these type of "unusual problems".

  • Cakeservant
    Cakeservant 4 months ago +14

    for accurate colors you could also just use a color calibration tool (~$120) you could also maybe just rent it

  • Batuch The Bruh
    Batuch The Bruh 4 months ago +28

    The color part is so true. My dad was a graphic designer and didn't have the perfect monitor so often times I'd have to go grab a digital print of the work from other side of the city just so he can see the actual color.

  • bibasik7
    bibasik7 4 months ago +1953

    Original iPod: works perfectly after 20+ years
    $2,500 studio display: breaks in 2 months

    • nath1303
      nath1303 4 months ago +65

      We need Papa Steve to come back.

    • FrenzyFixes
      FrenzyFixes 4 months ago +169

      @nath1303 might be a tad bit difficult

    • im_livegolf
      im_livegolf 4 months ago +17

      still using my iPod nano 2nd gen! It has my original phone number etched on it still 😭
      Edit: sorry vid was playing in the background at 8:04 …. I’m sorry WHAT. 😮

    • nath1303
      nath1303 4 months ago +1

      @FrenzyFixes no 😱

    • Nikki Wilde
      Nikki Wilde 4 months ago +52

      every complexity you add to a device, the more points of failure emerge, if it just takes an HDMI signal and AC, its really hard to fuck it up on the software/firmware side, but once you add a A14 chip, it can just decide "Im broken" at random.

  • Bas Scharenborg
    Bas Scharenborg 4 months ago +16

    Things going cack is never fun, but your ranting and venting is always funny and never fails me to make my day.

  • zorilla0
    zorilla0 3 months ago +3

    I know this misses the point of the display's target demographic (people who care more about style than performance or reliability), but if your goal is to get a color-accurate monitor that can do videoconferencing, its fascinating to think about how many DSLR cameras, XLR mics, monitor arms, and colorimeters you could get before hitting the $2,500 mark when you pair them with any mainstream 4K IPS display w/Thunderbolt.

  • J Skywalker
    J Skywalker 4 months ago +6

    Thanks for donating to kids down under mate! Legend! Also you definitely made some sales guy at JB a hero by buying that tablet with that expensive monitor!

  • Will M
    Will M 4 months ago +5

    Its really nice that you're concerned for the ethical and environmental impact of what you're buying. Lotsa people don't. Or can't.
    Also worth checking out the 2004 cinema displays. I'm using the 24" one and for print-based design work, it's actually still pretty damn accurate and high res. They're cheap as fuck too (here anyway)

  • Burnt Alive
    Burnt Alive 4 months ago +23

    Props to JB for their customer service

  • Rubik The Geek
    Rubik The Geek 4 months ago +2517

    Big kudos to JB Hi-Fi for actually honoring a refund, wasn't expecting that at all; Most stores dealing with big manufacturer products would run you around for MONTHS trying to make you just give up. Glad to know that there's still businesses who actually care about you!

    • Will De La Rue
      Will De La Rue 4 months ago +82

      Worked there a while. Stuff like this has a 90 day replacement warranty period (rather than repair) so within that time you can get a replacement or a refund, choice is up to the customer

    • Thomas H
      Thomas H 4 months ago +82

      JB-Hi-Fi is honestly one of, if not the best Aussie electronics store when it comes to customer guarantees and refunds, etc.
      For stuff inside their warranty period that go bad, no questions asked as long as it's not obviously user destroyed, they will replace or give a refund on the spot. No "we need to return it to the manufacturer and can take weeks".

    • Up Wave Flash
      Up Wave Flash 4 months ago +24

      That's crazy to me too bro
      I means
      Everything you purchase in vietnam
      If you screwed ?
      You screwed
      Either sell it as junk or just let the junk hang around the house
      Refund is a far-fetch concept for us
      That why we mostly have a very careful decision before call out a move
      Big corps nowadays just make the worst possible crap now
      Thanks a lot Apple

    • JDBlunderbuss
      JDBlunderbuss 4 months ago +50

      Australian consumer laws pretty much force them to honour a refund in these situations, but it's good that there was no mucking around and they just offered the refund straight up.

    • KiwiPhil
      KiwiPhil 4 months ago +15

      @Will De La Rue its not the stores choice, its the consumers choice. If its 1 day left on a 5 year warranty consumer can get a refund. Consumer law trumps store policy

  • Justin ig drty.30
    Justin ig drty.30 4 months ago +2

    Legend mate. So glad to be able to help you out in this sucky situation.

  • Deley18
    Deley18 4 months ago +4

    I like to think the lesson here is that paying for premium price tags doesn't mean exceptional quality, especially when two grand gives you two months before borked.

  • James Irwin-McConnell
    James Irwin-McConnell 4 months ago +1

    Anyone except Apple and similar companies will always surprise you by actually being good to you as a customer. Props to the guys for refunding you!

  • SnapshotOfASoul
    SnapshotOfASoul 4 months ago +10

    I use a ProArt (not the 4K one, the one just below that) and they're far cheaper and has been reliable through multiple moves! Same sort of metal and glass situation, still looks slick, and my edition came with a bunch of handy dandy calibration tools like a ruler on the bottom that lights up. It's also a bit better colour repro than Apple's.

  • Toco
    Toco 4 months ago +5

    Just here to say, yeah, JBs customer support is S tier
    Bought wireless earphones which were ~150 AUD, but eventually I forgot to take them out of my pocket before putting my clothes in the wash. suffice to say they were completely waterlogged and wouldn't work.
    Took them in and explained, they said the model I had they didn't sell anymore, I would've been happy with anything around 150 dollars, but they didn't really have any that fit the bill and in the end they substituted them with 200 dollar ones.

  • Wh1t3F4c3
    Wh1t3F4c3 4 months ago +1894

    “It’s almost like the biggest companies make the worst junk!” - A wise nugget

    • Elliot
      Elliot 4 months ago +12

      Apple makes objectively high quality products

    • Wh1t3F4c3
      Wh1t3F4c3 4 months ago +126

      @Elliot (Except that one)

    • Elliot
      Elliot 4 months ago +9

      @Wh1t3F4c3 It’s literally a high quality product. A single software bug does not make a product low quality, especially when the rest of the software and all of the hardware is top tier. Good attempt though

    • Major Tom
      Major Tom 4 months ago +126

      ​@ElliotMay i introduce you to Louis Rossmann?

    • TheRealMisterMemer
      TheRealMisterMemer 4 months ago +44

      @Elliot tell that to my $400 4th gen iPod that's locked for over forty years

  • UserOfTheName
    UserOfTheName 4 months ago +3

    The concept of a monitor dying is literally foreign to me, how did apple mess up so bad

  • Kent Miller
    Kent Miller 4 months ago +4

    I'm using a 23" Apple Cinema Display from 2002. Slight red shift at the edges, so I don't rely on it for color accuracy, but it otherwise works great! I've occasionally thought about getting a newer Apple display, but it for sure won't be this Studio Display. Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

  • AL C
    AL C 4 months ago +19

    Linus needs to come help the man out now that he’s restructuring

  • Larry Laffer
    Larry Laffer 4 months ago +2042

    That was a smart move on JB's part. Now they've generated both good publicity from refunding Dank Pod's Dollerydoos, and they've been given some free advertisement too! A little good customer service goes along way.

    • Bhume
      Bhume 4 months ago +126

      Plus they got a customer for life now. lol

    • Larry Laffer
      Larry Laffer 4 months ago +73

      @Bhume Exactly. Wish they had them stateside. Oh well guess I settle for Microcenter. They're pretty rad.

    • Leon14000
      Leon14000 4 months ago +40

      Best Buy here in the US is the same thing. I've had nothing but positive experiences with them. Whether it's putting up with my stupid ass asking a billion questions, their incredible insurance-refund policy, or just generally being helpful. They'll likely be getting my money until the day I die.

    • Shocking Pikachu
      Shocking Pikachu 4 months ago +10

      JB is really good with their warranties

    • Ashtonking 3306
      Ashtonking 3306 4 months ago +6

      I've always loved jb-hifi and after seeing them help Wade out I wanna just get a whole buncha cash, grab everything that I can buy, buy it and leave a massive tip and by massive I mean HUMONGOUS

  • mattalki
    mattalki 4 months ago +2

    I don't know what the hell is up with having 'smart' displays. Just make it a *display* for crying out loud. I just want to see what's being output - that's IT. I totally hear you on this!

  • OceanMan20
    OceanMan20 4 months ago +4

    I am so happy seeing a company being the good guy and helping you in a time of need.

    • Tenchi
      Tenchi 4 months ago +1

      As they're legally supposed to.

  • Mazedul
    Mazedul 4 months ago +13

    The moment he dropped that last item on his shopping list, my jaw dropped.

  • Shashank Patel
    Shashank Patel 4 months ago +2

    I will give props to a company when it does something good. JB did good

  • Sparki90
    Sparki90 4 months ago +4

    Apples products might be "reliable" but if literally anything goes wrong, its "oops gotta buy another one!"

  • Haybro06
    Haybro06 4 months ago +854

    I genuinely wish these companies would stop trying to make my displays “smart” I JUST WANT SCREEN WORK

    • crazy towers
      crazy towers 4 months ago +33

      Exactly! It's almost impossible to find a non-smart tv. Thankfully our house is full of tube televisions, we are about to upgrade to a HD trinitron once our main tube television dies.

    •  4 months ago +17

      yes, the thing that is rendering pixels (pc) is supposed to be the smart thing

    • techno156
      techno156 4 months ago +20

      Why does the screen need a processor more powerful than the iPad Wade smacks his things on (It uses an A14 for some inexplicable reason)? It runs fine on much less hardware, and it's not like the screen is doing iPad or Homepod things.

    • Paul Carmi
      Paul Carmi 4 months ago +3

      @crazy towers got my 50inch non 4k non smart in 2019 for 170$. Best 170$ ever

    • lovely-shrubbery
      lovely-shrubbery 4 months ago +1

      But money

  • neptune
    neptune 4 months ago +2

    JB is absolutely one of the best tech stores in aus alongside officeworks, bought all my tech from those two places and i'll never go anywhere else

  • Professor Gohan
    Professor Gohan 3 months ago +2

    This is news to me. I know Apple updates firmware but I didn't know that the $2500 Display had firmware. I work for an institution that has a lab full of these and I am very worried.

  • Frame By Frame guides
    Frame By Frame guides 4 months ago +3

    This is actually a good point.
    I have a Thunderbolt Display and it’s great and I have been eyeing the new studio, but since it has a chip in it it’s always gunna need updates, and Apple will not always make updates.
    A point I have not thought about.
    Great vid as always

  • Clance Vaasen
    Clance Vaasen 4 months ago +1

    Props to you for donating that money Dank.

  • Stal
    Stal 4 months ago +1152

    It really amazes me how much stuff you can get for the price of a display that has a chance to break with every update.

    • Tenchi
      Tenchi 4 months ago +73

      For that price he could have gotten multiple non-Apple displays that would have been perfectly fine for his videos. Heck, for that price he could have bought a 42" OLED or QLED or whatever TV and used that as a monitor.

    • Penguin with wifi
      Penguin with wifi 4 months ago +35

      Apple moment

    • luxemier
      luxemier 4 months ago +3

      @Tenchi theres literally nothing better than that apple display at that price. its as close to a reference monitor at only 2500$

    • Merry jerry
      Merry jerry 4 months ago +5

      Hate how people compare Apple professional products to cheaper stuff. THE DISPLAYS IT COMPETES WITH ARE LIKE 20-30 GRAND.

  • laservampire
    laservampire 4 months ago +1

    I recently had a similar experience to this doing a firmware update on a camera lens. My $600 lens started doing a horrendous screeching noise immediately after being updated.

  • tvandbeermakehomergo
    tvandbeermakehomergo 4 months ago +1

    I use an LG 27UL850 27” for my MacBook Pro, and works the same way as the studio with one usb c cable to hook up my display.
    The best bit about this, is I actually went into my local Apple shop in 2019, and they recommended me to by this over the lg models they had in stock as it was half the price (around £450) and the only difference was it was a 4k display instead of 5k. It does lack a mic and a webcam, but these are just negatives to me!
    Also turned out it was great for dell laptops as well, as I was able to just plug my work laptop into it during the pandemic and it worked perfectly (Was the only person not to bother to bring a docking station home)

  • Breeman AMV
    Breeman AMV 4 months ago +1

    I had a completely different experience with Apple this week. I bought a pair of used Beats Studio Buds off of eBay, and they worked great when I first got them, but then one of the earbuds stopped working. Checked the warranty and it was still good until the end of the year. I contacted Apple support, and they're going to service (aka replace) them for free. Best $30 I ever spent.

  • fireyblackdragon
    fireyblackdragon 4 months ago +8

    IIRC, those displays are running a cut down MacOS. Honestly, the idea of a display running its own OS is crazy. I have monitors that are exactly the same except one is clearly running a different firmware because the boot logo is different. What happened to the firmware never needing to be updated and monitors will monitor? Heck, VGA still works if you have the ports for it!

    • Costin Simon
      Costin Simon 3 months ago

      It's really not crazy at all. Many pro monitors have some os on them. Thing is, they NEVER stop running if they get outdated. Not even Lenovo or Canyon does that. Not even Dell.

  • ray
    ray 4 months ago +2

    if you can find one, the LG Ultrafine 5K has been an awesome monitor. There have been some quality issues but if you find it for a good price used they have more or less identical panels and connectivity but zero software update shenanigans

  • floppydisk
    floppydisk 4 months ago +2566

    I love that it shows the restore screen like it's an iPod

    • Techmej
      Techmej 4 months ago +175

      That’s bc it uses an A13 and runs a fork of iOS

    • NonsensicalVids
      NonsensicalVids 4 months ago +40

      yeh its got A series chip in it

    • Chris Monkman
      Chris Monkman 4 months ago +50

      Yet at work I've got a 10+ year old Apple cinema display still going along... They don't make them like they used to (that said, the cable is shot and isn't easily replaceable).

    • Josh Knight
      Josh Knight 4 months ago

      You love that?

    • chairgaming
      chairgaming 4 months ago +4

      Kinda shows Apple hasn't changed that much in 20 years really

  • DeadEdd
    DeadEdd 4 months ago +6

    Seeing papa linus and the gang head to aussie land for a minute to help wade build a server would be pretty bawler tbh

  • Aliaksei Lyshchytski
    Aliaksei Lyshchytski Month ago +1

    I wonder if any display can be calibrated for colour accuracy ?

  • Matt_9667
    Matt_9667 4 months ago +1

    it was probably under warranty, JB is great for their warranty policy. i had a game headset die on me which i had purchased extended warranty for. and because it was still in the manufacturers warranty period, they carried the extended warranty over to my new headset. as well as discounting the new headset for what i paid for the old one. great service, love JB

  • BlazeHedgehog
    BlazeHedgehog 4 months ago +1

    I don't know if it's still true, but the ASUS display (VE208) I bought back in 2010 is still trucking. It feels a little dim these days, because, y'know, it would, and I'm getting close to replacing it soon, but I think they do (or did) make very nice, very durable screens. I remember thinking it looked absolutely gorgeous when I first plugged it in.

  • Jarrod G [ImAFutureGuitarHero]

    I actually had a similar experience with a refund through JB last year -- I got a set of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ a couple of years prior because I wanted a set of wireless earbuds, and they worked well and sounded really good (perfect syncing with my Galaxy Note 9 as well) but after a while one earbud would deplete its battery way faster than the other (like 30 minutes from full charge to dead, while the other would last for 5+ hours or so -- both at this point were way lower than the 11 hours battery life it got when new).
    Remembered I decided to get JB's extended warranty when I bought the earbuds, so after contacting their extended warranty department and filling the claim details out, I took it to JB and they gave me a full refund for the price of the earbuds (AU$299). Didn't get another set of wireless earbuds after that, but I did spend part of the refund on the entirety of the original Dragon Ball series on DVD, so that was cool lmao

  • Anna McCray
    Anna McCray 4 months ago +741

    It's nice that the store were chill and helped you out at least. Apple wouldn't have done that if you bought it from them

    • Steve MacD
      Steve MacD 4 months ago +16

      So you are saying they wouldn't honor their warranty?

    • Radio Calico
      Radio Calico 4 months ago +107

      @Steve MacD they probably would’ve had him wait until they could diagnose it before only offering a replacement

    • SthamerAMVs
      SthamerAMVs 4 months ago +17

      Apple have always honoured their warranty whenever I’ve used it so they would have tbf

    • Zachary Relouw
      Zachary Relouw 4 months ago +21

      They would abide Australian Consumer Law, which stipulates that in the event of a ‘major failure’ of the product the consumer has the choice of a repair, replacement or refund :)

    • Masketta Man
      Masketta Man 4 months ago +42

      @Steve MacD Apple would absolutely not have just refunded him on the spot. They would have held the unit for weeks then shipped him a used, repaired one if they were even willing to admit the one he sent in was faulty

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 months ago +2

    Dell Ultrasharp may be worth a look. They come calibrated and have a next day replacement program should they break 👍🏻

  • CarthagoMike
    CarthagoMike 4 months ago +1

    I've been using a 16:10 HP elite display for colour-accurate photo- and video editing for a few years now. Works like a charm.
    Best part though? only €300 back then (though only 1920x1200, more pixels will cost more)

  • Saltech
    Saltech 4 months ago +1

    I had problems with blu-ray discs I bought during the pandemic from JB Hi Fi (I suspect from what I hear that quality control was badly affected by shutdowns overseas) and I never had any problems getting refunds for defective discs.

  • MIEW
    MIEW 4 months ago +1

    I've had a 49" super ultrawide for a little over a year now and I believe it's the video editing meta. Only issue I've had is my friends stunt flying in far cry making me feel sick due to the FOV it provides.

  • NiGHTSaturn
    NiGHTSaturn 27 days ago

    Apple may have overpriced items, but i’ve NEVER seen their displays lasting less than 10-15 years! Heck, I just got an iMac G4 and it still looks phenomenal! The team that took over around 2014 makes my skin crawl for so many reasons.

  • Patrick shaw
    Patrick shaw 4 months ago +499

    Apple is so good at simplifying things and at the same exact time over engineering it. It is honestly impressive. Glad it all worked out in the end, Mr. Dank.

    • Glad
      Glad 4 months ago +49

      Only as long as you are fully plugged into an Apple ecosystem. Too many times Apple products are significantly less usable because you don't have enough Apple products.

    • Cool bug facts
      Cool bug facts 4 months ago +32

      @Glad Knew a guy who got ipods to use with his samsung and had to pair them with his mom's iphone to change audio settings

    • ben shapiros crusty ass
      ben shapiros crusty ass 4 months ago +2

      @Cool bug facts I have to put music on my iphone by hosting a python server on my computer and downloading it into a third party app. Also everything on the phone just updated and now nothing works anymore because I don't have a recent enough ios. I fucking hate apple :(

    • gyu
      gyu 4 months ago +8

      @Glad Yep. Found a pair of Airpod Pro's, they don't connect to both my laptops. They always disconnect from my phone despite it being ~3 feet or so from the things. Just all kinds of dumb trouble that I'm sure wouldn't be an issue if I spent enough money with Apple. Glad I didn't pay for them.

  • Ziginox
    Ziginox 4 months ago +1

    Wade, if you want accurate colors, you need a colorimeter. They're not that expensive, depending on what features you need (HDR, etc).
    Even the best displays need to be calibrated to be accurate, especially for your environment.

    • theSyd
      theSyd 4 months ago

      A colorimeter cannot do miracles if the panel can’t physically reach the right color values (which sadly, that Samsung cannot)

    • Ziginox
      Ziginox 4 months ago

      @theSyd this is very true, although my comment was mostly directed at the Apple display. Gotta have the gamut to actually produce the colors in between.

  • Jesse
    Jesse 4 months ago +1

    Ive had really good experiences with refunds from jb. Basically returned a laptop because i changed my mind (it didnt have a feature I needed, didnt realise because the intel variant of the same model had it) and got a full refund with like no resistance.

  • Apple Crumpies22
    Apple Crumpies22 2 months ago

    That saying goes. Sometime the worst things that happen can be the best thing for you. Something like that. You got to get a whole slew of awesome brand new consoles, tablets and a screen for that much money. Don't invest into expensive products because its popular. Its always better to do research and compare based on your budget an needs. Always look for a pattern of issues and make the best choice based on your values.

  • Von Potatostein
    Von Potatostein 4 months ago

    Glad to see the store was cool and gave you a full refund! But man first your Airpods Max and now the Apple Studio Display,! it is baffling how Apple has the nerve to charge so much for their products when their quality control is so bad.
    The good thing is that you ended up with a ton of fun goodies! Enjoy your new Switch!!

  • penga
    penga 4 months ago

    The HP 34" Ultra wide displays are super good, have a camera and speakers, connect over USB C and are half the price of the apple ones.
    Well worth it, I've provided probably 30 to clients and they love them.
    The worst issue we had was one came broken in shipping and was replaced by the vendor.

  • supersimon126
    supersimon126 4 months ago +749

    Props to that shop for making your experience as painless as possible

  • Corprall
    Corprall 4 months ago

    It's probably worth mentioning you can do the whole one cable connect everything without a $2500 display that's worth about as much as a $500 display

  • Charly Guendulain
    Charly Guendulain 4 months ago +2

    The screen is sentient. It has tricked you to give it an update which was actually a kill switch as it did not want to work. Now it will face the consequences and be replaced

  • Matt Adams
    Matt Adams 4 months ago +1

    This is the reason why at my work, when I got a quote request for an apple Studio Display, I just said no. Here’s an equivalent LG that costs a fraction of the price and is literally exactly as color accurate. It’s the same display panel in an LG plastic housing.

  • Reactor10k
    Reactor10k 4 months ago

    As others have said, you need to read up on Australian consumer law. A lot of JB Hifi staff don't know a lot about it, but I'm glad someone there did. Sometimes things fail. That's what consumer law is for.

  • CalicoVision
    CalicoVision 4 months ago

    what's hilarious to me about this video is that at work, we still use our 19-year-old apple cinema displays. they still work perfectly aside from some occasional screen burn-in. colours aren't the best, but they're still good enough for us, a print shop, who does very colour critical work. when they die i'm gonna be so upset.

  • Leytra
    Leytra 4 months ago +310

    Well played to JB for actually good consumer experience

  • Coorbin
    Coorbin 4 months ago

    The one thing I can say in Apple's defense here (and there's not a lot good you can say in their defense) is, if you had bought it at an Apple Store, then taken it back to the Apple Store broken like this, I guarantee you they would send you home with a working Studio Display. New or fixed, one way or the other, they would send you home happy. They can't even always do that for their laptops, but for a display, they would have one in stock to let you take home to exchange it for.

  • N. S.
    N. S. 4 months ago

    Apple’s employees are clearly trained to respond with “I’ve never seen this before”.
    Had that exact response twice. Once with my cooked 2011 mbp GPU and once with the 2014 mbp screen coating issue.
    In one of those instances a repair program was announced less than 48 hour later. But yeah… they’ve never seen this problem before.

  • João Gomes
    João Gomes 4 months ago +1

    Contrast that with LG; I bought a 27’’ 4K monitor from them on a local store during Black Friday, and after less than a year it developed a very subtle defect in a column of pixels.
    I’m in freaking PORTUGAL, where there isn’t a single official Apple Store, and only a few Apple VARs, stores-within-a-store and AASPs, which means I’d also be screwed if I had a Studio Display, but guess what: since it’s an LG, I didn’t even have to go through the store where I bought it, because LG support sent A REPAIRMAN, to MY HOME, to replace the panel. Not the whole thing; THE PANEL. On the spot, in less than a week.
    I ended up buying a second one to go with it, and If LG ever comes with a 5K alternative more on par with the Studio Display (that UltraFine thing is utter crap, from what I’ve heard, and completely outdated, so I’m hoping both Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 and especially Huawei’s MateView give them that extra push to stay competitive), I’m getting two of those, too. For real.

  • OneHappyGuy
    OneHappyGuy 4 months ago

    Honestly since Biag took over for the JBHifi group, so that's both JB-hifi and the good guys. The customer support end both instore and on our online call services through TGG has improved such a dramatic amount it's insane. If it stops a customer being angry we will literally so anything within our power to make you happy again. Even giving a full refund for an expensive product such as that. Actually pretty happy you had a good experience.

  • NMD
    NMD 4 months ago +1

    Preach mate Preach!!! I totally get it. I don’t have the dosh to spend big on things like that but I do love Apple when they get it right. Lately however they’re not what they used to be compared to when the big man Jobs was around.

  • BCJ
    BCJ 4 months ago

    Dude, how do they screw up a MONITOR? I'm so glad I've never had any of my Apple stuff stroke out like that. I love my iPad Pro too much for that. The color accuracy on Apple displays is superb. It's too bad their over-engineered luxury nugget will brick from official firmware. 🙃

  • Alex
    Alex 4 months ago +558

    Wade donating 50$ to charity IS one of the moments ever.

    • 🦊 U+1F98A
      🦊 U+1F98A 4 months ago +19

      i think this is what they call an "Onya Wade" moment

    • KareemFloat
      KareemFloat 4 months ago +11

      @🦊 U+1F98A ahh yes, the onya, the one true competitor for the ouya.

    • Melkor Stormcrown
      Melkor Stormcrown 4 months ago +2

      Definitely one of the moments of its time

  • Rhidongo
    Rhidongo 4 months ago +2

    On your point of colour correctness, my grandfather used to be a professional image editor the the biggest newspaper in NZ, and he'd drill it into me that colour correctness is everything. Whenever he'd get a new monitor, he'd spend hours calibrating it to perfection. The dude had magic eyes, I swear.
    Anyways, moral of the story is that one of my monitors is slightly off, and I've tried threatening it with a knife, but it just won't work. Apple's screens are undoubtedly fantastic for image quality

    • JeffDvrx
      JeffDvrx 4 months ago +1

      yeah, until they turn into a 2500 bucks paperweight lol. theres a trillion color calibrated monitors out there, just don't buy apple ffs

    • Rhidongo
      Rhidongo 4 months ago

      @JeffDvrx Personally, I'd rather shove a screwdriver in my nuts than support apple, so I'm with you on that.
      My current monitor was only a few hundred, and is pretty solid.

  • Randy Cornett
    Randy Cornett 4 months ago +1

    Been subbed to Patreon for quite a while. Usually stockpile the episodes so I can binge them. Now seems like a good time

  • Michael Kalin
    Michael Kalin 4 months ago

    i'm unironically so glad my patreon money can be used for stuff like this

  • Nicolle
    Nicolle 4 months ago

    if you really care about color accuracy, you might want to look into renting a colorimeter or monitor calibrator. That way every single monitor u own could be color accurate/they'd all match. It's a lot cheaper than buying the tech yourself especially if you're not gonna be changing your monitors calibrations every few weeks

  • randfur
    randfur 4 months ago +1

    Much respect for the Angry Beavers.

  • Chiodo Sauro
    Chiodo Sauro 4 months ago +362

    > Cares for worker conditions
    > Cares for wages
    > Cares for sustainability
    > Ends up taking home a trunk's worth of random consumer electronics anyways
    Never change Wade

    • Schnort
      Schnort 4 months ago +46

      > Donates to help homeless youth

    • Dee
      Dee 4 months ago +13

      I haven’t seen a greentext comment on a new Clip-Share video for a long while now

    • Golem Crimson
      Golem Crimson 4 months ago +7

      Clip-Sharers in a nutshell.

    • Kaitlyn L
      Kaitlyn L 4 months ago +19

      TBH none of this seemed particularly disposable, except maybe the tablet which will probably have a video done on it.

  • pandacocoa
    pandacocoa 4 months ago +1

    Apple is really good at randomly bricking devices. My uncle's laptop was bootlooping because he tried to do a time machine backup, so I had to hook it up to another Mac to completely wipe it's drive and reinstall the os. The same thing happened with my grandpa's iphone, he was installing an update and it froze. After about 30 minutes of troubleshooting, I had to flash a new version of iOS onto the phone from my computer.

  • hiddendrifts
    hiddendrifts 4 months ago +3

    6:27 imagine this, but Right to Repair. A quick and easy fix in the comfort of your own home. even if it's not quick and easy, you at least know what the holdup is

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 months ago +1

    i hope apple sees this, the fact it broke so soon is disgusting

  • TheRealist
    TheRealist 4 months ago

    500k views in a day....
    About literally a display issue and him getting a new one.
    Dank u can literally do a video on anything and it will be hilarious and entertaining.
    keep up the great work mate.
    We love u bro!! 💚💚

  • Lax
    Lax 4 months ago

    DankPods needs Linus's divine intervention for his server problem. Either that or James can just cobble him one together. Angry Beavers was also a special part of my childhood so I can see why he would cherish that dvd set.