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What are you going to do in 2023? Tops 5 skills to get!

  • Published on May 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Get these skills in 2023! Or at least get started.
    Do you agree?
    // MENU //
    00:00 - Intro
    00:28 - Believe In Yourself
    01:52 - It's Not Too Late
    04:30 - Circle of Control
    06:04 - The 80/20 Rule
    07:30 - The 1% Rule
    08:17 - Deep Work
    09:42 - 5 Paths
    10:10 - Data Science / Machiine Learning / AI
    11:09 - Dev / Programming
    12:05 - Cyber Security
    12:22 - Cloud
    12:41 - Blockchain
    13:27 - Networking
    14:00 - Internet of Things
    14:30 - 5 Core Skills
    14:39 - Linux
    15:12 - Programming
    15:24 - Python / Golang / Rust
    15:50 - Networking
    16:25 - Cloud
    16:38 - Virtualization
    17:19 - Summary
    17:52 - Final Thoughts
    // BOOKS //
    - Deep Work by Cal Newport amzn.to/3Veeiwp
    - The 4-hour work week by Timothy Ferriss amzn.to/3FyT5ro
    - Atomic Habits by James Clear amzn.to/3YzEOmX
    - The 1% Rule by Tommy Baker amzn.to/3G2RxY0
    // Videos mentioned //
    - I challenged ChatGPT to Code and Hack (Are we doomed?): • I challenged Chat...
    - Dr Chuck: Computer Science isn’t programming: • Computer Science ...
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  • David Bombal
    David Bombal  4 months ago +664

    Get these skills in 2023! Or at least get started.
    Do you agree?
    // MENU //
    00:00 - Intro
    00:28 - Believe In Yourself
    01:52 - It's Not Too Late
    04:30 - Circle of Control
    06:04 - The 80/20 Rule
    07:30 - The 1% Rule
    08:17 - Deep Work
    09:42 - 5 Paths
    10:10 - Data Science / Machiine Learning / AI
    11:09 - Dev / Programming
    12:05 - Cyber Security
    12:22 - Cloud
    12:41 - Blockchain
    13:27 - Networking
    14:00 - Internet of Things
    14:30 - 5 Core Skills
    14:39 - Linux
    15:12 - Programming
    15:24 - Python / Golang / Rust
    15:50 - Networking
    16:25 - Cloud
    16:38 - Virtualization
    17:19 - Summary
    17:52 - Final Thoughts
    // BOOKS //
    - Deep Work by Cal Newport amzn.to/3Veeiwp
    - The 4-hour work week by Timothy Ferriss amzn.to/3FyT5ro
    - Atomic Habits by James Clear amzn.to/3YzEOmX
    - The 1% Rule by Tommy Baker amzn.to/3G2RxY0
    // Videos mentioned //
    - I challenged ChatGPT to Code and Hack (Are we doomed?): clip-share.net/video/Fw5ybNwwSbg/video.html
    - Dr Chuck: Computer Science isn’t programming: clip-share.net/video/z3o6yEzcnLc/video.html
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    • zZz
      zZz 4 months ago +1

      any courses you recommend relating to chatgpt?

    • trainwreck
      trainwreck 4 months ago +7

      Or, if you want your hands in EVERYTHING, DevSecOps. It's basically cloud, programming, clouds again, APIs, cybersecurity, automation, virtualization. You will future proof yourself if you are competent in DevSecOps.

    • Ndjalo Patrick
      Ndjalo Patrick 4 months ago +1

      thank you very much for the advice my I really like the way you explain things you are the best, but I ask you a small favor I just want to know how I can do in JavaScript a solution that can help me solve the quiz , so create something that can correctly answer the quiz posed in different quizzes; for example Kahoot, Quizziz,Gimkit etc...

    • David Bombal
      David Bombal  4 months ago +3

      @Mertcan KARABACAK I've put a lot on my website for download: davidbombal.com/motivation/

    • King Funny
      King Funny 4 months ago

      what's the best VMware
      What do you recommend I use?

  • Ian Gracias
    Ian Gracias 3 months ago +738

    I passed my A+ yesterday, at 55 years old, target is Cyber security , now studying Networking+, and in my free time i ve been studying Linux, and Python. Your video was very inspirational. Thank you.

    • Mark Carrico
      Mark Carrico 3 months ago +11

      Are you doing all of this with online courses, or are you having to go to college classes in person? Congrats, by the way!

    • Ian Gracias
      Ian Gracias 3 months ago +23

      @Mark Carrico Thanks, I'm studying with online courses and books.

    • Karmabet
      Karmabet 3 months ago +10

      @Ian Gracias I am excited to see that your effort is rewarded, my way forward would be like yours, could you tell me what platforms or resources you have used to achieve your goal.
      Thanks in advance.

    • KhoroshoIgra
      KhoroshoIgra 3 months ago +2

      Congrats sir!

    • Chris Odhiambo
      Chris Odhiambo 3 months ago +7

      I have started networking.The aim is to become a cybersecurity expert.

  • Thomas Henry
    Thomas Henry 15 days ago +42

    Great video, trading come with a lot of benefits And I have just bought my first house through it. As a beginner I was scared of loosing my savings but I’m glad I took the bold step that is now favoring me.

    • James Logan
      James Logan 15 days ago


    • James Logan
      James Logan 15 days ago

      I will love to be your friend dear as well as sharing some i dears which you're benefiting.

    • Thomas Henry
      Thomas Henry 15 days ago

      Okay but is not luck, is all about having good investment plans most of all trading with a trust worthy expert.
      Watching professional trading videos and most especially connecting with the right person the digital world is full of in unreal people I met some of them during my success journey. I felt same way when I started especially when you use demo account you might be winning but when you put in real money you start losing I understand and I pass through it all. I’m very happy I’m profitable now.

    • Laura
      Laura 15 days ago

      Hey how good are your earnings I will like to get some insights into trading thank you.

    • Thomas Henry
      Thomas Henry 15 days ago

      Currently i can attest to the fact that I
      make $18,300 weekly through trading
      which is more better then my monthly salary job. Trading becomes my passive

  • Ryan Osmond
    Ryan Osmond Month ago +533

    I wish i learnt most of these principles about seven years ago. A lot of people have been trapped strongly in the matrix-- Go to school, get a job, and then slave your whole life. Many miss out on life-changing information that could have great effect on their finances. I played with the stock market sometime in 2020, and I was surprised at how well it turned out. I want to put in $90k more into the market. I heard people are making really great returns despite the downturn. Any recommendations?

    • Jeffrey Hulkman
      Jeffrey Hulkman Month ago +2

      Stocks are pretty unstable at the moment, but if you do the right math, you should be just fine. Bloomberg and other finance media have been recording cases of folks gaining over 250k just in a matter of weeks/couple months, so I think there are a lot of wealth transfer in this downtime if you know where to look.

    • Marco Polo
      Marco Polo Month ago

      My wife and I were following this same trajectory. Last two years, I pulled out my money and invested with her wealth manager. Not catching up with her profits over the years, but at least I earn more. Haha.

    • Margaritas 🍸
      Margaritas 🍸  Month ago

      @Marco Polo For real, I've wanted to switch to a wealth manager. Please, could you recommend yours?

    • Marco Polo
      Marco Polo Month ago +6

      @Margaritas 🍸 The thing is that I really don't like making such recommendations. But there are many freelance wealth managers you could check out. I have been working with "Deborah Sue Bohn" for about four years now, and she's made decent returns. If she meets your discretion, then you could go ahead.

    • Ryan Osmond
      Ryan Osmond Month ago +1

      @Marco Polo I looked up your advisor's full name and she appears to be trustworthy and knowledgeable. She is a fiduciary who acts in any individual's best interests. So I left a message on her website, and I'm hoping she responds soon.

  • Shawn King
    Shawn King 8 days ago +2

    We love your videos David, please keep rocking it!!!

    • David Bombal
      David Bombal  8 days ago

      Thank you!

    • Shawn King
      Shawn King 8 days ago

      @David Bombal You are welcome David, we love how you interview experts in the various fields of interest, and you ask the questions that we are all trying to get the answers to. We appreciate all your hard work, awesome stuff!!!

  • Rami.009
    Rami.009 12 days ago +4

    I have no words to describe how I feel confident with the encouragement that you create. It's good to have you, Sir.😊

  • topdev_tech
    topdev_tech 4 months ago +14

    I was a construction worker/ fabricator a bit over two years ago. In 21 I learned full stack web development. This dudes on point you do not have to stay the same

    • Kae Anderson
      Kae Anderson Month ago +2

      Sorry to ask you this but how much do you earn now from the skill you learn ?..I'm just starting out and I'm thinking if I should continue or not

    • G
      G Month ago

      @Kae Anderson i need to know to

  • MJ MJ
    MJ MJ 4 months ago +225

    As an older individual, rekindling my love for computers and technology, I can’t thank David enough for this type of content and his wonderful channel.

    • Irish German
      Irish German 4 months ago +5

      I'm 45 and he helped drive me to grow my education. 2 months after I started educating myself, my coworkers were replaced by an app. I'm next and I have a great career.

    • Alan Analyst
      Alan Analyst  4 months ago +15

      You are old when your curiosity stops and you stop learning

    • Morgan Martin
      Morgan Martin 4 months ago +4

      I'm in there with you!!

    • Best Yav
      Best Yav 4 months ago +3

      Please I'd like to get some advice . I am an electrician , I'm 34 years old and i started educating myself on something whicth I've not finished yet .Now do you think is a good idea if I should be learning two things in parallel? Moreover I know nothing about programming like python,..would starting AI , Machine learning or data science be beneficial for me ? Your suggestions are very welcome and thanks in advance.

    • Todd Maek
      Todd Maek 4 months ago +1

      Same and agree

  • Medhanie
    Medhanie 3 months ago +37

    You are my motivation ! Because of you , i jumped from Security Officer to NOC technician . Thanks David !

  • Patrick O
    Patrick O 4 months ago +9

    I wish i could "like" this video times a million. A lot of the information presented by David in this video could apply to anyone, not just technology folks. Truly inspirational! I have been watching David's videos since 2016ish. He put out content freely to truly help anyone for free. He doesn't know it but he has helped me grow in my career 100 fold. Thanks David!!!

  • Alvin Quartey
    Alvin Quartey 2 months ago +4

    Great content. Really appreciate stirring me into the right path. Been racking up mind for two other skills to add up to being an upcoming cybersecurity professional. And I could say AI/ Machine Learning, blockchain and mastering my Linux could really be a game changer. Big ups for the inspiration as well

  • Catherine Binalla
    Catherine Binalla 7 days ago

    I absolutely agree ! Love your message so inspiring

  • Nv Duke
    Nv Duke 4 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video, it was truly amazing. I have been studying data science since last one year which included python, machine learning, AI and many visualization tools. It has really changed my perspective about my career focus. I was an engineer working into hardcore telecom field but the vastness and importance these skills have seems to have opened up a lot of options infront of me. Also being in my late 20s I feel like during my data science study sessions I was able to rekindle with the lost studying etiquettes that I had when I was in high school or college. Its not easy to sit and study again with full focus when you are grown up. Recently got a job as a data scientist and here on I wise to keep learning and mastering my machine learning skills while also developing AI skills to which m still a toddler right now. Thanks again for the video, you got a new sub!

  • Alan Philips
    Alan Philips 4 months ago +277

    This channel distinguishes itself from the common Clip-Share tech themes. The messages in this particular video on self reliance, time management, and efficient productivity, are crucial accompaniments to the tech topics discussed.
    I wish I had access to this sort of info sharing 30 years ago - and I hope I would have been wise enough to have listened.

    • David Bombal
      David Bombal  4 months ago +13

      Thank you Alan!

    • Praveen Dissanayake
      Praveen Dissanayake 4 months ago +6

      Me too. I'm 29 now and i wish I had this info 10 years ago.

    • Alan Philips
      Alan Philips 4 months ago +5

      @Praveen Dissanayake I know how you feel. That said, it’s great you’re absorbing this now.

    • Marvin Caballeros
      Marvin Caballeros 4 months ago +3

      @Praveen Dissanayake Same here! 31! but I just started to study CCNA and Cibersecurity

    • Alan Philips
      Alan Philips 4 months ago +2

      @Marvin Caballeros great idea!

  • Loofy101™
    Loofy101™ Month ago +3

    Thank you so much David! The only show I watch and advocate is Mr. Robot! After doing my annual rewatch because I love it so much I’ve recently started diving into learning about tech again. I don’t know what killed it for me but since I was 6 years old I was messing around with computers because my family members and relatives who were much older trickled all that stuff down into me. I can’t believe I gave up on it when I got to the middle of highschool. I’m 23 years old now and still fortunate to be young. I like how you’ve rekindled everyone’s passions for technology. There’s no better time to get started than now! Yeah if I kept up with these skills since a young age I’d be somewhat proficient, but doesn’t mean I can’t start again 23!

  • MrBitviper
    MrBitviper 4 months ago

    thank you for all the wonderful content David. can't thank you enough for all the insightful information you've provided over the years

  • Bayonle Arashi
    Bayonle Arashi 4 months ago +1

    I really love this video and I appreciate the effort you put in to share those important values that someone must pursue in 2023. I am very passionate about helping a lot of American teenagers and young adults with the importance of finding purpose early in life and you just gave me some of the topics to share on my podcast. I look forward to keeping learning from you.

  • Bilal Chaudhary
    Bilal Chaudhary 4 months ago +3

    This video is extremely informative and insightful! I appreciate the emphasis on developing soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving, in addition to technical skills. These skills will be crucial for success in the rapidly changing world of 2023 and beyond. It's also great to see the emphasis on learning and adaptability as key skills for future success. I will definitely be incorporating these skills into my own personal and professional development goals. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!

  • Grandson Phiri
    Grandson Phiri 10 days ago

    Damn! I stambled on this video at the right time I must say. Thank you sir. Just know that you are impacting people like me across the globe.

  • Abdurahim Shoyimov
    Abdurahim Shoyimov 4 months ago +77

    Thank you David for your unvaluable videos you are sharing for us. I have started my career in IT After Purchasing your CCNA course on Udemy. I have CCNA now and I almost finished learning Linux basics. I am going to learn cloud computing and Dockers in 2023. When I feel boring about learning always your videos give me inspiration. Thank you very much.

  • Chanda Mubanga
    Chanda Mubanga 4 months ago +8

    Thanks David, last year you introduced me to AWS, now I'm a Certified Solutions Architect, can't wait to learn a new skill this year.

    • Denise Fawcett
      Denise Fawcett 4 months ago +1

      Did you land any job with the AWS certificate?

    • Chanda Mubanga
      Chanda Mubanga 4 months ago

      @Denise Fawcett Yes, but if you're going the cloud engineering route full time I'd advise you also get Azure considering it's starting to grow and be more competitive with AWS than it was a few years ago. Also, I'd like to put in perspective that i live in Africa, so the competition here may be different from other parts of the world.

    • Denise Fawcett
      Denise Fawcett 4 months ago +1

      Thanks bro. Actually I’m just thinking of going Into tech this year so I’m literally looking out for a skill which I can juggle alongside with school.
      I’m 29and I just kinda feel like I’ve wasted my 20s, like I should’ve started this stuffs like 5 years ago so now I don’t really know which tech skill to acquire and that can guarantee me a future in the tech industry. Hope to hear from you. Shalom 🫡

    • Chanda Mubanga
      Chanda Mubanga 4 months ago

      @Denise Fawcett It's never too late bro, tech is very wide and dynamic, and people have different strengths which creates a lot of opportunity out there. Just find what interests you the most and go for it, it doesn't have to be limited to cloud, you can mix skills and just grow your value on the market as you'd like. Good luck

    • Denise Fawcett
      Denise Fawcett 4 months ago +1

      @Chanda Mubanga thanks bro. I’d work on that fr. 🫡

  • LuisF
    LuisF 4 months ago +6

    David, these are incredibly WISE words! How does a 53yo like myself even get started, or is it way too late? I started out very interested in web dev, although cyber security seems interesting, but way more difficult than learning html, css and javascript. Appreciate any advice... Thank you David, for the valuable free content you put out!👊🏽

    • The Pragmatic Engineer
      The Pragmatic Engineer 4 months ago +2

      Age is not a criteria until you have the passion to perform. Go ahead and get started. Age is just a number!!!

    • LuisF
      LuisF 4 months ago

      @The Pragmatic Engineer Ty!👊🏽

  • Angus Lou
    Angus Lou 3 months ago +137

    I started learning AI & data science and Python at 48, and now I am 54 and think I’m really good at it. This year I will focus on VR/ AR/ MR, different kinds of reality, and crossover with AI.

    • digital haze
      digital haze 3 months ago +4

      These are actually very hot topics!

    • Soon Soon
      Soon Soon 2 months ago +2

      مرحبا انا من سورية هل تستطيع تعليمي كيف اخترق شبكة wi fi أرجوك ساعدني انا لا أملك المال لشراء بطاقة شبكة

    • Hussi
      Hussi 2 months ago +2

      How much do you earn now?

    • EStreamGames
      EStreamGames 2 months ago +1

      Where do you study all of this ? What kind of classes

    • MyChannel
      MyChannel 2 months ago +1

      @Soon Soon It's illegal, you won't find anyone teaching you that online tbh ... Start by learning networking, then security principles and tools.

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 4 months ago

    Actually reading through Atomic habits currently, and it's such a solid book. Totally gives you a different perspective on how to view good/bad habits and how to go about making changes in your life

  • E'shine
    E'shine 11 days ago +2

    Thank you so much for this video. I am in my 50s and just learning how to code with a bootcamp. I doing full stack and it’s really overwhelming for me. But your video really encourages me. By the way I have first degree in Accounting from Africa and trying to change career. I don’t want to give up. I want to keep practicing even though it’s really difficult for me. Like you said I cannot learn all. It will take time and I know I will get there as long as I keep practicing. Thanks brother.

    • Bhavesh Patel
      Bhavesh Patel 5 days ago

      I resigned last week after 15 years in Accounting. SQL data analysis is my new job. Next learning will be Python and PowerBI

  • Jeff Vinter
    Jeff Vinter 4 months ago +18

    You are an awesome guy, truly motivating, thank you David! I’m in my 40, also CCIE for 10+ years and currently in the transformation to a Full Stack Developer. Learning is the key!

    • nikhil kumar
      nikhil kumar 3 months ago

      Hi Jeff best of luck, I am also having same years of experience learning Full Stack now a days. Can you please share which technologies you choose to become a full stack developer?

    • The Josh
      The Josh 3 months ago +1

      I’ve am a senior full stack dev. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    • Jeff Vinter
      Jeff Vinter 3 months ago

      @nikhil kumar I‘m doing a one year school with a company called Code Institute. It’s all remotely done and I can highly recommend them. Sure, content is out for free somewhere but I wanted to have a guided path. I’m half way through and I am happy so far. You can check the syllabus on their site.

    • nikhil kumar
      nikhil kumar 3 months ago

      @The Josh thanks for the reply. I am having experience in mobile technologies want to learn full stack can you please share which technologies should i learn?? I have basic knowledge of javascript.

    • nikhil kumar
      nikhil kumar 3 months ago

      @Jeff Vinter Thanks for your reply 😊

  • Samuel Dev
    Samuel Dev 4 months ago

    Gracias David!! Excelente video. Llevo 7 años en el área de Networking y Security soy CCNP. Desde 2022 vengo enfocado en Python y Linux.

  • The Boss
    The Boss 4 months ago +1

    Having just started learning python a few weeks ago this video has given me more strength & enlightenment to push on & be a better person.
    Thank you so much, you just got yourself a new subscriber

  • Asta Kristján
    Asta Kristján Month ago +498

    My greatest concern is how to recover from all these economic and global troubles and stay afloat especially with the political power tussle going on in the US.

    • Irena Dölinsek
      Irena Dölinsek Month ago +2

      As with any big financial decision, it’s important to keep your guard up for economic risks. However, smart planning, time management and seeking advice from a financial adviser can help keep you and your money safe.

    • Simon Badri
      Simon Badri Month ago +4

      @Irena Dölinsek I agree with you. I moved into stock with less than $100K, and now I'm about 17K short of half a million dollars. Credits to Kathleen Yanelli Carole. She's accurate.

    • Erin Mills
      Erin Mills Month ago +1

      @Simon Badri Fantastic! can u share more details?

    • Денис Лососенко
      Денис Лососенко Month ago

      Same here, in Russia

  • Hubert Nare
    Hubert Nare 4 months ago +1

    Super helpful content, well structured, plus the energy is so positive - I love it

  • victor melo
    victor melo Month ago

    David Bombal..Great job explaining a couple hard truths about our career in tech. Good to remind us a couple things that we need to focus on and the new trends. You are very inspirational..Good job!

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 4 months ago +41

    I just love the positive message you send David in addition to all the FREE tutorials and advice. You are a gem my friend Cheers!!! I agree with you AI is where the largest growth I see. I am excited about those tutorials you will be putting forth in that regard. In my free time outside of work and developing new Reverse Engineering tutorials, I am learning TensorFlow as well.

    • David Bombal
      David Bombal  4 months ago +5

      Thank you Kevin! Thanks for sharing what you're learning :)

    • Kevin Thomas
      Kevin Thomas 4 months ago +1

      @David Bombal pleasure David!

  • Pieter Rall
    Pieter Rall 4 months ago +2

    Thank you David for this video, I also agree with your 6 areas as an MCT with 33 years of experience. I myself will go back to basics in Coding as I want to Master AI and ML too... All the best for 2023 to you, family, and friends from me in South Africa. Loved your interviews with Dr. Chuck and Ivan as well, spot on. I myself would like to see people empowered with IT without money as a barrier to entry. In May I would have been and IT Lecturer and Trainer for 34 years, love the potential that IT gives us as Humanity.

  • hermon810
    hermon810 4 months ago

    Thanks David for the useful advice! That's very true. It would be even nicer if you could introduce key references for each topic.

  • Architect Gilbert Perez

    Wish you, everyone, the best in 2023. It is always rewarding to learn something new on any field of knowlege or profession. Thanks David for sharing valuable information.

  • Farm of Millions
    Farm of Millions 4 months ago

    I found the content very useful, informative and well-researched, and it provides a good starting point for anyone who's looking to improve their skills in the future. The video is a great way to start thinking about your own professional development for the coming year and to take action on it.

  • Thu Rein Zaw
    Thu Rein Zaw Month ago

    Thank you David, this video is really inspiring to me. I have been wasting my time and stopped learning in my job over the past 3 years and Now , I suddenly realize that I have a future and need to learn something new everyday and improve myself. I promised myself that I will keep learning and improving to get some achievements in my career.

  • Jazon Samillano
    Jazon Samillano 4 months ago +22

    This video inspired me to keep improving a little everyday. Thank you, Sir!

  • Gabriel Makoi
    Gabriel Makoi 4 months ago

    Watching this video already feels like I have learned a skill or two, and yes I'm going to learn some of those skills this year. I must learn them!
    Thank you

  • raybel Balls
    raybel Balls Month ago

    Thanks David! This video really inspired me. I actually wanted to ask if web development will stay in the upcoming years, because I'm currently learning web development, I finished the basics of HTML and I'm now in CSS.

    • Ajmal Rafeek
      Ajmal Rafeek Month ago

      I will complete my degree in 1 week so I don't have any idea for my future,i really sick , web development is a futuristic scope or not

  • esa val
    esa val 2 months ago +5

    Started my career switch to tech 2 years ago and I am still building skills .Time management is the key because learning resources are available in abundance on Clip-Share and other online platforms. Thanks for the motivation

  • Nitul
    Nitul 4 months ago

    Thanks David for posting such an informative video. This gives a fresh perspective to plan out our learning path for the year.

  • Ray
    Ray 4 months ago

    Very inspiring. David, I appreciate your work and in the short amount of time that I have discovered your channel you have already changed little aspects of my life for the better. Thanks and keep up the great work you do.

  • Dan’s Lit Adventure
    Dan’s Lit Adventure 4 months ago +3

    I’m very interested in taking the year and studying the implementation of cloud computing with AI and Machine Learning. I’m fortunate enough to be able to use cloud technologies in my day-to-day and am looking into maybe specializing in cloud.
    Thanks for all of the content, David!

  • B2P Official - Motivational Video

    This is probably your most valuable video and has caused some of the best minutes I have spent on Clip-Share.

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake 14 days ago +1

    Love this, most brillant youtuber, inspiring. Always hitting the spot for me as I'm rerouting from not much in 50 years and trying to spin it all around.

  • Abigail Indica
    Abigail Indica 4 months ago

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