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  • Published on Dec 8, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • You asked for a Mine Cart so you got one.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +7364

    OH it just gets better, Railway Line, built in games, and a loverly seat which i'm installing the hydraulic press in to. Thanks for enjoying this series, subscribe buy merch get the freetrade app or do nothing but smile its up to you but see you in the next update.

    • willremove locker
      willremove locker 5 days ago

      could you refrens the tunnel and buncker as a basement

    • Mr Robidee
      Mr Robidee 4 months ago


    • Gaz S
      Gaz S 5 months ago

      @Money Billa / DJ Murdaa jewelry? What the f*ck are you talking about. This is adding floor space to a house, so it would add value... However it's adding it in a bizarre way so I'm curious. Would you pay extra for a house with a bunker and tunnels, I would lol

    • Money Billa / DJ Murdaa
      Money Billa / DJ Murdaa 5 months ago

      @Gaz S lmfaoo no this shit devalues the fuck out of a house you think making a custom jewelry piece adds value? you think adding diamonds to a rolex increases the value? no they dont nobody wants that shit reason custom jewelry pieces end up melted down

    • Money Billa / DJ Murdaa
      Money Billa / DJ Murdaa 5 months ago

      @trims and things lmfaoo theyd die if radiation contamination dude has no air filtration system nor even a completely sealed bunker dude even said himself it has a draft to it if u open and close and the cabinet door

  • I did a thing
    I did a thing Year ago +11665

    SECRET TUNNEL!.....that 20 million people know about

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 11 months ago +1043

    Imagine being a kid and moving into this house and discovering the tunnel. It would blow their minds.

    • William Krause
      William Krause 2 months ago

      @Chris Jensen if they didn't know about it from buying the property.

    • Marc mcghee
      Marc mcghee 7 months ago

      @Chris Jensen haha i would just go down if i was a bad day or wanted peice

    • Laughing Achilles
      Laughing Achilles 10 months ago

      Imagine being Colin's kids! They are going to have a great time in that thing and with him as their dad you know they will have serious engineering skills when they grow up.

    • Isaac edmondson
      Isaac edmondson 10 months ago

      @Bob Saget oh ok

    • Marksman
      Marksman 10 months ago

      @Bob Saget what about this one

  • miles?
    miles? 8 months ago +128

    the amount of engineering is insane, he makes it seem so simple to just have a secret tunnel but its a lot of technical physics shit, super cool

    • Chatty _
      Chatty _ 5 months ago +3

      Not a lot of physics, you just gotta know some fundamental physics lol.

  • Maureen Sonja Pettersen

    if there was ever a project that deserved a like
    well here you are
    keep on digging

  • Mohamed Elzubeir
    Mohamed Elzubeir 11 months ago +51

    I love DIY videos on youtube and by far this is the maddest and most ambitious house project I have ever came across! Keep up the good work, looking very good so far

  • Scalar
    Scalar 9 months ago +4

    imagine telling new buyers the square footage of your property without them knowing about the tunnel or bunker. They'd be mightily confused

  • :v
    :v 8 months ago +5

    Love how positive and energetic this man is

  • Donkey
    Donkey 8 months ago +6

    This series is basically Colin making life harder 😂😂😂

  • Golds Concrete
    Golds Concrete 11 months ago +6

    We definitely need to add a minecart track to our next basement digout !

  • Ryan Grant
    Ryan Grant Year ago +8750

    While everyone was panic buying bog roll, Colin was panic buying tea

    • HadronGames863
      HadronGames863 10 months ago

      Tea is more important

    • HadronGames863
      HadronGames863 10 months ago

      @Kelvin Sampsonite tp bog=toilet roll=roll

    • DDD
      DDD 11 months ago

      Bog roll... A man of pure class

    • Golden Eagle
      Golden Eagle 11 months ago

      @Mark Barclay A TOILET ROLL

    • Golden Eagle
      Golden Eagle 11 months ago

      @Mark Barclay it’s a toilet roll for gosh sake.

  • raredavid98
    raredavid98 11 months ago +15

    This is amazing. I've been a long time subscriber and its always amazing to see your projects where you have absolutely no plan and a project like this that requires such important planning. You clearly are a jack of all trades. Great work!

  • RogerDodger
    RogerDodger 8 months ago +1

    This whole series has been amazing to watch. love em Colin , keep em coming

  • Michael Rousseau
    Michael Rousseau 11 months ago +10

    I love this series …. I’m still amazed he’s build a secret not so secret tunnel lol .. keep up the mind blowing work Colin . You need to make a secret storage in one of the wall that if it’s found the legend of Zelda secret found sounds plays

  • Rayukinaru Studio
    Rayukinaru Studio 11 months ago +3

    Your ideas are always crazy, but always loving it, and loving that energy. You wouldn't be ColinFurze without a little craziness, and creativity. Awesome video as always!

  • John Abbott
    John Abbott Year ago +488

    I just realized that I'm regularly tuning into a guy who's building a mine shaft.
    Well done, sir.
    Well done.

    • Richard Hawkins
      Richard Hawkins 8 months ago

      Kohl’s has been trying to get the work

    • spidertyler 2005
      spidertyler 2005 Year ago +3

      If you like mineshaft digging like this, cody's lab had a series on making one forever ago.

  • Chiaro Scuro
    Chiaro Scuro 11 months ago +9

    When you were adding that one tube, I thought it would be cool to have pneumatic tube system for communications throughout the tunnel and to house - like the ones they had in old time department stores..

  • misaki
    misaki 2 days ago

    is he actually trying to hide it from the neighbors because he posts it on Clip-Share so that doesn't work very well. I can understand if he's just not trying to be noisy to the neighbors is that the case?

  • H T
    H T 11 months ago +6

    I've just discovered these videos, between Christmas and the new year, and am now binge watching them.
    2 words - 'fascinating ' and 'bonkers'. 😁

  • Harold Sink
    Harold Sink 10 months ago +5

    At this rate I guess I will be looking forward to part 7, 8, and 9 before this is completed. You should install some of those mining lights that light up the tunnels. I think digging down from the pantry would help in getting to your goal without being askew from it the other direction.

  • bdbgh
    bdbgh Year ago +2179

    Honestly I'm not sure why, but watching you digging a tunnel is really fun. Enjoying this series Colin, keep it up 👍

    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin 11 months ago

      Got stolen by a bot rip

    • GoneOffMilk
      GoneOffMilk 11 months ago

      @Joe Smith I counted 8 lmao they have added more

    • GoneOffMilk
      GoneOffMilk 11 months ago

      @Dominic milkman I counted 8 lmao

    • Onn Gangg
      Onn Gangg Year ago

      Spider-Man No Way Home Final Trailer clip-share.net/video/OdQHnaaP3lw/video.html

    • David Roddini
      David Roddini Year ago

      Isn’t digging a tunnel boring?

  • Nicholas Biddle
    Nicholas Biddle 11 months ago +3

    You need to start digging from the pantry now, and then you just have meet up the two underground, that way if they aren't perfectly angled it won't matter because you can just dig it out and fix the angle with steel and concrete

  • Grant
    Grant 11 months ago +3

    When is Part 7 coming, Colin? Can't wait!

  • Peter rockwater
    Peter rockwater 9 months ago +3

    I'm loving everything about this tunnel!

  • Daphne Raven
    Daphne Raven 11 months ago +4

    Oh dear. I’ve made a huge mistake. I started watching the series before the last episode in a project is made! Now I have to live with anticipating the next one until it’s done and released. Sigh.
    I just love this project. Are we even likely to see something like this done again anytime soon? I think not.

  • Zero Divided
    Zero Divided Year ago +622

    Imagine the lucky people that discover this project when it's finished and can binge the entire thing. Sickest playlist on the tube :)

    • Brightax
      Brightax 11 months ago

      I watched the 1,2 and 3rd one and forgot about it

    • Menno Huisman
      Menno Huisman Year ago +2

      Well well well, you guys then have to watch mastermilo. He is litteraly reconstructing a tank....

    • TheFoxEssence
      TheFoxEssence Year ago

      Lucky them. Ignorance is bliss.

    • Serpent77
      Serpent77 Year ago +2

      More importantly, imagine the people who eventually buy this house when colin decides to move on, and discover the tunnel and bunker!

    • Jonathan D
      Jonathan D Year ago

      I’m jealous of them

  • N3TW0RK23
    N3TW0RK23 11 months ago +3

    Your builder buddy is a saint! love watching these videos!

  • nickflamingdude2
    nickflamingdude2 11 months ago +5

    Been on Clip-Share for like 10 years and this is easily my favorite series ever made.

  • Sausagezzz Zz
    Sausagezzz Zz 11 months ago +5

    Seeing Colin so excited about rocks breaking is so wholesome

  • L R
    L R 11 months ago +4

    Wow, this is the first video I’ve seen from Colin in years. It’s crazy to see how far he’s come. I can still remember finding his channel almost a decade a ago, the most recent videos were something like ‘homemade flame thrower’ followed by ‘peeling my burns’. I knew then he was gonna do great things😂

  • kher33
    kher33 Year ago +196

    This is the kind of thing that puts your house on the historic building registry. I hope my grandchildren get to visit the Coling Furze House in 100 years to see all the cool stuff you've made.

  • s cromly
    s cromly 11 months ago +14

    Definitely the BEST thing on Clip-Share. It's so awesome watching the progress continue to grow and grow and it's especially awesome seeing how much you just keep pushing forward. It's truly an inspiration man, keep it up!

  • 20bluebug
    20bluebug 11 months ago +2

    What an amazing undertaking! I really like the use of the square tubes to map out your course. Very ingenious!

  • jon gardner
    jon gardner 11 months ago +1

    I found your channel like 10 years ago. Many channels would have died by now but you're still going strong. Congrats!

  • DTB Radio
    DTB Radio 10 months ago +2

    I've just binge-watched the tunnel videos. I finally know what it takes to get Colin to take off his tie!

  • Farming Information
    Farming Information Year ago +810

    Viewers: “Colin, when is your next tunnel video?”
    Colin: *literally has no spare time or holidays, just digging a hole under his house*

    • SME Pictures
      SME Pictures Year ago +3

      @Micael alves then his minecart could be coal fired

    • Clouds
      Clouds Year ago +11

      @Lisfa Ensa 📽️ i know this is a bot but three phrase wet donut churros shrex concerns me

    • MonkeyJedi99
      MonkeyJedi99 Year ago +7

      He has to dig the tunnel before the hyenas come.

    • Ja Son2
      Ja Son2 Year ago +3

      Furze Sharpies? ? ?

    • Levi Barta
      Levi Barta Year ago +3


  • Simon
    Simon 11 months ago +2

    Best YT channel out there. Still astounded by the skill and knowledge going into the tunnel. KEEP IT UP!

  • Jose Luis Pinar
    Jose Luis Pinar 9 months ago +2

    Imagine being a kid and moving into this house and discovering the tunnel. It would blow their minds.

  • Daniel Beard
    Daniel Beard 11 months ago +2

    Hi, does anyone know when part 7 will be available? Watched all videos regarding this project and I'm very interested to see how it ends

  • Adam Stanton
    Adam Stanton 11 months ago +3

    Haha!! Every time I watch any of your videos Colin, you bring me to tears for your wild, hilarious nature. Your genuine character, uncanny ingenuity and love for life never ceases to amaze me and brings me constant inspiration. Cheers and Happy Christmas mate!

  • Peter Robins
    Peter Robins Year ago +430

    In roughly 200 years from now, your house will be on The National Heritage List for England & have a cool old fashioned brass plaque out the front...keep up the great work

    • Manis Manis
      Manis Manis Year ago

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    • FuriosHobbitGaming
      FuriosHobbitGaming Year ago +7

      Exactly, Colin furze is a treasure and so is his house

  • The Barret
    The Barret 9 months ago +1

    I really enjoyed this serie, i hope more of this stuff will be done :D

  • Phillip Harris
    Phillip Harris 10 months ago +2

    Dude! This has been probably the most awesome video I’ve seen ever. Great job man! I’m impressed to say the least. Just amazing work. I love it!👍🏻👍🏻😃😎

  • SpitFyre
    SpitFyre 11 months ago +4

    I’ve been here since you started the project and you have made so much progress, happy new year!

  • D L
    D L 11 months ago +1

    This is fantastic! It's a pleasant blend of A Clockwork Orange meets The Curse of Oak Island; except there's actually a treasure found in every episode.

  • Danbo42
    Danbo42 Year ago +607

    I can just imagine Colin waking up and saying: "Alright, back to the mine".

  • James Richardson
    James Richardson 11 months ago +3

    Few rolled genuinely qualify as ‘mad genius’ but Colin most certainly does.

  • App Edit | Backup Channel
    App Edit | Backup Channel 11 months ago +31

    The dedication is insane. Very respectable. Thank you for doing this

  • Ryan Wachstetter
    Ryan Wachstetter 11 months ago +2

    When's part 7 coming? I'm addicted to watching this project.

  • mark jones
    mark jones 11 months ago +4

    As a ex coal miner of17yrs I love this!I,v always wanted to do it!But I’m afraid your house is Gonne fall down/blow up!(I really hope not!🥴)But I really really admire your dedication,engineering skills!You are a inspiration mate!😊👍

  • Aceland7
    Aceland7 Year ago +321

    I can see his house becoming a museum one day filled with all his inventions.

    • Hòmè Ďeçoŕè
      Hòmè Ďeçoŕè Year ago

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    • Peterick
      Peterick Year ago


    • Cheater9121
      Cheater9121 Year ago

      @zeromega ?

    • Johann smith
      Johann smith Year ago +19

      some super fan in the future will buy the place for like 10 million off his kids and then devote an instagram account to the house lol

  • Chavka24
    Chavka24 11 months ago +1

    This digging series of videos are several levels above anything i have seen on youtube. Also, considering the steel prices nowadays, this project is expensive as hell!

  • MC MIC
    MC MIC 10 months ago +10

    oh man I can't wait for part 7 0.0 I am here everyday hoping that it's finally there

  • Dávid Palkó
    Dávid Palkó 11 months ago +1

    Hey Colin, have you thought about making a secret elevator for one of the tunnel entering?

  • Bryce Sanders
    Bryce Sanders 10 months ago +2

    This is why Colin Furze is one of the greatest content creators of all time.

  • James Trigg
    James Trigg Year ago +298

    This has to be the most un-secret secret tunnel in secret tunnel history 😂

    • dean king
      dean king Year ago +2

      @Better & Better ?

    • Oskar Claesson
      Oskar Claesson Year ago

      @Better & Better sam pilgrim thing? Can't believe that would happen.

    • Better & Better
      Better & Better Year ago

      I wonder if the dude from the bike park in Colchester is going to complain about this tunnel to Colin's local council and maybe write a strongly worded letter to his MP about it

    • Richard Bigue
      Richard Bigue Year ago +4

      Shhh, don't tell anyone.

  • Radmax08
    Radmax08 2 months ago

    Colin is genuinely the only Clip-Shared that actually makes me smile. Keep it up! 👍

  • Brandon
    Brandon 9 months ago

    I honestly think this maybe a 20 part series and if that is the case I am all for it! Keep up the great work Colin!

  • James Charteris
    James Charteris 8 months ago

    This man is living my dreams, the minecart was the icing on the cake!🤣👍🏻

  • Jimmy Lyons
    Jimmy Lyons 11 months ago

    The amount of good or evil he could do with his knowledge and skills is insane and kinda scary if you think about it

  • Cpt Cap
    Cpt Cap Year ago +354

    The amount of time and hard work that has been put into this with all the planing, digging, building and making an entertaining video about it is on a whole other level.

    • DarkKnightBusa
      DarkKnightBusa Year ago +1

      @sup He probably can’t. He’s probably under contract like the bunker build and can’t disclose numbers.

    • William Brennan
      William Brennan Year ago +1

      This is playing hard. Nap time should be wicked.

    • - Dreamwalker -
      - Dreamwalker - Year ago +2


    • Busters Garage
      Busters Garage Year ago +4

      Literally on another level!! :D And yes, I've seen a team of builders get a slab a foot off center and the only thing they had to work around was tea breaks! Colins working around supply issues, neighbours and underground!

    • Awesome Angus
      Awesome Angus Year ago +6

      and well done collin, people watch these 15 mins but the amount of effort and back breaking work you put in for our entertainment is the best thank you❤️❤️❤️

  • jfl4066
    jfl4066 9 months ago

    Hey Colin, it would be great to know what this adventure costs when done!

  • runtyrobot
    runtyrobot 10 months ago

    Already looking forward to the expanded series "Secret tunnel from my bunker to my nans summerhome in Spain"!

  • Real Wizardry
    Real Wizardry 5 months ago

    This is awesome! I’m just a bit curious… where do you take all the rubble after it comes out?

  • Angus Sutherland
    Angus Sutherland 11 months ago +1

    This is awesome I wish I was doing the same
    Your an inspiration and I love your work I also love making stuff in my workshop I’m just a teen but I have made some great things that I think you would like I would also like to make a fast mobility scooter for fun have you any tips
    Have a great new year WELL DONE

  • Aki Laukkanen
    Aki Laukkanen Year ago +764

    Having an entire cupboard full of tea is probably the most British flex ever.

    • Gustav L Rosdahl
      Gustav L Rosdahl Year ago

      In brittain that's an month ration

    • I like turtles
      I like turtles Year ago +1

      @Eva Gooding I'm from Denmark greetings. (:

    • Ian Pearson
      Ian Pearson Year ago +2

      @PixelMaster Those are actually empty tea boxes from past drinking sessions........tea drinkers are a race apart and hoard any box to fill with their junk.

    • PixelMaster
      PixelMaster Year ago +9

      Spiffing Brit would approve of the choice of tea as well ^^

  • cpt white beard
    cpt white beard 11 months ago

    I really enjoyed the re-use of old pallet, so many of those things fill up junkyards when they Are made of great planks!

  • Justin
    Justin 11 months ago

    Oh man, I hope you keep the rail and cart system. That would be an excellent mode of transportation between stops

  • Callum Horton
    Callum Horton 10 months ago +2

    Colin! How long till the next video!! I can't wait to see your progress 😉 loving this project

  • Basic Math
    Basic Math 9 months ago

    I respect your commitment and determination in doing your secret tunnel 💪👏

  • Christopher Steves
    Christopher Steves Year ago +691

    In all the negativity in the world, I swear on all that is right, Colin’s ability to laugh in a frustrating situation is seriously an inspiration to me. Please keep on doing what you’re doing, Colin! And thank you for sharing your awesome projects with us!

  • lilsas
    lilsas 9 months ago +1

    For those wondering where Colin is… I know he said we wouldn’t have to wait long and that he would post soon but… don’t expect a video any time soon is all I can say

  • Zoe Waight
    Zoe Waight 10 months ago

    This guy is brilliant wish I had the resources too build something like this would be so much fun

  • MMKnight
    MMKnight 9 months ago +1

    The best yt series I've ever seen =). This will look awesome soon.

  • Stuart B
    Stuart B 8 months ago

    I hope you’re going to make more tunnels with a permanent, powered mine cart track you can round around just for fun, like the scooby coaster / ghost train.

  • sumseq
    sumseq Year ago +335

    Judging from the millions of views this series gets, this tunnel is probably the most known secret tunnel in the world

    • Default Name
      Default Name Year ago +1

      Shhhhhh but don't tell anybody else okay

      EDFHLFLFF Year ago +1

      jfk: 👀

    • bertjesklotepino
      bertjesklotepino Year ago +1

      @iamthinking2252 _ Lol, exactly what i was thinking as well.
      Even the CNN could find him and interview him prior to his major attack. This while the CIA and the FBI were not able to find him.
      And people still believe it, up to this day.

    • The Barbeque Authority
      The Barbeque Authority Year ago +2


    • iamthinking2252 _
      iamthinking2252 _ Year ago +1

      Except for Bin Laden hiding place (jk)

  • Eddie
    Eddie 11 months ago

    You are the definition of work smarter, not harder! Love your brilliance

  • James TDG
    James TDG 11 months ago

    My buddy just sent me a link to this and I have to say, after binging all of this series, I have to say, it would be neat to emulate what you are doing there... (But ofc, that will be pretty expensive, lol. Make sure you list the approximate cost to build your hole!)

  • Terminus
    Terminus 2 months ago

    The extra space in the walls of the tunnel would be excellent for shelves and display cases that you can display cool things in

  • Lamedavid
    Lamedavid 11 months ago +2

    Every time he does a project like this, I just imagine his property value skyrocketing

    • CT 3579
      CT 3579 8 months ago +2

      Furry detected, opinion rejected.

  • Ulrich Kälber
    Ulrich Kälber Year ago +495

    imagine a tunnel that formes a closed loop, with a rail track going all around.
    you could have your own private subway.

    • Florent Vdg
      Florent Vdg Year ago +1

      better : your own particle accelerator to have atome scale fireworks !

    • Danny Clayton
      Danny Clayton Year ago

      "Hello Clip-Share, so, quick update, I've bought out all of my neighbours so that I can install a private train system and mechanise the entire neighbourhood!" ~ Colin, maybe.

    • Adan Gonzalez
      Adan Gonzalez Year ago

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    • Brianne M.
      Brianne M. Year ago

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    • Hannes Zietsman
      Hannes Zietsman Year ago

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    Wolf NZ Outdoors 6 months ago

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  • Vigilant Observer
    Vigilant Observer 11 months ago +2

    You are a fascinating man! I'm so impressed with your videos. So, the city government hasn't given you any grief about building the tunnel? They make concrete vibrators, which you should be using. At least the concrete is pretty loose. The expense of all that steel and concrete must be enormous.

    • Pleb James
      Pleb James 8 months ago

      he seems to have got a concrete vibrator (oo er) by the next video

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    Maureen Cooper 10 months ago

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    Dominick Felix Year ago +401

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    Colin: "Here is a perfectly normal British suburban home, oh ya did I tell you that it comes with a secret underground bunker!"

    • ShallNot Go
      ShallNot Go Year ago

      I think it would be fun to not tell anyone.. they would find it eventually and it would be an awesome surprise, especially if you left a tv down in bunker that would turn on and play a message when they entered the room.

    • Matty.Hill_Drifts
      Matty.Hill_Drifts Year ago +1

      Someone is going to buy this house in the future and know nothing about it and just stumble in it one day 😂

    • oljobo
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    greenaum 11 months ago

    You think some sort of automatic spade might help? For loading the rubble into buckets? Something with like an L shape, a frame going down to the ground from your chest or belly, then a spade's blade sticking out across. Then the spade blade can be lifted and lowered with hydraulics or maybe a screw. The idea would be a lot like the lift part of a forklift, but instead of the fork, a spade. Idea would be to load the buckets or a barrow up with less effort, cos surely that'd take so much of the physical work out of it.
    If not that, then maybe some sort of sling thing hung on the winch? Where you'd just be pushing and tipping rubble into it rather than having to lift the rubble into it using muscle power.
    If not that, then a miniature-scale TBM with rotating grinders on the cutting face and a pilot's cabin, that runs on a railway that it lays as it goes. Contains 160KW of diesel generators, accomodations and a cabin for tea breaks. In fact 1 per floor. Laser alignement means you can keep it going to France and pop up in somebody's holiday home when they're not using it. If you don't like France, there's Florida.

  • Leif T
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  • Theophilus Jedediah
    Theophilus Jedediah 10 months ago

    The amazing thing is not actually the tunnel but that you somehow convinced local planning commission to approve it! I started a tunnel on our farm from the house to the barn…as it turns out, we have multiple artesian springs under pressure throughout the property and I now have a large underground area from which 2 - 2.5hp submersible pumps pump out upwards of 80,000 gallons of clear spring water DAILY! On the down side it slowed my project to have to figure out what to do with all the water. One the plus side we now have an irrigation system that feeds 10 acres irrigation, a stream, a pond, a garden and a hot tub that is in the works. There no seeming end to the flow of water from these springs!

  • Jesse Holloway
    Jesse Holloway 10 months ago

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    Clickers 10 months ago

    Not even sure if its a thing, but finding out the age of the stone/earth around you that you are digging away would be interesting to know! Madness!

  • Ben Beeston
    Ben Beeston 10 months ago

    @colinfurze I have to ask you because it's been bugging me. How do you preserve all this steel from going rusty? Do you treat the steel and the welds with something?

  • Derek the half a bee
    Derek the half a bee Year ago +379

    Realtor: "And if you look in the pantry you will see a hatch which leads directly to the Furze Mine."
    Buyer: "Oh? What were they mining for?"
    Realtor: "Likes."

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  • Dan Wilson
    Dan Wilson Year ago +87

    I'm hoping that instead of another hatch & ladder, the entire pantry gets turned into a secret elevator that lowers down into the tunnel.

    • Christopher deRaadt
      Christopher deRaadt Year ago

      That would be expensive but sickkkkk

    • scankhunt 420
      scankhunt 420 Year ago +1

      @Zerum Sum i think that was just for the hydraulic shovel. im sure its wont be a ladder he puts in. cant wait

    • Zerum Sum
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      @scankhunt 420 I mean, he's been adding hydraulic lines right?

    • scankhunt 420
      scankhunt 420 Year ago +1

      elevator the way to go. just like a car lift with threaded rods each corner of a standing plate. please make it so colin