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Sigma Males Are Back

  • Published on Jun 6, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest sigma list of All Time
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  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 9 months ago +23076

    The most important aspect of being a sigma male is to follow women home at night, to make sure they get home safe. They really appreciate it and will walk faster, or even run, to make sure you dont waste too much time

      🎀BRATZ_SLEEPY_P1LLZ🎀 3 days ago

      Make sure to stumble around their house for a while to make sure they are in their house and asleep! I know that it works all the time.

    • Akhand Tripathi PYZ
      Akhand Tripathi PYZ 15 days ago

      😂 wow Never knew that

    • Allsortofstuff
      Allsortofstuff 16 days ago

      usually when i do this I make sure she knows she's being looked after

    • CrimsonIV
      CrimsonIV 25 days ago

      i tried this on my neighbour

    • no one you know
      no one you know Month ago

      The biggest sign that they’re super turned on, is if they call 911 and say there’s a creepy man following me.

  • Dennis Maestas
    Dennis Maestas 9 months ago +6933

    It’s incredible how they all treat “getting women” as if it’s this mathematical equation and can be executed flawlessly every time and requires massive amounts of overthinking

    • Juan Solo
      Juan Solo 26 days ago

      It kinda is this complicated... women are like puzzle boxes... but they're all extremely different there's no universal formula. Trust me. I've had four wives, and one of them murdered a baby (not even joking). It's like a dice roll or playing the lottery. You never know what you're gonna get this time.

    • Dinner-Fork Tongue
      Dinner-Fork Tongue Month ago

      @Jordan Chen
      Oof. This right here. ☝️

  • JumpinJ
    JumpinJ 9 months ago +2607

    I'm an Epsilon male, where we:
    • Always change underwear after a long day at work
    • Compliment every dog we see, regardless of breed
    • Only use 24-hour time

  • Chew_1993
    Chew_1993 8 months ago +2898

    As a woman, if a man touches me without my consent, I always ask if he’s a sigma male before determining whether I press charges.

    • SteelBallsOfCopper
      SteelBallsOfCopper 2 days ago

      I bet this happens a lot.

    • Paul Jabber
      Paul Jabber 7 days ago

      @Wild Bnuuy The real world doesn't operate like that though. "I have had a life where people need consent to be in my personal bubble of space" is exactly the type of thing an entitled authoritarian narcissist would say.

    • FiveOne
      FiveOne 12 days ago


    • Slayer4501
      Slayer4501 Month ago

      HAHA good on you mate

  • Dissociated Women Incorporated
    Dissociated Women Incorporated 9 months ago +3290

    As a Gamma-Epsilon female, I’m _always_ grateful when a brief dalliance ends with my partner respectfully parting from me to continue their fight against crime 💖

    • Gauresh Nagalgave
      Gauresh Nagalgave 13 days ago

      Is the monocle a necessary accessory for this situation to be pleasant

    • Dissociated Women Incorporated
      Dissociated Women Incorporated Month ago +1

      @Guacre ™ lol buddy, the fact that you think an _Omega Zeta Epsilon_ mess is even comparable to, let alone better than this hotness right here says a lot more about _you_ than it does me. “Sigma Phi”, are you sure you’re not a much more common _Tau_ Phi? You’re giving off _real_ Tau Phi energy here buddy.

    • Guacre ™
      Guacre ™ Month ago

      As a sigma phi male, I only respect omega zeta epsilon females. Being only an epsilon is not enough, especially being gamma. Ugh.

    • Lemony Water
      Lemony Water 3 months ago

      @SWA u neither

  • Purrecious Tabby
    Purrecious Tabby 9 months ago +807

    When I was a literal 12 year old little girl, before incels were a meme I ended up on one of their websites & took a sigma male test, I was like fuuck this is just like me
    Turns out it was autism spectrum disorder

    • Paul Jabber
      Paul Jabber 7 days ago +1

      @ava By "relate to the autism spectrum", you mean doesn't obsess over social situations like most people do.

    • Liam Burgess
      Liam Burgess 10 days ago

      @Thea B I think they are saying that they are autistic
      Edit: they meaning purrecious tabby (the person who wrote the thread)

    • Everything is Satire
      Everything is Satire 20 days ago +2

      @Thea B She is saying that some of the things sigma males do are the same as some things an autistic person would do.

    • Luminisant
      Luminisant Month ago

      @ava excuse me that's offensive!

  • Aleksi
    Aleksi 9 months ago +7699

    Sigma male schedule
    2:00 am- Wake up
    2.05am-Cold shower
    2.15am-breakfast,almonds, breast milk bought off Facebook, 50mg adderall
    2:30am- begin workout,incline bench 2 plates,12x12 with 30 seconds of rest, no warmup.
    2:45am-edging,4hrs (for disipline)
    6:45am-cold shower
    7:00am-begin sprint to work
    8:00am-arrive at work
    8:05am-get called into boss' office
    8:06am-get fired from job for "repeated inappropriate comments" and "predatory behaviour"
    8:10am-sprint back home
    9:10am- lunch-raw cod, berries foraged on the way home, small pebbles (for digestion),50mg of adderal
    9:10am-edging(as punishment)
    3:00pm- bed time

    • BorisLozac
      BorisLozac 16 days ago

      haven't laughed like this by myself for a very long time loool

    • Daniel
      Daniel Month ago +1

      @Business Bridges your comment made me lose my shit

    • shitmandood
      shitmandood Month ago

      😂 Edging. I didn’t know what this term meant until recently. In the book The Way of the Superior Man actually suggests such a thing near the books end and I thought it was weird.

    • Tucker Smith
      Tucker Smith 2 months ago

      this is the greatest comment ive ever read

    • Cities To Ash
      Cities To Ash 2 months ago

      @David Cardinal Im not taking anything personally. ADHD compared to the multitude of variables that come into play with convicts is so mild. This guy worded it like it’s a key contributor. When it breaks 50% at most

  • Sarmed Dilshad, Disciple of The Lorentz

    The "hands on her hips" advice 100% works, I tried it yesterday and I did so well that now all the guys at prison are practicing it on me so they can learn from a Sigma!

    • Nikita James
      Nikita James 3 months ago

      @Phantom he knows not to drop the soap!. LOL 🤣🤣🤣

    • N N
      N N 3 months ago +1

      Oh hell nah 💀

    • Saddam Hussein
      Saddam Hussein 6 months ago +2

      @Sarmed Dilshad, Disciple of The Lorentz I'm everywhere son. I am ascended into divinity.

  • Maskie
    Maskie 9 months ago +1073

    Life hack: To "Be mysterious", have a "dominating presence", and "Suprise people", you only need to do one thing: Stage an anonymous bomb threat at your preferred public institution, then arrive wearing all black and a face mask. This is guaranteed to find success, and even get you invited into the exclusive orange suit club.

    • mahtab foroughipour
      mahtab foroughipour 5 months ago +3

      this comment made my day, died laughing.
      thank you for this masterpice of a comment section. no bots, no spammers, just pure laughter.

    • Ánuszbizsergetőkommentek
      Ánuszbizsergetőkommentek 7 months ago +2

      @Šima yes it was very fun but not as fun as catching the bullet or who drops the soap game.

    • Šima
      Šima 7 months ago +3

      @Ánuszbizsergetőkommentek yeah I'm willing to bet you all also played the ''get on the ground'' game!

    • Ánuszbizsergetőkommentek
      Ánuszbizsergetőkommentek 8 months ago +12

      Instant success I tried it out and a bunch of people dressed in blue uniforms and riot police armor came to hang out with me

    • LazyBunnyLyn
      LazyBunnyLyn 8 months ago +11

      To be myssterious.. Just uses "" randomly when you text and just talk as if youre using the ""
      I "mean"..if im "talking" like this, its really is a "mystery" when "im" coming out as "vague"

  • Japanese Crab Ninja
    Japanese Crab Ninja 9 months ago +938

    As an Alpha-Omega male, I'm the beginning and the end. This means I start off my day trying to get a woman's attention and it ends with me facing court charges for repeatedly making unwanted advances and harassment.

    • another one
      another one Month ago


    • Boromir Of Gondor
      Boromir Of Gondor 2 months ago

      It means you invented the best inventions and lead the invention crew as the invention OG

    • ElzinTheAnomaly
      ElzinTheAnomaly 2 months ago

      As an Alpha-Omega male, remember to always show her your motivation

    • Nicolas Semprine
      Nicolas Semprine 5 months ago +3

      that shit made me laugh way too hard

    • N N
      N N 7 months ago +1

      Oh, so you're vergil? xD

  • Kai Merrill
    Kai Merrill 2 months ago +115

    As a sigma male, my schedule is really simple actually
    2:00 - wake up
    2:05 - piss the bed (as a power move)
    2:07 - get out of bed
    2:10 - go to the kitchen, break a plate to eat as a snack
    2:13 - snort one scoop of pre, swallow two more dry
    2:15 - workout (8 sets of 2 bench presses, 1000 lbs. I drop the bar on my chest after every set as a power move)
    2:15:45 - cold shower
    3:00 - go outside and gather sticks and leaves for breakfast
    3:25 - eat sticks and leaves (mmm crunchy)
    3:30 - edge for 3 hours to anime (only male-on-male fight scenes)
    6:30 - drive to work in my buggati to let everyone know how big my dick is
    7:00 - my boss calls me into his office. People are complaining that I smell like piss. I tell him that it's on purpose. I am immediately promoted to his position because my power move is so intimidating.
    7:15 - I am arrested for massive embezzlement of company funds, as well as 4 counts of manslaughter and 6 counts of soliciting a prostitute.
    7:30 - I escape police custody and drive home
    7:45 - edge for 3 hours to my favorite picture of my buggati
    10:45 - watch American psycho on repeat until it is time for bed
    7:30 - go to bed (edge for 3 hours to anime again)
    I repeat this tuesday-sunday (Monday I take the day for my shift to eat Andrew Tate's ass)

    • Paul Jabber
      Paul Jabber 7 days ago

      @J.k.thorning "comedy gold" if you have the humour of a gravedigger.

    • Dr. Scripty Gamez
      Dr. Scripty Gamez 16 days ago

      This is amazing

    • Sigma Male
      Sigma Male 29 days ago +2

      Damn, what a sigma Male.

    • J.k.thorning
      J.k.thorning 2 months ago +30

      ​@Mr.bunanabe quiet this is comedy gold

  • L.A. Covers
    L.A. Covers 9 months ago +428

    Sigma males: Females arent important
    Also Sigma males: most of the topic is how to bag females.

    • redcatofdeath
      redcatofdeath 6 days ago +1

      @honey swan ... No, it's actually mostly meme videos of Patrick Bateman and things like that.

    • honey swan
      honey swan 6 days ago

      @redcatofdeath if you look up sigma male, most of the videos about about shit like this. It’s not nutpicking bc they’re all basically the same .

    • redcatofdeath
      redcatofdeath 17 days ago +2

      @Wxnt You must have meant to respond to another comment, since your comment has nothing to do with what I said.

    • Wxnt
      Wxnt 17 days ago

      ​@redcatofdeath sigma males aren't real

    • redcatofdeath
      redcatofdeath 26 days ago +1

      Penguinzo picking out some random dumb video doesn't prove much about what a larger group thinks. It's called 'nutpicking'.

  • Tux
    Tux 9 months ago +7763

    "Sigma male” is basically “not like the other girls” and I think we should give them the same energy they give to that trope

    • PotatoJamFam
      PotatoJamFam 5 days ago

      i agree 100% people don't clown them lie they clown the "not like other girls" trope

    • Paul Jabber
      Paul Jabber 7 days ago

      @Deadkiller1 Nothing more cringe than following the crowd.

  • Snow Chan
    Snow Chan 9 months ago +540

    You cannot command attention in a room, while also being a loner. It's like trying to skydive from a submarine.

    • Shanchan
      Shanchan 6 days ago

      Really? Try being the shy new kid in class. Literally being a loner and commanding the attention of everyone in the room! 😆

    • Aryanna
      Aryanna 3 months ago


    • Griffin Roche
      Griffin Roche 5 months ago +9

      Tried this, now in prison. Will repeat for sample density…

    • My name isn’t Joe
      My name isn’t Joe 6 months ago +8

      @O_ver# 2.0 that can do!
      But seriously for a moment if some sigma male wannabe somehow had interactions with 2 girls who are nice to him then he would immediately act like playboy and lose the girls' interest. Like unironically

    • Punchy Boi
      Punchy Boi 6 months ago +33

      Wattpad fanfic authors say otherwise

  • therealpearl
    therealpearl 9 months ago +757

    it’s always nice to hear what a woman wants coming from a man’s mouth

    • Zerz
      Zerz 28 days ago +1

      Everyone in this comment chain has mental issues except me

    • Nexist
      Nexist Month ago

      @Devin Nix the REAL sigma right here

    • Chlo
      Chlo Month ago

      @SpikeJonesTheCr0oked it was gey is what it was

    • SpikeJonesTheCr0oked
      SpikeJonesTheCr0oked Month ago

      @Chlo No shit sperg. Not everything is meant to be taken literally.

  • justa xiao main
    justa xiao main 4 months ago +202

    Men : Yes we are sexually attracted to different things
    Women : we are too?
    Men : no I know what women are sexually attracted to

    • Tretch
      Tretch 10 days ago +3

      @lauren the fisherman analogy is so dumb too because if a fish could talk you would definitely wanna learn how to catch it from the fish

    • jsadramelch
      jsadramelch 2 months ago +2

      sigma males*

    • lauren
      lauren 2 months ago +20

      It’s so funny they’ll tell any woman that tries to say what they like that they’re wrong. Then they’ll go on about the fish and fisherman analogy.

  • Dora G
    Dora G 9 months ago +626

    I find it beyond bizarre that some men see women (and other men) in this way. How divorced from reality do you have to be? I would even feel bad for them to some extent if they weren't using these ideas to actively discriminate against people and spread toxic misogyny.

    • yossarian
      yossarian 4 months ago

      @Ceasar don't try to pull some whataboutism crap when you can't even spell at a high school level.

    • Leilynd Thornbrugh
      Leilynd Thornbrugh 5 months ago

      @Kurapika Kurta well its the truth though

    • Kurapika Kurta
      Kurapika Kurta 9 months ago +43

      I’ve never heard someone say divorced from reality but I like it

  • Urielle
    Urielle 3 months ago +180

    I love Critical and his followers. It just feels so good to know there's still decent people out there with common sense

    • ĀTŁÂŠ
      ĀTŁÂŠ 3 days ago +1

      @Dinner-Fork Tongue True.

    • Dinner-Fork Tongue
      Dinner-Fork Tongue Month ago +5

      That's any fanbase in the world.

    • el jefe
      el jefe Month ago

      Cr1tikal acolytes

    • ĀTŁÂŠ
      ĀTŁÂŠ 2 months ago +9

      Though I differ and say there are moments when his followers can be a bit obnoxious or even cringy.
      Nonetheless, most of them along with Charlie are indeed good people at heart and mind.

  • Lol
    Lol 9 months ago +8600

    I thought 'Sigma Male' was just a meme, the fact that people take this thing seriously is just sad but gives me entertainment.

    • Kat MacGrath
      Kat MacGrath 7 days ago

      That’s basically memes nowadays bro.. Just unironic, cringe and not really funny at all.

    • Yamoshi
      Yamoshi 9 days ago

      i think real sigmas are the ones who has a good life and treat their woman with respect and love and is a humble person

    • CyrusTheGreat
      CyrusTheGreat 19 days ago

      Right? we are humans and not DOGS because we have self awareness and our own ability to be a follower or leader. The whole "alpha beta" stuff is literally how dogs see their own surrounding (pack) they dont see mom and dad they see leader or younger follower.

      OVERLORD Month ago

      I thought of it as an inspirational fairy tale but wth

      N1GHTSTRIKER45 5 months ago +1

      saddening entertainment

  • Arcade Smiles
    Arcade Smiles 8 months ago +153

    Sigma male tip: be spontaneous, women like surprises, like casually kidnapping her parents and setting up a fun scavenger hunt to get them back alive:) hahaha super fun

    • Griddle The Kids
      Griddle The Kids Month ago +2

      It’s the smile for me

    • SWA
      SWA 4 months ago +3

      thought of something else when i read "male tip"

  • Carcinogen Otter
    Carcinogen Otter 9 months ago +198

    Word of advice to you guys out there: If you ever call yourself a 'sigma' unironically. That's the male equivalent of zodiac signs.
    That's what you look like to everyone else.

    • Nexist
      Nexist Month ago +3

      @Z give one example of that

    • TheWiseNoodle
      TheWiseNoodle Month ago

      @vy how so? lmfao

    • Z
      Z 4 months ago +3

      @TheWiseNoodle people will literally commit crimes and say” sorry can’t help it i’m a gemini😝😝”.So idk what you’re on about not being harmful like sigma bullshit.

    • Ellie Huff
      Ellie Huff 7 months ago +27

      “Sorry I followed you home, kidnapped your dog and put my hands on you im just a sigma 🤪🤪🤭”

  • Lillian Damone
    Lillian Damone 9 months ago +243

    i know a sigma male in real life and he is terrifying. he sits silently and will just be mean for no reason. when he does talk to you he is incredibly condescending. he tried to hook up with me AND my mom. it didnt go well.

  • Confusion and Creation
    Confusion and Creation 3 months ago +36

    10:20 The perfect unintentional comedy of saying "he doesn't need anyone in his life" while showing extremely depressing footage of someone sitting alone in his room while it's raining outside

  • Nomi Bomi
    Nomi Bomi 9 months ago +126

    I love to hear charlie talk about how cringey he used to be. It gives me hope that, some day, these sigmas will have an epiphany of self-awareness....

    • 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖔 𝕻𝖆𝖉𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖆
      𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖔 𝕻𝖆𝖉𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖆 28 days ago +2

      @DudeBro Mea culpa sounds like something a sigma male would say.

    • DudeBro
      DudeBro 8 months ago

      Mea culpa is very hard to achieve for people these days

    • FloodlightGaming
      FloodlightGaming 8 months ago +11

      "Sigma male rule number 421-1: never learn from the mistakes of the past. Keep doing what your doing untill it works."
      -Octosextrillionare grindset quotes

  • southofheck
    southofheck 9 months ago +1771

    4: SIGMA

    • W_H_Y
      W_H_Y 4 months ago

      @Antoine Hicks narcissist is probably the best way to describe the guys that actually follow the sigma male "meh lady" stuff.
      But even then most reek of low self esteem

    • Tomi Berry
      Tomi Berry  6 months ago

      @southofheck ITS A MOVIEEEE

    • John Apple
      John Apple 8 months ago +2

      Women don't like consent, ask your girlfriend/wife (if you even have one). Trust me bro, once you get in the dating pool you will understand.

    • Kariane Morris
      Kariane Morris 9 months ago +1


  • Zoey Mikol
    Zoey Mikol 8 months ago +72

    Sigma male morning routine:
    1. Wake up
    2. Take a shit
    3. Eat
    4. Get out of bed
    5. Eat breakfast
    6. Early morning workout. (push ups, sit ups, pull ups. sigmas only go up)
    7. Count money
    8. Go back to bed.
    9. Go to sleep reading the newspaper.
    10. Take a shit

    • J.k.thorning
      J.k.thorning 2 months ago +4

      You forgot about three mandatory hours of edging

    •  2 months ago +7

      @Silbenschläger It’s called timemanagement.

    • Cms 10672
      Cms 10672 2 months ago +1


    • Silbenschläger
      Silbenschläger 3 months ago +15

      Bruh he took a shit before he even got out of bed💀

  • PaintedLady
    PaintedLady 9 months ago +41

    “Intense” and “unpredictable” is how I would describe a serial killer, not a potential male partner

  • X Z
    X Z 4 months ago +52

    I'm now realising I met a sigma male the other day. He entered the tram, came straight to the middle where I was standing with my hand holding to the pole, put his hand on top of mine and looked straight into my eyes while putting his body mere inches away from mine. Unfortunately, I am no sigma female, so I freaked out, removed my hand and moved away from him. Almost broke my nose in the process, as I am indeed not female enough for such manliness.

    • Rawr Dino
      Rawr Dino 2 months ago +10

      That sounds terrifying glad you got away.

    • Microblade
      Microblade 2 months ago +8

      oh man, sorry to hear that😬

  • Vykosin
    Vykosin 9 months ago +138

    - True sigma male exploits women
    - When you're sigma male you are very good with women
    - Women love being touched by random men who identify themselves as sigma
    - Sigma man is always behaves like the main character
    - If she doesn't start to hysterically laugh when you passionately yell "Death to all Jews", she is to blame cause youre a sigma and your humor is just too intelligent and unique
    - Sigma males behave mysteriously to turn people on, trust me it doesn't make you look like the fucking Gollum
    - Sigma males love to make women feel unsafe because its hot
    - Never let them know your next move 😈
    - Youre loud
    - You stare at the women cooley while they talk to you
    - They always stay on the sigma male grindset 💪
    - Sigma males are true gentlemen, they tip their fedora to every woman

  • [π]
    [π] 8 months ago +19

    Jesus, i have a friend like this who identify himself as a "sigma". I think he's beyond saving.

  • Cloud Retainer
    Cloud Retainer 9 months ago +2587

    "Don't be sad because you got rejected from art school, smile because you are about to change history."
    -Sigma rule, 1945

  • Grub
    Grub 9 months ago +86

    My schedule:
    8:00AM Wake up
    8:05AM Turn on the sink in the bathroom for 2 minutes so mommy thinks I'm brushing my teeth (I'm not)
    8:07AM Forget to shower and eat breakfast
    8:14AM Put on my clothes and skin
    8:17AM Take a dry ice shower
    8:25AM inject heroine into my arm and run 10 miles to work at 45MPH (maybe chase some people on the way)
    8:45AM arrive at work
    8:50AM skin a man alive, get fired for employee impersonation and sprint home
    8:55AM get hit by a semi-truck going 72MPH
    8:56AM impersonate cod zombie yelling after jumping off the ground chasing away all of the onlookers
    9:00AM continue my journey
    9:25AM arrive at my humble abode
    9:30AM take off my clothes and skin
    9:35AM go to sleep

    • billiam
      billiam 2 months ago

      similar but i wake up at least 2-3 hours before i get outta bed

    • C L
      C L 3 months ago

      Actual skinwalker

    • Bryn
      Bryn 3 months ago +1

      Man, that's way too far, you didn't eat breakfast at 8:07?!

    • Asto 69
      Asto 69 4 months ago +5

      man made an SCP

    • I'm not racist, but
      I'm not racist, but 4 months ago +8

      The fact that everything happens in an hour and a half is the icing on the cake

  • Samuel Bahij
    Samuel Bahij 9 months ago +69

    I think it's a pretty big red flag when a guy unironically refers to himself as an alpha/sigma

    • shitmandood
      shitmandood Month ago

      If you watch the Sigma male videos popped up, they actually try to make a distinction between the two 😂

    • Ocean
      Ocean 9 months ago +10

      it pretty much applies to anyone who are obsessed with these male categorization in general lol, also nice pfp

    • F K
      F K 9 months ago +4

      You clearly haven't met me

  • Gomes
    Gomes 9 months ago +22

    To say "you're the type of guy that calls himself a sigma male unironically" is actually the biggest insult I can think of. It sounds so polite, yet has such deep connotations XD

  • Psychor
    Psychor 9 months ago +55

    Real Sigma males are virgins because they don't care about the silly standards of other males.
    "Bro, you're still a virgin?"
    "Yes. What of it?"
    Ultimate Sigma male move.

  • Erin LoveBunnies
    Erin LoveBunnies 2 months ago +4

    I dated a mysterious and intense sigma male once. I got tired of it after a while because it NEVER calmed down. He was always mysterious, I never knew what he was going to do, any time I would speak my mind too strongly he would always say some rendition of “I won’t break up with you now, but when we are away from all of my family… 👀” like, I’m just now realizing that this video, as weird and wacky as some of the points are, described him PERFECTLY.

    LAMINE 9 months ago +12453

    Sigma males are never afraid of challenging a woman to a duel, women love a man that can handle his blue eyes white dragon

    • Abdullah Amr
      Abdullah Amr 4 months ago

      @Terra Cotta dude I would marry her on the spot

    • Terra Cotta
      Terra Cotta 4 months ago

      @Abdullah Amr real women play grave robbers and necrovalley

    • Montesama314
      Montesama314 9 months ago +2

      @Ebert "You've activated my trap card: Engagement Ring!"

    • Montesama314
      Montesama314 9 months ago +1

      Kaiba's one and only love Kisara was a girl AND a dragon. Is there a level above sigma to reach that kind of win?

  • Regular Fern
    Regular Fern 9 months ago +80

    Anyone who’s watched a crime show knows that These are actually the huge red flags for an unstable person or a social personality disorder.

  • Wild Horizon
    Wild Horizon 9 months ago +46

    If you’re ever feeling insecure, and really down on yourself, or like you’re not accomplishing enough with your time- just remember that there is someone sitting down right now and watching a 15-20 minute video on how to be an alpha male. Yikes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Samael the Undying
    Samael the Undying 7 months ago +11

    As someone who tried this mindset in school ("maybe if I'm random I won't be bullied and I might find a gf"), I'm now having to rebuild my notion of personality and undo a lot of rather silly (if not outright creepy AF) habits.
    The entitlement, the thirst for validation and how openly I showed my loneliness all crippled me socially (especially when trying to make friends).
    It messed up my self esteem and left me feeling like I was farmed for the other person's clout. I started going to therapy, taking my meds and studying stoicism. It's been a few years, but I'm happier now that I'm undoing some of the more... Egregious habits and reflexes.
    I.e., following any of this program is not worth it and will isolate you from the very people you are trying to grow closer with.

  • MeatShield
    MeatShield 9 months ago +62

    I'm so glad that the sigma males will tell us their secrets. But when do the even better males, the ligma males tell tell us theirs?

  • Theo Van De Velde
    Theo Van De Velde 3 months ago +36

    "Any man who must say "I am a sigma male" is no true Sigma male"- Lywin Tannister.

    • Mentosis
      Mentosis Month ago +1

      This comment deserves more attention

  • Lucas Kasssab
    Lucas Kasssab 9 months ago +3438

    As a morbius male myself, seeing these lesser life forms call themselves sigma males sickens me

    • Absurd Hero
      Absurd Hero 8 months ago

      MORBIUS MALE!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Reyes
      Reyes 8 months ago

      We women could use some morb in our life

    • JWC
      JWC 8 months ago

      Our mantra: it’s Morbin time

    • Mario Palmer
      Mario Palmer 8 months ago

      what's a moebius?

  • John Walker
    John Walker 5 months ago +3

    I'm a special breed of male known as gamma male. I get insanely strong when I'm angered/enraged (and also turn green in the transformation process when I get angry). I also am a man of science and I try to create situations that are an absolute win.

  • RickyRiceballs
    RickyRiceballs 8 months ago +13

    Charlie’s descriptions gave me clarity that alpha-beta-sigma male hierarchy really is just the boy version of astrology signs

  • Yes
    Yes 9 months ago +27

    as a sigma male, i am actually patrick bateman, here is my schedule.
    12 am- wake up
    12:01- cold shower
    12:01:06- skincare
    12:24- brush teeth
    1 AM- drink paint and eat glass for breakfast
    1:50 AM- start 500 kilometre sprint/swim/fly to work.
    2:24 AM- walk into work
    2:24 AM- get called into boss' office
    2:25- walk into boss' office, see 6 police officers waiting.
    2:26- police officers explain i am being arrested for 16 counts of 1st degree murder, 679 counts of assault with intent to kill, 9 counts of battery, 12 counts of grand theft, 4029 counts of trespassing, and 9 counts of credit card fraud and tax evasion.
    2:26- Evade the police, sprint/swim/fly 500 kilometres back home
    2:59- arrive home
    5:00 AM- 20 minute nap
    8:00 AM- wake up
    8:09 AM- eat dinner/ raw steak
    8:10 AM- watch american psycho 12 times
    10 PM- Fall asleep
    i repeat this every day except for sundays.

  • Segkee
    Segkee 9 months ago +83

    whispers: the concept of hierarchies in packs is dependant on pack dynamics (i.e. you need a pack to be an "Alpha").
    whispers: modern human society is so far removed from a pack and so toxicified by individuality that only a modern human would attempt to compartmentalize and individualize roles found exclusively in social pack systems.
    To be an "alpha" means you need a community that is working together to survive. The Alpha is a decision maker, not a king. The Alpha basically is the one who endows the pack with confidence to - hunt, move on, sleep, etc). Alphas also are the first to die when the pack is attacked. Alpha is not dominant through tyranny or passive aggressive techniques. They dominate because they bring confidence and support to the pack and, if conflicts arise, are benevolent and powerful in quelling them.
    In Apes, tyrannical alphas are usually ripped apart by the "pack". Why? because they are a single entity that if left to continue to terrorize others, horde food and resources, to isolate and abuse sexual partners, will destabilize the pack and burden their survival.
    In lions, "sigmas" become rapists and display abnormal social behavior like cannibalism.

    • Lawrence Scales
      Lawrence Scales 2 months ago

      Also wolves don’t do this shit. In captivity they may, in the wild, a pack is just a family- mom and dad being the “alpha and omega” and the kids being the pack members.

    • RD101
      RD101 6 months ago +1

      Well damn lol

    • FT_LesserChungus
      FT_LesserChungus 7 months ago +3


    • itgoesyuh
      itgoesyuh 9 months ago +3

      @Miguel Padeiro RIP Hugh and Charlie, never forget

  • BoobSweat420
    BoobSweat420 7 months ago +8

    A sigma doesn't breathe, he breeds.

  • Lunar does everything
    Lunar does everything 9 months ago +2134

    Yeah, I’m a SIGMA MALE:
    ✅harass women
    ✅hides emotions
    ✅hates being alive
    ✅born in the wrong generation
    ✅mentally ill
    Be like me, and you’ll become a SIGMA 😎

  • Ekaterina Staneva
    Ekaterina Staneva 9 months ago +28

    "When a sigma male talks to a woman he doesn't hold back on his critics and that makes women very intimidated. Some women find that irresistible ". What the heck 😒

    • Ghost
      Ghost 9 months ago +8

      like yeah. some women do. Those women need help and you aren't helping

  • wrmlm37
    wrmlm37 9 months ago +6

    As a female, this was HYSTERICAL!

  • CoyKorok
    CoyKorok 9 months ago +11

    I would absolutely love to be brought surprise dumpster chocolates. ❤️
    Seriously, we're not an alien species or animals that need to be studied out in the wild. Different things work for different people, we're all individuals. What the fuck.

  • frozenbinarystudio
    frozenbinarystudio 9 months ago +9

    A Sigma male is the kind of guy who:
    Gets the Maverick virus
    Becomes a wireframe head
    Makes Zero question what he's fighting FOOORRR
    Has Dr Wily build him a huge body
    Gets defeated constantly by Megaman X
    Always has a new squad of Maverick bros to throw down with
    Follow these steps and you too can be a Sigma male.

  • Brandon Barrett
    Brandon Barrett 2 months ago +5

    8:35 As a gay man my expertise may not be fully applicable to the topic at hand, but I'll say this would absolutely work on me.
    If someone bought me an entire birthday cake for no reason other than to be spontaneous and nice I would immediately do whatever they asked of me.

  • Samuel Davenport
    Samuel Davenport 9 months ago +8188

    #6. Be unpredictable. Surprise your female of choice by lurking behind her in dark alleys, waiting to sneak up and discuss NFT's

  • GehtRektSon
    GehtRektSon 9 months ago +8

    I'm so ready for the decorations to finish getting put up. You're practically Rare devs on SoT with the way you show the work-in-progress. Next were gonna see a wooden cart stacked with boards and coils of rope loitering around

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 9 months ago +13

    A sigma male is master of reverse psychology. A sigma male is capable of making his own sandwich, which makes woman want to make sandwiches for him.

  • mq bq
    mq bq 9 months ago +72

    I think I cracked the formula:
    Don't be an asshole, be confident/kind and accept a no.
    I'll be charging 20$ each please.

    • 33y3z4y44
      33y3z4y44 5 months ago

      @TheSuperappelflap sad comment, truly

    • Saddam Hussein
      Saddam Hussein 6 months ago +2

      White bread advice, you ain't getting my oil money.

    • Sravan
      Sravan 7 months ago +5

      Dude you need to write a course and start paywalling that shit

    • BanquetOfTheLeviathan
      BanquetOfTheLeviathan 7 months ago +5

      Just don’t think so much about it. Seems like the thing that saved me was i was too dumb to think about this stuff, so when i did start getting attention i was confused about that too lol. Like just be oblivious and do your thing.

  • Dick Monkey-King
    Dick Monkey-King 9 months ago +7

    I discovered the sigma male identity and my own sigma male-ness literally 7 minutes before it turned into a laughing stock. But for those 7 beautiful minutes, I felt understood.

  • Karina McDaniels
    Karina McDaniels 8 months ago +6

    Girls be like:
    "I'm not like most girls"
    Boys be like:
    "I am the Omega Theta Alpha Sigma male, the rarest of the pack!"

    • sin
      sin 8 months ago

      Well I’m different I’m beta sigma male

  • Dumbledof
    Dumbledof 9 months ago +5106

    How to be a sigma male:
    Step 1: Be a socially inept misogynist
    Step 2: Pretend women are into that

    •  2 months ago

      Nobody ever heard of dumbodorf take your weights somewhere else.

    • Cities To Ash
      Cities To Ash 2 months ago

      @kooku It has everything to do with your post talking about a patriarchy

    • Ben Darcy
      Ben Darcy 3 months ago +1

      Step 3: fail to see the irony of bragging on the internet about how you are too much of a lone wolf to care about anyones approval.

  • Portal33
    Portal33 9 months ago +6

    I fell down this Sigma/Alpha rabbit hole a year ago. Now I just watch funny Clip-Sharers/ Twitch streamers and enjoy a good laugh. I feel much better in life now with just what I am.

  • Benjamin Stevens
    Benjamin Stevens 9 months ago +3

    I'm going to keep it 100%
    I thought this was a cultural psyop embracing the unadorned magnificence of Sigma AI techno-intelligence and borderline Asperger's focus. A belated wave of appreciation for the primary creation of Dr Wiley, PHD, stoic reliance on shoulder cannons, and mandalorian art Deco purple body armor.

  • Adolfo Ruiz
    Adolfo Ruiz 2 months ago +5

    The worst part is that these things work for many girls. I personally know girls who actively loudly say they want a "strong alpha male" that can handle their GirlBoss strenght. To the point of sharing alpha male videos on their social media to show "the kind of man they want".
    They are the worst kind of women I have ever had to deal with. But yes. Every crazy Sigma has a weird Girlboss waiting for them.

  • Bengie201
    Bengie201 9 months ago +15

    See for me, I’m kind of aware that I shouldn’t date someone because I got sucked into the whole red pill group due to the fact that I was in an abusive relationship and got cucked. I was vulnerable. I literally swayed the complete opposite way. I essentially turned to the dark side. Im still not too trusting and I need to unlearn that so I don’t end up hurting someone.

  • Motivated Dad
    Motivated Dad 8 months ago +8

    I love when a sigma male is in a room full of people. It makes me the second most awkward person in the room.

  • Captain Torres
    Captain Torres 9 months ago +2471

    This guy is intentionally throwing you off. The NUMBER ONE rule of being a sigma male is to EXCLUSIVELY have sex with men. Not only is it a massive ego boost, but it is easy to share critiques and advice with your partner.

    • Obamna
      Obamna 7 months ago

      Exactly bro, as a true alpha sigma male myself, I can confirm this.

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User 8 months ago

      You don't choose to be gay.

    • Montesama314
      Montesama314 9 months ago +11

      "Bro, you didn't pull my hair before I finished! Not very sigma."

  • Doge
    Doge 4 months ago +5

    My friend sees himself as a sigma male, he acts tough and does pressups sometimes randomly around the dinner table, but he literally just plays valorant when he gets home

  • Acc3
    Acc3 3 months ago +11

    I always thought a sigma male described a guy who decided that pursuing a romantic connection will distract him from his "greater" goals. Whatever this is, this isn't it.

  • Kovacs
    Kovacs 3 days ago +2

    I used to be a Sigma Male like you, then I took an arrow to the knee

  • Justin Johns
    Justin Johns 8 months ago +5

    I love the simplicity of this channel,. He talks about something , and then "that's about it, see ya." No extras, "ie... lengthy intros or outros," just opinions.

  • Sveno V
    Sveno V 9 months ago +14

    "they exude an air of mystery"
    yeah, I just farted and 3 women turned around.

  • ughBarry
    ughBarry 9 months ago +14172

    if being "mysterious" doesnt work on the ladies then explain the 12 restraining orders i got (i know theyre playing hard to get)

  • Skeptic2006
    Skeptic2006 7 months ago +2

    As a boomer I find it fascinating how zoomers have managed to categorize people so much that there are new words each day to learn how to describe someone you've never met.

  • Just John
    Just John 9 months ago +7

    7:26 - Inviting a woman over without telling her where I live exactly was pretty challenging and she liked it. I was like "I feel like I gave you enough hints to find my apartment door bell."

  • A Baron of Chivalry
    A Baron of Chivalry 8 months ago +7

    Sigma Males posses an incredibly rare sense of... **insert common trait here**

  • Cody Armstrong
    Cody Armstrong 9 months ago +24

    this stuff makes me physically cringe out of my body. For a single, glorious moment I become one with the ether, and I weep alongside god at the horror of his creation.

  • Mike & Hikes
    Mike & Hikes 9 months ago +2

    As an Omicron Persei 5 male, I just anti-gravitate the void toward myself, not to push others away, but to allow a proper buffer for farts and neckbearding.

  • SirAlexander
    SirAlexander 9 months ago +1455

    As a certified sigma male I can confirm that putting my hands on a random attractive woman’s hips got me a felony charge. I think she liked me.

    • PabloPhreshcobar
      PabloPhreshcobar 9 months ago +2

      It was mysterious and she wanted to see how well you commit
      So you commit a felony and next time you see her she’ll give you supreme top right in aisle 6 at Walmart

    • Shady
      Shady 9 months ago

      she wants you bro

    • jinx
      jinx 9 months ago

      @No Ñame 43 another sigma male is the only person that would be able to truly understand a sigma male, of course they need men.

  • Cats on Mars
    Cats on Mars 9 months ago +5

    I really want Sigma/Alpha/whatever males to discover Omegaverse.

  • ari
    ari 9 months ago +3

    hate to be the one to say it but with how far this has evolved, these men are 2 steps away from the alpha/beta/omega bl AU fanfic territory and i cant wait to be there for their awakening

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 2 months ago

    We never left. We chose when to be seen. -Sigma man

  • Wilko
    Wilko 9 months ago +5

    As a Plimbo male, I would like to give my condolences to

  • MrHGravity
    MrHGravity 3 months ago +2

    In my experience, if you have the personality that requires you to research how to "be attractive". People, (yes women but people in general) can pick up on that very quickly. It's next to impossible to cover up insecurities. If you can? Then they aren't really insecurities.

  • sed anon
    sed anon 9 months ago +4736

    "He doesn't need anyone else in his life"
    Shows a man losing the battle against depression in his high-rise

    • w花b
      w花b 8 months ago

      @Shanti hikkikomori

    • Kurapika Kurta
      Kurapika Kurta 9 months ago +1

      I’m the rare type of basement dweller where I touch grass with other social-basement-dweller friends and can confirm I need interaction

    • Kyle Reyes
      Kyle Reyes 9 months ago +1


    • Flo V
      Flo V 9 months ago

      god tier comment XD

    • How to change name?
      How to change name? 9 months ago +5

      Thats just sign of sigma being mysterious, nothing unusual

  • Mark S
    Mark S 3 months ago

    The thing about sigma males is that they operate in an extremely grey area, so a lot of what they do is usually extremely composed and there precision. The big issue might be there patience and tolerance, because it can make them look mysterious and almost like a background character. Its extremely high, but when the time is right there aim is excellent. Also, its almost done in a non-judgmental way which makes them seem pretty good natured. They are very willing to lose many battles, but its how they secure a victory for the big war.

  • Claiomh Dubh
    Claiomh Dubh 9 months ago +15

    Had actually never heard the term "Sigma Male" before, so did what any sensible person would do and hit Urban Dictionary. Assumed it would be absurdly funny, and was not disappointed. It sent me down a rabbit hole, and Sweet merciful Raptor Christ... xD

  • Ayesha ruby
    Ayesha ruby 7 months ago

    The key to becoming a sigma is just be a gentleman who is kind of a reserved to himself (not too social not too unsocial just a bit reserved) , have real skills and straight forward and observatory and cautious person.
    thats what sigma is truly
    just a gentleman who knows his dtuff and not brag about it and stay nice while still keeping his actions and attitude as good as he can.

  • Kazuhide Ogawa
    Kazuhide Ogawa 4 months ago +2

    Thanks Charlie. I'll be sure to use 'Male Astrology' to describe the alpha/sigma/omega trend from now on, it's funny and accurate

  • GameX Streams
    GameX Streams 13 days ago

    I'm really glad i found this video, becuz I've been ticking all these boxes of being a 'Sigma' male when I was in college, when actually people just considered Me to be an Asshole..
    I 've learned my lesson and will socialise more and get a make-over, not for the sake of attention but to explore. 😆

  • Julius Pleaser
    Julius Pleaser 9 months ago +2275

    In case you're wondering why anyone would put such embarrassingly bad videos out there, just remember: These dudes aren't trying to impress women. They're trying to impress other men.

    • Pug
      Pug 9 months ago

      Also to eliminate the competition. Men stupid enough to follow the sigma male advice won't stand a chance, this gives actual good people a chance lol

    • Dr. Beanut
      Dr. Beanut 9 months ago +2

      @WhatDoYouCallAnAlligatorInAVest? investigator Not exactly. With the right person at the right time I can enjoy such intimacies. Just rare that I have such a desire to do so.

    • Hamza Anan
      Hamza Anan 9 months ago

      @Austin Luther ew

  • jinx86
    jinx86 9 months ago +1

    The sigma grind never stops

  • corrin com
    corrin com 2 months ago

    I legit thought being a sigma male was just like a meme, it's now reached the same level as saying that you're an alpha male

  • Rep The Culture
    Rep The Culture 8 months ago

    Just watched a vid about your come up & much respect to you man, Thank you for entertaining us for all these years ❤️

  • Swerve
    Swerve 9 months ago

    I feel like that first piece of advice for sigma males was genuinely useful. Thanks Charlie

  • kristalbot
    kristalbot 2 months ago +2

    Love you Charlie's room always looks like he's just moving in.

  • Bofu
    Bofu 9 months ago +1656

    Can confirm that as a woman, I get so wet when a guy nitpicks every little thing I say and actively tries to find anything he can to argue about.

    • joeyyy888
      joeyyy888 8 months ago

      @I Identify as your Daddy u mad?

    • Takami Keigo
      Takami Keigo 9 months ago

      Why are some people in the reply section not getting the obvious joke 💀

    • AeonRemnant
      AeonRemnant 9 months ago

      Ankha Rule 34 Interesting.

    • WarlordofBritannia
      WarlordofBritannia 9 months ago

      Yes, I know

  • Samuel Roy
    Samuel Roy 9 months ago +2

    Honestly the thing that turns me on the most is people being unapologetically themselves, they arent afraid to tell you what they like or dont, and don’t hide their personality, they just are themselves. That “sense of mystery” is total bs for me

  • Chroniclilskip27
    Chroniclilskip27 9 months ago

    During the unpredictable part I was expecting him to cut to him making one of his weird noises as a jumpscare type thing, but unfortunately today is the day I learned that Charlie is NOT a Sigma Male 😔

  • _Laboratorija
    _Laboratorija 8 months ago +2

    This comment section shows why sigma males are so rare and valuable