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  • Published on Jan 14, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Isaiah Photo
    Isaiah Photo  4 months ago +1452


  • Hesoyam
    Hesoyam 4 months ago +992

    It calculates the distance you walked and divides it by the length of an average step, so yea it isn't exactly accurate unless your footstep is same length as the human average

    • ThatPlayerUnkn0wn
      ThatPlayerUnkn0wn 4 months ago +4

      It uses height to calculate your steps

      NERYA SHEETRIT 4 months ago +21

      Not 100% true, it also uses sensor data because your arm moves when you walk

    • Keira_Kurls
      Keira_Kurls 4 months ago +6

      @ParrotMilk ! 😭💀

    • ParrotMilk !
      ParrotMilk ! 4 months ago +42

      @Mr Alex your mum

    • Mr Alex
      Mr Alex 4 months ago +2

      Who told you that???

  • Thunder Cookie
    Thunder Cookie 4 months ago +425

    There are some watches that measures in distance, but a good amount of them are counting by how much movement there is, so just shakes your watch without moving for 15-30 seconds really fast and see what happens

      MADHAV KAPOOR 2 months ago

      It literally happens to every smart watch/tracker

    • Google Assistant
      Google Assistant 4 months ago +4

      @neutrony thats some wide ass steps right there

    • neutrony
      neutrony 4 months ago +10

      i went from 3 to 38 but i haven't even moved 😭

  • SH Productions
    SH Productions 4 months ago +212

    Love Ryan Trahan just chilling in the gym. Like he works out.

  • Gangster Lucky
    Gangster Lucky 4 months ago

    His challenges are the questions that come everyday in our minds 👍

  • Callum Hurd
    Callum Hurd 4 months ago +1503

    Actually it’s measured in distance, not every individual step you take

    • Krimsonite 4444
      Krimsonite 4444 4 months ago

      it uses a accelerometer or whatever it was called

    • Unanimous mom
      Unanimous mom 4 months ago +1

      It’s the movement of the arm. That’s what it tracks

    • Callum Hurd
      Callum Hurd 4 months ago

      @Tim I don’t think it would work because the GPS can’t tell that you are moving

    • Callum Hurd
      Callum Hurd 4 months ago

      @Tércio Plays most believe able so far

    • Lightning P Edits
      Lightning P Edits 4 months ago +1

      I thought it was everytime the watch shakes

  • Megmind is me
    Megmind is me 4 months ago +1

    Congrats on 3 million!! Keep going you are going to make it!!

  • g
    g 3 months ago

    Your videos never fail to entertain 💙

  • Evan bates
    Evan bates 4 months ago +16

    I love how Ryan can just appear in any of Isaiah's video's

  • BaldMan
    BaldMan 4 months ago +1

    Can we just appreciate how entertaining these shorts are💚

  • Support Ukraine 🇺🇦
    Support Ukraine 🇺🇦 4 months ago +1591

    Never forget- paper beats rock, but scissors don’t.

    • AnecdoteDog
      AnecdoteDog 4 months ago

      Guess lesbians’ weakness are rocks

    • Strawberry_Macaroons
      Strawberry_Macaroons 4 months ago

      I already beat the rock

    • Shaemill
      Shaemill 4 months ago

      Well said

    • Totoro
      Totoro 4 months ago

      The English version of rock, paper, scissors literally make no sense at all.
      In Swedish, it’s “rock, bag, scissors” which makes way more sense, since a bag can catch a rock. I don’t see how paper beats rock?-

  • BlanketThief
    BlanketThief 4 months ago


  • Finch Family
    Finch Family 4 months ago

    I remember a time in elementary my teacher asked us to count how many steps we took during this Halloween parade. I was concentrating on this but lost count and most people didn't do it but the person who had the step counting watch had an answer.

  • Padaw8n
    Padaw8n 4 months ago +457

    Is nobody going to talk about Ryan Trahan in the gym?

  • Matthew Guzman
    Matthew Guzman 4 months ago

    You always have to check at the end of the day, because it only counts by the number of times you swing your arm

  • Shaemill
    Shaemill 4 months ago +3778

    I love the Ryan Trahan cameo in the gym

  • Adapotata
    Adapotata 4 months ago +13

    “I count my steps in my head like a normal person” - Raymond Holt

  • YEETonamus
    YEETonamus 4 months ago

    The step track is actually when your arm moves but if you’re tired you’re on call you get way more steps and it’s way more accurate

  • Cherilyn Huliev
    Cherilyn Huliev 4 months ago

    You can do this 💪

  • coco ʕ•̫͡•ʔ
    coco ʕ•̫͡•ʔ 4 months ago

    Hahah I love how Ryan is just in the gym lol

  • 10k before 2023??
    10k before 2023?? 4 months ago

    Love you and thanks for all the work you put into your videos❤️

  • Lucas :]
    Lucas :] 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for trying my idea!!!!!!!! That made me happy

  • Snobjorn 123
    Snobjorn 123 4 months ago

    The so far most accurate step counter is the accessory step counter that came with the original Pokémon heart gold and soul silver

  • Livy
    Livy 4 months ago

    The walking shot though with the hole in his sock 😂

  • MaxTheMaster
    MaxTheMaster 4 months ago +1

    I’m waiting for him to beat the rock in height, cause the rock is 6’5, I think it’s impossible

  • Abigail
    Abigail 4 months ago

    It just depends on your arm movement if you walk and don’t swing your arms even the slightest bit you are going to get no steps
    I learnt this the hard why

  • Kristen Paints🎨
    Kristen Paints🎨 4 months ago

    That is like 3x the amount of steps I take in a day.

  • samurai shogun.
    samurai shogun. 4 months ago

    I love how no one realized that his socks had holes 😂🔥

  • Foxys Videos
    Foxys Videos 4 months ago +215

    I love how Ryan can just appear in Isaiahs videos

    • Spinxoid
      Spinxoid 4 months ago +2

      Another hiding in peoples photos video? Video edition?

    • Suparn Gupta
      Suparn Gupta 4 months ago +2

      The guy doing muscles while he's laying his carpet ... Elite

  • Exotic TRIO
    Exotic TRIO 4 months ago

    Can’t wait for him to pass the Rock in subscribers and we’re all going to know that we were here when it started

  • Hecker
    Hecker 4 months ago

    The “today I’m going to” never gets old

  • Viktoa
    Viktoa 4 months ago

    It always sees 2 steps but fails to register 1, most likely to encourage the person wearing the product to check more often and to get them to move more

  • Jackson Lancaster
    Jackson Lancaster 4 months ago +1

    I do that all the time lol

  • yanfei-
    yanfei- 4 months ago +107

    the reason why the steps didn’t match up is because the watch sometimes miss steps. you really have to swing your arm for it to work

    • nolace
      nolace 4 months ago

      @mr0gan idk I have a Fitbit too and it is completely wrong I count 30 steps it will say like 15 steps and then I realized on the car I would move my hand and the steps went up cause me and my sister did I competition who could do more steps and I would win every time and she would be like how you’ve been sitting the whole day lol idk tho

    • mr0gan
      mr0gan 4 months ago

      @nolace i got a fitbit and I will walk a hundred steps and then look back and every time its been exactly 100 maybe the apple counter is worse idk

    • yanfei-
      yanfei- 4 months ago

      @Explosia smart tbh I would wear it on my ankle

    • Explosia
      Explosia 4 months ago +2

      Thus you wear the watch on your leg

    • nolace
      nolace 4 months ago

      Yes u dooo

  • Aussie wog
    Aussie wog 4 months ago

    Your favourite Aussie was subbed before you were even on mr beast. It’s amazing how far you’ve come i, you’re a king. ❤️

  • Allison Combs
    Allison Combs 4 months ago +1

    Ryan flexing in the background 🤣🤣

  • Prodator
    Prodator 4 months ago +1

    I might have the hardest chalenge ever
    Can you do 100.000 steps in one day?

  • Eli Wasinger
    Eli Wasinger 4 months ago

    Is it concerning that I've gotten 30,000 steps one day😂

  • Trey Geo
    Trey Geo 4 months ago +6

    Hey Isaiah! Just wanted to say, you made everyone’s day better

  • Exøtic_bəān
    Exøtic_bəān 4 months ago

    Keep going your almost there, you had 3.33mil yesterday and now you have 3.35mil!

  • Tom darling
    Tom darling 4 months ago +1

    He is so determined sub

    LANYC 4 months ago

    “Me just sitting and gaming”
    Apple watch: good job you completed your standing goal”

  • Isxbslla
    Isxbslla 4 months ago


  • Beckie
    Beckie 2 months ago +1

    The don’t actually count ur steps the count the movement on your hand when your walking.
    Test it out don’t move an inch but keep swerving ur hands back and forth

  • Crossline
    Crossline 4 months ago

    When I used my smart watches step counter it went up a lot even though I was sitting in a chair

  • 𝕂𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕪 𝕆𝕨𝕆

    I’m pretty sure you have to swing that arm in order for the Apple Watch to count it as a step- But I may be wrong

    ZARDY TRY HARDY 2 months ago

    I love how Ryan Trahan just appears out of no where.

  • Vivaan Vaidya
    Vivaan Vaidya 4 months ago +225

    Ryan had a great cameo in the gym

  • Bogdan M.
    Bogdan M. 4 months ago

    Still waiting to know of that left leg toe managed to dig his way out of the sock

  • Noob_ Veteran
    Noob_ Veteran 4 months ago

    That's how man steps I would do on a daily working at Walmart for cap 2.

  • Shelbys_Videos
    Shelbys_Videos 4 months ago

    For the watch to count the steps you need to be moving the arm with the watch in it

  • Jayden Patel
    Jayden Patel 4 months ago

    You’ll never beat the rock because

  • Dave K
    Dave K 4 months ago +54

    Yo Ryan, chill with the gun show bro. My imaginary girlfriend is on this website 👀

    • B34R
      B34R 4 months ago +2


  • Markiplier's dad
    Markiplier's dad 4 months ago

    A less madness inducing way to count your steps is to use a push button counter so that the button pushes in when you step

  • empty
    empty 4 months ago

    TOO EASY 🔥🔥🔥

  • 8-bit Adventures
    8-bit Adventures Month ago

    I love how Ryan is in the back ground

  • Tonk_ mayo
    Tonk_ mayo 4 months ago

    One day we’re gonna see this guy fight the rock but that won’t be anytime soon

  • Jessi
    Jessi 4 months ago +65

    Ryan was just chillin in the gym lol

  • SolarBlossom
    SolarBlossom 4 months ago

    "It is a mistake IT'S A MASTER PIECE"
    It's Okeh not to be okeh (Titan cry)

  • Kyojuro Rengoku
    Kyojuro Rengoku 4 months ago

    When you realize that if you hold your wrsit with the apple watch on still, it wont count it

  • GuyWithCoolChin
    GuyWithCoolChin 4 months ago +1

    It only tracks the swings on ur wrist. I recommend putting it on ur ankle.

  • __Midnight.Envy__
    __Midnight.Envy__ 4 months ago +1

    He doesn’t even know you two are rivals 😅

  • Finn Reumers
    Finn Reumers 4 months ago +87

    Ryan chilling in the background

  • CreativZiv
    CreativZiv 4 months ago

    It's a mistake 💫IT'S NOT A MASTERPIECE💫

  • rabiya khan sadozai
    rabiya khan sadozai 4 months ago

    Do a video on "How many pumps it takes to finish a bottle of hand wash "

  • Ranjeet Sangha
    Ranjeet Sangha 4 months ago

    This guy is growing his subs so quick

  • Knax_ Gurku
    Knax_ Gurku 4 months ago

    I actually had a fitness watch and on my 9th bday I had over 35k steps we played a lot of football

    JELLY 4 months ago


  • alldayhitter
    alldayhitter 4 months ago

    This guys gonna be pretty fit one day

  • Andrew Czamara
    Andrew Czamara 4 months ago

    Watches go by you heartbeat and start to count when you heartbeat goes up

  • Ar Games
    Ar Games 4 months ago

    Paper beats rock! What will you do after you beat the Rock? Will you aim for The Scissors?

  • Kk
    Kk 4 months ago

    It not a mistake IT A MASTERPIECE

  • Xinyu Wang
    Xinyu Wang 4 months ago

    It’s called motivation mode😅

  • BeastModeBrody22
    BeastModeBrody22 4 months ago

    It’s so funny that he always says ‘rock’

  • Animated XOOL
    Animated XOOL 4 months ago

    I walked for like hours and hours and hours, i started playing from 3pm, came home in 11pm, and according to my smartwatch, i walked 15 steps, i ran for more than 2 hours and only 15, and when I haven't moved q inch, wearing the watch on my hand in a car, i get out and see 5k steps, like da fuq

  • carroll boys
    carroll boys 4 months ago +182

    Shuffle a deck of cards until it’s back to its original form

    • Brutal Dog
      Brutal Dog 4 months ago

      @Some Random Guy On the Internet if you shuffle a deck of cards chances are you are the first person to have that combo. It’s 52!

    • Some Random Guy On the Internet
      Some Random Guy On the Internet 4 months ago

      @mr0gan it’s not, formal: 8 billion people in this planet, hence 8 billion divided by 157,00 is the amount of times someone would get the card shuffle right.

    • mr0gan
      mr0gan 4 months ago

      That's basically impossible the chance is 54x54x52...etc I heard once that if you shuffle a deck of cards the chances are that, that specific order has never been reached by anyone before

    • mr0gan
      mr0gan 4 months ago

      @Some Random Guy On the Internet thats not how it works lol

    • shamsudeen m a
      shamsudeen m a 4 months ago +1

      The chance of that happening is 52! or 52x51x50x49... So basically imoossible

  • Kaidakitty100
    Kaidakitty100 4 months ago +1


  • idk
    idk 4 months ago

    Your videos are on another level

  • Foutsy22
    Foutsy22 4 months ago

    I think it counts steps by arm movement

  • gacha_kitten
    gacha_kitten 4 months ago

    I love these videos tbh🤠

  • Critical Toast
    Critical Toast 4 months ago +6

    live like Kevin hart for a day and befriend the rock🙃

  • Joshy B
    Joshy B 4 months ago

    I love how Ryan was in the background

  • Neurological
    Neurological 4 months ago

    Yeah... I have covid and my Samsung watch says I've taken 500 steps when I haven't moved from this couch all day

  • Ice Bird
    Ice Bird 4 months ago

    I jogged 2km yesterday and my tracker displayed only 221 steps

  • L_!R?
    L_!R? 4 months ago

    me: *walks while not moving*

  • GoatVader7
    GoatVader7 4 months ago +4

    The thing with smartwatches is that u gotta wave ur hand when u walk for it to register a step

  • Natalie Brookes
    Natalie Brookes 4 months ago

    “It’s OKEY not to be OKEY ❤️(Titan cry 😭)

  • Omran Noor
    Omran Noor 4 months ago

    If u pass the rock in subscribes, who would be your next rival?

  • Spinxoid
    Spinxoid 4 months ago +1

    Hey ryan! Im assuming your doing another video where you hide in peoples videos instead of photos. Nice! 😂

  • Auggie
    Auggie 4 months ago

    As someone with adhd this would be hard to keep count

  • ~That moldovan person you know~

    "Atleast its pretty" got me laughing

  • •STITCH•
    •STITCH• 4 months ago

    I only walk like 20 steps a day lmao

  • Breanna Stephens
    Breanna Stephens 4 months ago

    How do you count everything?

  • Just Pickle!
    Just Pickle! 4 months ago

    I love the camo Ryan!

  • Welcome Weirdos
    Welcome Weirdos 4 months ago

    The watch counts how many times you swing your arms

  • J4cks0n247
    J4cks0n247 4 months ago +4

    My man Isaiah is gonna demolish The Rock

  • •ava•
    •ava• 4 months ago +1

    You should make ur own song and send it to The Rock to see if he likes it!!

  • ℍ𝕩𝕟𝕒𝕜ø
    ℍ𝕩𝕟𝕒𝕜ø 4 months ago

    Can you only eat Japanese food for a week?

  • RayanPlaysOdd
    RayanPlaysOdd 4 months ago

    I love how Ryan Trahan was in the gym

  • DrawingWithAbby!
    DrawingWithAbby! 4 months ago

    It’s cause it counts steps by your hand moving back and fourth. Since you held it up a lot looking at it while walking and running, it didn’t get as many. But I’d you were to take the hand you watch is hand a continuously sway or shake it back and fourth, you would get more steps.