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Fall Anime 2022 In A Nutshell

  • Published on Nov 20, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    IT's still technically fall season right guys?
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  • Petter Eik
    Petter Eik 11 days ago +2343

    the funny thing about chainsawman is that MAPPA didnt actually put their a-team on it. instead they opted to go for mostly younger staff, and it is the directors first. they did this because they hoped it would better fit Tatsuki Fujimotos wild style and energy, and so far i think its paying off.

    • Ethan Elliott
      Ethan Elliott 3 days ago

      Oh dude it is for sure paying off! The episodes look amazing. And the animation in some of the simplest scenes is astonishing

    • Walking Erection
      Walking Erection 5 days ago

      @Jonathan Carranza if the animation makes something feel off then the animators either did a great job or it just hurts your eyes to watch

    • XGenshin
      XGenshin 7 days ago

      Most of the anime in the anime industry is generally made by freelancer except in the case of ufo and kyoani( who do most of the things by in house staff)... A lot of animators who have worked on mob psycho are also working on csm...so the credibility of a show should go to the team rather than the studio because it keep changing all the fucking time....and there are people in twitter doing mappa vs bones

    • Daniel Lo
      Daniel Lo 9 days ago

      @Foxillian YOU are pulling your imagination out of your ass LOL. You should follow more animator’s twitter before wiping Mappa’s ass

    • tardifan
      tardifan 9 days ago

      I mean they have arguably the most prolific writer in the industry Hiroshi Seko (JJK, Vinland Saga, AoT, Mob Psycho, Banana Fish, Inuyashiki and half a dozen other shows and movies) doing series comp and script writing and one of the most famous composers Kensuke Ushio (A Silent Voice, Devilman Crybaby) doing the music. Not to mention some legendary bands and signers doing the EDs like Maximum the Hormone, Ling Tosite Sigure, Aimer and so many others. So yeah they definitely put their A-team on this. Mappa's B-team is doing Hell's Paradise which doesn't have a very impressive staff list. (might still be good though)

  • Tomomomo
    Tomomomo 22 hours ago +17

    I'm glad Taming the Final Boss was mentioned cause it's soooo damn good. Ever since HameFura was adapted, it looks like anime studios are realizing that the shoujo isekai genres are popular.
    Also begging for more people to watch The Raven of the Inner Palace cause it's definitely so underrated and a sleeper hit this season

  • Ginger Frog
    Ginger Frog 12 hours ago +5

    It's surreal seeing Gigguk make modern zeitgeist jokes about Urusei Yatsura, which is now a currently airing anime. Seasonal waifus have finally come full circle.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    You can just tell when a studio gives a project their all for a single anime. Having a completely new ending after every episode is one thing, but every frame of the actual show looks so good and the fluidity of the animation is insane. CSM lived up to the hype and went even further.

    • t x
      t x 3 days ago

      @MidnightNachos it's because csm just appeals more to Japanese culture with it's gross edginess even though Aot is better

    • w s
      w s 3 days ago

      csm is decent

    • Rick Chakraborty
      Rick Chakraborty 4 days ago +3

      @Namikaze Kyuubi they are your average shonen fan who only watch popular mainstream anime and start thinking it is the best thing ever created.

    • A james
      A james 4 days ago

      @Cosmic Sapientia Your Nan is dead because I rooted her too hard sorry bro

    • Congele
      Congele 5 days ago

      @TheRealGuywithoutaMustache I need to ask: Did you choose to change your name with your new handle, or were you forced to because your original one had been sniped?

  • Tahkai Martin
    Tahkai Martin 4 hours ago

    When Gigguk said "I'm not a fan of cute girls doing cute things" it finally clicked he's the antithesis of Mother's Basement. And that's ok😂 Gigguk is top 3 anime channels and he's not #3 or #2.

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    Gigguk is like that one stepbro who says "im not a furry" while wearing furry costume, watching a movie & eating pizza crust

    • a laptop user
      a laptop user 23 hours ago

      you again

    • [e:LLUSIV ]
      [e:LLUSIV ] Day ago

      Reminds me of someone who's NOT a furry but started the Pokemon Smash or Pass and he's also NOT a masochist.

    • Colby
      Colby 2 days ago

      @Ralathar44 Incorrect. Furries are still disgusting, and everyone knows it.

    • cozy
      cozy 3 days ago

      What’s wrong with pizza crust? :(

    • 24dasr
      24dasr 4 days ago +1

      since when did eating the crust of a pizza become a thing that only furries do? Wait, do you guys actually throw it out???

  • Enoch
    Enoch Day ago +2

    After this week's episode of Renai Flops... bro you have to watch it!!! Show went from typical harem anime to something much darker real quick. Just watch it. It uses a dumb premise to get people to start watching but ends up being something much more.

    • Jh1nPor4
      Jh1nPor4 12 hours ago

      VOUCH, it's like Charlotte, Plastic Memories, happy to depression

  • Dude bro
    Dude bro 2 days ago +13

    Holy fuck man... I haven't laughed like that in a WHILE...
    Thx gigguk. The quick cut and sound effects are absolutely golden

  • Fabled
    Fabled 12 hours ago

    The rotoscoped CGI in chainsawman EP1 is, genuinely, how I'd want the anime to look. It actually suits the series and the vibes, and having something more rendered would actually be a _downgrade_

    KAKASHI .D. LUFFY Day ago +8

    "So baby now u feel like number 1 shining bright for everyone"🔥🔥🔥🔥best ost ever

  • 1ronFighter
    1ronFighter 8 days ago +264

    these "Anime in a nutshell" are always so fun to watch, so please keep making them

  • crdllsndy
    crdllsndy 3 days ago +3

    Maaann I do my posting here and there about animes but man!, 🤝🏾 this is always everything for me, my go too. Thank you, always smiling once we get one of these, keep going!

  • Mateusz Pelc
    Mateusz Pelc 2 days ago +2

    I read the Chainsaw man manga and its very mid lol and feels like it lost the plot at some point. Issue is Chainsaw man looks great and when u read or watch it it feels cohesive and makes sense and everything is great but after like 30? chapters it just stops making any sense, having flashbacks to Bleach last ark of manga lol

  • No_Opinion
    No_Opinion 4 hours ago

    Welcome to another episode of “mainstream’s guide to anime” with Gigguk.

  • Rakka
    Rakka 11 days ago +1792

    The fact that we have Chainsaw Man, Mob Psycho 100, Bocchi, Spy x Family and GODDAMN BLEACH OF ALL THINGS with absolute god-tier animation on all of them is just mindblowing. This season is setting a new bar in the anime industry. Bonus shoutout to Urusei Yatsura for an almost flawless revival.

    • EXSISION 303
      EXSISION 303 4 days ago

      @Rick Chakraborty it's still good tho. And the pacing has slowed down a little bit.

    • Rick Chakraborty
      Rick Chakraborty 4 days ago

      @EXSISION 303 well, the pacing of S2 of To Your Eternity has been extremely rushed.

    • Walking Erection
      Walking Erection 5 days ago

      Really gonna speak volumes about how great Chainsaw Man is if it comes out on top in terms of enjoyment and popularity

    • B13
      B13 5 days ago

      what is the website at 0:02?

    • TheBoltMaster
      TheBoltMaster 8 days ago +1

      @bernathanial bleach yes, csm no

  • thespencerbrown
    thespencerbrown 5 hours ago +1

    That maid cafe America joke made me genuinely laugh

  • StudyingManga
    StudyingManga 10 days ago +458

    I am SOOO glad blue lock is getting the recognition it deserves!! While it's really hard to replicate the amazing manga art style I appreciate how the anime makes some of the moments wayy too epic

    • Icy Cold Hands
      Icy Cold Hands 2 days ago

      @ablecan to weebs
      "trying to make football hype and fun to watch" to weebs

    • Bever Cage
      Bever Cage 3 days ago

      @ablecan than saul goodman

    • ablecan
      ablecan 3 days ago

      @Bever Cage I think you misunderstood what I said. You're taking it in the context of me saying football irl isn't that hype or fun to watch so that's what they're doing in the anime. Nah bro I meant as a sports anime it just looks hype and cool asf because of the animation, visuals, dialogue, art etc.

    • Bever Cage
      Bever Cage 4 days ago +1

      @ablecan i mean im not siding with that guy but, MAKING football hype again? Bro it literally has like 3-4 billion viewers. So yeah, it doesn't need an anime for itself.
      Although noo hate for for the anime as its actually enjoyable if you dont really care about accuracy

    • B13
      B13 5 days ago

      what is the website at 0:02?

  • Gaming Fox Tunlor
    Gaming Fox Tunlor 9 hours ago

    Im the villinas and beast tamer really fell off for me after the first couple eps, no spoilers but just felt like the main plot was resolved mid-season.

  • Ian McNinch
    Ian McNinch 3 days ago +6

    16:50 this clip looks like they tried mimicking stop motion. And it would have been 1000 times cooler if they actually used stop motion animation

  • StormTAG
    StormTAG Day ago +3

    “This guy is isekai Haruhi.” How have I never made this connection. Mind blown.

  • MSergei98
    MSergei98 Day ago

    10:19 I laughed so hard that neighbors 2 level downstairs could probably hear it

  • louisbest1
    louisbest1 2 days ago +1

    damm i remember reading i reincarnated as a sword. Its what got me into reading fantasy novels, nice to see it got an anime adaptation

  • Artyom Loukashov
    Artyom Loukashov 2 days ago +1

    "The Little Lies We All Tell" is great for a this season Bleach replacement!

  • Sea Stilton
    Sea Stilton 11 days ago +1375

    That 'ONE, TWO' at the start of the intro is the sound of pure ecstasy

    • salad ball
      salad ball 11 days ago

      1:06 MINNA-SAN

    • Dino Gt
      Dino Gt 11 days ago

      no one cares

    • Metallicafreak182
      Metallicafreak182 11 days ago

      This is all I wanted for my birthday, thank you for gifting it to me garnt!

    • aman
      aman 11 days ago +4

      @Peter K tysm goat

    • issam abbas
      issam abbas 11 days ago +23

      @Peter K I thought you're another bot wonna troll but i was wrong, am sorry and thank you, I was looking for this it's nice opening music, maybe one of the best

  • Nik X
    Nik X 5 days ago +22

    Seeing Bleach come back with this level of animation, the sick OSTs and finally without unnecessary censorship is just so great. I spoiled myself a fair bit because I didn’t think we would ever get a continuation, but I still have so much fun watching!

  • Maxi Dy
    Maxi Dy 2 days ago +5

    10:11-10:16 I know it's a trash show but I would highly recommend you to watch this again.

  • Keenan Raby
    Keenan Raby 6 days ago +240

    The fact that gigguk has to explain what a book is to us explains a lot about his community

  • Jh1nPor4
    Jh1nPor4 12 hours ago

    I repeat, Renai Flops has a freaking PLOT TWIST, at the end of EP 6 to EP8, holy sht Studio Passione gambled on this one for that build-up to come up.

  • Dantist
    Dantist 11 days ago +1574

    Bocchi the rock deserves more attention. The amount of love and effort that the studio puts in is unmeasurable. The animation is smooth and full of fine details.

    • Commander McNash
      Commander McNash 3 days ago +1

      Denji is how young people wish things would have been until near the end of the season, you suddenly go out of poverty, become a badass with a manly job and a love interest (and for those who read the manga we know how that will end).
      Bocchi is what young people will have to do, that is get out of your pandemic excused cardboard box and look for a very unstable job where you will have to literally play as part of a team and scramble for every tip in order to get through.

    • YouTube deleted My Account LMAO
      YouTube deleted My Account LMAO 5 days ago +1

      The two anime of the season are witch from Mercury and bocchi the rock. All others has no contest

    • Reuizi
      Reuizi 8 days ago +2

      @0miNya you not the only one who think gigguk only watch 1 ep of bocchi the rock

    • Weirdizo
      Weirdizo 9 days ago

      Bocchi the Rock is a funny ones cause the band Cameo'd in the anime Slow Loop in Jan 2022(episode 10) with the band playing, both mangas are published by the same studio but animated by different studio's which makes it more interesting

    • Coffee Dude
      Coffee Dude 10 days ago +3

      I'm liking Bocchi way more than Komi, even tho both MC have similar challenges

  • Eigo Tenpi
    Eigo Tenpi Day ago

    You know damn well that if that sword could buy that slave he absolutely would

  • Erdenbürger
    Erdenbürger Hour ago

    I like to repeat the GUN-DAM part of the video multiple times, it's just too funny to me!

  • ♡PuchiEri♡
    ♡PuchiEri♡ Day ago +1

    Ok, yeah the Bang Dream anime wasn't that good BUT THE GAME IS GOOD I SWEAR

  • blank DERP
    blank DERP 3 days ago +5

    You know what we NEED next Solo Leveling, Fire punch, No game no life S2

  • Mico Calimlim
    Mico Calimlim 9 hours ago

    5:44 had me dying

  • bigNoob27
    bigNoob27 22 hours ago +1

    Read a comment, yesterday, about chainsaw man being terrible so far, I've lost all faith in anime-onlys

  • Nineflames
    Nineflames Day ago

    Gotta love the Bookworm soundtrack during the Bibliophile Princess bit lol.

  • cktommyc
    cktommyc 14 hours ago

    The football bit just become real for the JP team, let Goallllllll!

  • Apratim Ganguly
    Apratim Ganguly 11 days ago +2565

    Fun fact: Mappa chose a team of young creators who's first project is csm to work on this show and when the ceo was asked why he said that the young creators who are close to fujimoto's age will be able to relate and create the best possible adaptation possible instead of the most experienced team mappa has got

    • Asaurus Rex
      Asaurus Rex Day ago

      @Icy Cold Hands more over the top is the right description I mean cuz that's how I view csm just I mean just look at bomb and typhoon vs chainsaw and shark or the doll vs chainsaw fight that shit was my second fave fight just behind the final fight on part 1 denji literally fucking went let there be light like he some fucking christian messiah parting the red seas lmao it's fucking wild

    • Icy Cold Hands
      Icy Cold Hands Day ago

      @Asaurus Rex I guess you expected something more over the top? I guess that's in line with the chaotic vibes of the manga's storyline, but I feel visually it has always been kind of grounded, I think this more realistic animation still fits. Now the opening and ending I do think should be, I don't know, just weirder. Music mostly, seems kind of generic. Except for the second Ending, that felt crazy enough.

    • Asaurus Rex
      Asaurus Rex 2 days ago

      @Icy Cold Hands more violence and faster paced animation episode 4 had the right idea and they executed it pretty well but the rest of the episode didnt meet my overly high expectations sadly 5 and 6 was fine but I expected more from the eternity devil fight and the aki vs katana they went for that realism kind of animation but that was sort of boring for me they could have pushed the violence further the way they animated the op showed that they are capable of it the type of style I had in mind for csm was something like studio trigger or something now dont get me wrong the production isnt really all bad but i just expected way too much from them they are good but they really havent wowed me much like jjk or aot, eds were all nice didnt like a few of them but thats prob cuz of music tastes one thing i liked about the new episode tho is how they animated the shooting that was pretty dope

    • Icy Cold Hands
      Icy Cold Hands 2 days ago

      @Asaurus Rex What did you have in mind?

    • Anon
      Anon 5 days ago

      @Utrilus watch more movies. this is your brain on capecoom.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I am pretty sure garnt would actually enjoy bocchi a lot. It looks like another re-skinned K-On on the surface, but it's more like Beck with cute anime girls with a sprinkle of detroit metal city-esque humors and gumball vibes. Especially remembering garnt also enjoyed beck.

    • Artur
      Artur 4 days ago +1

      Dunno why but the characters look very similar to Zombieland Saga characters in terms of looks (even the blonde has the same hairstyle as Saki), the MC even matches Sakura's personality

    • Theta
      Theta 5 days ago

      @DeepThought42 ah, I was not aware that the bots did that too! (Shows how often I end up in the comments 😅) That would make total sense though!

    • DeepThought42
      DeepThought42 6 days ago +11

      @Theta It is possible that someone else made this comment, and this is a bot that copied their comment. It’s pretty common for bots with sexually suggestive names to do that to gain traction, unfortunately.

    • Ivan Malinovski
      Ivan Malinovski 8 days ago +1

      "With a sprinkle of detroit metal city-esque humors" Say no more, I'm on it.

    • Theta
      Theta 8 days ago +18

      your username really does not match the type of comment you are writing. Gave me whiplash

  • AniMangaBoy RawTen
    AniMangaBoy RawTen 2 days ago +1

    Has Garnt started watching Rassling? Already referenced Rock and B-Rock.

  • Chetan ss
    Chetan ss 12 hours ago

    This fall has the best anime ever and for those one piece fans gear 5 luffa 🤩

  • wlm
    wlm 9 days ago +92

    Gigguk: Keep the hype in check
    Also Gigguk: plays the most hyped opening in the season.

  • ドラゴンフィン
    ドラゴンフィン 11 days ago +248

    While I’ve been enjoying the highly anticipated shows like Spy x Family’s 2nd season and Chainsaw Man. Bocchi the rock just somehow connected with me in a way that it quickly became my top anime this season and has even entered my top anime list of all time. I wish people would stop comparing it to K-on so much cause it’s so much more than that. And I’m saying that as someone who loved K-on a lot. The production quality, the attention to details in the instruments and music, the lovable characters, the hilarious comedy and occasional gags like when Bocchi glitched out were some of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in a long time in anime. So I hope everyone gives it a chance cause it’s really just a good time and has a lot of relatable scenes for a lot of people.

    • Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke
      Chidubem Emma-Ugwuoke 9 days ago +2

      I’m surprised so many people are recommending this show. That’s crazy!!! That k-on comparison had me thinking it was nothing special. Wow. Now I have to watch it

    • avataraarow
      avataraarow 11 days ago +3

      100% agreed. I’ve found myself looking forward to it more than mob psycho 100 season 3 each week… and if you told me that would happen for ANY show before this season started I would’ve called you a dirty liar. It’s just so lovingly made and gets me to crack up multiple times per episode

    • ậrんå〆
      ậrんå〆 11 days ago +12

      @ドラゴンフィン Same actually. Expected half way between yuru camp and k-on but bocchi has such a strong identity which really surprised me.

    • ドラゴンフィン
      ドラゴンフィン 11 days ago +18

      @ậrんå〆 agreed. I do admit that I was one of those people that was going to watch bocchi anticipating it to be similar to k-on. But to my surprise it blew me away with how different it is and how the story is actually focusing on their growth as a band overall. But yeah I agree that we can appreciate the two shows for their own respective traits and strengths.

    • ậrんå〆
      ậrんå〆 11 days ago +26

      The constant comparison to k-on is a disservice to both. So much talent, fun and great animation in both but they really aren’t very similar beyond the concept of cute girls in a band. Bocchi and k-on are both great for different reasons.

  • Hanzo
    Hanzo 3 days ago +1

    The openings are so complex to play like Renai Flops

  • Boris Schschets
    Boris Schschets Day ago

    What happened to fantasy anime without isekai and RPG elements?

  • PeacockBoi
    PeacockBoi 2 days ago

    the fucking fart at 10:53 made me laugh way too hard

  • Totobi
    Totobi 8 days ago +51

    My favorite way of explaining bocchi is saying "is like K-on meets Nichijou". You can see that the people had as much fun working on it that we are having watching it. The production values for some of the gags is amazing.
    Definitely my pick for AotS.

  • Henryvs
    Henryvs 11 days ago +635

    I will never get tired of garnt's intros.
    "THIS IS JUST REPACKAGED SLAVERY!" got me laughing so hard

    • tran le nam phuong
      tran le nam phuong 11 days ago +3

      Ay that’s a rick and morty reference

    • R 2 H
      R 2 H 11 days ago +1

      Here is the full clip when i met gigguk

  • KingOfArogance
    KingOfArogance  2 days ago +28

    Thanks just got back into anime after a 2 years hiatus and this video was pretty insightful i've browsed thru and seen how the scence changed since i was gone for the past hour or so and i can almost say this season is one of the best we've had in a very long time.

    • A.R
      A.R Day ago +1

      @Desso Yes!

    • Desso
      Desso 2 days ago

      I'm currently on a 4 year hiatus, do I take the red pill?

    • ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ me📨 official_SMG4
      ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ me📨 official_SMG4 2 days ago

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      " To claim your package

  • Lotus Viridis
    Lotus Viridis 10 days ago +72

    I love that he covered Do it Yourself, which I feel is getting overshadowed by Bocchi the Rock, which in turn is getting overshadowed by the action titles this season. I wish he covered Arknights was the only thing that felt missing, but I think it would just echo a lot of what he said about Chainsaw Man in that its a very cinematic focused presentation style.

    • Rick Chakraborty
      Rick Chakraborty 4 days ago

      Meanwhile Renai Flops only got 5 seconds from him, and Immoral Guild didn't even make an appearance as if it doesn't even exist 💀

    • craciune1271
      craciune1271 8 days ago

      @IIBlueII I think if not for it being the weakest story part of the game, the anime would be amazing. I wish they adapted Kazimierz trilogy, or even Break the Ice instead. The main story's focus is Amiya, whose dialogue feels way too wordy and generic to fit in anything but a novel.

    • IIBlueII
      IIBlueII 8 days ago +2

      @LRgogo yea and its actually pretty solid considering they are currently adapting chapters 0-3 which is the weakest arcs of the story

    • Blitxaac
      Blitxaac 9 days ago +2

      @LRgogo yea

    • LRgogo
      LRgogo 9 days ago +1

      They made an Arknights anime?

  • Just some dude
    Just some dude Day ago

    Yo that was a banging intro

  • RedOfFlames
    RedOfFlames 4 days ago +4

    Not mentioning how good and weird the art in Bocchi can get is a crime. The Mob team and Bocchi team better pay their artists extra after this season

  • SkappY
    SkappY 11 days ago +3521

    2:45 The eminence of shadow
    4:03 Most animes next season
    4:22 bleach is back baby
    5:40 shinobi mo ittoki
    6:32 mobile suit gundam : the witch from Mercury
    7:40 reincarnated as a sword
    8:09 beast tamers 💀
    8:26 I'm the villaines so I'm taking the final boss
    8:46 do it yourself!!
    9:32 bocchi the rock!
    10:11 renai flops
    10:16 bibliophile princess
    10:51 Fuufu ijou koibito miman
    11:33 akiba maid war
    12:21 blue lock
    13:12 urusei yatsura
    14:39 chainsaw man
    16:50 Noumin kanren (Must watch 🤣)
    Need to get a pin or my Step-sis won't feed me tonight 🥺

    • AJ Miller
      AJ Miller 13 hours ago +1


    • Rick Chakraborty
      Rick Chakraborty 4 days ago

      Meanwhile Renai Flops only got 5 seconds from him 💀

    • SkappY
      SkappY 10 days ago

      @reezwave🎩 I think he may make a seperate a vid on mob psycho to tribute it (MAYBE)

    • Pretty boy
      Pretty boy 10 days ago +1

      couldnt agree more anyway self promo time

    • Daksh P
      Daksh P 11 days ago +1

      Hey would you know the other building shows like do it yourself? I remember gigguk showcased them while back but I couldn't get the names

  • N
    N 9 hours ago

    Bleach frustrates me, but man if that show is great at anything, it's sheer hype

  • Julian Almonte
    Julian Almonte Day ago

    funny that the one anime that is the most Japanese is also the one that is the most American lol.

  • Tom
    Tom 3 days ago +2

    so hyped for vinland saga s2

  • Prasant Mgr
    Prasant Mgr 3 hours ago

    4:22 he wasn't hype in any others in the back.

  • Stu
    Stu 6 days ago +2

    Even if it's intended, because of Fujimoto's love for cinema, I gotta say that Chainsaw Man is just an ok adaptation. Amazing anime, that's for sure, just as Gigguk said the production quality is unbelievable, but the vibe is completly different than the one you get from the manga. I would recommend manga over anime 9 out of 10 times, and that one other time is only because of the music like holy shit 12 different endings??? and they all are good. But yeah whole series feels weird rn.

  • 何だと?!
    何だと?! 8 days ago +2

    Okay, as a Bandori fan, I'm slightly hurt. Bang Dream has also good story and drama. Not much tea time or Fuwa Fuwa or mofumofu like K-On! But story-wise, it's actually good. And yeah switching to 3D was sh*tty move S1 art was inconsistent. But money/production-wise it's actually a good move. Just watch D.Cide Traumerei of the studio behind Bang Dream and see for yourself what 3D animation can give to anime (not X-Arm but more like Genshin).
    End of rant lol enjoy watching anime fellow weebs

  • Old Grumpy Bear
    Old Grumpy Bear 8 days ago +21

    This season is so enjoyable. Usually I catch these videos, and Gigguk is telling me things I already knew. This time, there are 2-3 anime that I really need to add to my list. Just a chock-full season, hot damn.

  • Xucong Zhan
    Xucong Zhan 10 days ago +5

    Ep6 of Bleach TYBW was such a banger that then and there I thought, "dang you can't get better Bleach than this sh*t"
    The next week came with Ep7 and I was like 🤯
    It is absolutely worth the wait. Every second of it.
    As a Chainsaw Man manga fan, I am really disappointed in the CG action scenes in Ep1, but that cinematic feel permeating the show is carried out very well, and I love it. But I really feel that if this is what MAPPA aims for, why don't they just make it a 3-sequel movie adaptation? IMHO, just like the manga, the polished cinematic feel presents itself much better when you go through the story in one go. Chopping it up in weekly episodes is really doing it a disservice.

  • Nekouto
    Nekouto Day ago

    Bocchi the rock is a must watch, that's all i'm saying.

  • S1L3NT KN1GHT4
    S1L3NT KN1GHT4 Day ago

    was the"no not you" a dick figures reference

  • qpart ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    2:45 The eminence of shadow
    4:03 Most animes next season
    4:22 bleach is back baby
    5:40 shinobi mo ittoki
    6:32 mobile suit gundam : the witch from Mercury
    7:40 reincarnated as a sword
    8:09 beast tamers 💀
    8:26 I'm the villaines so I'm taking the final boss
    8:46 do it yourself!!
    9:32 bocchi the rock!
    10:11 renai flops
    10:16 bibliophile princess
    10:51 Fuufu ijou koibito miman
    11:33 akiba maid war
    12:21 blue lock
    13:12 urusei yatsura
    14:39 chainsaw man
    16:50 Noumin kanren (Must watch 🤣)

    • Alex
      Alex 2 days ago

      @Rick Chakraborty Thanks mate

    • Rick Chakraborty
      Rick Chakraborty 2 days ago +1

      @Alex Yuru Camp

    • Alex
      Alex 2 days ago

      What's the anime on the right at 8:54?

    • Rick Chakraborty
      Rick Chakraborty 4 days ago

      Renai Flops literally only got 5 seconds from him 💀

    • Future Top G
      Future Top G 5 days ago

      @Phoenski thanks

  • Labord
    Labord 9 days ago +7

    Even as ive grown up and unfortunately stopped being able to watch as many anime as i did back in the day, i still enjoy those anime in a nutshell videos as much as always! i laugh, i get hyped, and i see references to shows i've watched before and enjoy them. my point is, even if i wont see a single anime this season, i honestly thank you for making these videos. cheers!

  • eyeballG86
    eyeballG86 5 days ago +1

    I forgot how much I missed Gigguk. This video had me laughing so hard my mom called over a priest to exorcize me!

  • Minty V
    Minty V 8 days ago +26

    Yo i just have to really thank you for all the vids youve done. I havent been able to properly keep up to date on anime basically since it became mainstream. School got in the way and then Ive been in a deep depression for years now.
    Youre vids have helped me keep in the loop despite feeling too shitty to actually watch anything. Helps me feel just a bit better, as otherwise I feel even more depressed when ive realized how much ive missed. And i really miss being deep in the anime trenches lol

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  • Nick Palumbo
    Nick Palumbo 8 days ago +1

    This was easily my favorite season for anime ever. Blue lock, chainsaw man and mob psycho are awesome. The only disappointment was my hero. That show still sucks and manga readers hyped it up like crazy.

    • TELEGRAPH ME NOW👉Mr_Gigguk👈
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  • Marvin Wolf
    Marvin Wolf 10 days ago +11

    Kinda disappointed that "The little lies we tell" doesn't get more attention. A lot of people probably missed it since it started later, so it would have been nice to see it mentioned. I mean if there's any advantage to bringing out a seasonal video this late it is that you have a good perspective on the entire season

  • David Ashton
    David Ashton 11 days ago +1523

    I'm disappointed Gigguk didn't even mention the absurd amount of meme faces in Bocchi the Rock, especially that part where she goes through three stages of social anxiety seizures. 10 outta 10, better than Anya's faces.

    • Monochrome Art
      Monochrome Art 5 days ago +2

      @2SlowPoke when it comes to using the medium, Bocchi the Rock is much better than many shows in the last years.
      Mushoku Tensei is the only recent show which can compare to Bocchi the Rock in utilizing animation to more than just adapt a story, but to bring a world and characters to life.

    • 2SlowPoke
      2SlowPoke 8 days ago +1

      @FsimplyI love K-on but stuff like K-on and Yuru Camp have a very specific niche of watching cute girls doing almost nothing. K-on's the absolute extreme camp of that in comparison to Bocchi where there's a tangible character progression going throughout each ep.

    • 2SlowPoke
      2SlowPoke 8 days ago +2

      Oh yea Bocchi the Rock has an ABSURD amount of production value for what it is. Really disappointed that he just jot it down to "not K-on" which is a shame considering how well this uses the medium. I'd honestly argue it's as good as something like CSM when it comes to using the medium over the original source material.

    • afro owl
      afro owl 8 days ago +6

      I'm glad this became one of the top comments and the best replies section. Agree with what everyone said.
      Gigguk's Best of the Year video is gonna be so predictable 😂

    • Dimmy Luiz
      Dimmy Luiz 9 days ago +3

      because he's not watching bro, not even half in this video

  • Brad Emery
    Brad Emery 3 days ago +29

    Got to call you out on the whole thing with Lum.
    She's amazing, but calling her the primordial waifu is Cutie Honey erasure 🤣

  • JackgarPrime
    JackgarPrime 4 days ago +6

    It's honestly crazy how stacked Fall 2022 has been. One of the most loaded seasons in many years. I'm watching more anime now than I have in a long time.

  • Walking Erection
    Walking Erection 5 days ago +1

    As a manga reader CSM is definitely one of the most anime out there and each chapter is a new experience 👍

  • Vinicius Nishiyama
    Vinicius Nishiyama 21 hour ago

    Gigguk sleeping on 4-nin

  • Why_Not
    Why_Not 11 days ago +797

    Im so glad everyone here agrees on that bocchi the rock deserves more. Honestly i would say the animation is on par with chainsaw man i mean they have FREAKING CLAY STOP MOTION

    • AnAcquiredTaste
      AnAcquiredTaste 7 days ago

      @Hafiyfiy Irfan They are the same medium. What's wrong with comparing them?

    • AnAcquiredTaste
      AnAcquiredTaste 7 days ago

      @William Bisson hhmmm.... I thought the bat demon fight was pretty hype

    • Chainsaw
      Chainsaw 7 days ago

      @2SlowPoke I haven't seen Bocchi, so I obviously don't have an opinion there. I just wanna say how funny it is you say this because the reason I love Chainsaw Man's animation is because of all the small detailed moments. Like you said, there's not a single part where it's a still image with just a mouth moving.

    • 何だと?!
      何だと?! 8 days ago +3

      Also the PIXEL ART! the freaking part where bocchi was hallucinating of her family and it goes round and round. Idk if thats hand drawn or by software (using 3D then rendered to 2d as pixel.) But that motion was actually good.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton 8 days ago +4

      @Nobody Bocchi doesn't really rely on cutesy animation. It's more akin to Nichijou or Konosuba where the animation goes bat shit insane or deformed to sell a joke.

  • Phell
    Phell Day ago

    Honestly that shinobi no ittoki kinda doesnt even remotely touches what the anime's about. Sad its a really good anime especially later on.

  • K. Willow
    K. Willow 6 days ago +3

    I'm in my dorm room at 1 am trying not to burst out laughing. The editing and timing are gold even among the other seasonal breakdowns.

  • DoctorShroom
    DoctorShroom 2 days ago +1

    Wait. Is Bleach back already? Like, now? Mob Psycho has another season?!?!

  • stick
    stick 7 days ago +3

    fuufu ijou is definitely an underrated anime, probably my favorite romance anime this season

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  • Yann Perreault
    Yann Perreault 10 days ago +2

    As usual, your videos are so hyped out with memes and nonsense that I'm rewatching it not for the informative content (which always steers my anime consumation) but for the video itself! Don't worry about being late for that kind of quality

  • Winterbass
    Winterbass 4 days ago

    Your videos are always great to watch. I fell off anime pretty hard after being super into it in the 2000s, and these nutshell videos make me want to dive back in to see what I've been missing out on all this time!

  • Michał Glinianowicz

    chainsaw man is really promising

    HOHENHEIM 5 days ago +4

    I absolutely adore Fujimotos art style and the anime really doe justice to it. It’s so unique and realistic it just makes the story so lively and bananas

  • Geromee Xin
    Geromee Xin 11 days ago +471

    Can't be said enough, Bocchi the Rock is underated anime of this season. It has everything I expecting from anime. The visual style, good soundtrack, comedy and surprisingly can be serious when it needs to be.

    • Sir Shotty
      Sir Shotty 2 days ago

      @Haxe ハクセーit also helps that people are putting clips of it on yt. That’s how I discovered the show anyways.

    • Cluster
      Cluster 9 days ago

      @jerbjerbjerb ye literally every one in the comments are complementing it I would say the villainess is really the underated oke this season it's an actual well written and entertaining isekai

    • Geromee Xin
      Geromee Xin 11 days ago +1

      @Nathwcx yes and that's how every underrated anime rise, by people talking about it not from the media.

    • D Villines
      D Villines 11 days ago

      possibly anime of the year. It's that or Call of the Night for me. Both have this incredible, bespoke quality to them like very little else I've seen in anime.

    • Nathwcx
      Nathwcx 11 days ago

      literally everyone is watching and talking about it, it's nowhere near underrated

  • Zachary Wong
    Zachary Wong 9 days ago +2

    Hilarious video, Gigguk! Great jokes and great overview of the season!

  • Necrozma
    Necrozma 5 days ago +1

    "She's so socially awkward that she makes Komi-san look like Tyler1"
    I let out the most devious laugh I've ever made in my entire life after hearing that

  • Cass
    Cass 9 days ago +13

    As someone who’s been looking forward to Uzaki season-2, that absolute shade made me actually laugh out loud

    • Rubem Evangelista
      Rubem Evangelista 6 days ago

      Uzaki and Fuufu Ijou are the reasons I can bear my weekends

  • Astranoth
    Astranoth 10 days ago +6

    It's an incredible season. First time I'm watching a Gundam and it's amazing!

  • Ali Saeed
    Ali Saeed 11 days ago +676

    This season in anime genuinely made me come back from my anime burnout I’ve had over the past year, such incredible adaptations from chainsaw man to blue lock and bleach honestly

    • Temka
      Temka 10 days ago +2

      @D3genR3gen I'm truly sorry when I say this but... "I have a short attention span due to past drug abuse" cracked me up. I know it's serious but it's still somewhat funny

    • D3genR3gen
      D3genR3gen 11 days ago

      @Temka I watched the first episode subbed but I have an extremely short attention span from past drug abuse. It's extremely hard for me to concentrate on watching subbed now.

    • D3genR3gen
      D3genR3gen 11 days ago


    • Temka
      Temka 11 days ago +1

      @D3genR3gen why did you get offended so goddamn fast. I suggested you watch the sub instead of waiting as it truly is a great show. I'm not making a point of which is better as both can be good

    • D3genR3gen
      D3genR3gen 11 days ago

      @Temka Bruh. Just stop.
      The Sub vs Dub debate is fuckin old.
      I'm waiting cause I fuckin feel like it.
      I don't understand Japanese, will never understand Japanese and am not interested in trying to learn it.
      And besides. I've been comparing and lately the humor in Dubs are funnier than the subs.

  • Klawd -  AKA AinsOolGawn

    ... i mean, just look at this cinematography! That was so... cinematic. The cat agrees.

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  • Old Grumpy Bear
    Old Grumpy Bear 8 days ago +2

    Fuufu ijou koibito miman would be good for Garnt's soul after that Domestic Girlfriend crap. It's a lovely story. One of the few times an anime has inspired me to go to the manga mid-season b/c I just couldn't wait.

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  • Robert o' depressed🌚

    Who found this in Eddie's God of War Ragnarok playlist?😭🖐🏽

  • Naze
    Naze 10 days ago +5

    I’ve missed the gigguk seasonal videos so good man, I actually laugh so much

  • Splash
    Splash 11 days ago +779

    the editing garnt puts into each video is absolutely crazy
    respect to you man

    • ben Whelband
      ben Whelband 11 days ago +4

      he doesnt edit his own videos

    • griffy ye
      griffy ye 11 days ago +1

      Here is the full clip when i met gigguk

    • M8gazine
      M8gazine 11 days ago +5

      yeah, lets goo Bakashift! :D

    • Kage 777
      Kage 777 11 days ago +4

      Respect to Bakashift for editing the video

    • Chifumu J Manda
      Chifumu J Manda 11 days ago +5

      I thought Bakashift was Garnt's editor...is he not his editor anymore?

  • Epsio0
    Epsio0 2 hours ago

    Fucking hell, going to be next to impossible to unsee 10:12

  • Nagonif
    Nagonif 9 days ago +2

    these vidoes are genuinly some of the biggest highlights of my year. the editing and style is so unique and fun and I swear that song you always use is a straight dopamine shot to my brain

  • Lance Beltran
    Lance Beltran 3 days ago +1

    *Gigguk forgot to include shinmai-renkinjutsushi-no-tenpo-keiei in this video*

  • Levi Wright
    Levi Wright 7 days ago +1

    Love how he can make the things we all already heard into hilarious masterpieces like his comments about blue lock

  • Qbel !
    Qbel ! 11 days ago +593

    Bocchi the Rock has absolutely incredible animation in comedic scenes and the humour gets really, really harsh, but not mean to characters
    I mean psychosis and dam scenes actually broke me

    • Milan
      Milan 11 days ago +2

      @Brian Chen lil bro deleted his entire existence, and after being so cocky about it... if you have a strong opinion about something at least stand by that l-o-l

    • Qbel !
      Qbel ! 11 days ago +2

      @X Ramon I'm an extrovert with low social skills and some anxiety, so Bocchi is relatable (before someone says I ain't an extrovert: I actually enjoy being around people and spending time around them and being alone makes me crazy, but I need to trust these people etc)

    • Brian Chen
      Brian Chen 11 days ago +3

      @X Ramon You can find something relatable without being in the same... extreme. I feel a lot of similar feelings and sometimes think similar thoughts to bocchi, but they're fleeting and don't really affect the way I interact with people all that much. Just when it's exaggerated in her, you can still think "Yo, she just like me fr" without it actually being you.

    • X Ramon
      X Ramon 11 days ago +3

      @Vinh Nguyen Nothing wrong with being introverted, but Bocchi isn't just an introvert, she has several social anxiety, Ryo is a better example of an introvert than Bocchi, she just hangs out with people when she feels like but doesn't freak out when interacting with someone. Reminder that introverts just get tired with social interactions so they are more likely to not hang out as much compared to an extrovert.

    • Brian Chen
      Brian Chen 11 days ago +5

      @It's not Zura, it's Katsura! Do not extend your personal experience to other people's experience bruh. Most people can relate to somebody even if it's the other gender. If a girl feels the same way I feel, I'm not gonna be like "Wow, well she has the exact same thoughts as me, is reacting mostly the same way as me, feels the same as me, is in the same situation as me, but she's a girl so I can't relate". Bruh.
      Edit: Bro deleted his comments smh

  • re-crafted
    re-crafted 9 days ago +3

    Bakashift's edit's are always a pleasure to watch, the come on eileen joke was also fantastic