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Cheating Moments

  • Published on Sep 28, 2021 veröffentlicht
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  • Clear wing assasain
    Clear wing assasain 2 months ago +41

    Nobody talking abt Messi doing what Maradonna did before

  • heysoph9
    heysoph9 Month ago +46

    The amount of footballing 'greats' that score goals with a handball and don't own up to something so dirty

    • J dubs
      J dubs 14 days ago

      Screw Messi

    • Mark N.
      Mark N. 27 days ago

      Ahem *Maradona* AHEM

  • Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo

    1:47 one of the smartest cheat ever🤣

    • Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo
      Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo Month ago

      @Joydeep Purkayastha is there a rule not to making hole like that? He didn't bring any property and really doing it himself. If no rule about doing that is illegal, it's like cheat but not cheat at the same time. 🤣

    • Joydeep Purkayastha
      Joydeep Purkayastha Month ago

      Ya that's for sure

  • Max Whittle
    Max Whittle 2 months ago +17

    Krull wasn't cheating he is coach gave him coaching tips

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago +22

    the one with robbin was a penalty tho

  • BTF_Flotsam
    BTF_Flotsam Month ago +1

    Ah, so that's how those "soccer superpowers" keep on winning games. Genius...

  • Mas'd
    Mas'd Month ago +3

    besides practicing soccer they also practiced drama lol 🤣

  • Chris Smithcamp
    Chris Smithcamp Month ago +13

    3:20 that's the most blatant dive I've ever seen in my life

    • DanTheMan2
      DanTheMan2 Month ago +1

      @PseudoMan gotta do what he gotta do to convince the ref to give him a pen bruv it's a competition with money on the line not sunday football 🤷‍♂

    • PseudoMan
      PseudoMan Month ago +1

      He did step on his foot, although he was being too dramatic about it LOL.

    • starfarts
      starfarts Month ago +5

      @DanTheMan2 Yeah I don't understand this one. You can clearly see he steps on him

    • DanTheMan2
      DanTheMan2 Month ago +6

      the guy actually stepped on his foot if you couldn't realize, it was a legit foul

  • Rodrigo Sinastre
    Rodrigo Sinastre Month ago +1

    Pra mostrar como o futebol e o ser humano é sem vergonha!

  • Bethan Owen
    Bethan Owen Month ago

    Did you see what the keeper did
    He made a hole

  • siber
    siber 2 months ago

    Конченый вид спорта,одни симулянты.И судьям пофигу без разбора красные карты раздают.

  • Out Standing
    Out Standing Month ago

    Thanks for pointing out, but that's not soccer and I'm glad I'm not a fan of this sport.

  • Francisco Varela
    Francisco Varela 9 months ago +83

    Lots of respect for the last guy. Could have just dived but decided to do it honourably

  • Tuzzz94
    Tuzzz94 4 months ago +8

    Suarez blocking the ball on the goal line from being scored with his hands to me is perfectly understandable. Not that he shouldn't get a red card for it, but you could very well just see it as a strategical decision to prevent the goal from happening and hope that the penalty doesn't go in, considering it was after all, as the commentator said, the last shot of the game

    • Anna Karenina Câmara
      Anna Karenina Câmara Month ago

      yeah, regardless of him getting a red card, idk know in which championship it was, the team not getinf knocked out was probably more important.

  • Lvqercel miyy
    Lvqercel miyy Month ago +6

    I love how marcelo has so much faith in ronaldo tht he celebrates even before ronaldo kicks the ball for pnealty thts real and tru friendship

  • Boosted Rival
    Boosted Rival 2 months ago +10

    Is it me or everytime a player gets “hurt” it always seems to be at the exact same spot

  • Smith Family
    Smith Family 8 months ago +2

    Just so you know the Dani Alves foul against Liverpool was actually a foul. He hit the players shoe with is knee

  • Keith Elam
    Keith Elam 3 months ago +10

    the last one left me dying here lol

  • Prithviraj
    Prithviraj Year ago +5

    Man this is hilarious 😂

  • Erycal_ mc
    Erycal_ mc Year ago +8

    Last one was hilarious 😂

  • jose Navarro
    jose Navarro 11 months ago +5

    En un partido de final de campeonato en el 2008,
    entre TOLUCA y CRUZ AZUL,
    el portero del TOLUCA, Hernan Cristante, en la serie de Penaltis, se adelantó casi dos metros, y así quedó campeón TOLUCA

  • adam bsm
    adam bsm 5 months ago +1

    BROTHER, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! You oooh really helped me!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Tijn_DBR
    Tijn_DBR Year ago +4

    1:26 yes but, ramos is just to smart

  • I-Am-Batman
    I-Am-Batman 11 months ago +3

    Despite the Suarez handball being a blatant and disgusting cheat, it’s also genius. Last kick of the game, and he turns a certain goal into a situation where the goalie can save or as happened the taker can miss. It’s not justifiable, but he took one for the team and it paid off.

  • Community channel
    Community channel 2 months ago +1

    This video shows how watchful the referees are.😂

  • Irish Technical Thinker

    As an Irish man, watching us getting knocked out of the world Cup by France handling the ball and scoring a illegal goal. My soul died that day.

    • Liam Enright
      Liam Enright 5 months ago

      Yeah I know I’m Irish to. He was allowed to get away with it because he was Thierry Henry

    • Arthur
      Arthur 6 months ago

      I am french sorry for you, Thierry Henry

    • Ace Handler
      Ace Handler 6 months ago +1

      As an inter-dimesional being from another contiuum...you have my sincerest bliims.

    • Call me Nan
      Call me Nan 7 months ago


    • Brendan Grehan
      Brendan Grehan 7 months ago

      Why didn't they clear it? I'm also Irish.

  • GF Smart tv
    GF Smart tv 8 months ago +2

    That sliding part for penalty was perfectly made🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaron Edwards
    Aaron Edwards 9 months ago +2

    Steve Cook save was actually an amazing save in the end lol😊

  • Crispy Cheese
    Crispy Cheese Year ago +76

    Better than the average evening TV show drama

      STRAIGHT OUTTA BRISTOL 2 months ago

      Watching Messi do the hand of GOD...
      Priceless 🤪😜🤪😜🤪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Ace Handler
      Ace Handler 6 months ago +1

      Better than ANYTHING on TV (except live football of course).

  • gaitan simeon
    gaitan simeon 6 months ago +2

    That last action, that guy deserve an Oscar 😁😁😁

  • Josh S
    Josh S Year ago +5

    that first 20 seconds at 0:01 is so satisfying. Nice to see people cheat and for karma to stick right where it hurts

  • Loque
    Loque Year ago +1

    Que raro ver al Barca y al Madrid robando, no me lo esperaba para nada, los 2 equipos más compra jueces de la historia y para colmo se acusan mutuamente. Antes del VAR jugaban con 1 más siempre.

  • Chris Smithcamp
    Chris Smithcamp Month ago +13

    Neymar: dives like crazy
    Messi: does a whole spin and stands up.
    Suarez: playing handball.
    Haaland: On his knees and gets up ASAP and scores anyway.
    Ronaldo:gets a whole purple eye and still scores an amazing penalty.
    Ramos: dives, makes people dive, and misses penaltys.

  • Ally Lumsden
    Ally Lumsden Year ago

    I seriously hate flopping so much! It just ruins the game, I always get so happy when they get carded for flopping

  • Joseph
    Joseph Year ago +1

    Acting king the last scene🤣😂

  • Wupti
    Wupti 10 months ago +1

    6:50 wasnt a dive, you can easily see he was tackled

  • Ankit Thakor
    Ankit Thakor 5 months ago +1

    Last one is epic 😂🤣

  • Sol Badguy
    Sol Badguy Year ago +221

    2:55 Marcelo knows he would definitely score

  • Collingwood Primary

    It hit him in the Willy

    KING KONG 10 months ago

    Messi re did Maradona's hand of God goal 😂😂😂

  • Front Row Dota
    Front Row Dota 10 months ago

    The one with Luiz wasn't cheating. He was smiling because he frustrated Rafael into commiting a serious foul.

  • jramoh
    jramoh Year ago +1

    Robben,,, master of diving 😂😂

  • Hola Hawla
    Hola Hawla Year ago +100

    I like The way marcelo was so confident to celebrate before christiano kicks the ball

  • Mohamed Rayyan
    Mohamed Rayyan Year ago +1

    Marcelos advance reaction for cr7's goal😍

  • Barton Seagrave
    Barton Seagrave 6 months ago

    These players are so respectful and full of honour I now understand why they kneel before a game and there was me thinking it was just as silly stunt.

  • Onizuka
    Onizuka 11 months ago +5

    Every team needs someone like these players 😂

    CRAZY SLOT Year ago


    UNICK GAMING 10 months ago

    last one is hilarious 😂😂

  • The Poison Kid
    The Poison Kid 9 months ago +1

    Hoonestly, the Suarez play at 2:30 was genius. I know it's not fair play. But still was genius!
    EDIT : Neymar will forever be a sub human.

  • Stanci
    Stanci 3 months ago

    I cant stop laughing at that last one :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Subhajit Malick
    Subhajit Malick Month ago +6

    I swear these football players are far more better actors than a plenty of Hollywood actors

  • Daniel Restrepo
    Daniel Restrepo Year ago +45

    En parte gracias al VAR ya eso no se puede hacer era una locura de felicidad y rabia e impotencia a la vez cuando nuestro equipo perdía de esa manera

  • Android Game
    Android Game Year ago

    Quem rouba sempre perde!! Kkkkk

  • Chuck-142
    Chuck-142 Year ago +1

    VAR needs to give red cards for any form of diving or cheating


    2:12 Didn't see that coming...
    The game I wouldn't watch even if I got paid for that lol 😂😂😂

  • Fortnite guy😎😎
    Fortnite guy😎😎 10 months ago

    The last scene was pretty obvious and hilarious

  • Adii S
    Adii S Year ago +357

    2:19, love the troll reaction from Suarez, he was like: "What, red, for me?" hahhah hilarious

    • Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre
      Leonardo Sanchez Aguirre 2 months ago

      @Gabriel Catelli Where?
      Also, that's true, because it was the South Africa 2010 world cup and FIFA was doing their best for an African team to get far in the tournament.

    • Gabriel Catelli
      Gabriel Catelli 3 months ago +1

      If you check the foul that caused that, the Ghana's player WAS cheating and that play into uruguayan area should had not happen, you can check here

    • Just a Wandering Old Man
      Just a Wandering Old Man 9 months ago

      @Phoenix A V well, just like chivalry, it seems sportsmanship is dead too lol. Good to know

    • Zero Requiem
      Zero Requiem 10 months ago +4

      If Suarez cheated, then every last ditch tackle to stop an opponent by the last defender warrants a red card and the defender be labelled a cheater.

    • Admir Hamzic
      Admir Hamzic Year ago

      @Landry Jongte If it's against the rules, it's cheating.

  • Avis d'un random
    Avis d'un random 2 months ago

    2:19 even if he didn't use his hand, this goal won't be allow since the player is outfield.
    So basically he get a redcard for nothing...

  • Rajat~
    Rajat~ 3 months ago +7

    01:11 Best beat sync 😂

  • My Dream's22
    My Dream's22 5 months ago

    Last one was so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Almar Metohu
    Almar Metohu Year ago

    suarez saved his national team and didnt cheat cuz he got the red card

  • Daniel Tanner James Clayton

    All the years ive watched footy, I will never forget that rivaldo scene.

  • SharkFinn
    SharkFinn 11 months ago +1

    i hate the goalie off the line rule bc the goalie is already at a disadvantage

  • XK
    XK Year ago

    That last one 😂😂

  • kingiflaw Entertainment
    kingiflaw Entertainment 11 months ago +3

    You know what I wonder if after the match is over do these players watch back at the pure stupidity and embarrassment of what they did and feel bad.🤔

    • Jaco Wium
      Jaco Wium 11 months ago +1

      Their celebrations when they get away with cheating suggests to me that they'll never feel embarrassed at all. So many professional players have talent to burn but they just do not have any fair sporting principles in them.

  • Jake Simpson
    Jake Simpson Year ago +574

    Honestly, I think the penalty spot destruction should be a red. It'd stop it right quick. Imagine if you tried to do that right in front of someone taking a free kick or where the keeper is standing for the penalty.

    • bron veal
      bron veal Month ago

      What's stopping an organization from sending a guy out there before the match when the refs aren't around and taint the area with Vaseline or something?

    • Dua Gaming
      Dua Gaming 3 months ago


    • Dua Gaming
      Dua Gaming 3 months ago


    • Ekbal Hossain
      Ekbal Hossain 8 months ago +1


    • Sami
      Sami Year ago +9

      @Jake Simpson that was in 2015, VAR didn’t come to the bundesliga until the 2017/2018 season

  • Abi
    Abi Month ago +1

    2:11 when goal keeper became a defender after happen this 😂

  • Ihsan Faseel
    Ihsan Faseel 9 months ago

    VAR brought 90% reduction to these kinds of referee errors

  • Kaique Mesquita Correa

    It’s moments like these that pushed my away from having any kind of serious interest in football.

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter Month ago

    *And the Oscar goes to... soccer players!!!* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Win Maliza
    Win Maliza 9 months ago +1

    Suárez handball was not cheating at all. The referee called the penalty. Actuallly, it was one of the most amazing sacrifices I've ver seen in football.

  • Wakxa
    Wakxa 3 months ago

    The last one is heart touching 🤣

  • gazelaify
    gazelaify Year ago

    Aquele goleiro Africano é feiticeiro! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Xavier Salazar
    Xavier Salazar 6 months ago

    Last one got me 💀

  • Cucho Valenzuela
    Cucho Valenzuela Year ago

    Tenía que haber un jugador chileno en el video 😆

  • Yoriichi tsugikuni

    6:12 he was trying to be like Messi and Maradona ( hand of God ) 😂😂

  • NachoJr
    NachoJr 11 months ago

    That last one though 😂

  • Jeffrey Nuero
    Jeffrey Nuero 2 months ago

    David luiz : thug life 😂

  • Matthew Briggs
    Matthew Briggs 7 months ago

    With Ramos at 1:26, he was very lucky not to have a second yellow for simulation

  • Rohit Rai
    Rohit Rai 10 months ago

    3:50 that is absolutely nuts 😂

  • --
    -- 6 months ago +1

    3:00 was a legit penalty. And there should have been a penalty in the first half allready after a double foul on Robben.

    • Dave
      Dave 2 months ago

      Right?? The guy stepped on his foot how is that anything but a pk

  • Nathan Oliveira
    Nathan Oliveira Year ago

    There is a difference between cheating and finesse

  • Hengist
    Hengist 11 months ago

    i liked the part where ronaldo uses his hand to score

  • Kaelan
    Kaelan 9 months ago

    When Suarez pulled the ball back with his hands that was not cheating cause it became penalty but he missed

  • Tahir Ahmad
    Tahir Ahmad Month ago

    ronaldo get revenge from cheaters

  • high gr0und
    high gr0und Year ago +1

    he really saved the best for last 😭

  • yup
    yup Year ago +22

    I love it how sometimes Ney’s flop is a little late😂😂

  • Adam Cook
    Adam Cook Year ago +1

    They literally teach players how to dive at Barca training

  • Eric Millwood
    Eric Millwood Year ago

    It's not cheating if you get a red card😂 it's only cheating if you knowingly do it and get away with it

  • Aaron Kramer
    Aaron Kramer 7 months ago +1

    the one that happened to Robben was a little bit of a flop, but I would still give the pen

  • As Nobie
    As Nobie 11 months ago +1

    the spirit of mutual cooperation

  • Babin
    Babin 10 months ago +3

    Suarez Handball was not a cheating.
    That was masterclass

  • Cecil King
    Cecil King 11 months ago

    Guy knows how to have fun

  • Gaucho Colorado
    Gaucho Colorado Year ago +2

    Rivaldo sendo atingido por uma bolada nos joelhos e cavando uma expulsão foi ótimo.

  • Leclercq Thibaut
    Leclercq Thibaut Year ago

    Suárez... The legend... 😂

  • Hunnunung
    Hunnunung Year ago +19

    The last part is hilarious😂😂

  • Fudbal Highlights
    Fudbal Highlights Year ago +1

    Cheating is also big part of football, you need to know how to do that 🧠

  • Romeo Naumann
    Romeo Naumann Month ago +2

    bruh robben wasnt cheating at 3:15

  • Josh S
    Josh S Year ago +5

    how is the goalie at 4:45 cheating? Thats a great tactic to force the player to shoot where you're going to dive lol

    • Apnea
      Apnea 11 months ago

      @MathMols ok, thanks I didn’t know this

    • MathMols
      MathMols 11 months ago

      @DeEp ØP Same answer as the one I Gave the other guy

    • MathMols
      MathMols 11 months ago +1

      @Apnea Maybe you should do some research, the game was in march 2020, but the rule about not leaving the Line was first added in 2020/21 season, so from august 2020

    • DeEp ØP
      DeEp ØP Year ago +1

      Have to stand behind the line

    • Apnea
      Apnea Year ago +1

      No you can t pass the line before shoot

  • mogambo khush hua
    mogambo khush hua Year ago +1

    This is too much😊😂😂