Putin vs the west documentary

Putin vs The West | Documentary Intro | BBC Select
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Throughout the two decades that Vladimir Putin has controlled Russia, global leaders have tried various tactics to keep him in line ...
Putin vs the West: Missed opportunities to prevent war
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"When it looked like Ukraine was going to join the EU, that was a step too far to the West for him and therefore Putin had to stop it.
Vladimir Putin’s battle against the West: Inside Ukraine and Russia | ABC News
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With Moscow deploying soldiers into two Russian-backed separatist territories in Ukraine, Stan Grant hosts an ABC News Special ...
Putin's craving for power | DW Documentary
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On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an all-out attack on Ukraine. While Putin spuriously claimed that the ...
Twenty Years of Putin Playing the West in 3 Minutes | NYT Opinion
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Vladimir Putin, especially these days, is widely reviled. To some he's a war criminal, to others he's a dictator, and to many he's ...
Putin’s War: Behind the Kremlin Walls
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A year in to Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it's become clear that the key to understanding the war is understanding the ...
Putin and the Presidents: Julia Ioffe (interview) | FRONTLINE
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Julia Ioffe is an American journalist who was born in Russia. She is a writer for and founding partner of the media company Puck.
Putin insists West responsible for Ukraine war | DW News
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has reiterated his claim that Russia has been fighting for its survival in its war with Ukraine.
Inside Putin's Russia -- Watch the full documentary
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Correspondent Nick Schifrin and producer Zach Fannin take us inside Vladimir Putin's Russia, with an in-depth look at the ...
Ballooning 'black' budget and leaked conversations: Emerging cracks in Putin's Russia | DW News
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More than a year into Russia's invasion of Ukraine, signs continue to mount that Moscow is struggling under the weight of ...
Documentary: Russia At War - Putin's Home Front
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Sky News' Russia Correspondent Diana Magnay speaks to Russians about their country's war on Ukraine, one year on from the ...
Boris Johnson tells BBC that Putin claimed he could send missile to hit UK 'in a minute'
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In a BBC documentary on Putin and his relationship with western leaders, Boris Johnson says the Russian president claimed he ...
Putin's threat over Western arms supplies
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Speaking at an event to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Nazi defeat in the battle of Stalingrad, Putin warned that ...
Putin's Way (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
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In this 2015 documentary, FRONTLINE traces Vladimir Putin's ascent from unemployed spy to modern-day czar, and investigates ...
What was Vladimir Putin like 20 years ago? #Putin #Russia
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He deserves to be completely defeated I knew Putin in two incarnations even in that second Incarnation he was brutal but ...
Boris Johnson claims Putin threatened him
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Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claims in an upcoming BBC documentary that Russian President Vladimir Putin ...
Inside the country backing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - BBC Newsnight visits Serbia
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As the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine approaches, the majority of people in almost every European country are ...
Putin to the West: ‘Let's stop being enemies’ | USA TODAY #Shorts
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Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia had tried to build positive relations with NATO and the West, but was met ...
Vladimir Putin warns the West that he isn't bluffing
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President Putin has accused the West of engaging in "nuclear blackmail" and warned he has "lots of weapons to reply" as he ...
Putin warns West of “rapid and harsh” response from Russia if it crosses “red lines” - BBC News
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President Putin has warned countries in the West not to cross what he called a “red line” with Russia, stating that it would trigger ...
Putin and the Presidents: John Bolton (interview) | FRONTLINE
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John Bolton served as national security advisor to President Donald Trump from 2018 to 2019. He was previously the U.S. ...
Putin’s atomic weapons plan: Is the nuclear risk rising? | To the Point
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President Vladimir Putin's announcement that he plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus has raised concerns about ...
Biden & Putin’s Years-in-the-Making Faceoff Over Ukraine | Putin and the Presidents | FRONTLINE
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By the time Russian President Vladimir Putin met with U.S. President Joe Biden in June 2021 for a summit in Geneva, Switzerland ...
Putin says Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow struck a deal with neighbouring Belarus to station tactical nuclear ...
Hear what Russians think about Western tanks for Ukraine
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After the announcement of Germany and the US to supply tanks to Ukraine, Russia's propaganda machine is working at full ...
Russia to send nuclear weapons to Belarus as a warning to NATO | DW News
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Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus. Putin says the move is a warning to the West as ...
Boris Johnson Speaks On Putin's Missile Threat, Russia-Ukraine Blame Game +More |Russian Invasion
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#ChannelsTv #newsupdate #news #newsinnigeria #newstoday #newsheadlines #2023Election #Politicstoday #russianinvasion ...
Putin and the Presidents: Timothy Snyder (interview) | FRONTLINE
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Timothy Snyder is a professor of history at Yale University. He is the author of The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America.
Boris Johnson | Vladimir Putin | Boris Johnson Claims | Russia Ukraine War | Missile Strike Threat
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Boris Johnson | Vladimir Putin | Boris Johnson Claims | Russia Ukraine War | Missile Strike Threat Boris Johnson has said ...
Who is Vladimir Putin? - BBC News
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Who is the Russian President, and what does he want with Ukraine? Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia, and has been the ...
Putin stages huge pro-war rally to mark Ukraine invasion anniversary - BBC News
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President Putin has told a huge rally in Moscow that Russian soldiers are fighting a courageous battle in Ukraine to defend their ...
Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses Ukraine and West of starting war - BBC News
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for provoking the war with Ukraine, in a State of the Nation address.
The Russian military operation in Syria | DW Documentary
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Since 2015, due to the inaction of the West, Vladimir Putin has had a free hand in the Syrian conflict. How has this affected ...
Abrams, Leopard and Challenger 2 vs. T-72: How Western Tanks Compare to Russia’s Armor | WSJ
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As the U.S. and its allies start sending Abrams, Leopards and other tanks to help Ukraine, those vehicles are set to change the ...
Putin rages against West in speech decried as absurd propaganda
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a combative state-of-the-nation speech, blaming the West for the war in Ukraine ...
PM Modi gets support from Putin over BBC film; Russia blasts UK Broadcaster's 'information war'
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Russia said the banned BBC documentary on PM Narendra Modi is another evidence of the BBC "waging an information war on ...
Boris Johnson claims Vladimir Putin threatened him with missile strike | Ukraine
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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened him with a missile strike during a ...