Kemper profiler live

Kemper Profiler Live
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Sound comes direct from Behringer X32, we are playing very first time in front of the Audience :-)
Kemper Profiler Live Rig
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i think the video says it all.
Kemper Profiler - 12 Years Old - Is It Still Worth Buying?
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I got a Kemper Profiler as soon as it came to the market 12 years ago and this is now my 3rd Kemper profiler. A few weeks ago I ...
Did I make the right decision? My thoughts on the Kemper 6 months later
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Did I make the right decision to go for a Kemper? About six months ago I decided to sell a lot of my analog stuff and bought myself ...
Which One Would I Buy? Kemper Stage vs Helix
Building the Ultimate Kemper Rig!
Views 18KYear ago
Let's build the Ultimate Kemper Rig for any situation! Live, Home and Studio! Kemper wooden end Kaps: ...
Pete Thorn plays "To Live And Die In Nashville" feat. Michael Britt Kemper profiles
Views 202K7 years ago
Pete Thorn recorded a brand new song "To Live And Die In Nashville", using Micheal Britt profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amp ...
Kemper PROFILER - Beartooth Rigtour from the Captured Live Rehearsal Spaces
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Beartooth just sent us this rigtour! Thanks guys!!
Kemper profiling amplifier LIVE on stage, The Amp factory Cornfeld Car profile, soundcheck jam
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Short jam with my Kemper, TAF Cornfeld Car (Cornford Carrera) profile. Really great profiles for both live and studio use.
Kemper profiler live
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Kemper profiler live. Mb Marshall jubilee. Mb fender vibrolux.
My Live Rig Setup With a Kemper Profiler | Why I Bought a Kemper Profiling Amp
Views 1.4K7 months ago
Here I show my live rig setup with a kemper profiler and most importantly, why I switched to a kemper profiling amp for live use.
Kemper Profiler Rig Check - Jeff Loomis with Arch Enemy
Views 65K7 years ago
Jeff Loomis is an awesome guitar player and made a lot of fans with his Conquering Dystopia project with Keith Merrow. Now he ...
#kemperprofiler Kemper Profiler Stage™ - The Simon Kramer Live Performance
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Visit the Kemper Online Store: Simon Kramer toured the world as guitarist for Alice Merton and ...
KEMPER PROFILER - Rig Tour with Benny Young at Alvaro Soler
Views 2.9K3 years ago
Visit the Kemper Online Store: Benny shows us how he programmed the show with Ableton LIVE, ...
Kemper Profiler Amp used in live setting with Stratocaster
Views 18K5 years ago
Here's a quick clip of the Kemper in live use for a church band Practice. The solo is using a Michael Britt 62 Fender Deluxe patch ...
Kemper Profiler Stage - Live - Corazon Espinado - Santana Cover
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Cover of Santana's Corazon Espinado Gear: Fender Player Stratocaster Floyd Rose Kemper Profiler Stage.
Live Solo with Kemper Profiling Amp
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Did this solo live with the Kemper Profiling Amp. Used Sascha's 5150 III profile. Came across sounding beautiful onstage and from ...
Kemper PINK FLOYD full live show
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Almost three years after the final "Mauritian Tribute to Pink Floyd" show, I played all my guitar parts live in my studio (the original ...
Kemper higain profiles - PA (FOH) sound tests
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Test of hi-gain profiles on PA sound system. Sound system : DB T12 T8 and subbass S30 , mixer X32 producer. No eq, no comp.
Kemper Profiler - Recording guitars with Tim Pierce #2 - And win!
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Visit the Kemper Online Store: We are extremely honored that Tim Pierce took some time and ...
Kemper Profiler Stage - Michael Britt Top 5 FREE Profiles in 4K - by Glenn DeLaune
Views 26K3 years ago
Here I demo THE Top 5 Free Kemper Profiles by Michael Britt.
Kelly Back - Kemper Profiler Amp vs LIVE Amp with PRS McCarty 594 Guitar
Views 2.8KYear ago
Kelly Back - Kemper Profiler Amp vs Amp with PRS McCarty 594 Guitar Nashville session player, Kelly Back, tells us 8 things to ...
Views 56K3 months ago
Trying out the powered Kemper Kone 1x12 Cabinet with the Kemper Stage. DISCLAIMER: Kemper did send this rig, but ...
Kemper Profiler live 'Freddie the Band' Twickeham Rugby Stadium
Views 1.6K8 years ago
Just starting to get to grips with the live set up...sounds a bit toppy because of the FOH EQ but I'm head over heels in love with the ...
KEMPER Artist Talk - LA session guitarist Rod Castro
Views 10K2 years ago
Visit the Kemper Online Store: We talked to LA session ace Rod Castro about his use of the ...
NAMM 2016 - Kemper Profiler Version 4.0
Views 176K6 years ago
Guitar World stops by the Kemper Amps booth to check out some new gear at the 2016 winter NAMM show!
Kemper Rig Check - Trivium's Matt Heafy
Views 95K6 years ago
Trivium are one of the hardest working bands out there. We had the chance to meet them between their big summer festival shows ...
Kemper Profiler Amp in live setting with Stratocaster
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Here a wee clip of a mate using my Kemper during a live practice for our church. Patch used is a Michael Britt 62 Fender Deluxe.
Kemper Profiler Rig Check - Mendel and Ian of ABORTED
Views 17K6 years ago
Mendel and Ian of Aborted talk about their Profilers, their rigs they use during the shows and why you should get one, too!
KEMPER - New Live Profiles!!
Views 4.3KYear ago
I deleted all my old live Kemper profiles as I wanted to start fresh. Using all Michael Britt profiles, I go through and explain what ...
Kemper Profile ▶️ Revv Generator 120W MK II by Live Ready Sound
Views 2.1K2 years ago
A short demo of Live Ready Sound Studio's DR ReVerend G Kemper profile pack which captures with the #RevvGenerator 120W ...
Are Digital Amps Any Good? My thoughts on the Kemper Stage Profiler and Power Kabinet.
Views 17K8 months ago
Are digital amps any good? I have just bought my first Kemper Profiler and in this video I talk about my reasons for going digital ...
Kemper Profiler Stage - Michael Britt Top 5 Paid Profiles demo - by Glenn DeLaune
Views 38K3 years ago
Here I demonstrate Michael Britt's Top 5 Favorite Kemper Profiles.
Kemper Live Profiles! What I'm Using!
Views 21K2 years ago
Hello everyone it's been a while but I'm back making a video and I got a Kemper Stage so just thought I'd do a video explaining ...
My Kemper Live Rig Walkthrough - A Rundown of the Gear & My Thoughts on Rig Design
Views 15K2 years ago
Another requested video, this is a walkthrough of my Kemper live rig. How I transport it, put it together and the thoughts in ...
KEMPER PROFILER Stage™ - Erlend Krauser performs THE STAND
Views 79K2 years ago
Visit the Kemper Online Store: The lyrical guitar virtuoso #ErlendKrauser performs live with the ...
My Guitar Setup 2022 | Kemper Profiler Stage + Bose L1
Views 1.4K5 months ago
My new guitar setup 2022 is the Kemper profiler stage combined with the active Bose L1 system. This way I will save a lot of ...