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#kemperprofiler Kemper Profiler Stage™ - The Simon Kramer Live Performance
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Visit the Kemper Online Store: Simon Kramer toured the world as guitarist for Alice Merton and ...
Kelly Back - Kemper Profiler Amp vs LIVE Amp with PRS McCarty 594 Guitar
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Kelly Back - Kemper Profiler Amp vs Amp with PRS McCarty 594 Guitar Nashville session player, Kelly Back, tells us 8 things to ...
Kemper Profiler Stage - Michael Britt Top 5 Paid Profiles demo - by Glenn DeLaune
Views 35K2 years ago
Here I demonstrate Michael Britt's Top 5 Favorite Kemper Profiles.
Kemper Live Rig Rundown - How & Why I Use It
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In this week's video I give you a quick rig rundown of my Kemper Profiler setup for live applications. I also touch briefly on why I'm ...
Kemper Profiler Stage: Unboxing & First Look!
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Lee & Pete get their hands on the Kemper Profiler Stage, the long-awaited floorboard version of the Kemper Profiler. These is a ...
Kemper Live Profiles! What I'm Using!
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Hello everyone it's been a while but I'm back making a video and I got a Kemper Stage so just thought I'd do a video explaining ...
Kemper Stage Setup & Tips
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Please subscribe to my channel if you like this video. There will be lots more coming soon! If you would like to support my channel ...
Kemper Profiler Live Rig
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i think the video says it all.
Kemper Profiler Live
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Sound comes direct from Behringer X32, we are playing very first time in front of the Audience :-)
Kemper Profiler Amp used in live setting with Stratocaster
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Here's a quick clip of the Kemper in live use for a church band Practice. The solo is using a Michael Britt 62 Fender Deluxe patch ...
Kemper PROFILER - Beartooth Rigtour from the Captured Live Rehearsal Spaces
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Beartooth just sent us this rigtour! Thanks guys!!
Kemper Profiler RigCheck - Nathan Spicer on tour with Katy Perry
Views 36K6 years ago
Nathan Spicer tours the world as guitar player for Katy Perry during the Prismatic World Tour. He completely relies on the Profiler ...
KEMPER PROFILER Stage™ - Erlend Krauser performs THE STAND
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Visit the Kemper Online Store: The lyrical guitar virtuoso #ErlendKrauser performs live with the ...
Der Kemper Profiler auf der Bühne - mit Thomas Dill
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Thomas Dill zeigte auf dem Guitar Summit 2019 Tipps und Tricks zum Einsatz des Kemper Profiler auf der Bühne.
KEMPER - New Live Profiles!!
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I deleted all my old live Kemper profiles as I wanted to start fresh. Using all Michael Britt profiles, I go through and explain what ...
Glenn Allen Guitar Montage Live with Rewind Seattle using Kemper Profiling Amp and CLR monitor
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Kemper Profiles now available for sale- Guitar solos for Hard to Handle, Hit Me ...
Обзор гитарного процессора эффектов Kemper Profiler l SKIFMUSIC.RU
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Все ролики, которые снимает Сергей Александрович, мы пишем на процессор эффектов - Kemper Profiler. Чтобы у вас не ...
Kemper Profiler - Recording guitars with Tim Pierce #2 - And win!
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Visit the Kemper Online Store: We are extremely honored that Tim Pierce took some time and ...
Kemper Profiling Amp
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Today's digital modeling technology delivers many very impressive sounds, but sometimes playing through even the best amp ...
Kemper Profiler - That Rig Show #11 - Michael Britt Rig Pack walk through
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at min. 10:00 the mic signal is not dimmed enough - sorry for that!!! In this episode of That Rig Show Ruben Roeh walks us ...
Kemper Profiler Tutorials - Profiler Stage Overview (english)
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ATTENTION!!! Information Update! YES, THE PROFILER STAGE DOES PROFILING: SEND 1 connects to the Amp Input. RETURN ...
Kemper Amp - Profiling Tutorial - EVH 5150 III - Sarky
Views 124K7 years ago
Profiling a Kemper Amp with EVH 5150 3 100watts head, Marshall cab with SM 57 mic, and PRS guitar. Profiled in S.G.Studio.
Which One Would I Buy? Kemper Stage vs Helix
NAMM 2016 - Kemper Profiler Version 4.0
Views 172K5 years ago
Guitar World stops by the Kemper Amps booth to check out some new gear at the 2016 winter NAMM show!
Kemper Profiler Tutorials - Performance Mode (basic) - english
Views 130K6 years ago
Video Tutorial about the performance mode (basic) in the Kemper Profiler Produced by Thomas Dill ( ...
Pink Floyd Kemper guitar sounds - Fremen presets
Views 7K4 years ago
Some live samples of the sounds I made with a Kemper profiler for my Tribute to Pink Floyd project. This is a camcorder ...
Kemper PROFILER Backline chat - The KOOKS
Views 2.6K2 years ago
At Hamburg Sporthalle we met with The KOOKS' guitar techs Will Matthews and Kevin Papworth and learned about how they ...
Kemper Profiler Rig Check - Jeff Loomis with Arch Enemy
Views 64K7 years ago
Jeff Loomis is an awesome guitar player and made a lot of fans with his Conquering Dystopia project with Keith Merrow. Now he ...
Kemper Speaker & Monitoring Guide - FRFR vs Guitar Cabs & Setup Tips
Views 19KYear ago
After many requests, this is my attempt at an in-depth guide to monitoring your Kemper Profiling Amp in various ways. In the video ...
Kemper Tone for Playing Live VS Playing at Home Using a Kemper with a guitar cab
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Find us on the internets at dylantalkstone ...
AVR 065 - Kemper Profiling Amp (Кручу верчу с софтом сравнить хочу)
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Кручу, разбираюсь, экспериментирую, туплю ))) 00:00 Интро ) 01:57 Управление Kemper Profiling Amp 13:33 Редактор Rig ...
The Kemper Profiling Amp - A Full Review (Pros & Cons)
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This is my full Kemper profiling amp review. I go over the pros and cons of this unit as well as who I think its target audience is as ...
Kemper higain profiles - PA (FOH) sound tests
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Test of hi-gain profiles on PA sound system. Sound system : DB T12 T8 and subbass S30 , mixer X32 producer. No eq, no comp.
$4,000 Amp vs. Kemper Profiler: Are Amps Still Relevant?
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Betcha can't tell me which is which ;) 67 DLX RVRB Profile Pack: Follow me on ...
Kemper profiling amplifier LIVE on stage, The Amp factory Cornfeld Car profile, soundcheck jam
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Short jam with my Kemper, TAF Cornfeld Car (Cornford Carrera) profile. Really great profiles for both live and studio use.
Kemper Profiler Stage - Live - Corazon Espinado - Santana Cover
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Cover of Santana's Corazon Espinado Gear: Fender Player Stratocaster Floyd Rose Kemper Profiler Stage.
How To Make Your Helix Or Kemper FEEL Like The Real Thing
Views 249KYear ago
These are my 5 tips and tricks for making your modeler sound like a tube amp, I use these techniques all the time to dial in my ...
Kemper Profiler Rig Check - Mando Diao
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The Mando Diao touring setup is a very organised and focused system to provide utmost comfort for the techs and freedom for the ...