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From $2 Billion to Nothing - The Rise and Fall of Atari
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About ColdFusion ColdFusion is an Australian based online media company independently run by Dagogo Altraide since ...
The history of Atari
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The History of ATARI as told by Nolan Bushnell.
The Atari ST Story | Nostalgia Nerd
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The Atari ST is a machine which emerged in 1985 and immediately went head to head with the Amiga 1000. The Atari ST is ...
The Atari Games Story | Nostalgia Nerd
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Atari Games, were literally the creators of Atari Games, in the guise of Atari arcade games. You see, back in the 70s, Atari was one ...
Atari Game Over : 2014 Documentary
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Atari: Game Over is a 2014 documentary film directed by Zak Penn about the North American video game crash of 1983, using the ...
Evolution of Atari Consoles [1972-2022]
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Here it is, one of the most request videos on this channel, the Evolution of Atari Consoles! SUBSCRIBE for more Animations: ...
How the ET Video Game Ended Atari
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Perhaps you've heard stories of the mythical Atari landfill in New Mexico full of unsold E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial games. Well ...
8 БИТНАЯ ЭПОХА ATARI. История Компьютеров 400/800/XL/XE - Часть 1
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Первая часть длинного сериала о компьютерах Atari. История эволюции 8-битных ПК Atari с 1979 по 1992 год.
The Decline of Atari...What Happened?
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Atari was once the biggest name in video games. Today, they are almost completely insignificant. This video tells the cautionary ...
The Atari 800XL / Part 1 - Trash to Treasure - Computer History & Restorations
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○ A new Trash to Treasure series is upon us, this time it's the Atari 800XL - A machine with a history that laid the foundation for ...
The History Of Atari
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, and images scan from Atari and the internet and the rest by me, so enjoy the show and please give some feedback.
Do The Math - The Story Of The Atari Jaguar
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The Atari Jaguar was marketed as the world's first 64 bit console. Released at a time when the media and many consumers were ...
The Atari 2600 Story - The History of the World's Most Iconic Console
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Atari2600 #TedDabney #Atari The Atari 2600 was one of the longest standing consoles in history. It went on for some 15 years, ...
Tokyo Atari Story
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Provided to Clip-Share by Lumpia Beats Tokyo Atari Story · LO-FI BEATS · Lofi Tokyo Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Instrumental Panda Beats ...
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what going on full story interview.
Atari Jaguar Story | Nostalgia Nerd
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The Atari Jaguar. The world's first 64 bit games console. Do the Math. This is how the Atari Jaguar was sold, and I for one, loved it.
So begann die Videospiele Geschichte - Atari 1040ST
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So begann die Videospiele Geschichte - Atari 1040ST •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ▻Noch mehr Xaroc: • Discord: ...
The Unexpected Accidental Success Of Atari | Silicon Valley: The Untold Story
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Learn all about the history of Atari, and how the accidental success of 'Pong' propelled the company to massive success.
История Atari Jaguar/Как создавали первую 64-битную консоль
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Atari Jaguar - консоль, на которую Atari возлагала огромные ожидания, чтобы успешно конкурировать c остальными ...
The Story of the Atari 7800 - One Chaotic Story - Video Game Retrospective
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It's the Atari 7800! A system born from the fires of corporate shakeups and a quickly evolving video game industry. After the failure ...
Inside the Worst Video Game Ever
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The video game 'E.T, The Extraterrestrial' for Atari 2600 is considered one of the biggest flops in gaming history. Yet the game's ...
Atari Console Story: why are 700,000 games buried in the desert 👾🕹
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Decades ago, Atari was THE videogame console. It helped develop the gaming world in the U.S., with its great 2600 console and ...
История видеоигр, часть 2 - взлёт Atari и кризис игровой индустрии
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Предприимчивый студент Нолан Бушнелл кодил в компьютерном классе по ночам и так написал свою первую игру.
Atari VCS / 2600 | The Console that Launched an Industry
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○ Description Few systems can say they changed or created an industry. The Atari VCS is one of them, and this is the story of ...
The Story of I, Robot: Atari's Forgotten Arcade Classic | Kim Justice
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Atari's groundbreaking I, Robot was the first fully 3D game in the Arcade, but unfortunately it flopped hard on release due to ...
Documentary | Once Upon Atari (2003) [Series in One]
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Once Upon Atari (2003) [Series in One] └ Subtitles: - - - Ep. 01: House of Video Games - Ep. 02: The Enemy Within - Ep. 03: ...
Before Apple: Steve Jobs at Atari | Gaming Historian
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Gaming Historian provides a history of Steve Jobs time at Atari. Before Steve Jobs changed the world of technology at Apple, ...
Builder Land (The story of Melba) - Atari ST / STE
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In this video, Builder Land - The story of Melba, released in 1990 for the Atari ST by Loriciel. The protagonist of this game is a little ...
Adventure: Atari Archive Episode 33
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Atari's second release of March 1980 wasn't the commercial behemoth that Space Invaders was, but Adventure has proved to be ...
The Story of the Atari XE Game System, Video Game Console or Computer? - Video Game Retrospective
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In 1984, a Atari released the Atari XE Game System. A member of Atari's 8-bit line of home computers the XEGS shares the same ...
The Story of the Atari 1200XL - Is It GOOD? Tech Retrospective
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Today on Tech Retrospective we continue our never-ending coverage of the Atari 8 bit line of retro computers. Up today is the ...
The Story of Atari's Unreleased Electronic Games
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This short documentary looks at the story of Atari's much publicised, but ultimately unreleased, series of electronic handheld ...
Before Atari: The Story of the Very First Consoles
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In this video I look at 5 consoles that came before the best-selling Atari 2600 VCS and set the foundations for the video game ...
Atari - Game Over | 2017 | DOKU [GER]
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Ausgestrahlt am 27.04.2017 1983 soll Atari unzählige Exemplare des gefloppten Spiels "E.T. - Der Außerirdische" in einer ...
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The classic game from the arcades to your Atari XL / XE, now with an excellent intro pic. A really great game ever. For playing this ...
The History Of Atari Pong And How It All Started The Video Arcade Game Industry #pong #arcadegames
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atari #videogames #retrogaming #pong We recently visited a few buildings in Silicon Valley which hold historic value to the story ...
The Story Of Atari's 1983 Nintendo Console - Featuring Guru Larry
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When people talk about 1983 they almost always refer to it as the year of the video game crash. But 1983 also almost became the ...
Atari's All Or Nothing Gamble? The Story Of The ST (and Amiga?) - Part One
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Hi Everyone and welcome to this first episode in our Atari ST series. In this episode we look at the downfall of Atari in the early ...
The Story of the Atari ST CD
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This video chronicles the story of the Atari ST's ill-fated CD add-on and the spin-off projects that arose around it. Please support ...