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1952 Gibson les Paul 55 conversion
Original 52 with conversions message if interested
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Kemper profiler live
Views 6002 years ago
Kemper profiler live. Mb Marshall jubilee. Mb fender vibrolux
gary moore
Views 2522 years ago
jammin along with still got the blues. fractal ax8. music man luke 3
Hotel solo attempt
Views 342 years ago
hotel solo attempt
jamming along with joe
Views 4152 years ago
jamming along with joe
"Bludgeoned to Death" Suicide Silence (Drum Cover)
Views 17512 years ago
me playing suicide silence's song
"Unanswered" (drum cover)
Views 8712 years ago
me playing suicide silence's song "unanswered"
NEW* "Lifted" (Drum cover)
Views 59312 years ago
I made a re-cover of this because i have new gear and got better so figured it was about time for videos
"No Pity For A Coward" Drum/Guitar cover
Views 12212 years ago
me and my nig playin this song
"Inside" Seven Dust (Drum Cover)
Views 25913 years ago
me playing Seven Dust's "Inside " off the new album "chapter 7 HOPE AND SORROW"
"Reptar King of The Ozone" Drum Cover
Views 32513 years ago
me playing the devil wears prada's Reptar King of The Ozone off of their second album plagues
A terrible Tre flip
Views 11013 years ago
A terrible Tre flip
The Dance Of All Dance!
Views 9113 years ago
actions speak louder than words.
HTML Rulez D00d- Drum Cover (old)
Views 26013 years ago
FULL BAND NEW MUSIC!!!!!! hear it now!!!! listen! add! i did this about a year or so ago and just found it so i decided to put it up
Views 31413 years ago
WATCH THIS NOW OR BE ATTACHED TO A COW! us being all bored and such i recommend that you dont watch it if you hate animal abuse!
Jesse killing himself
Views 18414 years ago
Jesse killing himself
A Hardcore Skate Day!!
Views 46214 years ago
A Hardcore Skate Day!!
Views 1.1K14 years ago
apology-sponge bob
Views 29K15 years ago
apology-sponge bob


  • sherman pup
    sherman pup 5 months ago

    Great intonation Greg , really good , makes my fingers hurt a little

  • Ken B
    Ken B 5 months ago

    Nice guitar

  • Cort Hullinger
    Cort Hullinger 8 months ago

    Killed it.

  • Tomulator
    Tomulator Year ago

    Sounds great! Nice playing too. Britt's profiles are really good.

    • gregdewald
      gregdewald Year ago

      Love MB’s profiles . I’m using the Marshall jubilee

  • Bryan Edington
    Bryan Edington 2 years ago

    That was amazing.

  • Tommy Carroll
    Tommy Carroll 2 years ago

    Nice work fella. You sound great as always! Miss ya man!

  • Jack Ransbottom
    Jack Ransbottom 2 years ago

    Sounds awesome brother!!!!

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson 6 years ago


  • Solano Rodriguez Ricardo


  • Mysticofshadowyhearts

    Love this song. Thanks for making it entertain me this morning. I enjoyed it to be honest and I laughed some times too. Good job

  • eaiseaspie
    eaiseaspie 10 years ago

    Yay :D

  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago


  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago

    if thats what he said he said it with a lisp. xD

  • Rodrigo Salido
    Rodrigo Salido 10 years ago

    LOOOOOOOL, la cara de Calamardo!

  • David Grisales T.
    David Grisales T. 10 years ago

    fucking brilliant!

  • ChaoticBun
    ChaoticBun 10 years ago


  • Luke
    Luke 10 years ago

    call up my place, ill do it

  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago

    seriously? the word "poser" is totally over-used man. why dont u get a life so i'll have someone to gossip about.

  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago

    FINe! fkin poser u can go to hell!

  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago

    ..stop talking to yourself dumbass.

  • iammarioful
    iammarioful 10 years ago

    MAJORITY OF BTF FANS ARE EMO jus sayin' i know i am

  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago

    @chickofacceptance are you being sarcastic? cuz that's not cool man.

  • Dillonisgone
    Dillonisgone 10 years ago

    @chickofacceptance The devil wears prada?

  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago

    @ifIAMjAF dude.... ur a fail

  • Olivia Whitmore
    Olivia Whitmore 10 years ago

    @UnrealGoalie wut?

  • Gitawfmahlawn
    Gitawfmahlawn 10 years ago

    Squidward's Suicide.

  • Dillonisgone
    Dillonisgone 11 years ago


  • kellymadden
    kellymadden 11 years ago

    @gregdewald they used to be

  • Alex Saldana
    Alex Saldana 11 years ago

    i think i cought a cold from the sick breakdowns

  • Bekim Sefa
    Bekim Sefa 11 years ago

    Should have gotten normal cymbals...

  • Michael Ernst
    Michael Ernst 11 years ago

    haha @1:31, holding the skull to scream into

  • A LOWE
    A LOWE 11 years ago

    @RandomVids863 it sounds like it! lol

  • cevinsonic
    cevinsonic 11 years ago


  • chris ulrich
    chris ulrich 11 years ago

    this is my pump up song lolol

  • Christiano Arnado
    Christiano Arnado 11 years ago

    this version is the old one ...

  • Christiano Arnado
    Christiano Arnado 11 years ago

    this is wicked ....

  • Nick Langel
    Nick Langel 11 years ago


    CR0USLY 11 years ago

    36 People don't know music !

  • David Lippert
    David Lippert 11 years ago

    xD crazy vid!

  • Diego Fdz
    Diego Fdz 11 years ago

    @gregdewald they never were emo if not they had emotional about their songs but nah they arent emo btf never was :D only they had emotional about the chistianity :D

  • eaiseaspie
    eaiseaspie 11 years ago

    I want someone to scream for me while delivering pizza

  • contreras contreas
    contreras contreas 11 years ago

    xido video camaladas

  • Jas
    Jas 11 years ago


  • Alex Borrego
    Alex Borrego 11 years ago

    this made my day

  • Balto Fan
    Balto Fan 11 years ago


  • Rick Rob
    Rick Rob 11 years ago

    @Family3o3 i guess, but all the songs sound soo the same its just too boring, patterns of a horizon is the best

  • Timothy Barr
    Timothy Barr 11 years ago

    @buttfacerob dude it was an awesome album what are you talking about!!!

  • woopers747
    woopers747 11 years ago

    @Thrashkid493 surly pre-post- grind-metal.... is the same as grind metal etc

  • DreamscapeForever
    DreamscapeForever 11 years ago

    this is pretty funny

  • Art, the clown
    Art, the clown 11 years ago

    suvaco do pedro