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  • MrBananadrunk
    MrBananadrunk Hour ago

    Why does the baby look like Benny

  • Fredric Rosén
    Fredric Rosén 4 hours ago

    @Jon, din senaste video togs bort från Clip-Share pga att den videon tydligen bröt mot Clip-Shares policy. Skulle vilja se den videon, då det typ är veckans höjdpunkt att se dina vloggar :P Så om du/ni kan ladda upp den igen mellan blöjbyten skulle iaf jag uppskatta det :D

  • CuntWhisperer
    CuntWhisperer 5 hours ago

    That thumbnail is wackkk. Why’re they just gripping him by the neck like that

  • Comfort Ubisi
    Comfort Ubisi 6 hours ago

    In Africa, when it rains, it’s seen as a blessing. So for the 1 day it rains in Marbella to also be the day your baby meets the world, it’s a blessing. 🙂

  • Alymujjman Raihun
    Alymujjman Raihun 7 hours ago

    Please tell me this yacht name & model

  • fatkhul muin
    fatkhul muin 12 hours ago

    Mantul Pak De.....

  • Alex Amaral
    Alex Amaral 12 hours ago

    Where did you stay ?

  • Dan Thach
    Dan Thach 12 hours ago

    Lol that was a lot of moaning for a ski video

  • Ikram Benmoussa
    Ikram Benmoussa 13 hours ago

    HOLA ESPAÑA🇪🇸❤🇪🇸

  • PvPlegend77
    PvPlegend77 14 hours ago


  • Ceyda Aydemir
    Ceyda Aydemir 15 hours ago

    Welcome to the the wrold little cute boy!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • DarkVtitan
    DarkVtitan 17 hours ago

    Where can we find his red bull choker

  • sdsspeedys gg
    sdsspeedys gg 17 hours ago

    Kan du prata mer svenska i dina videor

  • I live in a garage
    I live in a garage 17 hours ago

    EUR 14000 for that? hahahahahahhahahahaahah

  • Jeffrey Grant
    Jeffrey Grant 18 hours ago

    Interesting. I thought all of the baby wrap blankets in the world were blue and pink. This one is white. Interesting. Also, my wife was in labor for 26 hours. Yours was so short. You're so lucky that way!

  • Brbljiva
    Brbljiva 18 hours ago

    Awww congrads! lovely boy! I wish u all the best to all of you. An more members. Just one tip (soon you will realize that everyone who has kids will give u some advice, who would say i am nt exception). Please ont put him on the floor. :) You can put him on desk, table, wathever, but not on the floor. TY! Ciao happy family!!!

  • Heady_Craft TV
    Heady_Craft TV 19 hours ago

    I live in Austria bregenz 😂🇦🇹🇦🇹

    Rochie BEE YOUNIQUE 22 hours ago

    Congratulations for both!

  • Tindris89 karlsson
    Tindris89 karlsson 22 hours ago

    Varför pratar ni inte svenska era videos

  • Joel Berhan
    Joel Berhan Day ago

    Whats the song at 6:10?

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green Day ago

    Jon and Janni are hedonistic losers with a massive carbon footprint who personify what is wrong with this world.

  • Dennis R.
    Dennis R. Day ago

    do not understand this decision to publish it

  • Scott Mccallum

    Well done uz two the weans got best mum in it can have ❤️

  • xmeerzx
    xmeerzx Day ago

    The first 50 seconds of the video sums up this channel. Do boring nice things in the most fun way possible. Do the right thing and have fun!

  • xmeerzx
    xmeerzx Day ago

    Very nice, good job. That what you call a quality vlog. The best on Clip-Share. Good job Benny


    I would tell you guys to fuck off if you were filming and i sitting and drinking coffee and eating. I would get rally mad.


    Benny is making your vlogs good and also your life i can see..


    So boring life its unbelievable

  • Vulvarine
    Vulvarine Day ago

    I dont get it.. Its so unnatural to lay still in bed when you have should walk around. When I have heavy monthly cramps I walk around and its getting better.

  • Landan Gollaher

    are all those pow shots out of bounds?

  • Generazione Di Fenomeni

    Welcome to the world, congratulations.

  • Slash Gaming
    Slash Gaming Day ago

    Video starts 6:21

  • Mr Hidayat
    Mr Hidayat Day ago


  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig Day ago

    I dont understand how this guy in with millions, spends thousands on gear but still has a kitchen set up that looks like its straight out of a council flat lol

  • demonic alien cat princess

    Haven't been to Andalucia since 1999. (and I'm watching this a day after my most recent surgery, as what I had done should've taken less than 20 minutes, but ended up taking an hour because of unexpected issues they found whilst I was under).

  • petinilla
    petinilla Day ago

    Grattis till fina pojken

  • My Life Story
    My Life Story Day ago


  • Stewart Lambert

    Congratulations! Jon and Janni :) Was the baby born on the 23rd or 24th?

  • Smashit 36
    Smashit 36 Day ago

    Why did he delete his newest video?

    • Alec Ruston
      Alec Ruston 4 hours ago

      If there was a nappy change in there, then there was a risk of some PC idiot seeing a baby's bits, and we just can't have that liberal stuff, now can we, especially for an American company such as FB?

    • Smashit 36
      Smashit 36 16 hours ago

      @640 alright, thanks for the heads up. I am a bit sorry that I couldn't watch it.

    • 640
      640 17 hours ago

      I think it might have something to do with the baby shower/diaper change. Maybe it was seen as inappropriate, that may be the reason they've deleted it.

  • Dmitry Fyodorovich Lavrinenko

    That little man seems so chill and calm

  • ErikGun
    ErikGun Day ago

    Intro is so cool actually

  • Marina  Bruschini


  • Arend Randhy Isaac

    +Agung Hapsah channel bring me here 🇮🇩 Thank You!

  • spektakelkd
    spektakelkd Day ago

    asså va fan, Jon

  • Edna M.K
    Edna M.K Day ago

    Que lindo.

  • L A M A
    L A M A Day ago

    I live in Sölden😂

  • Human Noid
    Human Noid Day ago

    I'm surprised Janni did all of that like a champ

  • Blake Panizza
    Blake Panizza Day ago

    whats with the redbull hats???

  • Bee JR
    Bee JR Day ago


  • Bobby Kay
    Bobby Kay 2 days ago

    Apocalypse ready g wagon

  • Offroad_ Bros_
    Offroad_ Bros_ 2 days ago


  • xmeerzx
    xmeerzx 2 days ago

    They all hated that pizza

  • Tane Desmond
    Tane Desmond 2 days ago

    Congratulations 😊

  • Julien Wood
    Julien Wood 2 days ago

    Anyone got 200 mill I can borrow?

  • ezday
    ezday 2 days ago

    What happened to the new vlog?

  • Mohammad Ashraful Islam Ayon

    What is the name of this place specificly?

    • Aris Prasmiyanto
      Aris Prasmiyanto 4 hours ago

      Comodo Island (Pulau Komodo) is one of the best travelling spot in Indonesia.

  • Kowalskithegreat
    Kowalskithegreat 2 days ago

    this is some fuckin good content but the 4k in the later videos is what hooked me in. superyacht shit in 4k on a brand new surface 7 is BEAUTIFUL but this is still 100% worth watching

  • jamsjar
    jamsjar 2 days ago

    Congratulations guys, well done Janni!

  • Matt80HD
    Matt80HD 2 days ago


  • Cosmic Medium99
    Cosmic Medium99 2 days ago

    Im here bc I never envisioned myself having a boy. But I had a dream I had a c-section to a baby boy and now I feel connected w my spirit baby boy. So now I'm learn about baby boys I've been learning about baby girls. I had no interest in baby boys until last night. 💙😍😭😭😭😭

  • varjag
    varjag 2 days ago

    I don't think it is necessary to show new born baby… congrats on baby… but please keep it off YT and dont make a baby channel

    • P1NK M1NT
      P1NK M1NT Day ago

      @varjag LMFAO.. You're the sick one for e even thinking like that. Babies are seen naked all the time. Get used to it or leave the Earth...

    • varjag
      varjag Day ago

      @P1NK M1NT just share your pics and videos of your kids and make pedofile happy to get free child stuff….

    • P1NK M1NT
      P1NK M1NT Day ago

      @varjag You mean why? For all kinds of different reasons ofc!! You are free to watch whatever you want, you aren't allowed to decide what others should post however! Create your own channel if you're interested in concepts that doesn't exist!

    • varjag
      varjag Day ago

      @P1NK M1NT do you know what people are watching YT....

    • P1NK M1NT
      P1NK M1NT 2 days ago

      Lol he is a huge part of their life, leave if it doesn't suit your interest. I want to see it!

  • Johnny Jonvall
    Johnny Jonvall 2 days ago

    Respekt 👍

  • Blackbirduino
    Blackbirduino 2 days ago

    make a video about Srilankan travel experience urs with the background music alan walker cold play will get hits

  • Your Goddess
    Your Goddess 2 days ago

    red camo ?

  • O Rlmente?
    O Rlmente? 2 days ago

    u did exactly what you SHOULD NEVER DO !!!! It's a private moment when ur wife and u are into the hospital... Too bad... Ur youtube channel took the lead...

    • P1NK M1NT
      P1NK M1NT 2 days ago

      Lol get lost they made a wonderful decision!

  • xNite_
    xNite_ 2 days ago

    8:40 my class when the teacher says you have to wait till the bell rings

  • Patrick Grießenböck

    LOL i really had to laugh because of the comments. Like the camo boy 😂 Guys i wish you all the best, now you are a little nice family. Everything will be great! Congrats 🥳

  • Candy Queen46
    Candy Queen46 2 days ago

    Arr you Swedish??

  • Miłosz K
    Miłosz K 2 days ago

    1:29 If only he knew...

  • Lucas Galloway
    Lucas Galloway 2 days ago

    How come Jon's latest video got taken down?

    • P1NK M1NT
      P1NK M1NT 2 days ago

      Sure some sick individual reported it because of nudity or something!

  • Legionary 0165
    Legionary 0165 2 days ago

    Stacked fridge💯

  • Angelia Kommes
    Angelia Kommes 2 days ago

    Pratar ni svenska?!

  • seb jak
    seb jak 2 days ago

    Why did he remove the latest video?

    • P1NK M1NT
      P1NK M1NT 2 days ago

      It might got taken down by Clip-Share maybe? A sick individual reported it because of nudity or something probably!

  • SweJoel bernholm
    SweJoel bernholm 2 days ago

    Tjena jag e från Lidingö

  • adrieneceleste
    adrieneceleste 2 days ago

    Omg Janni you’re good at having babies!!! He’s absolutely perfect 💙💙

  • Paul Thieme
    Paul Thieme 2 days ago

    Will you teach your son skiing and if yes when will you do?😊Wish you and your family all the best;)

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 3 days ago

    Spoiled hedonistic losers

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 3 days ago

    Spoiled hedonistic losers craving attention and with a massive carbon footprint selfish to future generations

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 3 days ago

    What a materialistic egotistical loser Jon is

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green 3 days ago

    So Jon has always been a loser hedonistic egotistical moron with a massive carbon footprint?

  • Younes Moumou
    Younes Moumou 3 days ago

    omg it sounds good

  • Hohinho Games and drones

    Why did you delete your video ?

    • Hohinho Games and drones
      Hohinho Games and drones Day ago

      Clip-Share is each time with more rules, is sucks

    • P1NK M1NT
      P1NK M1NT 2 days ago

      Yeah, Clip-Share has sick rules... As if the naked baby is seen as a sexual object or something...

    • Hohinho Games and drones
      Hohinho Games and drones 2 days ago

      Lama B well I don’t watch that

    • Lama B
      Lama B 2 days ago

      I think it’s because he showed his baby Leon taking bath, and somehow this violates Clip-Share guidelines🤷‍♀️ so silly 🙃,, i don't know why youtube deleted the video good thing that I watched it already... haha😂🤣 Leon is the CUTEST

    • GunTiarC
      GunTiarC 2 days ago

      Maybe too personal?

  • Philip Arbjerg
    Philip Arbjerg 3 days ago

    cant you make ski videos again

  • Rainsen007
    Rainsen007 3 days ago

    Jon !!! You have to Change something with the newest vid...Clip-Share did block it! Because of directives!

    • Rainsen007
      Rainsen007 Day ago

      @Apple Pro ahhh, ok thank you Benny... ;-) If you Need an advanture camera guy...let me know! ;-)

    • Apple Pro
      Apple Pro Day ago

      Rainsen007 It most likely is due to the video showing the private regions of his son

    • Rainsen007
      Rainsen007 Day ago

      @Apple Pro Ahhh I see, yup makes sense...what a pitty

    • Apple Pro
      Apple Pro Day ago

      Rainsen007 I thought he deleted it

  • Babou
    Babou 3 days ago

    For some reason I fell behind on videos with work and personal life, but was aware you's had the baby, Congratulations, I became a father myself on September 14th 2019 and watching this video made me feel like I was still in the hospital again with the heartbeat monitor beating away again, the mother was overdue, too and we had to have the baby induced and needed to be in hospital for two nights of waiting for baby to arrive, then when we went downstairs to delivery baby, mother had small contractions at roughly 11pm and then stopped until 3am(ish) and then completely stopped until around 10am the next day. And the mothers sister and I had the audacity to say we were so tired through the night whilst poor mother had minor on/off contractions! crazy experience!

  • Nikola HD
    Nikola HD 3 days ago

    That yacht in 2:22 was in croatia for a obout 3 weeks in a small place called Brela and people honestly hated it they said that it trash and were making fun off of it, and i actually caught allot of fish around it

  • Chengetai Mangwende

    Dude that kid looks just like you!! Congrats

  • Arno Vander Avort
    Arno Vander Avort 3 days ago

    Congrats Jon & Janni! Enjoy the happiness!


    Thats right the rolls royce can take care of more people than just 2

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 3 days ago

    What is his name

  • Great Idea
    Great Idea 3 days ago

    But don't marry an American, dude.

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young 3 days ago

    Never want to watch a birthing video ever again. Fuck that shit was rank

  • bob ehm
    bob ehm 3 days ago

    Government of indonesia is such a bi*ch , letting the foreign investor steal the fkin land

  • Devin Watson
    Devin Watson 3 days ago

    I’m so jealous 😞

  • Michael Magill
    Michael Magill 3 days ago

    What a Fantastic Early Christmas Present for you and Jon so happy for you both!!!

  • Monika Vighova CZ
    Monika Vighova CZ 3 days ago

    This was awesome! I wish someone recorded my C-section like this! GOALS! ❤️sending love form Czech Republic 🇨🇿

  • Ellen vd Hurk
    Ellen vd Hurk 3 days ago



    your life is so boring

  • Noa Sjöholm
    Noa Sjöholm 3 days ago

    äru svensk elle

  • Rei Lasay
    Rei Lasay 3 days ago

    Just curious, what douchebag are you using here Jon. Is it the explorer? Looking for a douchebag to use for backcountry.