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Steerner - You (Lyrics)
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Medina - Holding On (Lyrics)
Views 127K2 months ago
Ali Gatie - It's You (Lyrics)
Views 128K2 months ago


  • Misu Senpai
    Misu Senpai 21 minute ago

    i fucking cried to this lmao

  • Rubi Galvez
    Rubi Galvez 29 minutes ago


  • WC Malkit
    WC Malkit Hour ago

    I need a heart every day 😭💔 because she left 😭💔 me .

  • Chris Instax
    Chris Instax Hour ago

    The song is cool but I hope this is not she’s real voice 😂

  • Belén Voss
    Belén Voss Hour ago

    Stop sending me songs, you are a great liar. You got engaged to her, you married her, and you treated me very badly. You are sick, I promise you that I will forget you, I will turn all this love into hate. You are the cruelest person in the world.

  • Sophia Zhang
    Sophia Zhang 2 hours ago

    I told you, I don’t sing, don’t compare me to your singing bitches, don’t even think to train to match up with all your bitches. None of them can dance, so can’t you, dumb cow. And I wouldn’t train you to dance either, cause: you’re not built to dance, just the same as all your dumb bitches.

  • Maemi Galapon
    Maemi Galapon 2 hours ago

    love it.... i listening many many times

  • Martin Torales
    Martin Torales 2 hours ago

    Hola soy de paraguay

  • Marina Silva
    Marina Silva 2 hours ago

    Alan Walker just love love these songs so much

  • lms.alfred Hmar
    lms.alfred Hmar 2 hours ago


    FUTEBOL MIL GRAL 3 hours ago

    My love allan Walker 😍😍

  • Elisabeth GeFa
    Elisabeth GeFa 3 hours ago

    Like song

  • irfan ikhwan
    irfan ikhwan 3 hours ago

    Nice Soundtrack who is walker like

  • danny sohilait
    danny sohilait 3 hours ago

    Nice track ✴

  • Luxe Msp
    Luxe Msp 3 hours ago

    I heard this on Snapchat

    UTT LÖRPPÖ 3 hours ago




  • Paula Ribeiro
    Paula Ribeiro 6 hours ago

    Even my 4 years old son asks me to repeat this song 20 x a day! 😅 Damn it's so good!

  • Ana Ponyflight
    Ana Ponyflight 6 hours ago


  • Mourad Gaaya
    Mourad Gaaya 6 hours ago

    I like it, especially in the car

  • Lee Gordon
    Lee Gordon 6 hours ago

    One of the best covers I've seen.

  • Ja Broski
    Ja Broski 6 hours ago

    Ohh, so thats why theres a femur in my backyard

  • chloé marin
    chloé marin 7 hours ago

    Je ne connais pas mais sympas la chanson

  • Collinz
    Collinz 7 hours ago

    TRUE COLORS. WYWU. 7 hours ago

    Helium !!!! pmsl whatever next ,???

  • Emanuele
    Emanuele 7 hours ago

    “And when you’re done I’ll make you doove it aaah-a gain”?

  • Artisyuk
    Artisyuk 7 hours ago


  • Pineapple Ninjaa
    Pineapple Ninjaa 7 hours ago

    TᕼIᔕ Iᔕ ᔕIᑎᘜᒪᗴᕼᗩᑎᗪᗴᗪᒪY Tᕼᗴ ᗯOᖇᔕT ᔕOᑎᘜ 𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑

  • katka hnativova
    katka hnativova 7 hours ago

    People think I'm going crazy cause everywhere I go I'm humming or singing this song... If this gets 50 likes ill sing it in front of mu crush and his mates

  • Catt
    Catt 8 hours ago

    Muffami muffami muffami

  • Lucas Américo
    Lucas Américo 8 hours ago

    Taporra, essa é top

  • Bahar Karaca
    Bahar Karaca 9 hours ago

    Harika bir şarkı

  • Zsanett Csintalan
    Zsanett Csintalan 9 hours ago


  • Mahmoud Waked MJ Impersonator

    oh nice song and im the name of my family waked lol!!

  • Moe Roustom
    Moe Roustom 9 hours ago

    I love it thx you so much I love u my God I love u my mother 🙏💖💓🌞☝️☮️🌟🌹💗💪👀👍😭👌✨☃️🌓💫🌍👼🥰💓💖🙏

  • nilcoringa coringa
    nilcoringa coringa 9 hours ago

    melhor que original,versão epica

  • Premlata Mehta
    Premlata Mehta 9 hours ago

    You are improving day by day from good to best. I heard it 3 times tbh. Lovely song 😁😁

  • Premlata Mehta
    Premlata Mehta 9 hours ago

    Please ♥️ me vibey so that I can be Happy. Please.

  • Mandy Hauchart
    Mandy Hauchart 9 hours ago

    Cool super👍👍👍

  • Rahul Chetia
    Rahul Chetia 10 hours ago

    Love This Song. Beautiful.

  • Sahil Sachdeva
    Sahil Sachdeva 10 hours ago

    The initials got me high every single time.

  • Delwar Soial
    Delwar Soial 10 hours ago

    i love this song

  • Jopy Catalin Official
    Jopy Catalin Official 10 hours ago

    Nice Music Note 10 The Vibe Guide

  • migth mare
    migth mare 10 hours ago

    Uhhh I love I love this song🤣🎶🎶

  • Kae Navarro
    Kae Navarro 10 hours ago

    Love it

  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 10 hours ago


  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 10 hours ago

    Poland 🇵🇱

  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 10 hours ago


  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 10 hours ago

    Kto słucha 2019 roku łapki do góry!🇵🇱

  • Himanshu Bhandari
    Himanshu Bhandari 11 hours ago

    Himanshu bhandari india delhi

  • Ale
    Ale 11 hours ago

    This sucks

  • SuriS Sakhai
    SuriS Sakhai 11 hours ago

    uhhh TikTok...

  • Blovsky _
    Blovsky _ 11 hours ago


  • max28ou
    max28ou 11 hours ago


  • Kylie Brown
    Kylie Brown 11 hours ago

    Who got this from snapchat if so make that button blue down below 🔽 🔽 🔽 🔽

  • Gocher Salkin
    Gocher Salkin 11 hours ago

    Nicht so mein Geschmack

  • Nick Alves
    Nick Alves 11 hours ago

    Wow. The byutiful song😮❤️

  • wC Music
    wC Music 12 hours ago

    That's Amazing

  • ra4yn
    ra4yn 12 hours ago

    من طرف خالد العمري الكلب

  • inara Falcao
    inara Falcao 12 hours ago


  • 김성결
    김성결 12 hours ago


  • inara Falcao
    inara Falcao 12 hours ago

    I loved the music 😍😍😍😍

  • Chris Chawich
    Chris Chawich 12 hours ago

    In cyprus in aya napa they put it everywhere 😂😂

  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 12 hours ago


  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 12 hours ago

    Poland 🇵🇱

  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 12 hours ago


  • wojciech gajda
    wojciech gajda 12 hours ago

    Kto słucha 2019 roku łapki do góry!🇵🇱

  • Павел Коротков

    Кто из Snapchat палец вверх!!!)

  • Micheal o3o
    Micheal o3o 12 hours ago

    i repeated it atleast 10 times at 0:37 Seconds, that beat change is addicting to listen to. (One of the best songs i've listened to in the last few years)

  • Vigneshwaran Veeramani


  • Kong Jolyhoang
    Kong Jolyhoang 12 hours ago


  • Roal!
    Roal! 12 hours ago

    Shit!! This is so sick 🔥❤️ ❤️

  • The Vibe Guide
    The Vibe Guide 12 hours ago

    Why this tune isn't absolutely huge is beyond me, it's perfect and everybody should hear it!

  • Luca Rundine
    Luca Rundine 13 hours ago

    Wow It fantastic

  • LPS Kitty
    LPS Kitty 13 hours ago


  • Govil 22 govilec
    Govil 22 govilec 13 hours ago

    Super hudba

  • ronny albrecht
    ronny albrecht 13 hours ago

    Einfach nir geil

  • Rozi Sarkadi
    Rozi Sarkadi 13 hours ago

    100 e

  • Liza x
    Liza x 13 hours ago


  • Keith Costin
    Keith Costin 13 hours ago

  • Khrarbor Nongrum
    Khrarbor Nongrum 13 hours ago

    Man love it 😘😘😘😘

  • Hubert Stempak
    Hubert Stempak 13 hours ago

    Dance Dance Dance Dance

  • wC Music
    wC Music 14 hours ago

    That's Amazing

  • Solar ClipZy
    Solar ClipZy 14 hours ago

    I’m From BakBak

  • Illumi Music
    Illumi Music 14 hours ago

    So good! 😍

  • фролов сергей

    Очень нравится, девочка на вокале супер !!!

  • Colin
    Colin 14 hours ago

    This song is hot shit

  • Laura Wilford
    Laura Wilford 14 hours ago


  • Xinyu El Pro Wang
    Xinyu El Pro Wang 14 hours ago

    It’s me or the beginning has same notes as lemeitre-closer?

  • Antonio Medrado
    Antonio Medrado 14 hours ago

    Cadê os brs que curtem eletrônico 😍😍😍

  • Siddhi Madkaikar
    Siddhi Madkaikar 14 hours ago

    Could anybody please suggest me simillar YT channels like The Vibe Guide?

  • Vũ Linh
    Vũ Linh 14 hours ago

    wtf ? why i hear this very same like This is Nightlife ?

    DEEPROT 15 hours ago

    Big up!

  • Jojo unprofesionell
    Jojo unprofesionell 15 hours ago

    Washing the dishes while listening to this song...

  • Nora Maliki
    Nora Maliki 15 hours ago


  • Jb Cruz
    Jb Cruz 15 hours ago

    🙊 👕👉c'mon guys 👖letz dance💃 👞💃

  • Ela Ela
    Ela Ela 15 hours ago

    Amazing track and beautiful photo 💎! Great vibe ❤️! Kocham Cię bardzo mocno do bólu 💝💕🦋!

  • Spazio Jobim
    Spazio Jobim 15 hours ago

    I took a pill in Ibiza

    • TastefulMusic
      TastefulMusic 15 hours ago check my remix of alan walker ♥ thanks for sub

  • Dearka Elsman
    Dearka Elsman 15 hours ago


  • J Nina
    J Nina 15 hours ago