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  • Sydney Ingram
    Sydney Ingram 4 seconds ago


  • Wolfdar
    Wolfdar 13 seconds ago

    Fuck you democrats! Fuck this channel and ohh yeah TRUMP2020 you stupid bitches

  • Blood BRS
    Blood BRS 23 seconds ago

    Most dangerous terrorist groups for several decades are terrorizing innocent & not so innocent people & they claim that they did it form the Islam. So should't people suppose to believe when same shit happening for centuries. There is are more than enough reason to fear Islamic ideology.

  • Kathy Mickelson
    Kathy Mickelson Minute ago

    Sanders / Warren 2020!!

  • Manning Family
    Manning Family Minute ago

    1:24 why he had to kill it tho 😂😍

  • Gabi Ghita
    Gabi Ghita Minute ago

    Man oh man, if Jon Stewart were still doing The Daily Show, this segment would have been a whole lot different.

  • L LidPi
    L LidPi Minute ago

    Thats totally amazing.

  • BrainPlant
    BrainPlant Minute ago

    0:29 ...Just to suffer?

  • Prince KAMBALE
    Prince KAMBALE 2 minutes ago

    I know birthday wishes & gifts were a huge love-check for ladies , i did. Not know they impacted politics too..

  • beni
    beni 2 minutes ago


  • Sgt.StickyTits
    Sgt.StickyTits 3 minutes ago

    Wow, finally a Republican with some balls.

  • Live In The Solution
    Live In The Solution 3 minutes ago

    Errr, wrong Trevor! Elizabeth Warren backed Susie Orman’s scam secured credit cards with exorbitant fees, which by the way, we’re really owned by big banks. Elizabeth Warren is an opportunist! Stop touting Elizabeth Warren as a progressive please!

  • ベジータ
    ベジータ 3 minutes ago

    People online, who never vote: Yang 2020!!! People offline, actual voters: Who's Yang?

  • Isabel CRV
    Isabel CRV 3 minutes ago

    He may be dead but he snitched. Oh, he snitched all right.

  • Alex Sparks-Bakota
    Alex Sparks-Bakota 3 minutes ago

    1:01 cameraman must’ve come from The Office

    ASTROCHRONIC 4 minutes ago

    So what you are suggesting subliminally that the problem is that Trump is alive....

  • Merry Jean
    Merry Jean 4 minutes ago

    I like this. If Night Show hosts were do more of this and not do politics as much. I think Night Shows will be more viewed and loved by conservatives and liberals. Just have more of this attitude and I would watch it more and I’m not much of a right leaner or left leaner. I tend to go to the middle.

  • Louis White
    Louis White 5 minutes ago

    History is History... the statues should stay so my progeny will know the truth. Not what you think they should know.

  • Victor Gomez
    Victor Gomez 5 minutes ago

    she's got a purdy mouth

  • Amberly love
    Amberly love 5 minutes ago

    You guys are trash.

  • Lexie Wallace
    Lexie Wallace 5 minutes ago

    I'm voting for Biden! He's the most logical and he's Leslie Knope's favorite.

  • Indira Poitier
    Indira Poitier 6 minutes ago

    The man with the mase tried to pull a Basir who tried to pull a Pindling, who did it best 😁😁😁 I love the Royals and the British and I love independence... not that todays government seem to know what to do with it.😒

  • Jay Fries
    Jay Fries 6 minutes ago

    The 2019 funniest moments compilation made me come watch this . lmfao

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star 6 minutes ago

    TREVOR they are not like the Kardashians....don't do does not look good on only shows that either you are IGNORANT or a complete history, help people understand. Don't show your self to be an uninformed imbecile.

  • nomar manuel-munoz
    nomar manuel-munoz 6 minutes ago

    Trump "i still hit that"

  • Ouyang Xin
    Ouyang Xin 7 minutes ago

    Vote for Andrew. He has real agenda that would benefit Americans. Warren and others will make America a banana republic and destroy it.

  • Jay Fries
    Jay Fries 7 minutes ago

    As a french guy , I def agree on everything he said

  • thewess26
    thewess26 8 minutes ago

    So Bolton Knows Trump gives Putin fellatio then... Got it!

  • meli d
    meli d 9 minutes ago

    I love how colored people like to talk about white people all the time. So racist. Turn that shit around and all of a sudden everybody’s a KKK member

    • meli d
      meli d 6 minutes ago

      “Because nothing good happens when black people invite you to the ghetto“ better bring your gun. Don’t sound nice now does it. Now before you guys get all mad and crazy I’m not saying this is true this is just a stereotype that people would say.

  • ak Mc
    ak Mc 9 minutes ago

    Now once again. What he going so.

  • Howie Grossman
    Howie Grossman 10 minutes ago

    Amazing you the man you were spot on with Mandala

  • thewess26
    thewess26 10 minutes ago

    Trump blocks witnesses then brags about no witnesses??? What a horrid leader!

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 11 minutes ago

    I never got shot I am from Fresno I should write a book

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 11 minutes ago


  • thewess26
    thewess26 12 minutes ago

    Geeze, Don't the Democrats know that unlike Obama Trump should be allowed to break constitutional law, whenever he wants? I mean...That's what a President does right? whatever they want without congressional oversight? WOW, Trump and his supporters have lost their direction...Their moral compass is definitely broken! And YES, If a Democratic President breaks Constitutional law, and abuses his power I would definitely expect them to be held accountable. Why should it be different for Trump and Republicans? If anyone says Clinton should have been held responsible when he was impeached, yet say Trump shouldn't now ...They are HYPOCRITES!

  • Lelynn Miller
    Lelynn Miller 13 minutes ago


  • Shaun Theobald
    Shaun Theobald 14 minutes ago

    Red stars with a white outline on a blue background, for milk of all things... has tds snuck in a New Zealand reference?!

  • Luchador Leon
    Luchador Leon 14 minutes ago

    Yang is the new MLK

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 16 minutes ago

    Cops exist to protect the wealthy business and political elite while enforcing poverty on the rest of us. Cops initially in the states were here to chase down runaway slaves.

  • PeachesCourage
    PeachesCourage 17 minutes ago

    Horse race Bernie Guilty and Egoism, along comes Warren opportunist for money , next Bloomberg the Puppet for Egoism and everyone's money! Yaaaa ! Whose gonna win? Certainly not the reality right? Compare one another? And EGO steps in & Enough horse shit to clean up after the race too! (Our reward ) Will we ever get out of EGO Central? Or Guilt penance rewards? Oh so very temporary and we tend to drift off and forget who might be the behind part of the whole thing? - - - - - - - yes it's divided

  • Karin Mazanek
    Karin Mazanek 17 minutes ago

    Free Julian Assange

  • Clash Kings
    Clash Kings 17 minutes ago

    We all lost this battle long time ago.

  • Suzy Florida
    Suzy Florida 17 minutes ago

    Curb is my favorite show of all time. I can (and do) watch each episode multiple times. Larry David (the TV character) is my hero. He just can't help exposing all the bullshit he sees. In this week's episode (S10 E1), he can't stand hearing people wish him "Happy New Year" after the "cutoff date." So funny!! He can't stand wobbly tables in restaurants and gets into a fight with the manager about that and about the cold coffee he was served. He won't let anything go. Just the best!! I hope this show goes on forever. And who is funnier than Susie Essman on the show? Her disdain of Larry just drips from her face. About what about Leon? What a great addition to the show? And, quite frankly, everyone else on the show. All so briliant. I can't wait for the next episode!

  • Matt Shannon
    Matt Shannon 18 minutes ago

    Those subtitles

  • Narinder Singh
    Narinder Singh 19 minutes ago

    White previlige, black privilege! No one even talks about browns? Other two are just spoiled by attention they get

  • ********
    ******** 19 minutes ago

    Bernie was so honest...

  • anonymous abominable
    anonymous abominable 19 minutes ago

    No one is going to believe Don Lemon is British with that fake accent.

  • ramen noodles
    ramen noodles 20 minutes ago

    Trumps the boss of the USA. N a damm good one

  • A.K.O
    A.K.O 21 minute ago

    Trevor is just crazily funny lol

  • princetlance
    princetlance 21 minute ago

    Why can you say nigga without bleep, but fuck gets a bleep?

  • Arena Rat
    Arena Rat 22 minutes ago

    this show is trash

  • brihana polica
    brihana polica 22 minutes ago

    hahahahahaha this man is funny

  • Victor Akandu
    Victor Akandu 23 minutes ago


  • Ace N Drew
    Ace N Drew 23 minutes ago

    I’m unsubscribing this channel from both my accounts. I’m done with this falso narratives. Ale verga.

  • Denise Virgallito
    Denise Virgallito 24 minutes ago


  • anonymous abominable
    anonymous abominable 24 minutes ago

    Why does Don Lemon suddenly have a British accent?

  • ak Mc
    ak Mc 24 minutes ago

    Whenever he says "I Believe" #lies

  • Ramhith
    Ramhith 24 minutes ago

    Yang is one of the only candidates not fulled by anger/hatred. He truly cares about the day to day lives of the people. His freedom dividend is the only policy that truly works for every American.

  • Zaid Marriner
    Zaid Marriner 27 minutes ago

    where the old saying "All over the Map" comes into its own!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 28 minutes ago

    we all know it... trevor is handsome... lets just admit it p.s im a small youtuber

  • Ismail Omar
    Ismail Omar 28 minutes ago

    Martin Lee..

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez 28 minutes ago

    Their is no such thing as white privilege.If you believe in white privilege you suffer from a victimhood mentality and you might be using that as an excuse for your own failures, instead of finding answer or figuring out a way to accomplish your goals it is way easier to blame white people.

  • Michelle Marie
    Michelle Marie 29 minutes ago

    Love it. Far more correct now , positive speak - the new PC lol 😂

  • SnappySpiel
    SnappySpiel 29 minutes ago

    YANG! Where the hell is yang?

  • Mrdre007
    Mrdre007 29 minutes ago

    He fit perfect in Miami.

  • Libi Uremovic
    Libi Uremovic 29 minutes ago

    i agree with the nyt - i'll take any female or female adjacent ... if the november ballot is between 2 grumpy old white men i'm going to be very disappointed ..

  • Zaid Marriner
    Zaid Marriner 29 minutes ago

    ...and... and also Merican wheels had WHITE WALLS!

  • Ms Mom
    Ms Mom 30 minutes ago

    Wow is that Cat's movie that bad? Haven't seen it. LOL You guys are hilarious.

  • Nyah Check
    Nyah Check 30 minutes ago

    What’s the sound track?

  • Kenney Hwang
    Kenney Hwang 31 minute ago

    A snake, Alan. Hypocritical

  • nadamuchu
    nadamuchu 32 minutes ago

    Hi Daily Show social media team! The incorrect caption file has been uploaded again - please double check this going forward as it has happened several times. Aside from this occasional mishap, I have no complaints. Thank you so much for providing outstanding access to your show's content on Clip-Share!! You guys really set the standard by which I compare all other mainstream media on Clip-Share!!

  • angry blueberry
    angry blueberry 33 minutes ago

    Roses are red milk are come from cow this is gruul territory now

  • Rodney Daut
    Rodney Daut 33 minutes ago

    Does the gun appreciation day guy realize Dr. King spoke about non-violent resistance?

  • Gary Spoon
    Gary Spoon 33 minutes ago

    why cant they shut up about trump? just admit it your sad cause you lost in 2016

  • steve22ishere
    steve22ishere 36 minutes ago

    if yalll dont elect this dude then all yall dumb as shit. but i realzie that mst poeple are fucking dumb as shit so yall probably wont and yoall gone let shi oppuritnity pass like how u be so dumb i dont understand just vote for this dude . it tak elike two second all u do it press the button at the booth thing bruh and ghtn he win the thing

  • Refresh Azure
    Refresh Azure 36 minutes ago

    5:46 WTF was that edit it was from when he call out why trump won and your twisting it as if bernie saying it.

  • Matthew Henneberry
    Matthew Henneberry 37 minutes ago

    I feel like she’s on the right track, but trying it all in one jump wasn’t the right call.

    JACK ROMO 37 minutes ago

    You are one of the biggest dildos on TV.

  • Maria migliore
    Maria migliore 38 minutes ago

    Thet been receiving this shit for hundreds of years nothing new!

  • JP Later
    JP Later 38 minutes ago

    Listen and learn. A valuable lesson on campaigning strategy for democrats.

  • MYdodgeCharger
    MYdodgeCharger 40 minutes ago

    How the f..k do people support this criminal? Yeah I know other politicians have too but this guy lies shamelessly. He’s a coward that don’t man up to what he’s done and said. He’s shaken hands and embraced the US’s biggest enemies. He’s a traitor. He’s the face of corporate America that wants the rich richer and the poor poorer. He’s racist. Steven Miller HELLO!!! He’ll shove his supporters faces in shit to get where he wants. He’s a disgrace to this planet cuz he don’t believe in climate change. Seriously. A total piece of shit.

  • Alex Paynter
    Alex Paynter 40 minutes ago

    Omg you guys are hilarious. I hope some of you actually believe Trump will be removed from office. I hope some of you think he'll lose in 2020. Delusional. Serious TDS. He'll obviously be acquitted and he's going to win in an epic landslide in 2020. It's amazing to me that some many of you can't see that coming. We'll be laughing at you so hard and so long when you start your meltdowns and temper tantrums after the election. Its gonna be a fun FUN year!!

  • Adeola Adeniyi
    Adeola Adeniyi 41 minute ago

    ...not a square but a quadilateral. Coolest thing I have heard today!

  • Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier

    This is one of the most funniest Comedy/ Reality TV shows ever created. Everyone is Great on this Show...😅👏👏👏

  • sisslims29 guess
    sisslims29 guess 42 minutes ago

    I busted out laughing because, I did said, nigggaaaa. 😂😂😂😂

  • Onyebuci Mordi
    Onyebuci Mordi 42 minutes ago

    Great save Trevor.

  • The Soliloquist
    The Soliloquist 42 minutes ago

    "WhY dOn'T tHeY jUsT gEt CiTiZeNsHiP?🥴"..😓

  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran 43 minutes ago

    Mark walberg did a hate crime back in the day. Attacked a couple of Vietnamese people. Robbed and assault with a weapon.

    OH SNAP 44 minutes ago

    I was screaming when he said the line from Juicy

    EBUFI 44 minutes ago

    Oh no Joe Biden!!

  • Janet's BFF
    Janet's BFF 45 minutes ago

    I don’t like an African discussing American history. America has a real problem when it comes to race relations because people have been taught incorrect history. Just like the horrible depiction of Harriet Tubman in the fictional, problematic “Harriet” movie. This is not a joke. In Germany they do not have Nazi monuments and schools named after Nazi generals... Shame on this media culture for continuing to spread falsehoods on our Nations past.

  • Katherine Morris
    Katherine Morris 45 minutes ago

    I REALLY need to stop eating while watching this show

  • mrsfivepip
    mrsfivepip 46 minutes ago

    The sad thing is all those old white men have no idea who he was quoting

  • John Chessant
    John Chessant 46 minutes ago

    "as mayor of New York, his police did a little too much outreach to the black community" idk why but this is so fucking funny

  • Mazkebar
    Mazkebar 47 minutes ago

    'Honest Capitalism' is as oxymoronic as this corporate whore moron puppet! 🙄😂😂😂🤣 The MAIN n MOST FUNDAMENTAL purpose of 'Capitalism' regardless of how you sugarcoate it, is PROFIT n profit above ALL ELSE, INCLUDING REGULATIONS, OVERSIGHT, N CHEQUES N BALANCES! MONEY = CORRUPTION! #FACTS