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my battle..
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*WTF* Minecraft Mods
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The Best Update EVER!
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Club Penguin is BACK
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Dont Get STRIKED Challenge
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i saved SEASON 10
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this gun is cursed
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sorry ninja
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i beat NINJA in fortnite
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this weapon isnt fair
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pretending to be THE STORM
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dumb memes in SEASON 9
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  • Potato FM
    Potato FM 3 hours ago

    Named yeetlife35 1:13

  • Shark Doggo
    Shark Doggo 3 hours ago

    You are laughing now but imagine if the bots go through a learn by doing process and destroy everyone by the end of the season

  • Wayan S.
    Wayan S. 3 hours ago


  • Gaming with Miguel Garcia

    LOST BY ONE 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Henderck
    Henderck 3 hours ago

    Gday Gday ya bloody legends 2019

  • K Mac
    K Mac 3 hours ago

    are bots mexico cuz they keep destroying the wall

  • Liah Kiseka
    Liah Kiseka 3 hours ago

    This is how many bots there are out there 👇

  • YungMan
    YungMan 3 hours ago

    What is going on? Season 10: Sweats Only Season 11: Season 1 ?

  • Mcpe And More
    Mcpe And More 3 hours ago

    Sad part is that i could get 6 kills within the first 2 circles and I'm ass at the game... Dam these bots are a sad reminder I suck

  • Benny Gallagher
    Benny Gallagher 3 hours ago

    I made a Joke for the trio: treeo

  • Thiccc Squirrel Girl

    *Fresh and Gingy going to Reantel* Fresh:😍 Gingy:🥰 *Fresh Grabs Gingys hand* Gingy:What are u do- *Fresh Kisses Gingys * Gingy:☺️ Fresh😘 Gingy:*Kisses Fresh back* ? :Holy hell *Fresh and Gingy turn around and they see Joogie,Alex,and Muse* All of them:Ummm Fresh: Hi guys.. Joogie:Hello love birds Gingy:Don’t call us that! Muse:What else do u want to call u? Gresh? Fresh and Gingy: 😓

  • Belal Desouky
    Belal Desouky 3 hours ago

    Lazerbeam: lazarlazar Also lazerbeam: does that mean ima not? Me: yes

  • DEL_MysticSamuri
    DEL_MysticSamuri 3 hours ago

    But that’s my name *lazarlazar is now level 107* look down Level 107

  • BccX
    BccX 3 hours ago


  • Blocky Man
    Blocky Man 3 hours ago

    Maybe make your nephew play against bots and see how much kills he can get

  • Blue Barry Jamaa
    Blue Barry Jamaa 3 hours ago

    The golded age of lazzer

  • ghost dayz
    ghost dayz 3 hours ago

    That hurts my 👀

  • Real Radiant
    Real Radiant 3 hours ago

    I wonder what that sheep does to ilsa when she's asleep.

  • Fries Bros
    Fries Bros 3 hours ago

    do these wins actually go on your record

  • Mr. Dunno v.2
    Mr. Dunno v.2 3 hours ago

    Laserbeam:what the hell The Clip-Share algorithm: you poor soul

  • Hey people
    Hey people 3 hours ago

    Ok am I the only British person here?

  • Fedsted
    Fedsted 3 hours ago

    Bots confirmed have a wall fetish.

  • Big Boy Magnus
    Big Boy Magnus 3 hours ago

    Play smash ultimate

  • Mr illumanati Aka chicken nugget

    Did anyone notice that there was a bot that was called king koala

  • Gideon Paulos
    Gideon Paulos 3 hours ago

    Very beautiful take care of her

  • PewDiePie's Ex-Boyfriend

    How many AI bots you'll get in your next Fortnite match. 👇

  • Ace Minecraft
    Ace Minecraft 3 hours ago

    Me: * watches this* Also Me: *thinks of brilliant idea* Also Me: * loses idea* Lazarbeam: This bot cant choose to go for the medkit or the wall XD Me:* builds my own wall and breaks It* Lazarbeam: that's not very efficient now is it Me:* builds 20 foot tower and jumps off* Lazarbeam: they've evolved into tryhards

  • My ex has STDs
    My ex has STDs 3 hours ago

    This is how good Lanan is *against AI bots* 👇🏻

  • Zionzar 13
    Zionzar 13 3 hours ago

    Doesn’t a privet server give you xp to if that’s so you can just level up really fast

  • Casa Du Putas
    Casa Du Putas 3 hours ago

    Bot on Bot violence at its finest

  • Kyal_plays
    Kyal_plays 3 hours ago

    Ilsa will die unless Lazarbeam likes this.

  • Evie Moore
    Evie Moore 3 hours ago

    Do some minecraft videos you doing toooooo many fortnite ones

  • A nine year old
    A nine year old 3 hours ago

    Bots be like to walls: i wAnT fIvE oF eM’

  • Fishstick Ohm
    Fishstick Ohm 3 hours ago

    Petition for a bot name. lazarlazar

  • Foop Foop
    Foop Foop 3 hours ago

    I use code lazar

  • Alexis_80x5
    Alexis_80x5 3 hours ago

    To them ur ninja🤣

  • Mithrandir
    Mithrandir 3 hours ago

    Terminator judgement day coming true

  • Drew McGarrity
    Drew McGarrity 3 hours ago

    There are multiple end cities where u can get the elytra from on ur server

  • crptic soul
    crptic soul 3 hours ago

    How many AI bots u will get in ur next game 👇 (Small content creator here)

  • Christian Sims
    Christian Sims 3 hours ago


  • foster keenan101
    foster keenan101 3 hours ago

    Happened to me all the time

  • Antonija Bakran
    Antonija Bakran 3 hours ago

    There are fortnite memes pathetic

  • dragonstheory
    dragonstheory 3 hours ago

    This is stupid

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows 3 hours ago

    So content creators can get wins for free now?

  • pixle ppanda
    pixle ppanda 3 hours ago


  • Sarah Gammon
    Sarah Gammon 3 hours ago



    4:09 level one hjonk 4:12 level 10000000000 HJONK

  • Cool king
    Cool king 3 hours ago

    Sub to me plz

  • Official Swang
    Official Swang 3 hours ago

    Who’s an og apex player

  • Cathie Obrien
    Cathie Obrien 3 hours ago

    Nice that is actually stupid crap

  • devil dogs
    devil dogs 3 hours ago

    Your a god bot 👌

  • I hate Google
    I hate Google 3 hours ago

    Tip, when versing a bot in a shotgun battle ( or in any gunfight tbh ), spam crouch in that way the bot won’t shoot any bullets towards you.

  • Gwitty
    Gwitty 3 hours ago

    i think it’s dumb that you have to have a creator code just to make a custom lobby :/

  • Tetra9999
    Tetra9999 3 hours ago



    Hey can you make a vid where you create a custom game and 1v1 the winner

  • Førťníte N' Vløgş


  • Jeffrey Woodford
    Jeffrey Woodford 3 hours ago

    Get Brody and make get all the kill

  • The worms Plays
    The worms Plays 3 hours ago

    At least he’s not dead

  • rexu ROY
    rexu ROY 3 hours ago

    "bouht see awall" now this is an avengers level threat

  • Dennis Stachowski
    Dennis Stachowski 3 hours ago

    Lazar beam why are you so bad your an adult and I'm 10 today October 20 2019 and I'm still better...

  • Brian rapp
    Brian rapp 3 hours ago


  • Araknala
    Araknala 3 hours ago

    A.I.M. bots

  • Anouk Geerts
    Anouk Geerts 3 hours ago

    1 like 1 bot

  • Swagcat20090
    Swagcat20090 3 hours ago

    I think like a butt I look like a butt I am a butt

  • Charzard
    Charzard 3 hours ago

    I found a John wick bot also bots with smgs are op

  • Eli Jordan
    Eli Jordan 3 hours ago

    Lazar: “You will heave to watch Fresh’s part on his channel” Me: *Looks in description for link to Fresh’s channel*...realizes there is no link. Also me: Dies in laziness

  • ThreadyBeret 420
    ThreadyBeret 420 3 hours ago

    Lazarbeam is itachi, he murdered his entire clan

  • Inderjot Heera
    Inderjot Heera 3 hours ago

    Lazerbaen is so funny 11 minutes and 11 seconds

  • World Of Life
    World Of Life 3 hours ago

    Can you please lazarbeam get me 1000 subs for content creator so I can be like you

  • Enraged Human
    Enraged Human 3 hours ago

    Maybe the actual robots in chapter one fortnite are doing this challenge?

  • Amelia Cook
    Amelia Cook 3 hours ago

    Lol im Australian so apparently i dont exist yayyyyyyyyyyy and this british dude is so fucking annoying

  • Niek Broos
    Niek Broos 3 hours ago

    Loserlazar is a botname

  • Mohammad Faakhir
    Mohammad Faakhir 3 hours ago

    1:25 YEETLIFE35 has thanked the bus driver

  • PWninja 8
    PWninja 8 3 hours ago

    worst graphics in fortnite = Best graphics in roblox

  • Cayden Collin
    Cayden Collin 3 hours ago


  • Owen Clarke
    Owen Clarke 3 hours ago

    Hey lannan me and my friend got in a boat went around the whole map and came second like true bloody legends

  • Gaming 101
    Gaming 101 3 hours ago

    Rip of Fortnite

  • Andrew Chavez 2008
    Andrew Chavez 2008 3 hours ago

    One of them we’re named yeet life35

  • Lime Boy
    Lime Boy 3 hours ago

    I don't like dis Dr cause now streamers can fake games

  • BigBoi Gaming
    BigBoi Gaming 3 hours ago

    I think like a bot I act like a bot I am a bot Fresh has no chance -Lazarbeam

  • Shirley Clark
    Shirley Clark 3 hours ago

    U got abit more than 40k likes mate

  • Ryan628jpn
    Ryan628jpn 3 hours ago

    Tried "AI Practice" by putting random code but the game just returns error. Any way to bypass this?

  • Silenze!
    Silenze! 3 hours ago

    Go on the road

  • Israr Ahmad
    Israr Ahmad 3 hours ago

    I came here when it had 10 million views and 400k likes

  • G0NE is Nutz
    G0NE is Nutz 3 hours ago

    Go to 1:13 and look at the kill feed

    SGTEX 3 hours ago


  • Tristan Pollard
    Tristan Pollard 3 hours ago

    You should pretend to be a real bot in a real game and see what people do

  • meme boi
    meme boi 3 hours ago

    0:57 he looks stoned as fucked

  • Dale Curtis
    Dale Curtis 3 hours ago

    Just saying like if bought limited merchandise cause I did 👇

  • EddEdd-
    EddEdd- 3 hours ago

    I ran into one and I actually thought they had aim bot cuz they moved like this 👉🏼 0:57

  • • Nathan •
    • Nathan • 3 hours ago

    Omg I can finally get a win cause you showed us how to get in a game with only bots you fucking legend

  • Beau Sa
    Beau Sa 3 hours ago

    @lazarbeam plz keep making these videos for however long you can and as frequently as possible because I live your videos they make me laugh all the time and I'm going through tough times right now so I just wanted to say I love your videos and keep up the good work

  • Nicolas Arregui
    Nicolas Arregui 3 hours ago

    U ate so cool

  • memeboi 69
    memeboi 69 3 hours ago

    Fortnite roasted you by calling you a bot

  • Cameron Reed
    Cameron Reed 3 hours ago


  • Pee-kaa-cheww
    Pee-kaa-cheww 3 hours ago

    I feel like everyone in my lobby are bots.

  • wierdogamerx
    wierdogamerx 3 hours ago

    These flipper flips vids are trying to trick your mind. Don't fall for there robux scams. Including you Lazarbeam

  • DabiDabi Channel
    DabiDabi Channel 3 hours ago

    The 1.3k dislikes are the cats

  • Danny Hughes
    Danny Hughes 3 hours ago

    Swim into the sea until you give up

  • Nav
    Nav 3 hours ago

    590 dislikes are all from the BOTS Lazar eliminated