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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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  • ezaddin harun
    ezaddin harun 4 seconds ago

    The notorious fooking irish tap machine. Fooking irish wife beater

  • Freeman Kan
    Freeman Kan 6 seconds ago

    CONOR 💩💩🙊💩🙊💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩CONOR 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩CONOR💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩CONOR💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • bill black
    bill black 7 seconds ago

    theres the conor i was looking for! i still think cowboy has got this one though. makes you wonder whats gonna happen with conor once he loses.

  • Marko Golob
    Marko Golob 7 seconds ago

    Is Cowboy gonna blow roof out of this place or what?

  • Clay Davis
    Clay Davis 11 seconds ago


  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 21 second ago

    Holly and Jon have for sure boned

  • Bob 1
    Bob 1 22 seconds ago

    Why's he dressing up like Rocky going on a run all the time now?

  • omri wahabi
    omri wahabi 29 seconds ago

    Conor didn't bring drake with him. conor will win for sure now.

  • B L DZR
    B L DZR 31 second ago

    KHABIB made this chicken humble

  • casperog
    casperog 35 seconds ago

    Holly starting to look like those old ass men in ZZtop

  • ScorpionXII
    ScorpionXII 36 seconds ago

    The UFC better have this fight in an outdoor stadium; otherwise they will have to pay millions in roof damages.

  • aero
    aero 52 seconds ago

    "He's been training for months. The Japanese are very determined... Should maybe have considered going over the actual rules of the sport they're competing in, but MAN... Determined."

  • vladiinsky
    vladiinsky 58 seconds ago

    Jorge Masvidal has proved that he poses a real threat to Conor. That is a real fight; this is just an overture to that

    ISMAIL IBRAHIM Minute ago

    I can see, McGregor not really ready,, Cowboy win tonight

  • 9 6
    9 6 Minute ago

    cool, man.

  • Hamda Osman
    Hamda Osman Minute ago

    Watching conor mcgregor fight comes once in a life time and greatfull to be getting this opportunity to watch the one and only conor mcgregor once again.

  • clint wilson
    clint wilson Minute ago

    @2:51 FORMER* ...?

  • Gilly Erdbayr
    Gilly Erdbayr Minute ago

    2:45 What Is Thor doing in Vegas? reporting i guess

  • 320speed
    320speed Minute ago

    That lil boy stole the show.

  • HardFlip Mike
    HardFlip Mike Minute ago

    New McGregor is better. He has more spirit

  • Ryu Ken
    Ryu Ken Minute ago

    Conor looking hyooge. 170 better watch out

  • shikhar maheshwari
    shikhar maheshwari Minute ago

    Song name plz??

  • Lyrical Soda
    Lyrical Soda Minute ago

    How the fuk did this ugly ass bitch think it was “cool” or funny to try and abuse the Magin Vegeta moment... such fucking cringe.. hope she gets beaten the fuk up. CEO OF CRINGE

  • str8 shooter
    str8 shooter Minute ago

    All this build up for Cowboy to get put to sleep in 2 minutes.

  • Squidlings
    Squidlings Minute ago

    Hard work getting the kids ready? 😕

  • nick kotz
    nick kotz 2 minutes ago

    I thought Nasrat was Kelvin Gastelum for a second 😂😅

  • Boxing Physique
    Boxing Physique 2 minutes ago

    0:42 wtf ?

  • bennyboy69r 69r
    bennyboy69r 69r 2 minutes ago

    Leprechaun versus cowboy 📝🥊💲💲💲

  • PowerHouse Community EMP.

    Conor looking huge!!!

  • Ricardo Masvidal
    Ricardo Masvidal 2 minutes ago

    Appreciate the fact that Khabib knocked Conor down with a punch

  • ProjectSeptimus
    ProjectSeptimus 2 minutes ago

    this is the worst series of embedded's ive seen in a long time

  • Hughie Devine
    Hughie Devine 2 minutes ago

    Hate when Americans say “Crumlin”.

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice 2 minutes ago

    Does Conor really need to flash his dong at every weigh in? Wtf bro

  • Manish PRADHAN
    Manish PRADHAN 2 minutes ago

    This is the best ufc promo I have seen till date

  • Geronimo Jr
    Geronimo Jr 2 minutes ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to DJ for Conor McGregor

  • Juanito
    Juanito 3 minutes ago

    Can’t wait

  • Krayakin
    Krayakin 3 minutes ago

    Holly looking like a beast!

  • Cristian Vieri
    Cristian Vieri 3 minutes ago

    Is not Conor who is talking his voice was created virtualy with a software

  • East Ata
    East Ata 3 minutes ago

    #tapmachine will win this fight

  • Reuven Classica
    Reuven Classica 3 minutes ago

    Slackin off he is

  • umr des
    umr des 3 minutes ago

    R1 conor ko He already felt him out

  • Alex Nguyen
    Alex Nguyen 3 minutes ago

    If you're wondering the song it's, Champion feat. Nicole Serrano by Tommee Profitt

  • Rewski
    Rewski 3 minutes ago

    English kid??? How long has that dude been a reporter? Fuck.

  • wesley keet
    wesley keet 4 minutes ago

    Hope Holm can win she's been taking so many L's of late

  • Adib Rajeb
    Adib Rajeb 4 minutes ago

    Who the fok is that guys ???

  • Prince1996_ Channel
    Prince1996_ Channel 4 minutes ago


  • W Smith
    W Smith 4 minutes ago

    Boxing seems to be the most used art in MMA

  • Elijah Relucio
    Elijah Relucio 4 minutes ago

    4:30 A little piece Singh from the driver👀

  • TheMuddyOne
    TheMuddyOne 4 minutes ago

    Claudia is beautiful. So messed up she can't fight now...

  • Prince1996_ Channel
    Prince1996_ Channel 4 minutes ago


  • roseslasher
    roseslasher 4 minutes ago

    A year with conor fights is a good. But I see a headkick ko in his future.

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice 4 minutes ago

    Joe Rogan literally looks like a life sized walking thumb 👍🏼 chill with the neck exercises bro...

  • Cane_68
    Cane_68 5 minutes ago

    Conor looks like he's in the best shape of his life. Solid 170!

    • Feralz
      Feralz 3 minutes ago

      He's never looked better. This I would say is his actual prime. Mentally how he is, we will see.

  • NAZ Time
    NAZ Time 5 minutes ago

    Blue lips I see blue lips

  • Pik Osyris
    Pik Osyris 5 minutes ago

    I wish they charged an annual fee to watch every PPV. Like $200 or something. That would be $200 more bucks than the UFC got from me all of 2019. The price per PPV right now is just unreasonable since I want to watch every one

  • Jess Syde
    Jess Syde 5 minutes ago

    Cowboy and McGregor seem like they'd be good friends.

  • xian xpress
    xian xpress 5 minutes ago

    60/40 conor.

  • Brayden Badesha
    Brayden Badesha 5 minutes ago

    Can’t wait

  • A F
    A F 5 minutes ago

    It’s so weird how these guys pronounce January as “Jonuary “

  • Fatkiller22
    Fatkiller22 5 minutes ago

    man all the hype yall are putting on conor's return would make it hilarious if he losses.

    • Feralz
      Feralz 2 minutes ago

      He can lose, but aint losing to cowboy lol

  • Callum Murray
    Callum Murray 5 minutes ago

    Dana White: Who has the first question? John Morgan: Hold my inhaler

  • Beezy Montana
    Beezy Montana 5 minutes ago

    19:56 Oliveria holds the record for most submissions*

  • johnnyjackson
    johnnyjackson 5 minutes ago

    Conor looks healthy, good.

  • luis77731
    luis77731 5 minutes ago

    Where are all my insomniac's!?!?! PLEASE stand up!

  • 320speed
    320speed 6 minutes ago

    Conor's got this.

  • photographerjonathan
    photographerjonathan 6 minutes ago

    I really think Connor needs this fight if he is going to have any kind of career ahead of him in 2020. and he better look out for those kicks in the head and face from Cowboy.

  • Working From Home Productions

    OMG 488th!

  • 0neevils0ul 187
    0neevils0ul 187 6 minutes ago

    This fight card sucks.

  • cperceptionsmusic
    cperceptionsmusic 6 minutes ago

    let these mothekrelkjers feel it

    UFC SPORT-FIGHT 6 minutes ago

    History has been now Conor Mcgregor its are ufc Lightweight champion...

  • Eric Park
    Eric Park 6 minutes ago

    notice how joe announced him as the "great" conor mcgregor instead of "notorious"

    • Party on Wayne
      Party on Wayne 2 minutes ago

      Eric Park Yeah, that’ll have pissed him off. Why do that? Weird...

  • Anthony Hallberg
    Anthony Hallberg 6 minutes ago

    Damn the Rolls Royce though.

  • Ruisu-214
    Ruisu-214 6 minutes ago

    Can’t wait for this fight bru bruh.

  • Rob Nolan
    Rob Nolan 6 minutes ago

    Why americans did not support Donald more ???? What is wrong with america ???? Ireland is tiny and they all support Conor ...why america can't do that with such an amazing guy like Donald ??

  • johnny cena
    johnny cena 7 minutes ago

    The king Is back!!

  • Gullysquad
    Gullysquad 7 minutes ago

    when Holly stepped up i yelled out .. "GO MOMMY" <3 xo

  • Igli Doci
    Igli Doci 7 minutes ago

    2:53 (former) two weight champion

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice 7 minutes ago

    5:29 Conor Jr’s like “Who da fook is that guy?!” 😂😂

  • Evan James
    Evan James 7 minutes ago

    5:08 A father shows his son some love after getting an “A” on his report card

  • Gorkhali Warrior
    Gorkhali Warrior 7 minutes ago

    Im From Nepal 🇳🇵 Visit Nepal2020, Please Visit Our beautiful country once time.🙏🙏 Im Big Fan Of #McGregor❤❤

  • TheOriginalPain18
    TheOriginalPain18 7 minutes ago

    Conor couldn't decide what pose to do 😂

  • Tai Lopez
    Tai Lopez 7 minutes ago

    1:37 - "When I went down to 145 I blown up to like 200 lbs... In between fights" - How is that possible?

  • Raj Das Gupta
    Raj Das Gupta 7 minutes ago

    Intense fight

  • Gamzonie CliPz
    Gamzonie CliPz 7 minutes ago

    Leave a like if u got ya money on Conor

  • HardFlip Mike
    HardFlip Mike 7 minutes ago

    My Penis " 135.5lb"

  • El Rompe Culos
    El Rompe Culos 7 minutes ago

    Alexa Grasso is so cute 😍

  • 71donkrider
    71donkrider 7 minutes ago

    170 pound ers you have been warned Conor looking to clean out the division easier said than done what if Khabib add 15 pounds?

  • dre guist
    dre guist 7 minutes ago

    Cowboy looks so nervous!

  • AnonymJin
    AnonymJin 7 minutes ago

    What time will it start?

  • 320speed
    320speed 7 minutes ago

    That Fat black woman gets more screen time then any of the fighters.

  • 23bogarka
    23bogarka 7 minutes ago

    Mctappper, you will go downnnn tonight..

  • ggg
    ggg 7 minutes ago

    At 5:11 Black guy gives a nod to Joe but he's ignored hahaha

  • Priest HOLMES
    Priest HOLMES 8 minutes ago

    Dont let Conor vs Cowboy distract you from the fact that this is one of the worst cards in UFC history.

  • Karis Yanuaria
    Karis Yanuaria 8 minutes ago

    4:15 HAHAHA

  • Nadia Hopkins
    Nadia Hopkins 8 minutes ago

    Cerrone I hope you didn't get an offer you can't refuse to lose???

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice 8 minutes ago

    I literally thought the guy at 4:28 just handed Conor a bottle of Proper 12😂🤣😂that would have been fuckin hilarious ... “works done sir, time for a couple sips” 😂😂

  • NOVA718
    NOVA718 8 minutes ago

    There is no way cowboy is 6’1 or let alone 6ft He’s like 5’10.5 or 5’11 Conor looks like a solid 5’9

  • cassetoi09
    cassetoi09 8 minutes ago

    Conors is losing his hairline as fast as he is losing relevance.

  • cperceptionsmusic
    cperceptionsmusic 8 minutes ago


  • Hamza  Sohail
    Hamza Sohail 8 minutes ago

    Where's Alexa Grasso?