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Fame is Lame
Views 2.6MMonth ago
Just Be Yourself
Views 3M6 months ago
VidCon Was Fun
Views 2.2MYear ago
My Crazy Imagination
Views 7MYear ago
Camping Unprepared
Views 4.4MYear ago
I Was A Weird Kid
Views 12MYear ago
Talking To Crazy People
Views 4.2M2 years ago
Rip Offs
Views 3.6M2 years ago
Music Is Awesome
Views 2.6M2 years ago
The Bagel Guy Card
Views 3.5M2 years ago
In Lazy People's Defense
Views 3.8M2 years ago
I Just Wanted Food
Views 4.9M2 years ago
Stupid Things I Do
Views 3.7M2 years ago
I suck at chess
Views 2.9M2 years ago
James is a good butt friend
Views 985K2 years ago
Peer Pressure
Views 4.9M2 years ago
The Day I Got Arrested
Views 6M2 years ago
Running for Class President
Views 2.5M2 years ago
Man Broke Into My Backyard
Views 3.8M3 years ago
Someone Attacked My Car
Views 1.5M3 years ago
Views 256K3 years ago


  • shaun Sons
    shaun Sons 13 minutes ago

    *”Pleasure is mine, D A D D Y”*

  • Kirsty Halfpenny
    Kirsty Halfpenny 20 minutes ago

    What does mama's mama look like hmmmm

  • Spicybatmanboy Playz
    Spicybatmanboy Playz 27 minutes ago

    1:16 notice that roblox mouth one why on earth did he put that there two how did he edit that

  • FubRub22
    FubRub22 28 minutes ago


  • Italian Nick
    Italian Nick 29 minutes ago

    Boyinaband: There really is a lot of security in flexing your money and I think that a lot of people need t- Adam:HAHAHAHHEEHEHEHEHAHAHHAAHHEHEHEHHEEHRHHRHRHRHRHJHHRHHAHAHHAH

  • coolgamer279 fox
    coolgamer279 fox 30 minutes ago


  • sugar fox
    sugar fox 38 minutes ago

    Thanks now I'm addicted

  • Alexa Garcia
    Alexa Garcia 44 minutes ago

    I was also a very dramatic kid when I was like 7

  • Drewpin_airrow27
    Drewpin_airrow27 57 minutes ago

    Oh wait

  • Drewpin_airrow27
    Drewpin_airrow27 57 minutes ago

    Why do chickens piss him off they give eggs for nutrient breakfasts and they can be killed for McDonalds

  • S A M
    S A M Hour ago

    My Nightmare Is A Pure Black Dream

  • Ds Production
    Ds Production Hour ago

    What the quality

  • Tori The demon
    Tori The demon Hour ago


  • EJ Prime
    EJ Prime Hour ago

    Avengers EndGame Is Release

  • AbbyPandicornYT
    AbbyPandicornYT Hour ago

    you shoulda grabbed there license plate number

  • That one girl :D

    I have a good ass friend :)))) she’s stuck by me since second grade.

  • Shelby Gillum
    Shelby Gillum Hour ago

    I love this soooo much you should make another song

  • Slight Anxiety At The Social Gathering


  • Blackhawk 168
    Blackhawk 168 2 hours ago

    Don’t worry Adam I’m afraid of hights too except idk how i can ride a freaking plane

  • Rosa Ninjan
    Rosa Ninjan 2 hours ago

    Im me

  • I love WHALES
    I love WHALES 2 hours ago


  • TheChargedFoxie 456yt

    I'm probably gonna get screamed at for doing this but I made. Something else yt megalovania using this song Somethingelseyt atk 3 def 1 You feel like he's going to pull down you're U N D E R W E A R

  • Sebastian Krowicki
    Sebastian Krowicki 3 hours ago

    This the best animator song

  • Anas Amar
    Anas Amar 3 hours ago

    7:11 XD That is so embarrassing

  • Anas Amar
    Anas Amar 3 hours ago

    Same is lame lines lol

  • Fire Egniter
    Fire Egniter 3 hours ago

    Can I get likes thanks

  • Flaming Penguin
    Flaming Penguin 4 hours ago

    Im watching this along time after upload and you asshole im watching this at midnight why that crap

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer 4 hours ago

    Thanks for making this it reminds me of my self.😈

  • Dawoofy
    Dawoofy 4 hours ago

    Good now that I think about

  • ruby :3
    ruby :3 4 hours ago

    I love this song

  • pixelated toons
    pixelated toons 4 hours ago

    1:38 Isekai's in a nutshell

  • xXAriaonscreenXx
    xXAriaonscreenXx 4 hours ago


  • OrigamiPenguin8
    OrigamiPenguin8 4 hours ago

    4:05 should be a meme

  • Ben Rogers
    Ben Rogers 5 hours ago

    When you said first porn sacrifice and then hail kthulu I thought that tentacle was something different

    ISAAC TUTTLE 5 hours ago

    The ocean is seriously scary

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast 5 hours ago

    Honestly if I met a creator, id give them a high five as I passed by and say have a nice day. After staring at them for 7 hours and finding the right moment

  • Brian The Bunny
    Brian The Bunny 5 hours ago


  • Brian The Bunny
    Brian The Bunny 5 hours ago


  • Brian The Bunny
    Brian The Bunny 5 hours ago


  • Brian The Bunny
    Brian The Bunny 5 hours ago


  • MochiCakuLoli
    MochiCakuLoli 5 hours ago

    Dreams have no *common sense*

  • Luna_playz_yt
    Luna_playz_yt 6 hours ago

    Well, i want to have people notice me everywhere i go! And 10 year old watch too right?

  • Azurine
    Azurine 6 hours ago

    lol ez

  • Couch potato ツ
    Couch potato ツ 6 hours ago

    Seriously, when did I like this .-.

  • LPS Lover
    LPS Lover 6 hours ago

    that’s not how u eat VEGGIE MIGHT! p.s i’m from Australia 🇦🇺😐 😑

  • Loni Rogers
    Loni Rogers 6 hours ago

    I really wish I was in your class because then I could make those glasses with open eyes and then just take a nap because literally like you said he's not even teaching math just a lot of talking that being in my nap spot we were in app

  • Loni Rogers
    Loni Rogers 6 hours ago

    I really wish I was in your class because in my class third grade I can't do multiplications and that's all they throw at me multiplication and times I can't do times nor multiplication

  • Serperior Chaos
    Serperior Chaos 6 hours ago

    So is this video like Minecraft VS Roblox XD

  • Xavier Urquiza
    Xavier Urquiza 6 hours ago

    I hate bananas

  • Xavier Urquiza
    Xavier Urquiza 6 hours ago

    I'm a wierd kid too

  • Gumble Plays
    Gumble Plays 6 hours ago

    I'm so freaking glad I found you dude, I'm a 3d animator and your videos give me so much inspiration to do more 2d. Thank you!

  • Gamer Reet
    Gamer Reet 7 hours ago

    Just to let you know vegimite is good on bread NOT DIRECTLY FROM A FRIKIN SPOON

  • sokerixd 18
    sokerixd 18 7 hours ago

    Your not a banana

  • flo0fey
    flo0fey 7 hours ago

    Adam the cake destroing man

  • Alfie Dash
    Alfie Dash 7 hours ago

    Your song is cool

  • Queen potato
    Queen potato 7 hours ago

    i thought i was theb only one afraid of whales

  • green6gamer
    green6gamer 7 hours ago


  • Loni Rogers
    Loni Rogers 7 hours ago

    The black one is perfect for me because I'm depressed

  • Just Random
    Just Random 7 hours ago


  • Loni Rogers
    Loni Rogers 7 hours ago

    How dare you say tomato soup is gross I will destroy your face now so you will have to get jaw surgery again

  • javii garciaa
    javii garciaa 7 hours ago

    Genial buen bidio jajajaja

  • Alfie Dash
    Alfie Dash 7 hours ago

    I'll play you in pokemon with my 60 card deck and ex blastois

  • Santiago Ortiz
    Santiago Ortiz 8 hours ago

    Hola soy de méxico aunque también se un poco de ingles

  • Arie Cowan
    Arie Cowan 8 hours ago

    I'M GLAD YOU MADR THIS but 1 question MARVEL or DC??? I absolutely prefer MARVEL!

  • Rohan Kishiba
    Rohan Kishiba 8 hours ago

    Hi some thing else I'm dad

  • Ia Vicente
    Ia Vicente 8 hours ago

    I am a weird kid and my name is kevin

    UNKNOWN UNKNOWN 8 hours ago

    So I’m not the only one...

  • Chip _ chan 11
    Chip _ chan 11 8 hours ago

    °■° omg must be so embarrassing to call him that...

  • Hot steamy GÄRBÂGÉ

    Opp well I dont want to be famous cuz in like hella scared of talking (cuz I lost my voice :-;) but @navy'sgacha she really wants to talk to people she makes gacha and I'm proud that she made it to 10 subs ^v^

  • Rodrigo Osornio
    Rodrigo Osornio 8 hours ago


  • Derpy Cheese Pie
    Derpy Cheese Pie 8 hours ago

    Ok. I’m not lazy with like projects and stuff but when it comes to taking the trash out or getting the remote that’s a whole different story,

  • Doen Weneo
    Doen Weneo 8 hours ago

    1st off i cant breath through my nose its way to stuffy so i would like die

  • silver hornet's music!

    *smack* thank you.

  • Dragon killer 180
    Dragon killer 180 8 hours ago

    1:25 Younger siblings: *making annoying sounds* Me: SHUT UP Siblings: MOM HE SAID A BAD WORD my mom: 1:33

  • Carlos Vidz Official

    1:40 Adam we get don’t wanna get demonetized. **Looks at video** Oh nvm you can say it

  • Ray Rich Brown
    Ray Rich Brown 8 hours ago

    “Getting lots of P-P-P-Potential job opportunities” lmaooo 🤣

  • MagnetronSpeelt
    MagnetronSpeelt 8 hours ago

    Alright, I was sitting in the car of my mother (she forgot her Phone, so she went inside my house to get her phone) and while I was sitting there came a green old car right next to my window. I was playing a game on my phone, so I didn't noticed it or something. Then my mother came and she was talking with the guy in the car. After that she got in in her car (where I was in) and she told me that the Guy in the other car was filming me, she asked him to delete the video and nothing happend. Why would anyone ever random film me?

  • Alex Castillo
    Alex Castillo 8 hours ago

    pizza time. times SIX!? It's GAME OVER!!!!

  • sebasmica
    sebasmica 8 hours ago


  • sebasmica
    sebasmica 8 hours ago


  • Carter Robison
    Carter Robison 8 hours ago

    Just got my wisdome teeth out I feel u

  • Atrint Rist
    Atrint Rist 9 hours ago

    Finally I know comment

  • Your Daily Dose of Stupidity

    *I was reminded of Bakugou when his hand sparked, I-*

  • Jaiden Darden
    Jaiden Darden 9 hours ago

    Lol, I was still laughing when the jump scare happened.

  • KK47
    KK47 9 hours ago


    AZIZAH ABDUL RAHMAN 9 hours ago

    Thank God he didn't get demonitized

    AZIZAH ABDUL RAHMAN 9 hours ago

    His video almost get demonitized

  • Dent
    Dent 9 hours ago

    nice video but you weren't weird as a kid at all

  • Hoi Potato
    Hoi Potato 9 hours ago

    I legit watch this at least seven times a day

  • Your Daily Dose of Stupidity

    Yes. I, too, am named *Avacado Eggroll.*

  • Hoi Potato
    Hoi Potato 9 hours ago

    I have a Sirius question... Are you related to Markiplier

  • Little Brat
    Little Brat 9 hours ago

    This should be a movie

  • Tamara Villarreal-Rodriguez

    Is it it me or does the background beat sound like headband by B.o.b and 2 chainz 🤔🤔🤨🧐🙊

    ISAAC TUTTLE 9 hours ago

    Rick and Morty

  • RadioactiveHallaway
    RadioactiveHallaway 9 hours ago

    Wow like is like hulk ur favorite hero or like wut

  • Limon Miah
    Limon Miah 9 hours ago

    If mamma was following you then why didn’t you double tap everywhere then you might of tohuched her then yeah

  • Redaknight Gamer
    Redaknight Gamer 9 hours ago

    Have you ever played earthbound if not you should it’s about collecting melodies so I think you would love it.

    ISAAC TUTTLE 9 hours ago

    I 100% connected to this video

  • PAC_ Wolf2!
    PAC_ Wolf2! 9 hours ago

    I am surprised that James didn’t participated in this. Was he busy?

  • Gacha Spring and Shadow

    Jokes aside, I think the moral of this song (if it has one) is, if you get bullied, don't become one