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Living on my Own
Views 2.8M11 days ago
Help (Official Music Video)
Views 3.1M2 months ago
Fame is Lame
Views 3.4M3 months ago
Just Be Yourself
Views 3.4M9 months ago
VidCon Was Fun
Views 2.4MYear ago
My Crazy Imagination
Views 8MYear ago
Camping Unprepared
Views 4.8MYear ago
I Was A Weird Kid
Views 14M2 years ago
Talking To Crazy People
Views 4.6M2 years ago
Rip Offs
Views 3.8M2 years ago
Music Is Awesome
Views 2.7M2 years ago
The Bagel Guy Card
Views 3.8M2 years ago
In Lazy People's Defense
Views 4.1M2 years ago
I Just Wanted Food
Views 5M2 years ago
Stupid Things I Do
Views 4M2 years ago
I suck at chess
Views 3.1M2 years ago
Peer Pressure
Views 5M2 years ago
The Day I Got Arrested
Views 6M2 years ago
Running for Class President
Views 2.7M3 years ago
Man Broke Into My Backyard
Views 4.1M3 years ago
Someone Attacked My Car
Views 1.6M3 years ago
Views 281K3 years ago


  • Nightmaze Gacha
    Nightmaze Gacha 20 minutes ago

    Adam teleported to the girls bathroom

  • Kylie
    Kylie 29 minutes ago

    O < 🍌 ------------ 🍆-🍩

  • Chelsea Choi
    Chelsea Choi 31 minute ago

    “Billy u FriCkEn BuTt NuGgeT!!!!!!!!!!!” Haha

  • Max meme's
    Max meme's 37 minutes ago

    was the part where there was two kids (just before 2:00) baby jaiden and baby james?

  • wadduck67
    wadduck67 39 minutes ago


  • TsumTsum Marvel
    TsumTsum Marvel 45 minutes ago

    So the moment when shoe and Adam were having an argument literally happens with my best friend I didn't say the the f word i frick

  • legend kupal
    legend kupal 55 minutes ago

    this happend in 1996

  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster 58 minutes ago

    Something about going into senior year was more empowering for me as well. I'd just moved schools for the umpteenth time and for the first time, my older brother wouldn't be attending school with me. In addition, never have I fit in whenever I moved. Look around a lunch room and should you go to a school with diversity, you'll see that race affects everything. A high school cafeteria looks like a prison cafeteria or exercise yard. But I didn't have a group I fit in with, usually. I'm a black girl so I don't fit in with whites and other races. I spoke too proper for a lot of blacks to like me because I "sound white". I enjoy anime, video games, reading and writing comical fanfiction. I used to call myself an Oreo until I realized that's the biggest effing insult to myself that I could use. I AM BLACK. Speaking a certain way doesn't change that and not all black people talk like movies depict. I learned to be happy with who I was and to not allow people to compartamentalize me based on my skin or the way I spoke. It was wonderous. My new school was 99.9% black. Oh, a few tried it with me that senior year but if I were a video game character, I had equipped a power-up. I had no time for the bull from people and stood up for myself. I made it clear I wasn't about to be part of their drama and while this lead to me having almost no friends (there were a handful of cool people I liked and that's all you need), my ultimate goal was to not have bullies, like my last school. In that regard, I succeeded. It helped additionally that I was a school favorite. I stood out to the maximum but to the right people. I was given roles of leadership even if I didn't seek them and finished as my class valedictorian. I learned at that school that I do have a voice, not one hidden behind a keyboard but an actual voice and I can use it to stand up for myself and that it's fine to be myself.

  • Wade Rothery
    Wade Rothery Hour ago

    If a person said they ‘like liked’ me I would just say! “Sorry dude buuutt eeeehhhhh” but that doesnt happen because everyone thinks im just the weird one 😂

  • Muhammad Hussain

    It's 2019 I was born in 2008 and marvel also started making marvel superhero movies in 2008

  • PRO-NOOB 2006
    PRO-NOOB 2006 Hour ago

    Use motion sensors and put a alarm in your house, than get out with a double barrel

    MR BLADE Hour ago

    Faivrout bit 1:44 to 2:00

  • NatsukiGotHammered

    what happens if mama wants to hide?

  • Various Adrian
    Various Adrian Hour ago

    Ok daddy 😁😁😁

  • chrisia siamjen paler

    giant condom😂😂

  • Ju Lo
    Ju Lo 2 hours ago

    "You're old enough to not be dumb" Bold assumption there

  • Hernando Martinez
    Hernando Martinez 2 hours ago

    Chart Magic 2019 ⭐ (World 1-4) 🐸💎 2016 (Zone 04 Act 01) ♣️ 2017 (Zone 04 Act 02) 🌀 2018 (Zone 04 Act 03) 🐠 2019 (Zone 04 Act 04) 🐸💎 2020 (Zone 04 Act 05) 👙. To be continued next time. 🍎

  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster 2 hours ago

    For a brief time, I had a step sister after my mom remarried. She was way younger than my brothers and I, initially 4 while my brothers and I were between the ages of 9 and 13 (it was also strange to not be the only girl anymore). Not sure what inspired it, but one day, we decided to play a game of tag...that involved my older brother pretending to be a serial killer. My new little sister was surprisingly chill with this premise! She had this thing called a Talk Girl which was essentially just a voice recorder. Us three who were running would record lines in it and it all sounded like a worse version of all the screaming and commotion from the Blair Witch upon playback, but that's what we were mimicking when using it. Anyways, my older brother kills our sister (it's so odd to say I had a sister...) and my younger brother. I'm the only one left and we'd agreed that my bedroom was a safe zone. I'd also given my older brother a plastic knife from my cooking set to use as his weapon. At the end, I was hauling it to my bedroom for safety and just before I could slam the door shut, he throws the knife. It "stabs" my back and I dutifully crash into the wall behind the door and slide down. It was so perfectly timed and so dramatic that I didn't even mind that he'd gotten me. Listening back to that Talk Girl was a lesson in how to drive someone mad but it was fun and I'm shocked our temporary little sis was fine with such a game.

  • Jellyman Herder
    Jellyman Herder 2 hours ago

    1:57 *shows minecraft and fortnite Me: "Wait that's illegal" Then Adam got arrested by the FBI

  • Jay The Dragon Tamer

    Yep I agree fame can be lame. I get a few famous people that come in to my work. And about 90% of the time I'm the one who is more calm headed, that I have to make what they order on my own while the rest freak out. Honestly famous people are just normal people who want their icecream cone dip in chocolate XD

  • Zman 321
    Zman 321 2 hours ago

    You should preform "I'm something else" at vidcon someday. I think that would be pretty cool

  • Jilljetson Shumbusho


  • 1spicyBoi
    1spicyBoi 3 hours ago

    1:13 “Watch where you’re goin’ next time *kid* ” Adam: “Kid?? W- We’re the same age” Also Adam: “Who the fu-who the frick does this *kid* think he is?”

  • Slash and Dash TV
    Slash and Dash TV 3 hours ago

    If i use the bathroom 2 times and really have to go i do this Me: Ok so when he looks away sprint through that freaking gosh darn door so whenever he turns around i will sprint like a madman

  • Chick Trick
    Chick Trick 3 hours ago

    This is something I would've thought of when I was 8

  • Doge the bootiful dog

    This litterally scarred me🤤

  • I like Maltesers :D
    I like Maltesers :D 3 hours ago

    Muffin time?

  • sai
    sai 3 hours ago

    When he said “I’ll get pull your pants down” I felt that

  • Vivia’s_Life
    Vivia’s_Life 3 hours ago

    My childhood was playing the DS and play Kirby all day

  • AliyahA 25614
    AliyahA 25614 3 hours ago

    I was OBSESSED with bananas as a small child as well. I ate them so fast my dad thought I would choke. I NEVER DID!!!!!! Take that, Dad! Ha!

    MMG CHILD 4 hours ago

    I watched this before I went to 6th grade camp

  • MD van den Berge
    MD van den Berge 4 hours ago

    Comment will probably get buried but you can save on furniture by looking around garage sales, Facebook market place, Craigslist, asking family, ect. Give it a good clean and you'll be good to go.

  • Mehnameisbobby Clapham

    Your so dumb when u have vegimite u spread it on bread with butter

  • SilverSkyLeaves #27
    SilverSkyLeaves #27 4 hours ago

    1. Don’t camp in the winter! 2. I have gone camping many times (in the summer obviously) and I live in Roseau, MN! That is seriously like ten miles from Canada! 3. Astrology has always fascinated me but I live in town so I can’t really see the stars that we’ll. I do love to paint or draw galaxies though.

  • X2 Luke
    X2 Luke 4 hours ago

    Everyone comment on this about what the weirdest thing you guys thought of?

    • X2 Luke
      X2 Luke 4 hours ago

      Babies pooping diapers into there poop

  • Aprameya C M
    Aprameya C M 4 hours ago

    If I pressure my friends to stop doing the bad things then what about it???????????

  • korben Mckenzie
    korben Mckenzie 4 hours ago

    4 minutes and 20 seconds 4:20

  • RandomPlayerCalledaka_Pat AndPlaysRobloxYAY

    6:55 mha reference

  • BombDefuser6710 Kraken

    Racist cops… rejection… Adam likes but rejected a girl named bob… Nice this is great. Also some cops are… kinda… uhh… stupid.

  • Nugget
    Nugget 4 hours ago


  • Nugget
    Nugget 4 hours ago

    My names aeric

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 4 hours ago

    3:44 my hero academia reference

  • kpopcutie 11
    kpopcutie 11 4 hours ago

    Don't be in a friend group- MAKE A FRIGGIN GROUP LIKE ME! Thank chu😇

  • Max Vaquero
    Max Vaquero 4 hours ago

    Not lying my imagination is crazy

    MAGESTIC CRAB! 4 hours ago

    I have a couch that looks like rocks, I would imagine that I was battling and would get chucked into the couch, and put a matching blanket over me as if an avalanche fell. The difference is in my plays I died in any death spot.

  • Solomon Pitts
    Solomon Pitts 4 hours ago

    I’m afraid o sea cucumbers 2! Sorry that sound too nerdy :)

  • SilverSkyLeaves #27
    SilverSkyLeaves #27 4 hours ago

    At school I will steal food from my friends because I’m like always hungry. Then one day one of my friends asks me, “How do stay skinny because you are practically eating food all the time?” I answer, “I have no idea.”

  • Lonely Pride
    Lonely Pride 4 hours ago

    I like that your voice is deep It really matches this song

  • tsm_jack_a_boi
    tsm_jack_a_boi 4 hours ago

    love the pic of bakugo in the background at 2:59 never could go wrong with a little bit M.H.A (until u get copyright claimed).

  • Windstreak Wolf
    Windstreak Wolf 5 hours ago


  • cadergator10
    cadergator10 5 hours ago

    Poor poor adam

  • Luz
    Luz 5 hours ago


  • Razor Clan with the bois


  • Z3K3 Mohrman
    Z3K3 Mohrman 5 hours ago

    Dolphins are killas but baby’s .....

  • MH - 04AK - Brian W Fleming PS (1178)


  • Munzza Shahid
    Munzza Shahid 5 hours ago

    My friend learned more history in battlefield then from is history teacher

  • paul portocarrero
    paul portocarrero 5 hours ago

    rice IS flammable and in certain conditions, explosive

  • SlurpSlushie374
    SlurpSlushie374 5 hours ago

    Most you tuber songs are trash but I think this should hit some records

  • Viola Landry
    Viola Landry 5 hours ago

    The jump scare needs work just to let you know

  • Youngjoysinner
    Youngjoysinner 5 hours ago

    my dad had to go through this shit too and i still hear stories like right after he woke up from the surgery he threw up and they had to take off and rewire everything again

  • cadergator10
    cadergator10 5 hours ago

    He totally sounds like markiplier

  • Nogah
    Nogah 6 hours ago

    11:57 OMG NO ¿that's your laptop? D:

  • Elijah Dincler
    Elijah Dincler 6 hours ago

    I did the same thing were you used the music and fight in the battle

  • Iron Bull
    Iron Bull 6 hours ago

    Buckero you missed a censor which means only one thing...

  • Lydia Smithson
    Lydia Smithson 6 hours ago

    Bananas are god

  • Sarah golden
    Sarah golden 6 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Minecraft facts with PiggmanMason

    dude count:infinite

  • lollolp01 playz
    lollolp01 playz 6 hours ago

    that is my dad exept he got his tonslels pulled out

  • Splint3rz
    Splint3rz 6 hours ago

    Adam: OH MY GOD AGENT COLLSEN IS ALIVE. Me agents of shield fan : oh your in for a surprise

  • Pixeled Awesomeness
    Pixeled Awesomeness 6 hours ago

    Noice I also have 2! Shadow plushies

  • KaylaTheGachaNoodle
    KaylaTheGachaNoodle 6 hours ago

    🐕 Summers, get back here! Sorry, she tends to get out...

  • Shivver Lets play
    Shivver Lets play 6 hours ago


  • Patricia Ayres
    Patricia Ayres 6 hours ago

    My school banned mr. Rogers

  • Logan Cryer
    Logan Cryer 6 hours ago

    Which is better? Life is fun. Odd1sout Or I'm something else yt?

  • Blair Faulknor
    Blair Faulknor 6 hours ago

    when I hear 69 instant reactions googles it instant regrets straight away

  • Dxmon·Moon
    Dxmon·Moon 6 hours ago

    I wanna hear full version of that is just 👌

  • James Moore
    James Moore 6 hours ago

    We have the same fear

  • Zimmyshrooms
    Zimmyshrooms 6 hours ago

    Me: hears the realtor in the beginning Also me someone who watches Brandon Rogers constantly: the CEO?

  • GamiDIED
    GamiDIED 6 hours ago

    kinda cringe

  • XX_Gamerkid_XX 1000
    XX_Gamerkid_XX 1000 6 hours ago

    0:10 says drink this weed

  • lethalized 115
    lethalized 115 6 hours ago

    2:11 that face scarred me

  • Marta Bronshvayg
    Marta Bronshvayg 7 hours ago


  • lemon squad 64
    lemon squad 64 7 hours ago

    Holy shit he has no plants

    CSN_BALCO 7 hours ago

    3:24 lol

  • LPS Kitten Lover
    LPS Kitten Lover 7 hours ago

    Loves demon part lol if you loved like and comment

  • InstaNerds
    InstaNerds 7 hours ago

    oh you get a tutorial in your dream

  • h x n e y a m a y a h

    Im telling my future kids this is eminem

  • NoobyGamer 11
    NoobyGamer 11 7 hours ago

    0:36 Me: youtube is getting demonitized after 2020. Kid friendly vids won't be funded anymore Adam: *stops laughing* WHAT!

  • Beck h0und
    Beck h0und 7 hours ago

    Eminem: Rap god SomethingElse: OH YEAH?! I'M RAP PRINCESS!!!

  • garlic
    garlic 7 hours ago

    I'm afraid of heights but I really like going on planes.

  • Rhizomic
    Rhizomic 7 hours ago

    I love the lyrics, it’s amazing for a day production! Thank you for being something else.

  • Matt & Cody Moody
    Matt & Cody Moody 7 hours ago

    I love you Play gmod

  • Lilsnake Games1196
    Lilsnake Games1196 7 hours ago

    It so amazing at how talented he is 👍🏻

  • woo oh yeah woo
    woo oh yeah woo 7 hours ago

    *NO, I AM NOT A HUGE NERD, THANK YOU-* This is a joke

  • trashyartist 01
    trashyartist 01 7 hours ago

    Why does Adam look like he can play Michael Mell in Be More Chill

  • Just_a_çänńøłi _

    Dang I want some chocci milcc now and it’s like.... idk what time it is but I’m in bed and it’s not daytime... pretty sure... ANYWAYS I WANT ME SOME chOcCi MiLcC

  • Renato Marines
    Renato Marines 7 hours ago

    The animator trio of Clip-Share

  • Gracieloo _
    Gracieloo _ 7 hours ago

    4:02 I think we can all agree that this was us at one time in our lives, or still is...

  • antonio417
    antonio417 7 hours ago

    im watching this before bed and now i dont wanna sleep

  • lightning storm
    lightning storm 7 hours ago

    Imagination: Do what ever u want bc ur a kid... Common sense: don't do anything stupid!..