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Abandoned Alone in an African Tribe
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When it comes to what happened a...
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Attending the Happiest Funeral in the World
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Our first Seek Discomfort Holiday Drop is LIVE NOW⚡️⚡️⚡️ : 🙏🏼 Thank you for making these videos possible through your support of Seek Discomfort Thank you to our friend Svenja for telling us about these funerals a year ago. Attending these 3 years ago shaped her career seeking to tell stories about death rather than shy away from them. Follow her work here! instag...
Dark Secrets of the World’s Most Isolated Island
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Start your free trial with Shopify at this link! This week, I traveled to the most remotely inhabited island on Earth: Pitcairn Island. This island has one of the most unique stories of a founding that I've ever heard of and I can't wait for you to explore it with me in this epic tale shot by the incredible @cory.s.martin 🙏🏼 Thank you for making these videos possible throu...
Swimming with the World’s Deadliest Shark
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Start your business today with Shopify’s new Starter Plan: Major shout-out to Mike Coots for being open to sharing his story with us. He's a true inspiration and one of the kindest people we've met. Check out his amazing work here: mikecoots In this story we go with Mike Coots, a shark attack survivor and now conservationist to go back diving with Tige...
Overnight in the Loneliest House on Earth
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Get 60 days of free Headspace here: using code YESTHEORY3. Valid until October 17th Big thank you to Jake Guzman for being the reason we went and found this cabin, he's an amazing photographer check out his work here: jguzmannn Thank you to Alex Haraus for coming with us and keeping us safe: We climbed to one of the mo...
it's finally here...
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I Hitchhiked a Cargo Ship to Wherever it’s Going
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Launch your business today - Eric and I decided to try something we genuinely thought was impossible.. Hitchhike a cargo ship to wherever it was going.. Let the adventure begin. Thank you to DFDS for being such an open-minded company and trusting 2 random guys walking into their office with such a crazy request!! If you wanna follow Captain Bahadir on his journey here’...
Traveling to the “Worst” Country in Europe
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A few months ago I had the privilege of being able to enter and see parts of western Syria. We went to see a few of the country’s major cities and ancient historical sights. Our trip was very emotionally challenging but also beautiful in many ways. Meeting Syrians, hearing their stories and capturing a small part of what the country looks like today was not a simple goal but one I hope you will...
Hunting Nepal’s Mad Honey That Makes You Hallucinate - HONEY HUNTERS
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Our first activewear clothing collection!! Check it out here: ⚡️ SEEK DISCOMFORT: 🙏🏼 Thank you for making these videos possible through your support of Seek Discomfort Liked the visuals? Cory's JUST LAUNCHED HIS CHANNEL. You have to see his cinematic cut of this: Trying the honey… “I Tried The Nepalese Honey That Makes P...
The Island Where People Refuse to Die
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Thank you to Shopify for sponsoring this video! We’ve been using Shopify for 4 years to run Seek Discomfort and it truly elevated this channel to the next level by allowing us to build a business that fuels our dream. If you’re thinking of opening your own store. We highly suggest you do it with them. Then, welcome to Seulo! The first blue zone and the one with historicall...
Why We Left America
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Living 5 DAYS in Complete Darkness
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Thanks to Headspace for sponsoring this video! Get your free 60 day Headspace trial here by using code YESTHEORY60D. This is the best offer available and will only be valid for the next 5 days (until May 19th 2022)! Watch Thomas' experience in the Darkness here: Ammar has been wanting to go into a Darkness Retreat for 3 years no...
Last City in Europe with No Laws
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Project Iceman TRAILER ❄️
Views 620K7 months ago Project Iceman Credits: Director: Ammar Kandil Field director: Cory Martin Director of Photography: Jan Laumark Cinematographers: Nicklas Nagel, Herman Berger, Cory Martin & Jan Laumark Trailer Editors: Cory Martin & Jan Laumark Post Production: Burning Boat Executive Producer: Yes Theory & Anders Hofman Iceman: Anders Hofman
96 Hours in the World’s Coldest City (-64°C,-84 °F)
Views 2.7M7 months ago
96 Hours in the World’s Coldest City (-64°C,-84 °F)
At The Ukrainian Border
Views 2M7 months ago
At The Ukrainian Border
Can’t Leave Airport Until a Stranger Buys Me a Flight
Views 2.2M8 months ago
Can’t Leave Airport Until a Stranger Buys Me a Flight
I Lived with Wolves for 72 hours
Views 4.7M9 months ago
I Lived with Wolves for 72 hours
Inside a Secret Underground Society
Views 2.1M9 months ago
Inside a Secret Underground Society
Knocking on Doors… to Fly A Stranger Around the World (ENDED IN AFRICA)
Views 2.6M11 months ago
Knocking on Doors… to Fly A Stranger Around the World (ENDED IN AFRICA)
Surviving Kidnapping by former CIA Agent
Views 1.3M11 months ago
Surviving Kidnapping by former CIA Agent
Views 1.2M11 months ago
Trading $0.01 for a $2,800 Plane Ticket in 4 Days
Views 974K11 months ago
Trading $0.01 for a $2,800 Plane Ticket in 4 Days
Trading $0.01 Up To A $2,800 Plane Ticket
Views 1M11 months ago
Trading $0.01 Up To A $2,800 Plane Ticket
Russian Ghost Town on the North Pole
Views 2.7MYear ago
Russian Ghost Town on the North Pole
Traveling to the Most Northern Town on Earth (NORTH POLE)
Views 2.1MYear ago
Traveling to the Most Northern Town on Earth (NORTH POLE)
Running for 24hrs To See All Of Paris
Views 953KYear ago
Running for 24hrs To See All Of Paris
I Bought a $150,000 Passport that can Travel the World
Views 3.7MYear ago
I Bought a $150,000 Passport that can Travel the World
I Spent a Day with Giants (World's Strongest Men)
Views 7MYear ago
I Spent a Day with Giants (World's Strongest Men)


  • Arees Mangi
    Arees Mangi Minute ago

    I invite you to pakistan to see somethings you will never see anywhere else in the world.

  • Mikhail Michael
    Mikhail Michael 4 minutes ago

    Unrecognized doesn't equal fake. Plus, it's ON the maps. But not on all the maps( specially, not on Moldova's)

  • Holly Craft!
    Holly Craft! 5 minutes ago

    *Things like LifeStraw Community filters could be useful for them as long as they arrive there intact and don't get stolen along the way or don't attract dangerous attention onto the baka people afterwards buy ill intentioned people so Maybe the best and safest solution for everyone would be having caritative associations going there to help and teach them of to build wells and filter water* I'm glad to know you were fine in the end. This must have been an emotional and stressful challenge. Thank you so much for showing us this people. I hope, as people's consciousness/awareness grows around the world, those amazing people we're lucky to have on so many places around the planet, will be more appreciated and helped since they also have so many things to teach us in return.

  • M S
    M S 5 minutes ago

    I miss you my country, i saw everything, bombing, arresting, killing, demonstrations, and now everything is destroyed, the people who fled back then. can't go back because who would arrest. and the government calls them traitors and terrorists. Unfortunately, the time from then will never come back. and when the time comes back, all relatives, friends, darlings are either spread out in the world, death or prisoners. JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT FREEDOM AND NORMALLY LIFE.

  • Yayuk Indrawati
    Yayuk Indrawati 12 minutes ago

    And one year after posting this video, another virus struck, its called corona

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    Orgiano Sexus 20 minutes ago

    Very proud of you guys. That was a really dangerous situation. It could have ended really bad, but I'm glad you got to experience the hospitality of the Baka people.

  • Noura Mouctar
    Noura Mouctar 20 minutes ago

    Warms my heart to see you in my country. Love

  • Lawrence S
    Lawrence S 22 minutes ago

    dude, you didn't try baka moonshine? im so disappointed lol

  • محمود اللهيبي

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    Jude Davis-goff 25 minutes ago

    That was so lovely...really enjoyed this video

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    Jimmy the Expat 26 minutes ago

    dang y'all should have brought them frizbees

  • Jimmy the Expat
    Jimmy the Expat 28 minutes ago

    why can't some one give them chickens to raise as they lay eggs and multiply they would have food for the community? and seeds etc...

  • Alpha Nation
    Alpha Nation 28 minutes ago

    This is one thing I would say no to. Haha

  • See The World 4K Walking Tours

    Such a unique adventure! Thank you for showing us this relatively unseen part of the part and I am glad you are now home safely.

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    Banished game in real life

  • Organic Clean Food Connection

    Nice video thanks for sharing. Living here in the chemical waste land we call Kansas. It is no surprise that people that live in clean Area our more healthy. As cancer goes through the roof and we just continue to destroy everything in sight with chemicals. To supposedly feed the world when the world does not want chemical saturated food. Go grow something worth eating you and your children are worth it. Stop supporting chemical farming and go organic

  • Jimmy the Expat
    Jimmy the Expat 30 minutes ago

    imagine if they saw me with all my tattoos LOL love to come on a trip with y'all next year.....PICK ME

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    I don’t think you guys understand how vulnerable these tribes are

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    Can I join to your adventure?

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    Tasya Rahim 39 minutes ago

    I've never seen Thomas so out of his element. would love to hear what happened and how everything was resolved

  • T
    T 40 minutes ago

    Can we please stop using "African" and use the tribe or country name specifically. It's so annoying to treat Africa the continent as a whole and ignore all its diversity. Africa is not just Safari. Africa is Tunisia, is Morocco, is Ghana, is Uganda, is South Africa... and all these countries are so different from each other.

    • Six66
      Six66 36 minutes ago

      Bro really trying to be woke. Simply put, if someone is from Asia, you would call them Asian. Is someone is from Europe, you would call them European. In the same way, if someone is from Africa, you would call them African. It isn’t disrespectful instead just a way of addressing a person from a continent.

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    NO hiding place for Terrorists, if you have them we will destroy your country !! This is what happens when you FK with the WEST... Russia you are NEXT !!

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    Be Kind 46 minutes ago

    I would love to go to africa but my stupidass would get myself killed lol

    THE BRANMUFFIN 48 minutes ago

    sadly in africa racists who hate whites still exist, so these things tend to happen still ;/

  • veganforlife
    veganforlife 48 minutes ago

    What beautiful people. We have life so easy in the West, but we're very disconnected from nature and reality. I first learned of the Baka tribe back in 1997 when I saw this band at WOMAD in Reading. They capture the beauty of the Baka music.

  • Victor Opiyo
    Victor Opiyo 49 minutes ago

    As an African, this is truly Humbling. Thank you Thomas and Yes Theory.

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    Frank Hodges 50 minutes ago

    Amazing. Eye opening. Glad you made it to the airport unscathed.

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    Lol, as time goes by scientific words, names always end up being classed as "offensive" "derogatory" etc... by people who have nothing better to do.

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  • Cuaresma, Eduard Justin D.


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    Beautiful film! THANK YOU.

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