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Silver Sable | Marvel 101
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Krakoa | Marvel 101
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Carnage | Marvel Becoming
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Bushmaster | Marvel 101
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    MANJU SATWANI 4 hours ago

    Who wants Thor's profile=like Who wants black widow' s profile=comment

  • DaviloX07 _
    DaviloX07 _ 4 hours ago

    This looks like it came out of bootleg Gaming Mouse box

  • Peely Playz
    Peely Playz 5 hours ago

    If I had a last name like waffle all the girls would come rushing to me. Obviously not to be my girlfriend but to eat me

  • Dev Yadav
    Dev Yadav 5 hours ago

    They should make the head sculpture like Robert Downey Junior and iron man helmet as it was in the movies

  • CannedGoodness
    CannedGoodness 5 hours ago

    I come to these just to read the comments

  • The Indian Idle
    The Indian Idle 5 hours ago

    Horrible framerate, doesn't look as polished as Spider-man PS4. Should have just given it to Insomniac.

  • sephiroth gr
    sephiroth gr 5 hours ago

    looks like another bad activision game from the old days rofl , hard pass

  • Red Ram 472
    Red Ram 472 5 hours ago

    This wasnt that bad, want to know who gives the final blow.

  • anbthree
    anbthree 5 hours ago


  • Jibanyan 641
    Jibanyan 641 5 hours ago

    I probably would’ve been fighting with Thanos snapping this away.

  • fatih karabayir
    fatih karabayir 5 hours ago

    1:00 from movie Aloha

  • Cjack Productions
    Cjack Productions 5 hours ago

    90s not 80s

  • Maxx
    Maxx 5 hours ago

    IRON MAN status: *DEAD*

  • Yi Jun Tye
    Yi Jun Tye 5 hours ago


  • Zoopy Loop
    Zoopy Loop 5 hours ago

    I came here to leave a dislike

  • Gregohan hero
    Gregohan hero 5 hours ago

    Happy 80th anniversary Marvel I love Marvel

  • Arshad 690
    Arshad 690 5 hours ago

    I don't know why but the graphics doesn't seem to be as good as Spider-Man. Heck, even Arkham Knight looks better.

  • Raghu
    Raghu 5 hours ago

    I will give u a like double

  • Tyler The Uncreator
    Tyler The Uncreator 5 hours ago

    Ok first off Tyrell in the thumbnail looks like his mom walked in while he was beating his meat. Second, Emily has absolutely no breast definition in the thumbnail, is Emily a guy or a girl? And that dj-wannabe guy is useless. Screaming that the (obviously) bad guy's name is Klaw is real helpful.

  • Grumpy Astrologer
    Grumpy Astrologer 5 hours ago

    Years from now they will play something like this for Avengers vs X-men. We will comeback here time and time again just to watch this remarkable and beautiful video just to be hyped up.This is what the MCU does,they create something worth watching repeatedly. THANK YOU STAN.THANK YOU KEVIN FAIGE.THANK YOU RUSSOS A FAN

  • Highsir325
    Highsir325 5 hours ago

    The green swirl power up stuff really cheapens the look of the game. Not a fan

  • SorenDoesStuff
    SorenDoesStuff 5 hours ago

    People: this is so cringe. Also people: *watches every video released and gives it the attention it wants*

  • Gallardo42
    Gallardo42 5 hours ago

    And this is why y’all last Spider-Man...

  • Gerry McWilliam
    Gerry McWilliam 6 hours ago

    That green aura round him tho 😫😫😫

  • Christian Ramos
    Christian Ramos 6 hours ago

    these are like them old skecher comics

  • Elias Morales
    Elias Morales 6 hours ago

    This is so bad.

  • The cool kid with a k ellis

    Stan lee didn’t deserve to die

  • Ricky Xoxo
    Ricky Xoxo 6 hours ago

    marvel, stop promoting this bad thing that isn’t even-

  • Anthony Greve
    Anthony Greve 6 hours ago

    They take so long to actually fight the "Bad Guy"

  • ZED
    ZED 6 hours ago

    The city looks beautiful

  • OG Floatzel
    OG Floatzel 6 hours ago

    This is like watching the serial killer who killed your best friend come to your house wearing your best friend's skin

  • Cherryoin
    Cherryoin 6 hours ago

    The cringe is too strong

  • BlackSaiyanPrince
    BlackSaiyanPrince 6 hours ago

    Soooo... nobody isn't realizing how this is about frequency???

  • pearse kerr
    pearse kerr 6 hours ago

    Realise date?

  • ultra fan
    ultra fan 6 hours ago

    This trailer sold us an infinitely better movie that we ended up getting.

  • mohnish cr_7
    mohnish cr_7 6 hours ago

    There was an idea

  • Noah Fleming
    Noah Fleming 6 hours ago

    Da fek

  • Pliant Impala785
    Pliant Impala785 6 hours ago

    I really hope they make a Marvel game that's like Injustice 2. Good graphics, a good story and character customiaztion.

  • Hoseok is my Daddy
    Hoseok is my Daddy 6 hours ago

    "get this man a shield" Still sends XD

  • StrangerOf The206
    StrangerOf The206 6 hours ago

    Why? Just WHY?!? This isn’t CW’s Batwoman, we don’t need this crap...

  • Phil .0
    Phil .0 7 hours ago

    There... I made the likes/dislikes even

  • StrangerOf The206
    StrangerOf The206 7 hours ago

    ThAt tHuMbNaiL iS sO WoKe! I hate it...

  • N G
    N G 7 hours ago

    Tony didn't die for this

  • Xride 2013
    Xride 2013 7 hours ago


  • Terror Billy
    Terror Billy 7 hours ago

    so.... black bolt has thu'um?

  • Sanajit Ruidas
    Sanajit Ruidas 7 hours ago

    I love you 3000

  • Agent JC
    Agent JC 7 hours ago

    A little kid: I wonder who’s gonna win Me: Plot convenience will catch up soon

    AMAZING-GEEK 324 7 hours ago

    Ironman Extremis. Marvel Now suit. superior Ironman. Homecoming suit. Infinity war suit. Mark 42. 2099

  • Techmaster
    Techmaster 7 hours ago

    Too bad the other suits are just different color scems insted of other designs.

    • RandomBlackGamer
      RandomBlackGamer 6 hours ago

      The other suits are different designs. If you notice the patterns...

  • Vox
    Vox 7 hours ago

    I really hope that there's a Superior Iron Man skin in this game!

  • gxthie
    gxthie 7 hours ago

    Wish I can dislike this a thousand times😐

    VG COMICS 7 hours ago

    Give this man an Oscar (Robert Downey Jr.)!

  • Daiveon Mallery
    Daiveon Mallery 7 hours ago

    Man look at all those people of color

  • Jonathan Ross
    Jonathan Ross 7 hours ago

    Stop it, Gets some help

  • RegRaw [._.]
    RegRaw [._.] 7 hours ago

    Wonder how much they paid for this and only get a few thousand views

  • Kawaki
    Kawaki 7 hours ago

    Title: *Adviser* Such disrespect...

  • Parker Slayden
    Parker Slayden 7 hours ago

    I hope the racially diverse x-men will be ok

  • ebinem joe
    ebinem joe 7 hours ago

    No matter what I keep thinking that the aliens, azgardians, so whatever the beings out there speaks english with a good accent, and then there is black panther..

  • Damisuru Jayaweera
    Damisuru Jayaweera 7 hours ago

    I can watch this all day 😘

  • metasprite
    metasprite 7 hours ago

    You know most of the comments are just hate. Like the comments are redundant. Literally no constructive criticism.

  • Griffins Favor
    Griffins Favor 8 hours ago

    You can't see me..john Cena cameo

  • Ilove frijoles
    Ilove frijoles 8 hours ago

    Stop it please

  • Dark Purple Gold Roses

    "Someones been a bad Symbiote AND IT AIN"T ME!" - Venom "Bring IT On Grandpa!" -Carnage

  • Chima Amanambu
    Chima Amanambu 8 hours ago

    I'm kinda done with you telling me what I can't do. --Carol Danvers

  • 104 subs with no video challenge

    Noone saw this day coming

  • Renegade Raider
    Renegade Raider 8 hours ago

    The cringe. I FEEL IT

  • Considerate Muffin
    Considerate Muffin 8 hours ago


  • Primal gaming
    Primal gaming 8 hours ago

    2:06 man. I really miss those days were spidey was still in the mcu

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 8 hours ago

    We want iron man back. Without ironman averages team is uncompleted

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 8 hours ago

    In all honesty it’s kinda growing on me it’s not bad. I like it.

  • Lin Lou
    Lin Lou 8 hours ago

    I like the visuals. Looks real.

  • Fire wall45
    Fire wall45 8 hours ago

    TF is this smut

  • TradeDaNinja
    TradeDaNinja 8 hours ago

    *MAN! I cannot Wait To watch Someone else to play this for Me!!*

  • Samplersilver X
    Samplersilver X 8 hours ago

    Static’s crew just no teleportation

  • SheldonAdama17
    SheldonAdama17 8 hours ago

    Thanos: “In time you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail just the same.” Iron Man: No u

  • Jazeb Ehsan
    Jazeb Ehsan 8 hours ago

    Is he tony stank?

  • Vision for games
    Vision for games 8 hours ago

    Respected sir I have a fresh content of the PC and mobile games

  • I don’t like Lgbt people

    Wow two things I don’t care about

  • gaming fans special
    gaming fans special 8 hours ago

    Please bring back iron man MCU

  • Aswin Vip
    Aswin Vip 9 hours ago

    Do you have any video for ps4 exclusive like spiderman missions with iron man 😍😇

  • Falvius Veroy
    Falvius Veroy 9 hours ago

    I actually like his armor design. Its like a fusion between classic and modern armor and I'm a big fan of the classic.

  • Zack J
    Zack J 9 hours ago

    I’m 💯% positive that RDJ is 5’9

  • Subhasis Sarkar
    Subhasis Sarkar 9 hours ago

    Ibdont like the green lights on gameplay is it a mobile game or what ?

  • the rooster
    the rooster 9 hours ago

    All I know is the worst one is mark Ruffalo. 2008 hulk rules

  • Weapon x
    Weapon x 9 hours ago

    About time we see a black hulk this green privilege needs to end

  • FuzzyPickles42
    FuzzyPickles42 9 hours ago

    Why exactly is his date of birth unknown? It's not like his identity is a secret...

  • Japannigga _
    Japannigga _ 9 hours ago

    I have been waiting to see a PLANET HULK movie in the cinemas for DECADES but marvel never made a planet hulk movie and ghost rider...

  • Arshia Toosi
    Arshia Toosi 9 hours ago

    Hulk is my favorite character in the MCU

  • Qrowd Rush
    Qrowd Rush 9 hours ago


  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus Salazar 9 hours ago

    Person: Watched movie trailer That spoils the movie Me:spoils movie to the same person who watched the move Person: Motha f*cker

  • Lesi PlaysHacks
    Lesi PlaysHacks 9 hours ago


  • Andrew Hart
    Andrew Hart 9 hours ago

    Those suits look really nice

  • Tim
    Tim 9 hours ago

    Those frame dips are making me nervous and I was optimistic

  • OM Namah Shivay
    OM Namah Shivay 9 hours ago

    Love you 3### times

  • Omar 8760
    Omar 8760 9 hours ago

    Y'all really missed the opportunity to say genius billionaire playboy philanthropist for his occupation

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 9 hours ago

    The game looks great, but don't make the game linear, make the NPCs interactive, and don't give just missions to complete, let the heroes live like casual be people if they choose to. and if there's a critical mission, update their HUD with it.

  • JoseFMAduy
    JoseFMAduy 10 hours ago

    0:26 Prediction detected

  • Michael Hewitt-Clarke
    Michael Hewitt-Clarke 10 hours ago

    When I saw the thumbnail I got really worried cause I thought it was iron heart good to know I was wrong

  • Avengers Forever 3000
    Avengers Forever 3000 10 hours ago

    Who here in sept 2019??

  • Mitochondria Cell
    Mitochondria Cell 10 hours ago

    Do we get the Endgame suit? Cause that suit was hot as hell🔥