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  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader Hour ago

    And here comes all the internet lawyers!!!

  • Element Freestyle


  • Julie Henderson
    Julie Henderson Hour ago

    Love you Cicilline! Wonderful example of Representative!

  • missi jackson
    missi jackson Hour ago

    Really "you don't know y this person would defraud america" r u kidding me? Mutha f**ker you defraud the america on a daily basis get the f**k outta here !!! 💩👎🐀🐍

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow Hour ago

    Need to get ride a those fuckin Mexicans!

  • - Buehmann
    - Buehmann Hour ago

    "It's worrisome" You mean Trump might not die?? That is worrisome. Seriously though, the only thing I find worrisome is that, if he does die, Pence will be president. But then again, he'll take over on the whole Ukraine scandal, and maybe he'll be impeached.

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw Hour ago


  • John Martinuk
    John Martinuk Hour ago

    BACK to russian collusion. Okay, that's cool.


    Ban Islam America London germany all Western countrys. Isabella from uk

  • Benjamin Webb
    Benjamin Webb Hour ago

    Jordan a bull dog. More like a bull shit.

  • Paul Marchi
    Paul Marchi Hour ago

    Everyone : Choose the name of your town well as it can't be changed later Some dude : hold my keyboard

  • Megs Isip
    Megs Isip Hour ago

    exterminate Sarsour,she is a devil

  • Bloxxer Plays
    Bloxxer Plays Hour ago

    With him saying if you make any mistake you will be shot is kinda messed up, he almost got shot for not being fully up, if that could of gotten him killed that is disgusting.

  • Truthhurts1022
    Truthhurts1022 Hour ago

    Thank you Xi, finally someone doing something about them savages. NYT is a joke of a left wing rag. Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader Hour ago

    I'm pretty sure Trump thinks that the people at CNN are idiots. I agree with him.

  • Megs Isip
    Megs Isip Hour ago

    exterminate Sarsour,she is a devil

  • 8alot4t
    8alot4t Hour ago

    It would be a miracle if his lawyers were fast acting. I mean his tax inspectors appear to be taking forever.

  • Major Minor
    Major Minor Hour ago

    CNN = Idiots

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow Hour ago

    Good👍Wipe em out!

  • Empanadas Fritas

    "We promise not to kill or disappear any one who is not extreme islamist" Welcome to Qatar 2022 you will die of enjoyment.

  • Paul Davenport
    Paul Davenport Hour ago


  • WTF Again?
    WTF Again? Hour ago

    Jordan is a Gish Galloper. Dishonest and he knows it.

  • Brenda Laprince
    Brenda Laprince Hour ago

    No one spreads "FAKE" news, and out right lies better then the Trump's. They should change thier last name from Trump to Triars.

  • Rich Ott
    Rich Ott Hour ago

    Donald Dump

  • Edwin Vargas
    Edwin Vargas Hour ago

    Delish tears of Dem. Jummy jummmy in my tummy

  • chuck johnson
    chuck johnson Hour ago

    Withholding funds that were aiready allocated to help them protect them from aggression from Russia. It more like giving a friend a gun after you have remove the bullets rendering his helpless to defend himself.#accessory to murder......

  • anotherchanceful

    It's not compatible with Chinese culture or its party,they are correct.

  • DinDin DinDin
    DinDin DinDin Hour ago

    The big guy is very rude,the officer said hello but the big dude is very busy touching his phone

  • tobber08
    tobber08 Hour ago

    Pooper, you are a lefty legend in your own mind..... “what a maroon”.

  • joseph martin
    joseph martin Hour ago

    Testify about what? Where is the evidence? Can someone please show something? Please layout the evidence. Usually there is evidence of a law being broken before a persecution starts. Last time I checked, the burden of proof falls on the prosecutor. So prosecutor, where is the evidence?

  • Justin
    Justin Hour ago

    Most of America thinks you're an idiot. How else can you explain your dismal ratings?

  • Marina Guajardo
    Marina Guajardo Hour ago

    “Guilty until proven innocent” Well, Mr Nasser... welcome to the black experience.

  • Michael C
    Michael C Hour ago

    Why are CNN and NBC blocking David Pakman footage on copyright claims when they used none of CNN's footage? CNN need to stop claiming to be fighting for the little guy.

  • Green Envy
    Green Envy Hour ago

    If Trump provided written testimony all it would say is "This Case is Closed."

  • WTF Again?
    WTF Again? Hour ago

    Holy strawman Batman! Gym Jordan doing a Gish Gallop of strawman claims and factual lies. “The Gish gallop is a technique used during debating that focuses on overwhelming an opponent with as many arguments as possible, without regard for accuracy or strength of the arguments.”

  • Leangelo Kellom
    Leangelo Kellom Hour ago

    He’s confusing the hell out of me. Or he’s not being real with himself of what he really wants

  • Micheal Brook
    Micheal Brook Hour ago

    here at kingspark burke virginia is full of hispanic and korean only ... they are turning off and blocking wifi to black people ... your ip address is taken and blocked ...

  • Court Love
    Court Love Hour ago

    Did she say Muslim wiggers wht the fck is that? And at 1:32 he lyin like a mf he pissed they got caught alot of people bought to disappear

  • litecoin analysis

    stealing is no longer illegal fantastic

  • Micheal Brook
    Micheal Brook Hour ago

    here at kingspark burke virginia is full of hispanic and korean only ... they are turning off and blocking wifi to black people ... your ip address is taken and blocked ...

  • tired of the problems

    He's a chicken sh*t. He NEVER follows thru, willing to speak but his lawyers wont let him. Ya right...

  • Rick Simpson
    Rick Simpson Hour ago

    If you're poor you would call them freedom fighters,,, fighting for human rights issues,,,,. But if you are rich or a corporation or government officials,,they call them terrorists,,,.

  • Yu Tjien Sen
    Yu Tjien Sen Hour ago

    Wrote a poem for this gaza(cockroaches in Cantonese ) revolution... SLEEPLESS NIGHTS IN POLY U( Hong Kong poly university) night falls..under the full moon ..cockroaches evolved into fire throwing monsters..shouting dllm( dui lei lo mou) from the chambers of hell...arrows and bricks pouring down like heavy rain..angels blowing trumpets on roof with beautiful sound (there is footage of young student giving blow job to westerners on roof top) ..what a battle .... Defeated cockroaches flooding the streets of hk ...scattered rubbish with disgusting smell on the air...1 say humans justify law and order yet cockroaches lie within their words ...that's when moral falls and wit...a night where tear gas equal the mist of London ...British flag raised and China flag burnt ...cockroaches asking for 5 demands yet forgot the kindness of motherland ..what a diluted world that makes us laugh .

  • Lenny Taylor
    Lenny Taylor Hour ago

    OMG did God answer my prayer?

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Hour ago


  • jockellis
    jockellis Hour ago

    CNN hasn’t done anything to help Mr. Trump’s health. After this attempt to impeach him, Pelosi will try to get him impeached because he didn’t tell her he was going to Walter Reed.

  • Micheal Brook
    Micheal Brook Hour ago

    here at kingspark burke virginia is full of hispanic and korean only ... they are turning off and blocking wifi to black people ... your ip address is taken and blocked ...

  • Trevor Barre
    Trevor Barre Hour ago

    Check-up from the neck up?

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva Hour ago

    That's because you are idiots!

  • Mugen Veegito
    Mugen Veegito Hour ago

    Fake news

  • A B
    A B Hour ago


  • Ned Delley
    Ned Delley Hour ago

    How worried are these sand turds that fossil fuels are on the way out - a fucking lot Khashoggi predicted it, Trump confirms and bullshit has it's day - so does pay back, comeuppance, karma.

  • ruth depew
    ruth depew Hour ago

    Every patriotic American is either a Never Trumper or a Never Trumper Anymore.

  • Micheal Brook
    Micheal Brook Hour ago

    here at kingspark burke virginia is full of hispanic and korean only ... they are turning off and blocking wifi to black people ... your ip address is taken and blocked ...

  • Element Freestyle

    Fuck China

  • Jin Laihook
    Jin Laihook Hour ago

    Earth is on lock down. There is a multilayered magnetic shield trapping everyone in and only through advanced magnetic technology can people physically negate the barrier. 99% of UFOs are Inner-earth Domestic, Illuminati, Secret Military or Inter-dimensional Criminals. Earth has been a conquered planet for thousands of years. Nearly nothing is "Unidentified". Everything coming in and out is monitored. You weren't told because you are a TAX slave on a Slave planet. More than 80% of the people who go to UFO conventions are people who think they have seen a UFO (Strange Light or Craft), been abducted, a genetic, military or science experiment or spiritually lost. So the Government creates UFO conventions to round you all up and identify you to see who remembers what and gauge how much the public actually knows. If they had to commit 911 just to erase the fiscal records of the space program... why would they give someone a piece of paper proving they've been abducted? Giving "PROOF" defeats the purpose of secret program. Obviously everything is still classified...and the UFO program is the highest classified topic on prison Earth. There is NO DD214 papers for secret UFO programs. Millions of people are involved in the UFO project yet less than 100 are allowed to talk about it publicly. That is a sign of a well-planned machine. The People being allowed to talk now are used to gauge public reaction with no "official" support. What would be the purpose of giving "proof" when the UFO program erases the memories of it's victims and participants? Soon these "speakers" will be given proof in the next phase of a highly controlled leak. The topic along with all the "whistle blowers" is heavily monitored and controlled ...infact one of the reasons the internet was invented was to control and censor the UFO program.

  • Dave Ponsford
    Dave Ponsford Hour ago

    It doesn't raise questions about his health, it raises questions as to why all the lies on his medical condition. A 73 obese man with a poor diet, yet they made out he was the fittest man on earth. If the didn't lie, this wouldn't be news.

  • Robert Harrison
    Robert Harrison Hour ago

    He went to hospital to have a fart removed

  • DivineHeresy
    DivineHeresy Hour ago

    Trump wakes up in the morning and probably thinks what am I going to make CNN and its idiot viewers talk about today.

  • aadrianlee
    aadrianlee Hour ago

    Piers morgan gets very uncomfortable when Jesse Ventura mention's the BBC. From the UK ( ;

  • Marcia Marcum
    Marcia Marcum Hour ago

    Oh excuse me Anderson but you and your Democrat friends are all idiots you just you're hating for no reason at all except you want the Democrats in you're very mean people

  • Element Freestyle

    fuck China

  • Kevin Lapionte
    Kevin Lapionte Hour ago

    Conservativism may not be dead but CNN is.

  • Deeanna Coy
    Deeanna Coy Hour ago

    Re education China's cultural revolution was successful while are civil rights legislation failed because people refuse to accept other American ethnicity as true American. Biggest culprit of intolerance among American's is based in religious affiliation. Religions are cults the Chinese practice intervention techniques to re educate people with the understanding Religion has no place in matters of state and will not be tolerated. The Chinese cultural revolution took place about the same time as our spastic 60s and 70s civil rights reform went on. I think the intervention and seperation of church and state is a much better methodology than our failed attempts to reason with people who hold on to prejudiced beliefs. China is a Republic and enforces the seperation of church and state in their constitution while we do not. That's why our country is so divided.

  • mike ables
    mike ables Hour ago

    We should impeach him based on our feelings. It doesn't matter if he didn't brake any laws! I want my mom to be happy again. I'm sick of ramen every night

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer Hour ago

    They just about all taken a knee to white nationalism. Stephen Miller is just another white man who hates black and brown people in the US. What a surprise!!! America is full of white nationalists and haters of black and brown people. They live to hurt and share their tainted hearts; it is America’s First Sin. It is a sign of many white people’s mental illness and disillusionment (of superiority). This is what it looks like when sick people lose their grip with reality.

  • Wendell Hackley
    Wendell Hackley Hour ago

    Listen to this lying coward talking about people lying, he's a pathological liar and American people don't need you Republicans speaking for us. Democrats winning elections like crazy because we tired of Republicans lying like trump. This guy sounds like a little bitch whining about everything with his squeaky voice trying to please trump,wipe trump ass while you at it devil.

  • mary shaffer
    mary shaffer Hour ago

    It's pronounced wiggers?

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Hour ago

    YOU ARE! Not one of you would give your life to protect Hillary or Obama!!!!! Yet, we American Trump supporters will die or kill for our president!!@@ And, there you have it. Dems are desperate liars & cowards. Period. TRUMP 2020 MAGA. NOT ONE OF YOU IDIOTS CARE ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY. YOU WATCH CNN/MSNBC BASH TRUMP AND CLIMB ON BOARD BECAUSE HE BEAT THE CORRUPT WITCH. BOO HOO DEMS, BOO HOO

  • Guy Noir
    Guy Noir Hour ago

    The President is right .

  • British Knight
    British Knight Hour ago

    Fox newscasters should watch other news broadcast so they can get the facts right Six (6) of Trumps advisors are now in prison. Thirty-Nine (39) of Trumps’ team that have resigned or been fired with more coming. Thirteen Russians and three Russian entities were indicted under Trump’s term. Trump is being investigated for six (6) criminal activities including bank fraud, tax evasion and trump's getting money from foreign agent’s emoluments. Trump College convicted of Fraud Trump Charity Foundation, The New York Supreme Court convicted Trump for "stealing" charitable donations intended for veteran’s groups. Huffman was jailed for using personal money to bribe a college. Trump is praised for using Taxpayer money to bribe a Foreign Government. Roger Stone, Trumps confident guilty of seven crimes including witness tampering. Trump threatens impeachment witness while on the stand. Trump accused of using the Presidency on over 2500 conflict of interests for personal gain. Trumps’ Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani and his associates Lev Parnas and Igor  Frumanare being investigated for criminal activities. Hillary was accused of private server and never found guilty. Trump uses private cell phone to talk Government Bribes to a person in a restaurant. What will it take for the Republicans to see that Trump is a crook and a liar?

  • Joseph
    Joseph Hour ago

    Obummer Doubled the Debt.... PRESIDENT TRUMP Might Double The Dow

  • Rona Adams
    Rona Adams Hour ago

    That's why your being impeached, it was a perfect call. Who says that an idiot that's who.

  • Gw Gw
    Gw Gw Hour ago

    trump the idiot asshole is the world bigest idiot!!!

  • William H
    William H Hour ago

    Liberals are definitely idiots.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Hour ago

    China is right. Muslims are mostly dangerous!

  • K
    K 2 hours ago

    De par tu? I don't get it.., Anderson says, "Sorry this has never happened to me before..." Tee hee oh yes it has. He's a giggler. It's so funny!

  • Christopher allen
    Christopher allen 2 hours ago

    these tv shows today let people believe they really have rights and make cops think they could die at any minute...tazer to close my ass.

  • J C
    J C 2 hours ago

  • N Xarigow
    N Xarigow 2 hours ago

    Chinese government = king of the heartless silent devil in the world. The world should be very carefully with China getting too powerful.

  • picoParsec
    picoParsec 2 hours ago

    Will he admit that he was wrong about this?

  • Carmen
    Carmen 2 hours ago

    well of course he suggested that! that is how he acted since comey...

  • shaquille mccray
    shaquille mccray 2 hours ago

    The Trump Administration is fill with nothing but criminals,liars and racist cunts.

  • leeanne
    leeanne 2 hours ago

    You can only wonder if she is one of trumps girls?

  • miguel amaya
    miguel amaya 2 hours ago

    The only question is answered by saying, HE CAN'T RUN FOR A 2ND RUN 4 PRESIDENT...

  • Billy Mcfarland
    Billy Mcfarland 2 hours ago

    CNN.. THE experts on lying..

  • Kohl Linden
    Kohl Linden 2 hours ago

    That’s for sure everyone on CNN are idiots!!!

  • Hell Yea
    Hell Yea 2 hours ago

    *"Why are you gay"*

  • Slim Pikens
    Slim Pikens 2 hours ago

    CNN in the airports make me gag!

  • Tom
    Tom 2 hours ago

    They didn't have to go there... that's like Americans going where we're hated.. like korea.. iraq... and everywhere else... thanx repubtards

  • aadrianlee
    aadrianlee 2 hours ago


  • Máire Walton
    Máire Walton 2 hours ago

    She’s touting Occupant45’s lies and I presume he’s trying to tell his children and the public that he does not condone or agree with her particular brand of politics. That must be a bitter pill for a moral man and I’m sure his kids will respect him standing up to her bizarre spin, whilst staying with her. As much as she lies, he balances out by saying, she does not represent the family!

  • daisygirl
    daisygirl 2 hours ago

    you can't be that old, that fat, and do speed and NOT eventually have health problems

  • Richard Hammonds
    Richard Hammonds 2 hours ago


  • Lucky Ademola
    Lucky Ademola 2 hours ago

    Awesome! Fire them...

  • isi alfred
    isi alfred 2 hours ago

    Pence is in trouble lol You know trump told pence to make her not testify

  • joe coquerre
    joe coquerre 2 hours ago


  • mike ables
    mike ables 2 hours ago

    My daddy said Anderson Cooper is a ass hole. My mom covered my ears but i heard him

  • Spring Bloom
    Spring Bloom 2 hours ago

    Whaaaaaa??? Communist re-education? Impossible, thats a rightwing talking point.

  • rabid GOLEM
    rabid GOLEM 2 hours ago