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  • Jordan Tan
    Jordan Tan 57 minutes ago

    When it comes to dealing with racism I think Andrew Yang needs to seek professional help in dealing with slow brewing Stockholm Syndrome. He must have dealt with so much racism even until now that his brilliant mind has conditioned him to think that being publicly vilified on national radio is not such a big deal that the guy doing it should not even lose his new job over it. Just imagine what type of message he is sending out to racists all over America. He has a beautiful mind but until he deal with his past on the subject of racism he won’t be able to move forward. Medically Stockholm syndrome is a mental illness so it won’t just disappear by itself. And how is he going to be able to teach his Asian children how to deal with racism when they grow up if he is mentally scarred to deal with it himself.

  • Raven Crest
    Raven Crest 58 minutes ago

    Glad to see how rich people have armed guards, high walls, state of the at security, but somehow they say you should have neither walls nor guns for self defense.

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 58 minutes ago

    So theres going to be a war over something that kills the environment well done wankers

    PRIZM CMYK 58 minutes ago

    The attack looks professionally done, very coordinated. Who is so skillful on air strikes? And the Saudis don't seem out raged that thier land was attacked?

  • Archibald Simone
    Archibald Simone 58 minutes ago

    Sounds like a twisted story AKA FAKE NEWS

  • Demo Gog
    Demo Gog 58 minutes ago

    Lindsay Graham is acting and ironically using emotions to fire up the Deplorables who always say that emotions do not matter. Fuck Lindsay Graham

  • Tenzin Penzin
    Tenzin Penzin 58 minutes ago

    One country two system is joke for mainland China and cheating for world .How can and for how long you run away from hungry dragon ....

  • Everything batman collector

    I thought it was Make America Great Again not lets fight a war in some muslin country again and protect my familys money which is invested in said country.......

  • Ryan Pyle
    Ryan Pyle 58 minutes ago

    Remember when Eric Holder said him and the President discussing who to kill abroad was a form of due process? No wonder he's worried about post-presidency prosecutions.

  • Tim Moynahan
    Tim Moynahan 58 minutes ago

    Erin needs to lose weight

  • davids11131113
    davids11131113 59 minutes ago

    Saudis most likely attacked their own oil supply.

  • Von Dutch
    Von Dutch 59 minutes ago

  • Archibald Simone
    Archibald Simone 59 minutes ago

    Confabulation News Network.

  • Dondatta Ford
    Dondatta Ford Hour ago

    Trump tower is a capitalist trap stay away keep your Cap to yourself

  • Club Soda
    Club Soda Hour ago


  • Tiffany Smith
    Tiffany Smith Hour ago

    Kamala Harris can't spread her legs far enough to win a presidential election

  • counterstrike battlefield

    i know this incident changed the viewpoint of Muslims everywhere in the world but let me tell you, being a muslim, i can assure yall that the people behind this aren't human, let alone knowing the very principles written in the Quran. its not about the religion, its about knowing the principles of being human. these people should be declared non human lmao

  • Kadasberry11
    Kadasberry11 Hour ago

    The issue thats being missed is the stigma of public insurance. I worked in Corporate America for yrs and recently left it to pursue freelance videography. Because of my virtually nonexistent income, I qualified for Medicaid (which many people make “too much” money for*). So many doctors do Not accept Medicaid. My doctor of 5 yrs dropped me like a bad habit. Why? Because it’s all about money. If you have not depended upon gov. assistance before then you do not know the stigma that it carries. If these proposed plans allow private institutions to still continue as they do now, what changes for those Americans who are on Medicare? Will they still be refused patient acceptance by every doctors office who turns their nose up at gov. assistance? *Universal healthcare as it exists today only Mandates that all Americans have insurance; if you do not, there is a monetary penalty. If you make over a certain amount, then you do not qualify for Medicaid and instead must enroll in a marketplace plan. For anyone wondering, No, the marketplace plans are Not affordable-even when you have a job. My mother just retired and her company gave her a lump sum towards insurance; at marketplace prices-that lump sum will be gone in 2-3 years. THAT is how “affordable” current universal healthcare is! To be clear, marketplace insurance is made up of PRIVATE insurance companies. ✌🏾

  • Tenzin Penzin
    Tenzin Penzin Hour ago

    Send these police and carry.lame to mainland .They become.puppet of Han Chinese .

  • HeavierThanLight

    They really want that excuse to shove it on Iran...

  • Nickie Stone
    Nickie Stone Hour ago

    Cuomo is being disingenuous. With all the mud slinggin politics is as America as apple pie

  • Christopher O'Brien

    Unbelievable, possibility of war left in the hands of this ranting, bright orange, politically desperate and psychotically delusional human travesty We're so fucked.

  • Tim Moynahan
    Tim Moynahan Hour ago

    Shut up moron

  • Will Wright
    Will Wright Hour ago

    I hate Trump but Trump isn't wrong about "The Injustice System" in America! When a cop can choke a man on video. Using a chokehold that was deemed illegal by the police department. Then a coroner rules it a homicide. And after the U.S. Attorney rules it a justified killing. Holder you're going to sit there & say the injustice system is fair?!WOW! #GTFOH Dick head.

  • Tre Bucketz
    Tre Bucketz Hour ago

    Trump nepotism, using the Countries Military to protect his personal friends and no doubt his Wallet.

  • Jefrey Ptchersr
    Jefrey Ptchersr Hour ago

    Hey you f****** c*** you're nothing but a douchebag do America a favor and quit you God damn CNN fake ass news job

  • Glen Villanueva
    Glen Villanueva Hour ago

    Uhhhh.... Putin will be so angry and jealous once he found out that Trump is hooking up with Saudi Ruler.

  • James Gray
    James Gray Hour ago

    Holder should be in prison himself!

  • Gracey Phillips
    Gracey Phillips Hour ago

    Are we now a country totally ruled by criminals and afraid of criminals? If we refused to uphold justice cus of fears of criminals then justice no more exist. Nancy is typical example of that and now holder is injecting fears. Are all of you now compromised. What is Putin holding against you all that you would come out saying these?

  • Tim Moynahan
    Tim Moynahan Hour ago

    She is a slut

  • Jesse Coleman
    Jesse Coleman Hour ago


  • Mykl S
    Mykl S Hour ago

    "Protesting" "An armed militia"... These are constitutional rights!! First and second rights of this country! This proves a tyrannical corrupt government.

  • Jimmy Esquibel
    Jimmy Esquibel Hour ago

    Viva el Trump!!!

  • matt siv
    matt siv Hour ago

    the obstruction of justice charges are from the proceedings of the mueller investigation... not from the findings of the investigations... this is weird so there was no findings of wrong doings but we will prosecute because we dont like the way you conducted yourself during this "trumped" up investigation.... lol stephen king couldnt write this stuff

  • John Swofford
    John Swofford Hour ago

    Trump's idiotic world-view has resulted in the US becoming a laughing stock. Those who think Trump is doing a good job in foreign affairs are just as uninformed and misinformed as Trump is and are gullible enough to still think Mexico is paying for Trump's stupid wall.

  • Jimmy Esquibel
    Jimmy Esquibel Hour ago

    Viva el Trump!!!

  • Septon Sepgrafield

    Please add more mermen characters in #Siren seasons 3 to 5, include him or get him as one of those slave mermen to the tv series please ?

  • Hasaan
    Hasaan Hour ago

    What’s his last name again?

  • tusi1390
    tusi1390 Hour ago

    You forgot to say Saudi has invaded Yemen and is killing people .

  • Spencer Wheeler
    Spencer Wheeler Hour ago

    Muslims attack all who are not Muslim, any men promoting sharia law need to be sterilised and removed from Europe

  • John Augsburger
    John Augsburger Hour ago

    Trump is stupid piece of shit.

  • Jill Breedin
    Jill Breedin Hour ago

    Someone who loves our country dearly.

  • voyage voyage voyage. eu

    Now is the fight Jerry again Tom continue struggling probably Nigel will be win election let to him

  • Frederick Meens
    Frederick Meens Hour ago

    What an ass hole he is

  • Keneti Pese
    Keneti Pese Hour ago

    Frump...Mexico is paying for the wall......NOT....YOU ARE AMERICAN TAX PAYER. SMFH.

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah Hour ago

    And the Chumpies are dying to see Andrew McCabe arrested, on a lie.

  • Marquis Tidwell
    Marquis Tidwell Hour ago

    Weird how when I watched this on international news they were showing videos of the Yemen rebels taking full credit sooooo... IDK wtf CNN is talking about. Does anyone have any PROOF? I think not, but this administration has been waiting to hop into some shit.

  • Johnny Davisson
    Johnny Davisson Hour ago

    Life on earth is hanging by thread of of time, unknowingly, we have been burning it for over 100 years. After coming to grips that an equation exists for us to continue as long as we not do certain things. People in power decide for all life on Earth their decision is to continue while they figure out a solution. Why not say to hell with money and power and only allow the opposite to prevail. How do you not want to refuse their answer. Would you trust your garbage man with your open heart surgery.

  • Richard Baker
    Richard Baker Hour ago

    This is a dangerously typical moment of a desperate would-be dictator: loosing on all fronts domestically, he seeks external conflict to unite the home front. Remember how he 'congratulated' Poland with the German invasion of 1938. Do we now have to congratulate the moron for sending troops abroad, and risking the lives thousands upon thousands for his personal benefit? bonespurs-the-war-hero? America stand up and eliminate this clear and present danger for the US, and the world.

  • Jill Breedin
    Jill Breedin Hour ago


  • Divad Noodeldehm

    Vote Democrat or You're Racist!!!

  • Harry Butts
    Harry Butts Hour ago

    Fake news

  • McCafferty Nation

    Iran causes nothing but trouble, we should go to war with them

  • evolver
    evolver Hour ago

    She’s a good actress. Even in the courtroom.

  • gijoefiore
    gijoefiore Hour ago

    Chinese government 's just dictator. They can't build the better world. They will not pass, the test of the god. Heaven will not be born by they hands. Freedom 's the truly thing. Humans are born for freedom, not slave.

  • Divad Noodeldehm

    No Borders, No Wall, No USA at All! Vote Democrat.

  • mwood341
    mwood341 Hour ago

    Wow, look how we used to do things in America, regular and by the book. Trump & Barr and Co. has flipped normalcy on its head. What was once expected rule of law is no more. Truly sad days we are living in.

  • Cor Williams
    Cor Williams Hour ago

    10 k ? isn't he a billionaire ? How far does 1K go these days ?

  • Ali Najdi
    Ali Najdi Hour ago


  • Jatett
    Jatett Hour ago

    How brave! Using a high powered rifle from distance to kill an unaware lion.

  • VueTube
    VueTube Hour ago

    This is a man with higher moral value than the dude that spit racial epithets. That's all he ever was and ever will be. As an American of Asian root, id rather see ALL races united against racial profiling. We can not go around the world and preach human rights to other nations when we can't even organize our own house.

  • star star
    star star Hour ago

    Just look at her eyes, she would love to tell her lies she don't care if she's right or wrong that's CNN fake news . She hates Trump and his family so much she can't think right.

  • k.v
    k.v Hour ago

    Of course racism always going to existing it will never died. See what they did to Africa American the past 200 years. It still happening today.

  • Apatriot 1968
    Apatriot 1968 Hour ago

    Gee Byron...No one believes your lies..Tell some more..Fake ass... Mark Dice imitates you better than your Duncy​ self

  • mancan
    mancan Hour ago

    how is this strange?

  • Jim Shue
    Jim Shue Hour ago

    I bet we can all guess who this asshole voted for . Well come to trumps MERICA

  • momo aus
    momo aus Hour ago

    Yet the government have been designing these for years, now into nano technology

  • Joshua Darden
    Joshua Darden Hour ago

    Houthi rebels are a tool of Iran.. so they can say oh we had nothing to do with that attack that just happens to line up with Iran's agenda. They shelter a terrorist group and is just another military branch. If it came from Iran it is iran..rebel or military



  • Mister Grizz
    Mister Grizz Hour ago

    all the winning WOW trump killed farming in our country all the soy beans china used to by from american farmers has gone to argentina How to make america a shithole for russia by donald j. trump from dumbass publishing written by dumbass himself donald j. trump

  • Arnold Ziffle
    Arnold Ziffle Hour ago

    Old Joe "cornpop" Biden?........making swimming safe, one segregated pool at a time

  • jayrogero
    jayrogero Hour ago

    Geezus! You people spin stories so hard that they can time-travel. I can't believe nobody sees through your lies & false narratives.

  • Waset Amaru
    Waset Amaru Hour ago

    False Flag Event!!!!!

  • Leif Johnson
    Leif Johnson Hour ago

    Biggest loser: makers of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.

  • George Farrington

    Don the con , agent orange needs to go to jail.

  • Refinedthought
    Refinedthought Hour ago

    I amMuslim. ISLAM is my Religioun. AM Proud. ALLAHu Akbar. TRAMP Speaks of place of arrogance. ISlam will remain till the day of Judgement.

  • Cats In Superposition

    1:2 up/down vote ratio.....Keep up the stellar "reporting" CNN

  • Apatriot 1968
    Apatriot 1968 Hour ago

    Coming from other clowns we don't give a shit about any of your opinions ...totsl stupidity


    Fuck that. He needs to go to jail. Bs

  • Suhair Hasan
    Suhair Hasan Hour ago

    US and only US attacked on Aramco pant in Saudi Arabia. Only CIA has the capability to carry out such an operation.

  • Keith McCarver
    Keith McCarver Hour ago

    Terrorist plain and simple !!

  • Jacob Schneider
    Jacob Schneider Hour ago

    The dumbocrats should be use to losing by now... Trump 2020 FUCK YOUR FEELINGS libTURDS

  • ismart genius ismart genius

    If any Indian question's Modi like that ... U WILL BECOME TRAITOR AND ANTI-NATIONAL.....🙁

  • Harris Naseem
    Harris Naseem Hour ago

    So let me see, with 4 major US bases in Saudi Arabia with advanced radars designed to shoot down drones don't target drones yet the US is locked and loaded waiting for "confirmation"? Oh Please 😂😂😂

  • H2o Echo
    H2o Echo Hour ago

    Holder = BULL$HIT

  • Dogs And Fries
    Dogs And Fries Hour ago

    I wish I was as hard-working as her

  • tritontravis
    tritontravis Hour ago

    Keep grasping at straws. Maybe you will get one one day. Trump 2020

  • Bonita Janssen
    Bonita Janssen Hour ago


  • B Nenergy
    B Nenergy Hour ago

    Thank God for Jim Jordan.

  • Any tag Channel
    Any tag Channel Hour ago

    Good job news you’re

  • Voidy Boi
    Voidy Boi Hour ago

    I respect gay people but I ain't letting my chicken sandwiches sliding

  • Gary Kiyan
    Gary Kiyan Hour ago

    This is like a bad movie, Impeach that orange As* wipe. are these guts all working togetrher?

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Hour ago

    Iran,China, Russia want to bomb us.

  • YouTube Moderator

    Holder trafficking weapons to the Mexican cartels should have been prosecuted.

  • Erik Rodas Valencia

    This people get paid for this!? 😒 God why is CNN so bad. They need stop hiring people that are rich and only see one side. They are fucken clueless.

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo Hour ago

    He know what we have then any of you. Let him defend this country. All act like hate America

  • Mark_Porsche _911

    Trump's knows less than "NOTHING" he's so full of bull & lies it it's laughable

  • Mark Garduno
    Mark Garduno Hour ago

    Free is no good , Wellfare has created poverty beyond repair. Socialism is the decay of civilizations and has proven to be juat that, a failure of incalculable proportions.

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis Hour ago

    Krystal please please sue this fat slob for millions and make him grovel on all four's begging for forgiveness live on his show. Wouldn't it be nice if he went bankrupt..

  • Alla Veles
    Alla Veles Hour ago

    impeachment in the air...poof its gone...