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How To Survive Your First Bike Race!
Are you new to bike racing, keen to get started, or just can’t seem to get to grip of the tactics and can’t get that elusive top 10, podium or even win? If so, this is the video for you! Hank and Conor explain all the important advice and top tips you need to know when entering a bike race!
0:00 Intro
0:39 Don’t Attack, Follow
1:11 Eat & Drink!
1:49 Give Yourself Slipping Room
2:34 Look Ahead
3:04 Relax! Don’t Grab The Brakes
3:43 Don’t Overlap
4:20 Don’t Waste Energy
5:19 Outro
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  • AB MO
    AB MO 12 hours ago

    Do it on a Sunday when there're less cars.

  • Patrik B
    Patrik B 12 hours ago

    It was nice of Tobias Funke to take you for a ride in his 4x4

  • Steve
    Steve 13 hours ago

    Emma, you are a top ascender and I am sure descender. I descend on the bar tops through years of habit. I am trying to learn to descend in the hooks or drops. I am incrementally changing my descending style but I'm fearful or uncomfortable with this new position. Any tips or pointers would be graciously appreciated.

  • Sharon McGucken
    Sharon McGucken 13 hours ago

    Best video to see up close, simple step by step with labelled sections of how to do for both front and back wheel. I couldn’t have done it without ypu

  • cameronsharpe12
    cameronsharpe12 13 hours ago

    My only surprise is that Si did not go for the Bosch Nyon display to track his power output, cadence and heart rate etc on this thing

  • cameronsharpe12
    cameronsharpe12 13 hours ago

    Awesome work Si! Best cargo bike review I have seen. We got a cargo bike 3 years ago it is life changing - best thing ever. Your experience sounds pretty much identical to mine. Have got so much use out of it and it totally works in place of a second car for us.

  • K
    K 14 hours ago

    Did you take the covid vax? That’s what we all want to know.

  • Vegan Dave
    Vegan Dave 14 hours ago

    Caption - “ put that furniture I won on the ducks bill please “

  • Curly Sue
    Curly Sue 14 hours ago

    Thanks for all of your informative videos. Got my ebike a year ago as couldn’t afford to run a car. Today I had my second off the bike moment. First was over the handlebars doing emergency stop but today’s emergency brake I had a flying lesson from the side pushing bike away from me. Stopped a foot away from car.My whole left side was covered in wet mud, including my helmet. So I have a concern about my helmet being safe, due to contact with ground. Visually it looks ok but should I get a replacement one? ThinkIng now a quick google search will give me the answer but that’s mostly conflicting.

  • Jason Lenthe
    Jason Lenthe 14 hours ago

    The clip at 2:06 of Connor taking the lead on the beach with the oversized wheels is one of my favorite GCN clips ever.

  • Ashley Lu
    Ashley Lu 14 hours ago

    Couldn’t get past 7 mins. Good job guys

  • Richard Prust
    Richard Prust 14 hours ago

    @GCN Missed Dan Lloyd's pro tip. If you live in North America, get an e-bike like Willie Triestina cento1HY, restricted to 32kmph. Just don't tag your rides as e-biking. I got one just over a month ago building up endurance, to do 400km per week, all in zone 2 thanks to the motor❤

  • Silas Robertshaw
    Silas Robertshaw 14 hours ago

    Late to the party on this but helmets really depend on several factors. Cycling infrastructure saves lots of lives. That can't be argued. Outside of that however, where you ride and what kind of bike you are riding are the big factors for me. If you are riding in an area shared by cars, wear a helmet. If you are riding a cruiser type bike a lowish speeds there really isn't a need, unless, again, you are sharing the road with cars. If you are riding a performance bike, especially at higher speeds I highly recommend a helmet. On a personal note I have had my melon and life save from a helmet in three accidents now over 35 years or so. When I was a teenager I had a vehicle related accident with just a helmet on that I used for kayaking. Docs said it saved my life. In my 40s I had two very low speed accidents where I got flipped over my handlebars and went face first into the concrete. Despite what Simon said, that bit in the front did actually help soften the impact significantly, letting me walk away with bruises and a chipped tooth instead of much worse. Worth the cost of helmet for sure.

  • doggylover1958
    doggylover1958 14 hours ago

    Mid level bike plus top level rider, that was brilliant!

  • BearCatPanda
    BearCatPanda 14 hours ago

    10:09 What does it mean? Alpe du Zwift is quicker so he didn't get KOM?

  • Robert Mendelson
    Robert Mendelson 14 hours ago

    There are a couple of other pedal s styles to test. Clip in mountain bike styles should be included. Also, 2 seconds either way in the tests you designed is irrelevant. Why not try a ten mile time trial as the test. Or a 40k ride.

  • Barry Corney
    Barry Corney 14 hours ago

    With the massively overgeared road bikes the industry keeps us stuck with the average out of shape, ageing cyclist will end up grinding for a hundred yards and then do the walk of shame in shoes you can't walk in.... get a 30/46 chainset and a 12-36 (or 40, 42) cassette and you may get the chance to spin and stay in the saddle....

  • Alan 59
    Alan 59 14 hours ago

    I am a 64 year old former Cycling International from Scotland . In the local Cycling " fraternity " , two of the older racing Vets died from Heart attacks , and another one has a Pacemaker fitted ? It is tempting to get on the bike and give yourself a really hard workout , but I prefer the enjoyment approach now , 18 mph suits me . 🚴🚴‍♂🚴‍♀

  • Mark Daly
    Mark Daly 15 hours ago

    #caption #captioncompetition After ducking and diving around the roads of Belgium and adding another win to his palmarès, Wout Van Aert is now billed as one of the best of all time.

  • Robert Ek
    Robert Ek 15 hours ago

    I am doing my first race in june. Its a 320km race. Vätternrundan in Sweden, Will GNC be be there to try it?

  • LM
    LM 15 hours ago

    Very cute kids! Cargo bike is special! In Japan it is used to carry children to and from school, besides shopping.

  • Ben Moberg
    Ben Moberg 15 hours ago

    Very interesting take on training and bioenergetics. I remember, years ago, when looking at training zones established by some of the leading professionals in the field I asked, "what research is there that supports a given adaptation at a given intensity level", I never received an answer to this nor have I been able to reverse engineer these zones based on my own research. As far as thresholds are concerned, I care less about what the number means in and of itself, and instead am concerned on how that marker relates to physiological strain. I find that FTP, and working zones from there, identifies a threshold of physiological strain and can, at a minimum, prevent one from overtraining.

  • Trey Horn
    Trey Horn 15 hours ago

    I love the brake less.... I lay it down just go..... lol. Great tips.

  • John McCrossan
    John McCrossan 15 hours ago

    Biggest mistake I ever made was not checking the breaks on an old bike before I rode it. She was fine, if heavy, going up hill but it would have been nice to know he was breaks wore out in 2009 before I went on the decent 😅

  • Perpetual Grin
    Perpetual Grin 16 hours ago

    I had a race once in 1996, as i wasn't registered i had to hang back. Avg 40kph for 1 hour, my best effort. Never raced but trained like a professional in my youth😅.

  • JB Buller
    JB Buller 16 hours ago

    Caption: What the duck kind of prize is that?

    SAXONWARLORD1000AD 16 hours ago

    All you need is your shorts to carry a banana and 2 plumbs and you're good

  • Alistair Lobban
    Alistair Lobban 16 hours ago

    Hey Andy Peters, what's Ed doing here?

  • Payton Swanson
    Payton Swanson 16 hours ago

    L'Etape in San Antonio Texas will be my first race.

  • adoj105
    adoj105 16 hours ago

    GCN, "You should start with a sub-$1000 bike. Now let me show you all these expensive bikes as examples" 😀

  • A Fischer
    A Fischer 16 hours ago

    In-depth information, including interviews with experts on monocotyledonous surfaces, and revolving-blade machines, including the latest carbon-fibre and titanium models, with test runs by our regular presenters, is now on our sister channel, GCN Lawnmowing.

  • Joe Glas
    Joe Glas 17 hours ago

    Modern bikes advanced a lot, but I don't understand the fork design. It looks clean and modern, but it's just unforgiving.

  • Fast Freddy
    Fast Freddy 17 hours ago

    Fascinating interview. I am 75, preparing for a TT 10K, and find myself wondering how much I can push myself as I train for the next six months. I drink 4 oz. red wine every night. Thank you, GCN, for great videos on so many topics concerning cycling health, et al. You guys are great!

  • Tom Sizer
    Tom Sizer 17 hours ago

    A Specialized Allez or a Giant Contend vs the Merckz may have been better. The Triban is more of a Gravel Bike. 😢

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 17 hours ago

    4 and a half to 6 hours for 100 miles for a regular rider? Are you in the real world? That's about 23 mph down to 16.6 mph. Not the average cyclist, mate.

  • DJJPlus4
    DJJPlus4 17 hours ago

    #Caption: Van Aert once again proves his competitors are not all they are "quacked" up to be!

  • Bill Cert
    Bill Cert 17 hours ago

    You’re not going down all the way, it’s like doing a bench press, and only going down a few inches

  • Joe Glas
    Joe Glas 17 hours ago

    You're great. I love you, dudes! But Dan, I watched you the whole video. You moved your arms a lot and that certainly activated some muscles. How do you manage to maintain those arms in such a perfect cyclists shape?

  • lightning LL
    lightning LL 17 hours ago

    Best tips are as follows if it's a crit race: Don't chase any early brakes, Don't be the first too chase a break later in the race follow someone else if you can. Best advice is don't worry about winning, pay attention to your bike handling skills and watch out for the lack of skills in the rest of the bunch, In a crit your going to be over lapping wheels in the bunch all the time keep rotating through the bunch otherwise you'll find yourself at the back getting spit out because of the speed changes through the corners. riding in a bunch at race speeds is so much different than riding in a group ride so your two main goals are to stay upright and finish with the bunch it doesn't matter what place there's plenty of time to work all that out later. Be safe and mostly HAVE FUN with it.

  • Dirk van der Laarse
    Dirk van der Laarse 17 hours ago

    If you were a true Global Cycling Network you would understand that there are not only racing bikes. If you take a solid Dutch-style bike you can leave out at least 5 of the 10 "essential" pieces.

  • Filippo Pogačar
    Filippo Pogačar 17 hours ago

    New 2023 GCN kits?

  • blekfut
    blekfut 18 hours ago

    E-bikes are OK, but RACE e-bikes are a nonsense shit!

  • Ciprian-Ctin Spiridon
    Ciprian-Ctin Spiridon 18 hours ago

    This video was posted just in time since I'm actually thinking of switching from a MTB bike to a Road bike :D

  • Kevin._.Farren
    Kevin._.Farren 18 hours ago

    I went into my first races with the intent to learn and not concerned with what place I finished. The learning curve is steep, the pain is real and the excitement is intoxicating. One race and you’ll be addicted!

  • Chris Bondurant
    Chris Bondurant 18 hours ago

    Love this! One of the biggest tips is the BE PATIENT! It's hard to do, especially when you're feeling that nervous energy toward the beginning of the race. Another thing to remember is ABP. Always Be Pedaling. Even if you're soft-pedaling, it helps with balance and you can maintain your momentum better.

  • Gary Curley
    Gary Curley 18 hours ago

    U kilo

  • David
    David 18 hours ago

    Hi rc120 owner here can anyone recommend tyres? I was thinking of going up to 32 for comfort but am pretty clueless suggestions would be appreciated 👍🏼