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The Witcher Official Teaser
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  • Arvaa Kuka
    Arvaa Kuka 4 minutes ago

    People who think Fire and Blood is Martin's worst book probably don't know he released books before A Game of Thrones

  • DoubleO88
    DoubleO88 12 minutes ago

    22:04 whaaaa?? Why did I think Preston read the books since the 90's? 😂

  • Mynameismike
    Mynameismike 59 minutes ago

    HBO MiniSeries - The Pacific, Band of Brothers, John Adams, and if you count The Deuce or even The Wire (not a mini series but stated from the beginning it would be 5 seasons no more)

  • P K
    P K 2 hours ago

    The problem with the prequels is that they lead nowhere. The Dance ushered in a time of instability and I think it just sounds boring. I'd rather have some new stories from Essos. Go to the mysterious places only known through one paragraph in World. The Empire of Dawn, the story of Quarth, whatever happened at the Five Forts. There is so much interesting stuff there. Hell, do a lovecraftian horror show with the Bloodthrone Emporer or shadow dragons in Asshai.

  • Cinema Gaming
    Cinema Gaming 3 hours ago

    I have no problem with a Fire &Blood story as long as there is as much focus on the other houses at the time.

  • Jeremiah Kane
    Jeremiah Kane 3 hours ago

    Fire and Blood is such an ideal prequel, it incorporates the stuff that is universally loved from the show & books; the Targarygens, Dragons, and cutthroat Westerosi politics. There's the potential to do literally 10+ seasons if they follow an anthology series style, it could go chronologically & start with Aegon's Conquest, as I do think a season on that would probably work best to set the stage for the series and draw the fans back in. After that they could continue to go chronological, do Aegon's reign and transition to that of Aenys & Maegor in the 2nd or 3rd season. Or they could jump around and not do it chronologically. As long as they don't do the Dance of the Dragons first, that would be blowing the load way too early. A good end point for the series, if Robert's Rebellion is off the table and I don't think it's necessary to see, they could end with the Tragedy at Summerhall, birth of Rhaegar, and could even set up the beginnings of Aerys' madness stemming from that tragedy. And the seasons near the end could incorporate Dunk and Egg tales as well. The potential of this series has me excited, unlike the Long Night/Blood Moon series, as the White Walkers and 2nd "Long Night" were such colossal disappointments I don't care to see a TV show exploring their origins.

  • Arno Naeyaert
    Arno Naeyaert 6 hours ago

    I figured the night king was after the 3ER's power. He wanted to go back in time and make sure he was never born.

  • Andre Gigante
    Andre Gigante 6 hours ago

    The grafics of season 8 are good... looks at episode 3...

  • nick koch
    nick koch 7 hours ago

    First of all, A World Of Ice and Fire is his worst book. Second, Fire and Blood is a perfect prequel that will grant you the best viewership, in my opinion. Yes some parts are dry, fuck the Jaherys part, too fucking long and boring. Rest of the book was awesome.

  • Itai Peer
    Itai Peer 7 hours ago

    Preston, how about short videos about transformers g1 and GIGoe?

  • Nights King
    Nights King 8 hours ago

    If they do it like Vikings it will work. Vikings showed everyone how to do a generational series

    • Jmoney18123
      Jmoney18123 36 minutes ago

      Nights King I mean, Vikings isn’t some peak show that’s amazing at showing characters age. There are tons of historical inaccuracies and time jumps, not to mention they only age up the male actors (lagertha changing wigs suddenly doesn’t count)

  • Florian Castle
    Florian Castle 8 hours ago

    I wish they would do 4 seasons: Season 1 - the later reign of Viserys I, setting the scene for the Dance Season 2 - the Dance up until Rhaenyra takes King's Landing Season 3 - the rest of the Dance, ending with the hour of the wolf Season 4 - the Regency. The series ends on a high note with Aegon firing everyone, reunited with Viserys. Obviously you'd have to do some age changes for a TV show (Age up Rhaenyra's kids so Aegon is like 14 at the end of the Dance, making the regency only a year and a bit), and maybe compress some stuff into a few years for Season 1, but I think it could work.

  • genius2012
    genius2012 9 hours ago

    Also, I completely agree with Preston, I felt the same way about “A Feast for Crows” the first time I read it! But the Ironborn and Dornish did grow on me. (The Dornish especially due to Preston’s videos as mentioned in the podcast).

  • genius2012
    genius2012 9 hours ago

    I could be wrong, but with the way Martin subverted so many other genre conventions, I really expected there to be more to the White Walkers that would make us totally change our ideas and perceptions of them. Instead of just a typical boring evil force that just wants to destroy. (Also, I would have loved for “GoT” the show to have either ended with Bran’s eyes flashing like a White Walker’s or it being revealed that Bran was being controlled by the Children and they had manipulated events to place their pawn on the throne.).

  • sarai roby
    sarai roby 9 hours ago

    I know we’re all thinking it...finish the season 8 rewatch! This podcast is like a Rick & Jerry adventure.

  • Jean-philippe Poirier
    Jean-philippe Poirier 10 hours ago

    Maybe they could organize the serie in a way in which each season tell the story of a specific period of time and there is a significant gap of time between each seasons. Because of that, many of the characters would change from season to season and we could also see recast of actors if their characters grow up too much.

  • Raft Lack
    Raft Lack 11 hours ago

    it actually took me 2 episodes to figure out Robb and Jon were two different characters/actors

  • Joshua Audie Depositario

    More theories guuuuys ! Haha Haha. Miss you both.

  • dux bellorum
    dux bellorum 12 hours ago

    As to Carmine’s idea about trading out cast members. You could “the” cast as secondary characters in the season before they become the main ones. You would see them enough for people remember them when they become the main cast maybe a couple of times every other episode.

  • Daklemore
    Daklemore 12 hours ago

    GRRM made a post on his blog talking about the leaks. He confirmed that there will be dragons, that’s neat. He posted a picture of Fire and Blood and said there were tons of possible stories to use and said the title was not the obvious one, so it won’t be called Fire and Blood. The Dance of Dragons seems like a pretty safe guess to me. I can see it playing out a lot like the first season of GOT but replace Robert with Viserys I and have the season end with his death starting the civil war between the blacks and the greens just like the Lannisters and Starks.

  • alhena11
    alhena11 12 hours ago

    Fire and Blood is not finished. They haven't learned anything, have they.

  • alhena11
    alhena11 12 hours ago

    Political plots and backstabbing is nice and all, but it has to lead somewhere. You can't have all these intriques going on and on for years without a conclusion. That would be frustrating. Like real life politics.

    • FlyingwithFire
      FlyingwithFire 11 hours ago

      I also disagree on dance with dragons you start before the dance, and then lead up too it with all the scheming and ploting that took place

  • alhena11
    alhena11 12 hours ago

    There is one major problem with Fire and Blood. It's not finished. They would have to be absolute morons to do that mistake again.

    • D. Bergkvist
      D. Bergkvist 11 hours ago

      This is only a problem if they intend to do all 300 years. But then it would be extremely rushed.

  • alhena11
    alhena11 12 hours ago

    God, I missed you.

  • ladyleo22j
    ladyleo22j 12 hours ago

    I love the ending of this podcast!! Lol

  • Daniel Basich
    Daniel Basich 12 hours ago

    Hey guys, so happy to have you back!

  • MATTHEW983
    MATTHEW983 13 hours ago

    The Targaryen Prequel Will Start from The doom of valyria to The Dance of Dragons Its not a mini series

    • Ian Christie
      Ian Christie 2 hours ago

      Hah that's like 250 years between those events

    • b1bbs g0t h4nds
      b1bbs g0t h4nds 8 hours ago

      ahhh it should go to the Blackfyre rebellion too

  • Brendan Simonis
    Brendan Simonis 13 hours ago

    They're doing the blood moon prequel because the idiots that watched GOT in a bar like the zombies

  • Faisal
    Faisal 13 hours ago

    22:14 Preston exactly knows what I felt. Jon and Robb and Theon all looked the same 😂😂

    • Alan Pennie
      Alan Pennie 5 hours ago

      Robb and Renly looked identical to me. It was... confusing.

  • Ryan Murfin
    Ryan Murfin 13 hours ago

    Hail Hydra!!!

  • Matthew Withum
    Matthew Withum 13 hours ago

    The Night of Mini series was great.

  • Alan Pennie
    Alan Pennie 13 hours ago

    If you have lots of young actors (like GOT) it's certainly sensible to have each season last a year. Never watched Degrassi but it sounds like the British show Skins which had an enormous, rapidly changing cast (including Joe Dempsie) with practically every British character actor making a guest appearance.

  • Max Mercer
    Max Mercer 13 hours ago

    prince Doran > Ned

  • Faisal
    Faisal 13 hours ago

    Carmine, what if they're doing an Anthology series(Bloodmoon being the first episode) like we all want but just saying they're developing multiple shows to throw us off?

  • Eddie Costa
    Eddie Costa 13 hours ago

    Hate saying it but don’t care....once you blow the ending the Beginning and middle just don’t matter

    • tjpm
      tjpm 10 hours ago

      Eddie Costa did you even read what I wrote ?

    • Eddie Costa
      Eddie Costa 10 hours ago

      tjpm that’s incorrect GRRM was pushing from day 1 for 12 to 14 episodes a season and he felt over 12 seasons easy....he has been on the record about this... the show doesn’t touch 60% I feel of the awesome lady Stoneheart would’ve been....

    • tjpm
      tjpm 13 hours ago

      I'll wait for the 5th season to make sure GRRM doesn't abandon the show, just like he did last time.

  • savagedroman
    savagedroman 13 hours ago

    How Dan and Dave ruined all the excitement around a song of ice and fire by destroying the eventual outcome of any tale told...

    • Aslan Evrim
      Aslan Evrim 5 hours ago

      Yeah the podcast litterally ends on both of them yawning.

  • Oldman Shredder
    Oldman Shredder 13 hours ago

    In fire and blood you have the dragons to get a continuety. The different targs come and go but the dragons are pretty longlived.

  • Matthew Koons
    Matthew Koons 13 hours ago

    Couple things. First, love the podcast guys but (everything a man says before but...) I think I speak for a lot of at least Preston fans whenI say we are exhausted with the hbo asioaf stuff. I personally don't give a hang about the prequels. Honest to god the first thing i thought after the immediate disgust of season 8 was... Well... At least Preston can get back to his theory videos. I don't understand how anything from fire and bloodcan be decent with everyone having spoilers for the outcome. We wanna hear book theories ans discussions! Also, I asked on Twitter but never got an answer... Who came first Preston Jacobs or Cantuse? The two most (in my opinion) knowledgeable of asoiaf internet people. Gigantic fan of both!

  • Angelo Greco
    Angelo Greco 13 hours ago

    Less Carmine, more Preston!

  • Rockdrigo
    Rockdrigo 13 hours ago

    Chernobyl season 2 would be Fukushima.

  • T S
    T S 14 hours ago

    smth is off with prestons mic.

  • Cinema Gaming
    Cinema Gaming 14 hours ago

    There are plenty of mini-series, you just don’t watch them.

  • Lewis
    Lewis 14 hours ago

    I hate feminism

  • PBR Streetgang
    PBR Streetgang 14 hours ago

    we're getting a pilot we need a pilot we're getting a pilot we need a pilot we're getting a pilot we need a pilot we're getting a pilot we need a pilot we're getting a pilot we need a pilot

  • Khaelik Free
    Khaelik Free 14 hours ago

    To be fair prequels about the Long Night would have very little source material and would take place at a very distant and unrelatable time of this universe. I believe what made GoT successful was the political drama and the wars. Bloodmoon is the weakest of the options, at least from what we can tell

    • Alan Pennie
      Alan Pennie 5 hours ago

      It has potential if handled intelligently but there are glaring absences (no dragons, no feudalism, no King's Landing or any conventional cities) which are likely to confuse and annoy viewers.

  • Max Mercer
    Max Mercer 14 hours ago

    HBO will just shit on Valyria. Their shitshow disaster of GoT is evidence that HBO can't do it right

  • Shannon Thompson
    Shannon Thompson 14 hours ago

    I think the abundance of views (on SO many videos and webpages) on this topic proves everyone is ready for more dragons! This is the topic that everyone wants to actually see.

    • Samdung Gawaxy
      Samdung Gawaxy 11 hours ago

      Those hit counts will drop to zero when Winds releases.

  • Joseph Birarra
    Joseph Birarra 14 hours ago

    Cant wait for the prequel!

  • Zanyy
    Zanyy 14 hours ago

    Yay I love hearing you two talk

  • Alexander Feldhaus
    Alexander Feldhaus 14 hours ago

    Yaaaaaaaassss you guys are back 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Tevin Daniels
    Tevin Daniels 14 hours ago


  • Joaquin Ortiz Blanco
    Joaquin Ortiz Blanco 14 hours ago

    I needed this

  • Chase Kaplan
    Chase Kaplan 14 hours ago

    My only issue with Fire and Blood is that the tosspot author felt it was more important to create a bloody prequel instead of finishing his last book, knowing full well the show was catching up fast. People might hate those two showrunners and I don't blame them. But for 6 seasons (yes even season 6 was more or less okay) the writers did perfectly and brought us an amazing show; they had source material to work with. But due to GRRMs negligence and laziness, the last book never got out in time. and the writers had to pull ideas out of their asses

  • Jared Bly
    Jared Bly 14 hours ago

    You forgot to say 'see Y'ALL in the next one' Carmine

  • Flaming Chinchilla
    Flaming Chinchilla 14 hours ago

    Enjoyed the most recent podcast discussion with Preston concerning these prequels. Any chance part 2 of the season I review from August is gonna drop soon? Been dying to hear it.

  • Freddo _
    Freddo _ 15 hours ago

    Fire and blood as a prequel show would be amazing. The dance of the dragons, Aegon’s conquest, Battle above the god’s eye, Maegor the cruel, would all be amazing. It would also be very cool for them to go past Aegon III and show the blackfyre rebellions, bloodraven, all leading up to Robert’s Rebellion, which would be very awesome

  • dratheart
    dratheart 21 hour ago

    I wish that hadn't killed (off-screen) Septa Unella, because I'd have loved a spin-off with her! CONFESS! SHAME!!

  • Michal Sopko
    Michal Sopko 21 hour ago

    Worst fire and blood is best book

  • Chezni S
    Chezni S Day ago

    Fire and blood is by far NOT his worst book... The audiobook is amazing n have listened to it 4 times in the last few weeks

  • Rebel Tazz
    Rebel Tazz Day ago

    Robert's rebellion is the best option same houses n characters new story.. but they can strategically also do a Aegon's conquest and chronologically do it all the way till Robert's rebellion where GoT began.. a 10-20year long project with all the stories covered and every one satisfied as all stories will be included

  • John Gulotta
    John Gulotta Day ago

    that book was way better than season 8

  • Batman
    Batman Day ago

    Targarians please

  • Ich Bin
    Ich Bin Day ago

    R.R Martin is supposed to have a more hands-on role and D&D are not involved so... makes me hopeful for the series.

  • Nick995
    Nick995 Day ago

    GRRM needs to get winds of winter out. finish off your main story.

  • Danielle Kale
    Danielle Kale Day ago

    I love Fire and Blood.

  • Kevin Pereira
    Kevin Pereira Day ago

    When I saw the headlines I thought "oh Armageddon rag it's getting a show" lol worst book, now that's a good one. Fire and blood it's pretty good

  • #Rsync
    #Rsync Day ago

    This is speculation, but I think the raw pilot of bloodmoon was dismissed by executives and that is why they are looking into fire and blood.

  • Esther Vallès

    As I've been told, the prequel wouldn't be about Fire and Blood, but the dance of dragons, using the part of Fire and Blood that explains this conflict. GRRM said that book had enough material for two shows (Aegon's conquest and the dance of dragons). They're going with the most interesting one.

  • Joshua Hoffman

    This means George will have a great reason (excuse) to not work on ASOIAF

  • gabo_abr
    gabo_abr Day ago

    hot naked blonds and dragons yes

  • Sheila Hilton
    Sheila Hilton Day ago

    They were never having a pure white Walker show. I love dragons like the next guy but a story about old Valyeria up to the conquest would be more exciting. Less so when you have one family dominating everyone because they have dragons. Missed your annoying ways. A NY slice from me to you. 🍕❤

  • Justin Pachi
    Justin Pachi Day ago

    Fire and Blood isn’t a bad book. It’s just a lot of people are mad that this came out instead of Winds of Winter. It also looks like the the Blood Moon one is being cancelled. They had an evaluation period and the next day they looked for a new prequel. HBO also has new leadership after AT and T. They got rid of the the people who approved Season 8. GRRM is also reported to be involved in the prequel production as well.

  • Tp J
    Tp J Day ago

    I really enjoyed Fire & Blood. Dunno why some people thought it was the worst one ever.

  • Cza Tron
    Cza Tron Day ago

    Hell no it’s not the worst , it’s all actually the best if your into dragons or lore. I’m baffled by your tittle. Bend the F*****g knee, no Wait i changed my mind, DRAKARYS

  • Pacu89
    Pacu89 Day ago


  • Ironically Sardonic

    Feast for Crows is my fave Ice and Fire book lol

  • J Daily
    J Daily Day ago

    So he’ll be working on script for this too guaranteeing winds won’t be out another 5 yrs minimum, yet he didn’t work on the script for GoT and evidently did nothing with his time except sit around doing interviews and watch thrones fall apart but not writing winds. I’m sorry but I’m not a big fan of Martin as a person phenomenal writer but once thrones for popular he cared about notoriety and being famous, he got fatter and lazier I just hate seeing him doing interviews and all these TV show scripts, we only care about you finishing the ASOIAF books that ruined the tv show. No one wants you to do anything but finish the series.

  • Shelley's Cloud

    Honestly- Zero excitement for anything GoT from HBO.

  • where the weirwood grows

    I just feel like what made the earlier seasons really great was d&d using a lot of George's excellent dialogue and storytelling. Giving these writers freedom is not going to feel like game of thrones and it worries me, but we shall see if they can pull it off.

  • Bloody Nine
    Bloody Nine Day ago

    Good to have you back in my feed

  • Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf 2 days ago

    I liked Fire and Blood a bunch

  • Brian Achim
    Brian Achim 2 days ago

    Will George ever finish the books?!😞

  • _stooge
    _stooge 2 days ago

    Seriously? "Asian-Exploitation"? And not Exploitasian? Come on, lads...

  • Down Under Gamer
    Down Under Gamer 2 days ago

    I throughly enjoyed Fire and Blood, expecially since it was told from a maester's point of view. Mushrooms and all.

  • jek 21
    jek 21 2 days ago

    Plz be good

  • jek 21
    jek 21 2 days ago

    sorry but i wonder why does hes medalion look like that is it beacause of books because witchers medalion looks much cooler in games

  • J Scott
    J Scott 2 days ago

    I’ve missed your voice dude.

  • Alan Pennie
    Alan Pennie 2 days ago

    New podcasts with Preston yay! Agreed that Fire and Blood will provide the showrunners with a useful plot outline while still leaving them plenty of space to flesh out the characters and dialogue. It could be a very good balance.

  • mago lago
    mago lago 2 days ago


  • Pastel Pomeranian
    Pastel Pomeranian 2 days ago

    Fire and blood is my absolute favourite book

  • Leo of Red Keep
    Leo of Red Keep 2 days ago

    I can't be bothered by dragons and fantasy junk. I won't watch anything based on the work of that fat sack of shit either. The ending with Bran king, Tyrion in charge and all the remaining nonsense was his and it flushed his life work down the drain, where it belongs.

    • DangerDan
      DangerDan 2 days ago

      Damn dude how did GRRM hurt you? The ending was weird but that's because HBO/D&D rushed it without really building to it and they fucked up a lot of the characters. If George finishes the books, I think he'll get there in a much more satisfying way. Also, there were "dragons and fantasy junk" in the GoT show so it wouldn't be all that much heavier on fantasy than the show was, probably.

  • Ichigostrawberrys
    Ichigostrawberrys 2 days ago

    Spill the thrones tea

  • Frank
    Frank 2 days ago

    Fire & Blood is not the worst book. It actually has a some horror in it.

  • Bro-Brah Sama
    Bro-Brah Sama 2 days ago

    Each major section of the book could be it's own miniseries if they went into detail. There could be a section about Aegon's conquest and his failed war in Dorne. The succession of Aenys and his weak rule being thwarted by the faith militant. Maegor's usurping his kids and cruel reign. The regency of Queen Alyssa and Jaehaerys' ascends. His long peaceful rule which is contrasted by the deaths of most of his children. It's all incredibly rich material.

  • cy_young_9
    cy_young_9 2 days ago

    My love for GoT died with Daenerys

  • Jeremiah Kane
    Jeremiah Kane 2 days ago

    I agree that this is the most obvious prequel series to make, especially with Fire and Blood as the basic outline for the major events. An anthology style series perhaps centring around the reign of a different Targaryen King per each season.

  • Johnnythefirst
    Johnnythefirst 2 days ago

    Fire and blood was surprisingly good in my opinion. I was never able to finish "A World of Ice and Fire" because it read like a factual history book, but Fire and Blood read like a novel. I finished it in a week or two and I feel it would be perfect for a prequel if they'd concentrate on one King in stead of wanting to tell the whole book in ten or twenty episodes. Jaehaerys or Aegon himself would be the obvious best picks.

  • blissinchains
    blissinchains 2 days ago

    At least one will actually contain dragons, magic and Valyrians instead of more white walkers after their story was completely tossed into the garbage in Season 8.

  • The Raven
    The Raven 2 days ago

    Stop talking about franchise fatigue as if it is a real thing

    • John V
      John V 2 days ago

      It absolutely is. I stopped watching super hero movies years ago because of it.

  • Jan Wouter
    Jan Wouter 2 days ago

    I saw that article too. It is so retarded, I banned "the verge" from my news feed. I don't mind prospective I don't agree with but these are just plain lies.