Summoning Salt
Summoning Salt
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The Quest to Beat abney317
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  • Cooler
    Cooler 19 hours ago

    jeez, it's been over 2 years and those TAS's are still the "fastest run"s possible

  • Hayden Capitumino
    Hayden Capitumino 20 hours ago

    It's crazy to me that with how old this game is, a lot of this hadn't happened just 3 years ago.

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey 21 hour ago

    One thing I love about abney is his charm and magnetic personality. His explosive passion once he attains a new world record is absolutely infectious.

  • Henri Rouze
    Henri Rouze 22 hours ago

    good ending

  • Diego Noriega
    Diego Noriega 22 hours ago

    I hadn't realized i wasn't subscribed, i love the content!

  • Bruce A
    Bruce A Day ago

    This has got to me among the most useless videos I have yet seen on Clip-Share. A nearly half hour video on how to shave a second or two off the time needed to complete a single level on a roughly 40 year video game? You must lead a pretty dull life if this is the most interesting and productive thing you have to do with your time.

  • Toustik SK
    Toustik SK Day ago

    I came from ig

  • Joris bongartz

    yooo congrats on your punch out WR

  • pooly
    pooly Day ago

    salt’s best imo

  • Luis Robles
    Luis Robles Day ago

    I rewatch these when I need a pick me up. If I feel bad, these always make me feel better :)

  • The Shawshank Inception

    I always called the fortress the “halfway house” lol

  • Ethan Sloss
    Ethan Sloss Day ago

    Update, they’re sub 22 now. There’s a big skip in bowser’s castle. They guide one fireball up and then run over the top of the level, skipping that part.

  • poobslag
    poobslag Day ago

    For some other world records like this, players will set a world record, and then set a BETTER world record -- but keep that higher record secret until someone beats first record. It's a cheap tactic which lets them stay on top of the learderboards longer while demoralizing other players. I kept expecting the A1A or Matthias to stoop to this level, like where Matthias would set 5 or 6 records but then release them all simultaneously to sneakily get 32/32. I'm glad nobody did this, I think the accomplishment would have been greatly diminished by such a dirty trick. But I think it would have worked.

  • passingcars
    passingcars Day ago

    "The return of Jimmypoopins" for some reason gave me a huge dopamine hit like a dark night of the soul moment in a film. Great video

  • Sebastian Dahllöf

    Update: Sharpruns have the record today with 21:52:167

  • Dorkster81
    Dorkster81 Day ago

    I remember when i first came across gdq and seen the in the dark flash man stage laser…. I was like “yoooo FUQ DAT”. Lol

  • djtomoy
    djtomoy Day ago

    Dude, vector images 🙏

  • Art-o-Cart
    Art-o-Cart Day ago

    so hear me out. there is a bus

  • Patrick Fiorito


  • Chris Bosworth

    I miss the old intro music…

  • Jack317
    Jack317 Day ago


  • James Newell
    James Newell Day ago

    I thought his name was pronounced “I math too” as in the Roman numeral II (2)

  • Zepsi
    Zepsi Day ago

    Just the first 20 seconds already shows a masterpiece

  • pru
    pru Day ago

    Nothing like clicking on a summoning salt video and hearing that good ol synthwave music


    Hey, I think I’f you made a world record history video on paper Mario ttyd it would be awesome

  • WhiteyBcfc
    WhiteyBcfc Day ago

    This needs a refresh 100%

  • Joseph Ringhofer

    I got a 45 minute time running this game when I was 10, when I went to pick it up later I couldn’t get past 1-1 without dying lol

  • djtomoy
    djtomoy Day ago

    I could probably beat that record

  • Fence301
    Fence301 Day ago

    Salt you can’t play that music for your shorts, you just hype me up for nothing

  • Jack H
    Jack H Day ago

    Never watched a Mario speed run in my life but this video was great thankyou :)

  • Ludeos
    Ludeos 2 days ago

    Started playing mega man Today, How Do You use items? Playing on an NES

  • Slizzard Shroomer
    Slizzard Shroomer 2 days ago

    21 minutes 52 seconds as of October 1st 2023

  • Booleen
    Booleen 2 days ago

    jay_cee now has a 10:45

  • Krypto
    Krypto 2 days ago

    Great story telling and episode. Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it.

  • agus28
    agus28 2 days ago

    "Which made him a little angry" *says the worst bad words on spanish*

  • Krakabraka
    Krakabraka 2 days ago

    39:38 that "woah" 😂

  • Nick
    Nick 2 days ago

    This is still cheating. going around the courses with no glitches is the legit way. if Usain Bolt takes a taxi in a 200 meters Olympic final to win people would laugh at him and he gets disqualified.

    • Nick
      Nick Day ago

      @localdrglrd 🇸🇻 it is cheating criminal

    • localdrglrd 🇸🇻
      localdrglrd 🇸🇻 Day ago

      Did you skip the first 30 secs where this is literally explained?

    • Sourfish
      Sourfish Day ago

      Also these glitches are hard and skillful, not some hack like a steroid

    • Sourfish
      Sourfish Day ago

      But its a whole different thing

  • dimitreze
    dimitreze 2 days ago

    23:00 yeah, keyboards records are bulshit

  • Mashù Slyferiux!
    Mashù Slyferiux! 2 days ago

    How slower is Jimmy's final PB compared to the sum of all his best acts? I guess they'very close

  • yuki cross
    yuki cross 2 days ago


  • Justin Sui
    Justin Sui 2 days ago

    scalpel is also world class in cubing

  • Michael
    Michael 2 days ago

    Was a big fan of Megaman growing up but never played this particular game, nonetheless, this video was insanely captivating. Proper research and even better execution. Love the stories of the runners and this record history series.

  • Aiden Gibbons
    Aiden Gibbons 2 days ago

    Does anyone know how to get into contact of David Gibbons? My name is Aiden Gibbons and I would like to see if we are related

  • Jason Gann
    Jason Gann 2 days ago

    You should change your channels name to: "14 yr old jerk-off central station"

  • Nighzmarquls
    Nighzmarquls 2 days ago

    Would have been neat if the video was as long as the first world record. You were only few minutes off.

  • Slizzard Shroomer
    Slizzard Shroomer 2 days ago

    Kirua been long left in the dust as of 2023

  • Kendrik Luce
    Kendrik Luce 2 days ago

    5:45 you think he’s a fan of the gothic bad boy?

  • djtomoy
    djtomoy 2 days ago

    Please stick to mario games

  • Runehorn
    Runehorn 2 days ago

    Those are mushrooms and not jars?!? WTF my mind just got blown