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What if We Nuke a City?
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  • Brawley ‘
    Brawley ‘ 4 hours ago


  • hank hill
    hank hill 4 hours ago

    I don't need people just my cute lil pet rat chunko. And my cats.

  • Mr.Krabs is not real and cannot hurt me

    Although it's very lethal. We're humans, we'll somehow find a way to make a strange nuke

  • DarK SHiiTs
    DarK SHiiTs 4 hours ago

    Don't worry it will be present in higher dimensions. Once we'll get there we'll know what it is

  • Nemesis 957
    Nemesis 957 4 hours ago

    Soooo....... Black holes are basically the fetus deletus meme in an universal scale.

  • Noah
    Noah 4 hours ago

    I wish this worked with group projects

  • Chris Shipman
    Chris Shipman 5 hours ago

    Are you crazy? Not everyone will get rid of nuclear weapons. I would be willing to bet that only western countries will follow through. Russia, North Korea, and Iran have consistently refused to reduce their weapons or related technology. What can be done except from other countries developing their own deterrent which assures any nuclear attack will be met with a devastating counter attack? Should the UN which has historically been ineffective (they just voted Venezuela to the human rights council) ban all nukes and invade any country that refuses? The video started out good, but ended with complete crap.

  • Cesare Borgia
    Cesare Borgia 5 hours ago

    All this fascinating shit and people argue about gender, lol...

  • asif shekhsanadi
    asif shekhsanadi 5 hours ago

    You have 2 choices 1.have nukes and avoid the threat of getting invaded by American democracy 2.give up nukes and get invaded by American democracy The choice is yours

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay
    Hamza Turan Kubilay 5 hours ago

    This is like a big reset.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 5 hours ago

    What if New Delhi, Bombay,Karachi and Islamabad get nuked...?

  • Oui Gongwichien
    Oui Gongwichien 5 hours ago


  • Shitty McShittingson

    Easy, I’m an abomination of God and I’m ashamed to be his creation.

  • Jordan Roberts
    Jordan Roberts 5 hours ago

    Lock all of the nukes up and make it so that the only way to use them is if every nation on earth agrees, and make it so you can't target them at the earth. Imagine throwing away all of the nukes right before an alien invasion.

  • Joseph Stalin Gets The Joke

    Oil: **exists** USA: Hippity-hoppity, you are my property

  • James P
    James P 5 hours ago

    Removing nukes won't do anything. Removing the Blue Prints and *knowledge* of how to build nukes!? Then you're onto something, find who knows what in Government and Military, find the blue prints before they make copies and dont get yourself killed trying to be the vigilante' saving the world. Mission impossible if there ever was a real one.

  • xFluing
    xFluing 5 hours ago

    Imagine how much clean electricity we could make from recycled nuclear bombs.

  • we humans need nothing but Peace&joy

    But seriously my controller must be broken it seems that my player is just playing around and goofing around and not actually getting any chick bruh come on lay of the Gofing around and get some chicks already lmao

  • Kevin98
    Kevin98 5 hours ago

    Need to eliminate the nuclear bomb, but still almost politicians using as a tool of powers

  • Oof
    Oof 5 hours ago

    What if other organisms need different matter (not water and carbon), so their goldilocks zones are different?

  • Kuribo Kutsu
    Kuribo Kutsu 5 hours ago

    And military is like "WHAT? We can nuke cities to dust with Fusion reactor? The why the heck we need it?"

  • chrisbula
    chrisbula 5 hours ago

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki; am I a joke to you

  • Derp
    Derp 5 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt : *after the first layer* Me : thats was deep Kurzgesagt : lets go *d e e p e r*

  • Der Kommentator
    Der Kommentator 5 hours ago

    Easy: 40 years later the country of the nuked city starts to produce f****d up pop-culture.

  • xlxgreenwolf Gaming
    xlxgreenwolf Gaming 5 hours ago

    I have prepared for nuclear elimination I live in Colorado so I have mountains and I built a bunker surrounded by solid granite

  • Bacon Ninja
    Bacon Ninja 5 hours ago

    I remember I found this in high ideas years ago

  • Ocelot
    Ocelot 5 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt misinforming people again. The only thing preventing WW3 is the possibility of a nuclear war. It's the mutually assured destruction that prevents larger conflicts from taking place.

  • Sofia GG
    Sofia GG 5 hours ago

    About 9 minutes ago you started watching this video.

  • MarekmarianRBLX
    MarekmarianRBLX 5 hours ago

    I'm lonely.. GREAT :C

  • HourinTheSwamp
    HourinTheSwamp 5 hours ago

    holly mother in hell. we did this to japan.. twice

  • Arthur Redmond
    Arthur Redmond 5 hours ago


  • Anshu Verma
    Anshu Verma 5 hours ago

    Since, there are many heavenly bodies in the universe.There may be many unverse.

  • Hard Boiled
    Hard Boiled 5 hours ago

    "What if we nuke a city?" Not before we nuke this comment section with the same joke over and over again~

  • kummer45
    kummer45 5 hours ago

    Ren Ren:"Eliminating all nuclear weapons an vowing to never build it again" Countries to each other: After you That's the motherfucking problem. Right there. Trust. It's hard to trust because someone is greedy enough to take every advantage to it. Our human nature is our greatest evil. There's no greater threat than that.

  • Adrian Ortiz Manzanares

    And what is the whole point of being simulated? If there is a super computer, this super computer (or simulation generator) would be presumably located and spaced in a -real- space and time. Being simulated seems to be very far fetch. It seems more likely that reality is what it is. Unless there is no computer or anything -physical- that generates these simulations and the thing is more complex. Which surely it is anyway, and we cannot acces to that knowledge, because is clear that our brain is either capped, or human intelligence is not powerful enough to understand certain conceps... like the one of infinity.

  • Dr Phil uwu
    Dr Phil uwu 5 hours ago

    I love the pokemon reference

  • Joaquín Murano
    Joaquín Murano 5 hours ago

    This video and the one on the "Human Era" are this channel's masterpieces

  • Ninja Player
    Ninja Player 5 hours ago

    Black holes can be the saver of the universe as well because if how some people say black hole gets converted into white holes than you see white holes can throw those particles which black hole swallowed and release them in just electron proton and neutrons so they will get converted into hydrogen leading universe to always full of brightness.(sorry my English is not that good)

  • P E R S P E C T I V E

    Title: *what if we nuke a city* USA: *hold ma beer*

  • Nate Wray
    Nate Wray 5 hours ago

    There was something about the animation of this episode in particular that just deserves a like. Great stuff!

  • Zeke Rivanian
    Zeke Rivanian 5 hours ago

    I feel if aliens beat their own filter, they're certainly non-violent at that point. I mean if humans can get over their own differences enough to not blow ourselves to smitherines. I think a prime directive will be put in place of some sort. And if you haven't seen a UFO, you're not looking hard enough.

  • MotherNaturesMother
    MotherNaturesMother 5 hours ago

    is that enough energy for u? 6:32 IS **** IT????

  • Phased Spaces
    Phased Spaces 5 hours ago

    Another little nugget info that could have been added, is that for the few micro seconds that the Tsar bomba went through its detonation process, it released the equivalent energy of 2% of the output of the Sun .. Not bad for us tiny humans!?

  • Cayleen Bonneville
    Cayleen Bonneville 5 hours ago

    Omg! The scream at 5:13 omg! I can’t breathe! Hahaha

  • Abdirahman Hassan
    Abdirahman Hassan 5 hours ago

    I'm afraid that the Western ideology will kill us. The world dies in front of your eyes and you then build more destructive weapons just to be safe. Call me a moron, but we don't need weapon's to be tested on humans in the future.

  • Rina Silvey
    Rina Silvey 5 hours ago

    Ban nukes

  • XDX Gaming
    XDX Gaming 5 hours ago

    I won't sign the petition simply because nuclear bomb powered spaceships and technology could be extremely useful in our future. No not nuclear power itself, but the detonation of an entire bomb behind a spacecraft.

  • kummer45
    kummer45 5 hours ago

    This is a great example of why we should never build these things. But we don't learn.

  • Stashman
    Stashman 5 hours ago

    We won't know, unless it's done. Don't think it would be good though.

  • Dustin M
    Dustin M 5 hours ago

    Soooooo.... Space Marines?

  • Ruch Kodi
    Ruch Kodi 5 hours ago

    "What if we nuke a city" Japan: am I a joke to you

  • Project 2501
    Project 2501 5 hours ago

    This video is like candy paper wrapped around a chocolate bar filled with razor blades and needles! Why does the animation have to be so cute when the content is basically hell on earth?

  • PLG-Streams TV
    PLG-Streams TV 5 hours ago

    Lets just be happy we don't eat the birds from these videos too

  • NuclearExpertWB -
    NuclearExpertWB - 5 hours ago

    Yus ❌☢️

  • Lilly Aber nicht du
    Lilly Aber nicht du 5 hours ago

    Imagine: You are standing next to your window and the next think you see is a giant fireball. After that everything turns silent and dark. You are blind for hours, deaf, with serious wounds and burns all over your body. That means endless pain. And you have no idea what happend to you and what will happen to you. Maybe you are trapped inside of a building. That would mean you are alone with your pain and your thoughts.... Scary right?

  • Jason Dubin
    Jason Dubin 5 hours ago

    If 99% of the matter in our solar system is the sun, is there enough useful material in that remaining 1% to actually contruct a sphere big enough to cover the sun?

  • Krishna M Shinde
    Krishna M Shinde 5 hours ago

    If this was a game it would be good

  • TheCasualJackass
    TheCasualJackass 5 hours ago

    "2/3 of all the world's countries agreed to prohibit nuclear weapons" Oh you mean the 2/3 that don't have nuclear weapons?

    LUKE MONSIVAIS 5 hours ago

    How can I get weed in San Antonio?

  • Moebius
    Moebius 5 hours ago

    Explosive Presentation indeed.!In ancient India ,the Kings practiced "Dharma Yudham" or Ethical War Fare",the Common Man was untouched and Armies fought just Armies ,till Islamists invaded India and destroying Temples,Culture,People,raping and plundering in the name of Jihad- ushering in the era of unethical Wars..Presently we are still in the era of Unethical Wars where the Common Man who has nothing to do with any war are still targets and Nuclear Wars are like a Damocles Sword hanging on everyone's head!

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton 5 hours ago

    4:45 now THAT is wat I call global warming

  • Ivan Nierez
    Ivan Nierez 5 hours ago

    6:21 Not helping =D

  • Ruphite
    Ruphite 5 hours ago

    “The strongest forces humanity can unleash are laughable compared to the forces of nature” Humans: *I accept your cheap provocation*

  • Alexander Benkendorf

    I firmly believe because of the presence nukes, there are no widescale conflicts anymore on Earth, since ww2 people stopped killing each other by millions

  • Raenir Salazar
    Raenir Salazar 5 hours ago

    Brady Heron clearly likes this video!

  • Larissa Larissa
    Larissa Larissa 5 hours ago

    I can't even get a bird :( ... i didn't even know that the feeling that force you to eat more is by mirobes

    A PERSON 5 hours ago

    I’m only vegetarian until the climate change is gone , then I’ll be eating it a little bit after that

  • m a r i a
    m a r i a 5 hours ago

    weediocre OMG

  • Антон Татаров

    Sounds more like a title for an xxx movie

  • filippe999
    filippe999 5 hours ago

    Really weird opinion coming through: I think we should keep nuclear weapons as an asset for our kind, last thing we want is if aliens arrive and we have all nukes disbanded and conventional weapons just don't do the trick, we'll still have a tool to fight them. Of course there is still a possibility that they can just shrug off a nuke, but the possibility that they can do that is much less than say shrugging off a TNT detonation

  • Knedlik MCPE
    Knedlik MCPE 5 hours ago

    There are more filters, and the hardest is waiting for us

  • Orkan Umurhan
    Orkan Umurhan 5 hours ago

    who downvotes this?

  • Jochen
    Jochen 5 hours ago

    ...aaaand we're dead. This video was sponsored by...

  • seanbluekiller
    seanbluekiller 6 hours ago

    Hiroshima & Nagasaki: *UhUM*

  • 우지민
    우지민 6 hours ago

    자막이 달리기 전에 한 번 달리고 나서 한 번 봄 너무 재밌어서 자막 달리길 기다릴 수가 없다

  • Terry Killa
    Terry Killa 6 hours ago

    6:30 onwards are all very real and plausible theories as to how the World/Humans will end. Nuclear war is a sure thing. I also think the same thing that happened in the Terminator movies and I robot etc could potentially happen to us in real life. We create machines that run everything for us, which we are.. Then they destroy us or the AI is that smart they start a World War, like in Terminator

  • Chickenface
    Chickenface 6 hours ago

    Watching this makes me lonley...

  • Xwelchast 44
    Xwelchast 44 6 hours ago

    Не дай бог чтоб это случилось...

  • TheGalaxySlayer69
    TheGalaxySlayer69 6 hours ago

    So basically Ant-Man in a nutshell

  • GoJMe
    GoJMe 6 hours ago

    Wtf did I just watch why it shown up on my feed when I'm drunk drinking highball at Macdonald's in osaka, japan

  • Crash crew
    Crash crew 6 hours ago

    Could you make a video on cryptocurrency

  • Malanova
    Malanova 6 hours ago

    easy way to make me feel ok even i'm lonely is thought everything is normal nothing is abnormal and do whatever i want except jn work when i saw someone i just speak whatever i want if they can't accept whag i'm so go on that normal for me i don't need them hahaha i always do all my work by myself

  • Superbro 64
    Superbro 64 6 hours ago

    If we refer to EGG we are phages and are saving ourselves

  • Ender Boy
    Ender Boy 6 hours ago

    After watching some of your videos i cant sleep at might

  • XxBenisweirdxX
    XxBenisweirdxX 6 hours ago

    Mates I just had an existential crisis watching this! Very good and very well done!

  • Lumalini
    Lumalini 6 hours ago

    Hvem er norsk lik vis du er. 👇

  • FullSNeon
    FullSNeon 6 hours ago

    0:00 - 0:05 YEET 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hal Asimov
    Hal Asimov 6 hours ago


  • Jess Osorio
    Jess Osorio 6 hours ago

    Clip-Share recommended me this video, this is so sad but helpful hahaha

  • 5 Minutes Speak English

    This video make me think about Black Mirror - episode Hang the DJ. Might be all of us are living in different realities by an Artificial Intelligence.

  • 29 29
    29 29 6 hours ago

    Fallout 4 new Vegas are the best game and 3

  • Demetrius Kent
    Demetrius Kent 6 hours ago

    Nuclear power forever!

  • Cervatillo
    Cervatillo 6 hours ago


  • Neo2266
    Neo2266 6 hours ago

    Just locate and destroy all FB servers, everyone with brains will like that

  • David Blankenship
    David Blankenship 6 hours ago

    4:44 when you sneeze near an anti-vaxx kid

  • Donny Clark
    Donny Clark 6 hours ago

    America: Haa! Take that Japan! Japan: ....owo America: What? ...you okay? ...and that is the story of how anime came to be.

  • Do what you must, I have already won

    It's obvious the EU parliament wants to consolidate more power and to become a superstate. It was a great idea that has got out of hand.

  • David Ha
    David Ha 6 hours ago

    Japan: Rokudenashi

  • Iolex128
    Iolex128 6 hours ago

    And here come anti-social disorders which make people lone wolfs