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The Other Type Of ThinkPad...
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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing
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Unboxing a $25,000 Smartphone
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AirPower Is Here... Sort Of
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My New Channel
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Google Pixel 3a Unboxing
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I'm Going Back To iPhone.
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The Microsoft Xbox Stadia
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  • Muthu M
    Muthu M 33 seconds ago

    I'm waiting

  • Alex Florin
    Alex Florin 39 seconds ago

    Should i change my Note 9 to a Razer Phone 2 ?

  • Ayush Chaudhary
    Ayush Chaudhary 5 minutes ago

    Why is this now on my recommendation? And not on 2014

  • kingpolaris
    kingpolaris 5 minutes ago

    Paper is also alot like writing on paper

  • Jonah Smith
    Jonah Smith 10 minutes ago

    Lou where are the iPhone videos???

  • Doofenstz Gaming
    Doofenstz Gaming 10 minutes ago

    Can you play fortnite with it?

  • Scott D
    Scott D 12 minutes ago

    Very slow response time.

  • Patrik Szabo
    Patrik Szabo 12 minutes ago

    We are in the future now. Great!

  • trident3b
    trident3b 13 minutes ago

    indeed a gimmick. I much prefer the sight of my Japanese direct drive with instant torque and ultra flat stable rotation. There is nothing to be gained by this principle. It reminds me of touch screen stuff, just because you can do it it mustn't be implemented in everything... in fact at times, it is totally counter productive... ..but looks "cool" (only).

  • Temp
    Temp 16 minutes ago

    and airpods users thing they be flexing

  • Malcolm Xavier
    Malcolm Xavier 21 minute ago

    Tide pods 2019 comeback? Anyone?

  • mohammed bilal
    mohammed bilal 26 minutes ago

    Brrrroooo where is I phone 11

  • Gunraj Singh
    Gunraj Singh 26 minutes ago

    When are you gonna review the new iPhones??

  • Abdelrahman Rafaat
    Abdelrahman Rafaat 33 minutes ago

    *Any phone company* : Releases flagship phone *Unbox therapy* : Im SwItChInG pHoNeS No h8 tho lol I will just stay with my iOS 12 iPhone 6

  • michele monaco
    michele monaco 38 minutes ago

    Think about this machine plugged in a solar panel, in Africa

  • VïJåy RëDdy
    VïJåy RëDdy 40 minutes ago

    I'm getting more notifications about other channels unboxing iPhone 11 but Waiting for iPhone 11 unboxing in unbox therapy

  • Sans Comic
    Sans Comic 46 minutes ago

    Forget PC master race, the big O is the master race

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly 47 minutes ago

    Here's a new, high-tech, "chaw" bucket. Just spit right in there and BAM.

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 47 minutes ago

    You are the best.

  • Wollez
    Wollez 52 minutes ago

    What game?

  • Ashiqur Rahman
    Ashiqur Rahman 54 minutes ago

    Waiting for the iPhone 11 unboxing

  • Respct
    Respct 55 minutes ago

    I dont see the point of this

  • jonkke8
    jonkke8 58 minutes ago

    i'm literally eating lasagna rn not joking

  • Cutty N
    Cutty N 59 minutes ago

    I like

  • non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    what happened to the thumbnails?

  • Dinadev Kenoth
    Dinadev Kenoth Hour ago

    There is an ipad screen protector which feels like paper So no need 500 bucks for this

  • Wren Reinholz
    Wren Reinholz Hour ago

    Alright your joking right? I don’t think you understand the dollar menu is my only freind

  • shravann suryaa vp

    No one: Him:berrrrah berrrrah

  • bmx_beastt on FN

    For the first one wont u get electrocuted if ur under water

  • Pemadam Pensel
    Pemadam Pensel Hour ago

    Lew.Review.Bold.N1 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown Hour ago

    Why 5 years later, why.

  • Moussa Diab
    Moussa Diab Hour ago

    heyy leww where are youu mann 7 days !!

  • Emy Emanuel
    Emy Emanuel Hour ago

    They should integrate a laser keyboard (and mouse) to use when the screen is not bent.

  • Jan Paul Rosalada


  • fitboy 86
    fitboy 86 Hour ago

    where is iphone 11 review??? you guys are always late for iphone

  • Daaniyal Iqbal
    Daaniyal Iqbal Hour ago

    Apple bad /Samsung Galaxy note 10 is the best

  • William Sherman
    William Sherman Hour ago

    This is cool. Kind of a way to replace having to have notebooks and or just paper for stuff like school or whatever.

  • XD Daniel
    XD Daniel Hour ago

    So its custom

  • Wei feng Poh
    Wei feng Poh Hour ago

    If u look at it in 0.25 u will se that it didnt actually shock him

  • NarkDights | Hexthrill

    This works with Android, correct?

  • Silviu Lupu
    Silviu Lupu Hour ago

    I saw Pocophone F1 got a large amount of software upgrades. Is it still worth the money in 2019?

  • Skater Bros 180
    Skater Bros 180 Hour ago

    This is your best video

  • dave EPISODES
    dave EPISODES Hour ago

    Next video: unboxing jack's face

  • Sparking30
    Sparking30 Hour ago

    This is the keyboard like in the movies so futuristic and cool

  • Joe Guzman
    Joe Guzman Hour ago

    ........Google Pixel 3 period.

  • Colossal7
    Colossal7 Hour ago

    *_Angry Chyrosran22 noises_*

  • roy73 mariano
    roy73 mariano Hour ago


  • Dddd Dddses
    Dddd Dddses Hour ago

    Try the new MSI GS65 LAPTOP

  • Dddd Dddses
    Dddd Dddses Hour ago

    Hey! Try the new MSI GS65 LAPTOP

  • Lets get to 1mill without vids J

    No way is it worth $300 for only 2 settings like wtf you might as well get a Roland vt4 for around the same price with 10 times the amount of features well more

  • unspeakable non cuber

    The buttons are so clicky

  • spinta xd
    spinta xd Hour ago

    songs ?

  • Adam Hörman Yassin

    That's just a huge chunk of silly putty

  • Max Big
    Max Big Hour ago


  • The Seeker
    The Seeker Hour ago

    pretty much the phone i need to play floppy bird.

  • chan
    chan Hour ago

    nobody notices that unbox therapy remains mysteriously silent after Apple event?

  • Rohan Naik
    Rohan Naik Hour ago

    Even technical guruji from india unbox iphone x| pro max ... like is this even the channel for new tech unboxing first in the world ??? U just simply say it lew , keep watching unbox therapy for the latest and greatest unboxing videos ..like for real you don't even un box them first .... keep working on that Lew late channel of urs ..

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Hour ago

    Looks like fkn lobot

  • victor odongo
    victor odongo Hour ago

    my kidneys are twerking....they wanna be sold to get this phone

  • Don’t have A name

    Me going to trade my iPhone XR for the 11 Pro: What’s the difference besides the ugly camera? Apple: *Yes*

  • HotDog
    HotDog Hour ago

    Get glass.

  • SavourySolomon
    SavourySolomon Hour ago

    His apex of the head flatter than earth

  • lw/ video
    lw/ video Hour ago

    Would be great if you guys did a Fairphone 3 review. It's a really interesting concept of a phone.

  • JiprehBii
    JiprehBii Hour ago

    Great for Travels

  • Lieutenant Lettuce

    Minimalist 100

  • Rajeshh K Kapoor

    Funny guy Less talk More info Shhhhhh Stop talking incessantly Stick to the context R time is precious

  • MaCa_1947 X
    MaCa_1947 X Hour ago

    I phone 7 : 👑 The $4 phone : 😎

  • Dubz
    Dubz Hour ago

    This looks pretty dope. I’d love to wear these while driving my Segway and browsing the internet on my Google glass. Wave of the future bro.

    ZxFROSTY Hour ago

    Where is the iPhone 11 video☹️

  • Live From The Fridge

    Where’s Lew? (He hasn’t posted in a whole week, I’m getting worry)

  • A.M. K.
    A.M. K. Hour ago

    Hey cute

  • Nick Pavloff
    Nick Pavloff Hour ago

    Lord plz nobody come back n CGI something in place of cup in the future.... plz n thanks.... goodnight or cup of tha mornin to ya folks

  • Spike and the phone

    I think it has no setup beacause it does not have a full version of GApps

  • Rodolfo Cacananta
    Rodolfo Cacananta 2 hours ago

    Does work theaters?

  • Jeremy Minter
    Jeremy Minter 2 hours ago

    It's user error

  • Snoopy
    Snoopy 2 hours ago

    miss me with that

  • gaijin dachi
    gaijin dachi 2 hours ago

    Why am I here? I already bought this phone months ago

  • funky rabbit123
    funky rabbit123 2 hours ago

    What does this mean im so confused

  • Ananta Bastola
    Ananta Bastola 2 hours ago

    NEXUS 5

  • Lightning Phantom
    Lightning Phantom 2 hours ago


  • nicktass -
    nicktass - 2 hours ago

    I was listening to this with AirPods in.

  • Ranjeeta Srivastava
    Ranjeeta Srivastava 2 hours ago

    People have started unboxing iphone11! Where are you Lew??

    SG CAR DESIGNS 2 hours ago

    Where is iphone 11???

  • Tanvir Shahriar
    Tanvir Shahriar 2 hours ago

    where is lew's iphone unboxing video 🙄

  • Arnie Delgado
    Arnie Delgado 2 hours ago

    ..... 😏😏😏😏

  • Ilyes Z
    Ilyes Z 2 hours ago


  • Evan
    Evan 2 hours ago

    Screw air, I’m thirsty

  • PakDie
    PakDie 2 hours ago

    i want one for my little cute kid..

  • Kebboi
    Kebboi 2 hours ago


  • Jaspreet Chahal
    Jaspreet Chahal 2 hours ago

    A70 speaker on the back

  • Omair Ahmed
    Omair Ahmed 2 hours ago

    Energizer has 18,000 battery.

  • jOed G. Aguado
    jOed G. Aguado 2 hours ago

    where is the iphone 11 video why taking so long

  • Samuel Dimas
    Samuel Dimas 2 hours ago

    "It's a knock off phone. That get's knocked out."

  • priyanshu raj
    priyanshu raj 2 hours ago

    From where can we buy this

  • William Smith
    William Smith 2 hours ago

    Ship me a four dollar phone i need a better phone. I dont have a lot of money so can you send one.

  • Mahesh M V U
    Mahesh M V U 2 hours ago

    No Dave?

  • Th. Gotofbi
    Th. Gotofbi 2 hours ago

    That eyes creepy as fuck

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 2 hours ago

    Get on with it...ffs

  • Yusuke Octo
    Yusuke Octo 2 hours ago

    nice Galaxy Fold

    GAMINGTHEKA 2 hours ago

    Why there is no new video from last six days..?? Is everything alright lew..??