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  • Savannah Caballero
    Savannah Caballero 7 hours ago

    when she asked what is the 3 things she has to leave the house with and he said avocado 😂

  • Paul
    Paul 7 hours ago


  • Argentina Jacuzzi
    Argentina Jacuzzi 7 hours ago

    This guy is bs’ing a lot of his prices. Never seen a motion picture’s funnies before however. Amazing

  • Francisco Tejeda
    Francisco Tejeda 7 hours ago

    Ayyy los amooo 😩❤️

  • Rezan01
    Rezan01 7 hours ago

    I saw the movie very recently. I didn't know it was Scott! It seemed to me that the kicks he did were more taekowndo than karate, but with Adkins it can be anything :D

  • Marco E.
    Marco E. 7 hours ago

    The airplane noise at the end thou! And their faces! 😂😂🛫🛫

  • Tenshi Hokori
    Tenshi Hokori 7 hours ago

    I'm a bit sad there's no CNR and Saga Begins, but nice video anyway!

  • Hasan Ahmad
    Hasan Ahmad 7 hours ago

    I see the glasses this guy is wearing and I think to myself. Who is this guy's psychiatrist?

  • Alexandra Colacito
    Alexandra Colacito 7 hours ago

    I want to make fun of him for being SO pretentious but he is being authentic. He seems kind of similar to Kendall Roy, with the self-seriousness.

  • Matthew Durocher
    Matthew Durocher 7 hours ago

    I would buy one just because it's him

  • Sharky
    Sharky 7 hours ago


  • Heinrich Krause
    Heinrich Krause 8 hours ago

    These 2 are a leading example of how it should be.hats off.great job.MAXIMUM EFFORT!

  • mic chequeone
    mic chequeone 8 hours ago

    2 o’ gees… nuff said!

  • Deliz Blanco
    Deliz Blanco 8 hours ago

    No sé ni que hago aquí 😢, pero que bonito poder coincidir con alguien así . Disfruto el amor de lejos 😂😊

  • Lethal Wolf
    Lethal Wolf 8 hours ago

    Lol he loves those flannels

  • Andy Kuchta
    Andy Kuchta 8 hours ago

    XDDD les amo❤

  • ed milligan
    ed milligan 8 hours ago

    Buy land, property, not chains!!! 💯

  • Silverio Garcia
    Silverio Garcia 8 hours ago

    How much was your hair cut tho?

  • Certified Mind
    Certified Mind 8 hours ago

    Is being the CEO of Waystar on here?

  • apersonwiththoughts
    apersonwiththoughts 8 hours ago

    14:44 “and you realize that there are no small moments” wow.

  • evelyng951
    evelyng951 8 hours ago

    Worlds most famous satanist

  • Metal Bum
    Metal Bum 8 hours ago

    I want the first wolverine!!

  • Luci_Rado
    Luci_Rado 9 hours ago

    I wanna say one of my all time favorite movies with Donnie Yen has always been Seven Swords

  • puddlez96
    puddlez96 9 hours ago

    With the way technology is headed and new tricks in cinematography, I think it's safe to say it's only a few years until we see a Mike Myers movie where every character is played by Mike Myers.

  • Arleny
    Arleny 9 hours ago

    Team ♎️⚖️!!

  • e.w.
    e.w. 9 hours ago

    dilfism in its prime

  • Kelruos
    Kelruos 9 hours ago

    Remember when Sarah Silverman did blackface?

  • Jennifer Allred
    Jennifer Allred 9 hours ago

    Love you Kevin you make me smile

  • Donnie Roush
    Donnie Roush 9 hours ago

    As someone whos part mexican, Spanish is probably the most annoying language to hear in conversation, that was rough

  • Joseph Carollo
    Joseph Carollo 9 hours ago

    came for the pokemon

  • linsey🐾
    linsey🐾 9 hours ago

    rauw is so fineee oh ma gawd

  • Roc B
    Roc B 9 hours ago

    2 chains was nice and easy with that comic phew,my boi a real g

  • Cloud9
    Cloud9 9 hours ago

    He went back to the trap forr sec😂😂 😂half a zip

  • Sid
    Sid 9 hours ago

    He was not made for kendall. Kendall was made for him.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 9 hours ago

    Albuquerque, was a challenge to us fans go ahead and try to listen. We did and we are still listening and singing it loud!

  • Lewie
    Lewie 9 hours ago

    he is super cool!! humble, honest, down to earth. complete opposite of Hollywood......

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 9 hours ago

    The Russo Brothers Para Secret Wars!!!!

  • Med1na
    Med1na 9 hours ago

    You guys are getting paid 😂

  • Lynne Rose
    Lynne Rose 9 hours ago

    Jon Voight is part of the reason why anti-Semitism is rising. Not sure why Liev doesn’t see that. Jon isn’t your brother. He literally hates you.

  • snyperlite
    snyperlite 9 hours ago

    No Goon, wtf?

  • Viktor Ivanov
    Viktor Ivanov 9 hours ago

    cute girl

  • Mr. Stranathan
    Mr. Stranathan 9 hours ago

    Is that The next Johnny Cage?

    THREE PATHS 9 hours ago

    Cool lofi beats

    THREE PATHS 9 hours ago

    Music sounds like something outta adventure time

  • Life with karter👻
    Life with karter👻 10 hours ago

    Tell me why her birthday is July 2nd and they made this 8 days after her birthday then he I’m trying to figure out what I’m getting u like her birthday passed

  • Anna Thompson
    Anna Thompson 10 hours ago

    It was the best movie though PLEASE RETHINK MAKING A 2🙏❤️

  • hyde park tv
    hyde park tv 10 hours ago

    Is that sam Smith lmaooo

  • Xor Doom
    Xor Doom 10 hours ago

    This guy has no idea the "Real" value of the comics, his prices are WAY to high .... I guess it makes him feel important....

  • Prodigity
    Prodigity 10 hours ago

    People who like bad bunny have bad taste in music