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Syed Shahzaib
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House of the Dragon - Otto vs Daemon - Caraxes & Syrax | Episode 2
The Small Council learns Daemon has stolen a dragon egg and plans to take his mistress Mysaria, who he claims is pregnant, as his second wife. Otto goes to retrieve the egg, with Rhaenyra following him on her dragon, Syrax.
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IBCC TCS Attestation Process - May 2021
Views 2.8KYear ago
This is the current process and the easiest one. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes.
Lady Antebellum - Wanted You More (Lyrics Video)
Views 460K10 years ago
Lady Antebellum's new single Wanted You More off of their upcoming album, We Owned the Night. Album is out September 13th, be sure to get it! Created using
Discovery (Joyland)
Views 76510 years ago
Discovery the giant!
Sweet Child O' Mine (Demo)
Views 51611 years ago
A demo of song:Sweet Child O' Mine , by ''Gun N' Roses"
Nothing Else Matters (Solo Cover)
Views 13011 years ago
Solo cover by , Ahad & Osama. We love Metallica /m\ :*
Aadat (Cover)
Views 47411 years ago
Aadat (Cover) Ali,Ahad & Osama :)
Views 1.5K11 years ago
BACHANA (Cover) Singer:Ali Guitarists:Ahad & Osama


  • Loretta Goldthirte Goldthwaite

    This song 😢

  • Debby Bird
    Debby Bird Month ago

    Sucks when u want some one. An can't have them ive had it twice in my life u learn to deal with the pain. It makes you a different person just wanted him an not these duds

  • Lynette Maris
    Lynette Maris Month ago


  • Rayna Pelletier
    Rayna Pelletier Month ago

    No I wanted you more

  • qari sadaqat Ali
    qari sadaqat Ali 7 months ago

    Your quick response is highly appreciated.

  • qari sadaqat Ali
    qari sadaqat Ali 7 months ago

    Sir can you please check and verify the latest fee for attestation of origional and photocopies of the documents. It is 1200 for original and 600 for copy. Plus how much is the fee for TCS courier fee in the latest fee.

  • Shaheryar Ali
    Shaheryar Ali 8 months ago

    Yar ,Sealed envelope to IBCC bhejna ha lekin separate photocopy bhi bhejna ha (photocopy attest ke lya) ya jo sealed envelope ke andar wali copy attest hogi?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib 8 months ago

      Photocopy separate bhejni he attestation ke liye. Sealed envelope ki copy attest nahi hogi.

  • Somia Khan
    Somia Khan 9 months ago


  • Sajjad ali Bhatti 28
    Sajjad ali Bhatti 28 10 months ago

    Sir mera bhai krany jay ga to wo attest kr dy gy kia Q k mera original ID mery pas he hai Dubai me please bta dy

  • Sid in China
    Sid in China 11 months ago

    agr documents office sy koi or attest krwany jaey tou Is there any authority letter?

  • waqas ahmad
    waqas ahmad Year ago

    Assalamu alaikum bro Mny apny relevant board se sirf original documents attest krwaye hain photocopies nhin krwaen sealed envelope mil Gya h, ibcc waly original par attestation nhin kr k dengy photocopy lazmi chahye hogi? Plz mjhy lazmi btana yar

  • Akash Hamirani
    Akash Hamirani Year ago

    Hii bro Now there is no option for online challan form? Is it available online service now a days?

  • Osama Naeem
    Osama Naeem Year ago

    Man i wonder what this kid is doing rn. So talented. If i could get his account do let me know please

  • Jahaنzaib Babar

    Ibcc ko original k sath copies b bhejni h ya ni?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      Sirf original documents attest kerwanay hain tab bhi copies send kerni hain

  • BestMovieClips
    BestMovieClips Year ago

    Should I choose the walk-in attesting for my original documents or I should go for online process? Please guide me on this. JazakAllah

    • Holiday Platform
      Holiday Platform 5 months ago

      It depends if you are living near to ibcc choose offline

  • Abdul Qadeer
    Abdul Qadeer Year ago

    TCS k through jb send kre gy tou lahore IBCC ka kon sa address likhna hy? Complete address. Ya sirf IBCC Lahore likhna hy?

  • watchmovies
    watchmovies Year ago

    Sir appointment ly sakty means khud jaa skty ? If yes than what's the method

  • Aaqib Minhas
    Aaqib Minhas Year ago

    Dear I sent IBCC to document through UMS and today one month passed,so far I have not received back at my address...plz tell how much period they take

  • Joham Zafar
    Joham Zafar Year ago

    If verification of documents from relevant board is required before attestation of IBCC.. ??

  • Syed Najmul Hassan Shah

    Dear brother Assalamualaikum I have already attested matric DMC and certificate in 2006 but only attested FSC DMC not the certificate at that time due to non availability of certificate.Is it mandatory to attest certificate as well? How can I proceed for it? JazakAllah

  • Awais Ahmed
    Awais Ahmed Year ago

    Bhai yeh attestion krwani ha ibcc sy tou sealed envelope ha certificate ka photocopy bhi attest krwani ha uska kya krien gy photocopy khud krwani ha jo orignal mery pass ha

  • Rukh Rose
    Rukh Rose Year ago

    400 per document but today I mak chalen it 800 per paper

    • watchmovies
      watchmovies Year ago

      Same situation koi poochny wala nhi... jb marzi double karo ya jitnaa marzii looto.

  • Bec DT
    Bec DT Year ago

    FLY will wait..

  • Zakir saeed
    Zakir saeed Year ago

    Asalam o alikum... Brother ya challan forms kia specific NBP ma pay hoon ge kia?....means aap ka kareebi kisi bhee NBP ma kia pay nahi ho ga??....ya thora clear kar daan brother

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      Only specific branches. Find the complete list here:

  • abcd xyz
    abcd xyz Year ago

    Brother I remember that I attested my photocopies from IBCC for matric and intermediate a few years back but not the original ones, I need them attested now, what is the best and fastest way to get it done, can you help me with that?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      @abcd xyz as per the policy, you need sealed envelopes for the attestation of original documents now. There could be an exception in your case, but please call IBCC before you visit.

    • abcd xyz
      abcd xyz Year ago

      @Syed Shahzaib So I don't have the sealed envelopes, but I do have attested and verified copies of matric and inter, would they attest my originals?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      For immediate attestation, you can now visit IBCC office for walk-in attestation.

  • Zakir saeed
    Zakir saeed Year ago

    Brother is IBCC still adapting this online method? Or it turn out again on manual procedure?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      Walk-in and online, both methods are now available for attestation.

  • janet Ewen
    janet Ewen Year ago

    Nothing changed I love you

  • Bakhtawer Mubashir

    Signature kis ne krne hai students k ya jo submit krwane bhaie, ya father k ho ge

  • Bakhtawer Mubashir

    Husband ki degree wife attestation karwa sakti hai? Husband abord hai

  • Maryam Sameer
    Maryam Sameer Year ago

    Which date from challan form should be mentioned on application form i.e. date on which its was generated or when it was submitted?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      It doesn't really matter. You can mention the submission date.

  • Danial Ch
    Danial Ch Year ago

    Can we submit fees in any national bank branch or in the branches that are mentioned in website

  • Yasir Khan
    Yasir Khan Year ago

    Please make video for equivalence certificate IBCC

  • Yasir Khan
    Yasir Khan Year ago

    What about manual process of documents submission?

    • Yasir Khan
      Yasir Khan Year ago

      Thank you Please update when it will open

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      Due to Covid-19 walk-ins are temporarily suspended. You can only send your documents through TCS.

  • Maryam Sameer
    Maryam Sameer Year ago

    i want to get my documents attested for the first. Is it possible to attest my photocopies with that? Secondly if i want to attest both i.e. original and copy so am i supposed to send a separate photocopy because there is already a set of photocopies in board's sealed envelop?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      @Maryam Sameer I have. Within a week.

    • Maryam Sameer
      Maryam Sameer Year ago

      thank you so much for guidance. Have you recieved your doucments from IBCC?

    • Syed Shahzaib
      Syed Shahzaib Year ago

      Yes, you can get the photocopies attested along with the original certificates for the first time. Furthermore, you have to send two sets of photocopies along with the sealed envelop. One set is for IBCC record and the other set is for attestation.

  • Shawn Moriarty
    Shawn Moriarty 2 years ago

    This goes out to Nate and Boston I'll always love you Nate Patrick

  • Hamad Khan
    Hamad Khan 2 years ago

    U both are so good. Couldn't u find some other vocalist.

  • Gigi Merkison
    Gigi Merkison 2 years ago

    No more nothing

  • Klarheit
    Klarheit 2 years ago

    Lady A. bitte!

  • Klarheit
    Klarheit 2 years ago

    Dann lasse ich dich frei, wer immer du such bist! Niemand soll gezwungen werden,niemand soll ertragen müssen,leiden müssen,aus Mitleid! Niemand sollte Dinge tun müssen, nur um kein schlechtes Gewissen haben zu müssen.....

  • amuxfree
    amuxfree 3 years ago

    These lyrics are so true 😰 Keep hiding...keep crying... keep praying and believing... there’s nothing else I can do. I love you, but It’s all up to God now. 🤷‍♀️

  • Michelle Adams
    Michelle Adams 3 years ago

    Such a beautiful song. But the comments...oh my gosh. Guard your hearts everyone. Don't let anyone close enough to hurt you unless they deserve it. The only way to know that is to know them as a friend. Emotionally healthy people won't let people hurt them. No one is worth this much pain, suffering, sleepless nights, etc.

  • Whitney Parrott
    Whitney Parrott 3 years ago

    Hm..sns.lz.tsms. zma. Zms..sms. zm ♥️ DUWH.ZMA. uts.nana. sns.smsme ama.🎙 Pla s.sns. sma.smw.m .ems.zme.msn.s.🎓 L.tdns.sms. zms. Lzna. Dms m .eke..zz.👫 A.s sne.x eff n.k x enddn .ens.zme.zkr.👗. Sne.🥂 Djuace.z.sks..,nzns zms sms.smsks.🏀.a Z Nsn s mx ekd bvn e. Nesms Zma.😘.am Z Mcn z. nd mss m snz d u sn.zmw.🏆z.a.

  • John Mandrake
    John Mandrake 3 years ago

    to anyone crying alone listening to this...I am doing the same. Lets be strong

  • Natalie Pecha
    Natalie Pecha 3 years ago

    i dont need you--...i dont need you anymore. ive become stronger ON MY OWN because of you

  • Catherine Peters
    Catherine Peters 3 years ago

    This is a prefect republican of my old adoptive parents. All these words explain exactly what I feel. I should have seen it. And they gave me back to the state when I was 17. At least now I’m in a new environment with people who don’t portray me. I’m happy now.

  • LadyAnne
    LadyAnne 3 years ago

    I'm not well! U know it.fibro.. I am totally exhausted. I get that way...its horrible. ... I can't deal with this .. I can't!!! I have enough w.the screaming monster in this house. Bye

  • Beto Martinez
    Beto Martinez 3 years ago

    Fuck Love💔

  • sandra pelletier
    sandra pelletier 3 years ago

    Love hurts in so many way's that you can't even imagine.

  • Wendy Sue Rodriguez
    Wendy Sue Rodriguez 3 years ago

    I wanted you more than you wanted me and my life gone and do still want you and now I have nothing 😪😪

  • Margie Baez
    Margie Baez 3 years ago

    Truth no lies💔💔💔