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Experience the Continental Divide Trail in 10 minutes!
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Experience the Continental Divide Trail in 10 minutes!
CDT Vlog: 50% Update
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CDT Vlog: 50% Update
Ultralight Anthem. Music video for long-distance hiking and thru-hiking.
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Ultralight Anthem. Music video for long-distance hiking and thru-hiking.
Thermarest Z-Lite Review and Experiences (closed cell foam sleeping pad)
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Thermarest Z-Lite Review and Experiences (closed cell foam sleeping pad)
Thruhiking the Hochrhöner
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Thruhiking the Hochrhöner
ULA Circuit and Ohm 2.0 Backpacks - Review and Comparison
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ULA Circuit and Ohm 2.0 Backpacks - Review and Comparison


  • joker0206
    joker0206 13 minutes ago

    Part of me is just like “get the packets, it’s not worth the energy (both in calories and watts)” but part of me also thinks it’s really cool idea. I’m torn between hating it and loving it. Either way, enjoy your time in the outdoors!!

  • Greg Kinyon
    Greg Kinyon 27 minutes ago

    Happy birthday. You guys make cool memories with each other. I hope you have many more in the future

  • Elliot “Supreme Gentleman” Rodger

    She looks like she doesn’t shave

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 38 minutes ago

    Also the kitchen sink is the most dangerous if you don't have well water

  • Cassandra Messick
    Cassandra Messick 44 minutes ago

    Ooo one of the best looking meals in my opinion I love anything with cabbage 🥬😋

  • Roxanne Alexander
    Roxanne Alexander 44 minutes ago

    Do you ever just get tired of camping and just rent a motel room?

  • vinking1212
    vinking1212 47 minutes ago

    Going to the Sun road! Lake McDonald!

  • vinking1212
    vinking1212 Hour ago

    Would love to see a video of what happens when your caught in a storm. How well does your set up work in a good downpour?

  • Susan Funk
    Susan Funk Hour ago

    Happy birthday! We just love watching all your adventures!

  • Sionainn Breathnach

    when u find the missing part to ur heart ur forever person the one who knows how to make u smile for the little things thats u two xx

  • VirginEarlyBird
    VirginEarlyBird Hour ago

    Cholera, dysenter, typhoid... all to great a chance for me to trust a portable filter

  • Leona Vujicic
    Leona Vujicic Hour ago

    Amazing. If someone gave me a backpacking trip for my birthday i

  • Smigot
    Smigot Hour ago

    Happy birthday renee🎉

  • Mary Mack the Queen Of Whack

    Happy Birthday, Renee 🥳


    Freeze drying or dehydrating?

  • Seriously, Jennie?
    Seriously, Jennie? 2 hours ago

    No offence but how do you take a shit in there ?

    M1RANDA 2 hours ago


  • LostDan
    LostDan 2 hours ago

    is it just me or on like the 2nd part the guy looked like lalo salamanca

  • Zoe Eunice Inumerables


  • Oneechaan
    Oneechaan 2 hours ago

    A purrrfect loot does not exi-......kay im leavin the eath now

  • Fatima
    Fatima 2 hours ago


  • maki_eats_takis
    maki_eats_takis 2 hours ago

    In Iran, This is a traditional snack we also use Apples and cherries it’s called “lavashak”

  • Nicholas Armock
    Nicholas Armock 2 hours ago

    I thought that was normal, why shower and shave if you never leave the cave.

  • lolelon
    lolelon 3 hours ago

    Gross 😂

  • Inked Country Princess Tink

    Try Frank's, Chalula, and cojang. I spelled that last one wrong though


    i thought it was a fried pig skin

  • braden lopes
    braden lopes 3 hours ago

    Bro how are you saving space Taco Bell packets take up a small snack bag for like 2 weeks

  • Deanna D
    Deanna D 3 hours ago

    Happy Birthday, Renee❤

  • Gabe Otero
    Gabe Otero 4 hours ago

    I normally see the point in food you guys dehydrate but honestly I don't see it with this one, I mean it see it almost as more of a hassle idk

  • Harvey camping + 4x4

    Rock or rack?

  • lizzy
    lizzy 4 hours ago

    I’m going to buy me one of those machines and do this to all my food it looks cool lol

  • Ricky dicky Doo dah Grimes

    The more vids you watch the guys smile quickly morphs Frome holsome to creepy But I still love your vids no hard feelins

  • Sylwek Nowakowski
    Sylwek Nowakowski 4 hours ago


  • ॐ ॐ
    ॐ ॐ 4 hours ago

    Kitchen tap water also had flouride that will keep us dumb and destroy our pineal gland.

  • Mr. Tornado
    Mr. Tornado 4 hours ago

    Just bring the bottle -_-

  • Michelle Brennan
    Michelle Brennan 4 hours ago

    What happens if you start feeling sick or really really sick?

  • Xavier Castillo
    Xavier Castillo 5 hours ago

    As a mexican,this is something we NEVER tried

  • Midwest Monster Hunter

    Hey it was my birthday this weekend too! Happy birthday keep up the great work guys!!!!

  • Eric Chin
    Eric Chin 5 hours ago

    Dumb dumb stuff

  • Liz G
    Liz G 5 hours ago

    Be careful reusing single use plastic bottles like that. Toxic chemicals can will leak out

  • hindenburger helper
    hindenburger helper 5 hours ago

    I would eat the dehydrated Diablo sauces as a snack

  • Sander Vanierschot
    Sander Vanierschot 5 hours ago

    1 condom??? 😮😢😂

  • Dolo Savage
    Dolo Savage 5 hours ago

    How do these hippies have a nice house?

  • Matt Harren
    Matt Harren 5 hours ago

    I'd 100% hang before I'd be this weird yall r so awkward idk how u wake up everyday wanting to live like a bunch of retards

  • Izzy
    Izzy 5 hours ago

    If your so good a hiking why don't you try climbing everest?

  • It’s me
    It’s me 6 hours ago

    Um they look sick Unwell like they need a diagnosis

  • Ameliafacethemoon
    Ameliafacethemoon 6 hours ago


  • Imma Faint
    Imma Faint 6 hours ago

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎈 ❤

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs 6 hours ago

    Toco bell has the worst “hot sauce” of any restaurant to ever exist fr no cap on jahh

  • Fallen
    Fallen 6 hours ago

    Bake tapatio. Turns to a fine powder