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This Is Actually Scary
This is the greatest ai music of All Time
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  • W01R
    W01R 8 hours ago

    Willow project is scary

  • Fettyblap
    Fettyblap 8 hours ago

    This is the plot of the most recent anime from Cowboy BeBop on Netflix called Carole and Tuesday (super great short show). It explores a colony on Mars and follows two musicians who try to make it big in a world dominated by generative AI music.

  • Eli Builds Things
    Eli Builds Things 8 hours ago

    This is pretty scary but honestly the mainstream music industry is so fake and overproduced and has been for decades so this is barely a change for me, I mean most mainstream "artists" just show up and sing anyways might as well have AI do that too. If anything good comes of this I hope lesser known artists finally get some more recognition for being actual artists. The faking people's voices and shit is scary af although even with sounding like someone I'm sure at least for now there are some semi obvious signs it's fake including speech patterns and word choice, I would be curious what the actual audio file would look like if you had an AI and the actual person say the same thing how they would compare.

  • KessaWitdaFro
    KessaWitdaFro 8 hours ago

    Can't believe no one said KanyAI once this whole video

  • The Manager
    The Manager 8 hours ago

    While AI could be used in medicine, i don't think it can OR SHOULD have a place in entertainment, be it art or music or anything else like that. It's just a privacy and paranoia apocalypse waiting to happen. The bad consequences will easily outweigh the good ones.

  • G3ntle
    G3ntle 8 hours ago

    To the point about Linkin Park: I would hope, *pray,* that he would have more respect and decency than that, but I have no idea if I would put it past Mike Shinoda to... do something like that. He became a huge (and hugely uninformed) NFT shill the moment they started popping up, and he's already hitched his wagon tight to the AI art train. Again I would hope... but the fact I'm not certain scares me.

  • Cartmemes
    Cartmemes 8 hours ago

    Its weird to think i live like a mile from there

  • Cadia40k
    Cadia40k 8 hours ago


  • 90 Seconds to Midnight

    The real question is... can AI Generate feeling with its "music"?

  • RetroLyrical
    RetroLyrical 8 hours ago

    You help comfort me when I shit

  • actuallyKim
    actuallyKim 8 hours ago

    Can you stop jumpscaring us FOR FIVE MINUTES?!

  • R3grET
    R3grET 8 hours ago

    Wait till you go to see your fav band live, n homie sounds like greta thunberg.

  • canniblanch
    canniblanch 8 hours ago

    I can see AI being useful for demos, mock ups, concept art, references, etc, it could really help artists visualize their ideas before the final output and any creative knows anything that can help speed up the creation process is a win. Most artists understand ethics and will use AI as a tool not a replacement. But at the same time I also can't imagine a world where corporations won't take advantage of that and do whatever scummy thing they want. It's tough until we see laws keep up with these tech advancements to protect these rights but man lawmakers can barely understand wifi in congress

  • ultima9
    ultima9 8 hours ago

    thanks charlie - the rage you showed proved i wasn't insane. the whole thing made me want to slam my head against my desk. also, thanks for "defending" zuck - i said the same thing then - stop asking the wrong questions, ask the right ones and get something done that actually matters!

  • Donaja Marjun
    Donaja Marjun 8 hours ago

    Dark and Darker reminds me of WIldTangent's FATE, but in First Person.

  • Shivansh Sharma
    Shivansh Sharma 8 hours ago

    i feel like ai is similar to our dreams now , those ai images are as detailed as our dreams

  • DaEvilGenius
    DaEvilGenius 8 hours ago

    What positive things does it bring ? It will only make natural human art become a shell of it's former self and make artists lazy and all dead artists are gonna get exploited like dead money machines .. not only music it will make everything second hand fake garbage ... people will prolly use it for scams or some shit it's gonna be more bad than good ... i don't even know what's good about it fuck Elon Musk

  • Arpit Verma
    Arpit Verma 8 hours ago

    Sneako tries to be an alpha but we all know who the true alpha is?

  • Anthony Puente
    Anthony Puente 8 hours ago

    Imagine some scams tho, like people falling for a fake voice. I heard that scammers started to get audio from a person and making a voice to call their loved ones and have this person held for ransom when it’s just a bot.

  • Mariam Atabieva
    Mariam Atabieva 8 hours ago

    Charlie Silverhand not liking corpo bitches

  • Ryan Dehle
    Ryan Dehle 8 hours ago

    We need to have the butlerian jihad…..

  • Shakti Digal
    Shakti Digal 8 hours ago

    What about live performances

  • John Cichon
    John Cichon 8 hours ago

    13 seconds in we already have fatalities watching the video

  • Garrett Fields
    Garrett Fields 8 hours ago

    Its ironic that most technical advancements hurt working musicians. And in this case it's the same thing.

  • Christian Irizarry
    Christian Irizarry 8 hours ago

    As a musician/ artist this brings a lot of shame . It’s hard enough for average people to get credit for something they created.

  • plue
    plue 8 hours ago

    I just noticed, if you unfocus your eyes and stare at charlie he looks like sasquatch

  • Spencer
    Spencer 8 hours ago

    So basically just deepfakes? How is this anything new? AI cannot write music like humans. Maybe they can emulate voices but the songwriting is still incredibly terrible coming from AI.

  • Negrito
    Negrito 8 hours ago

    0:11 i died

  • Pierce Boland
    Pierce Boland 8 hours ago

    You move about like that of a old man sir

  • Skynet666official
    Skynet666official 8 hours ago

    are we gonna be treated to a Charlie's reaction to Meat Canyon latest episode about him and sneako beef??

  • Psycho. --}{::;;;;;;;;〉

    Time to see the musicians who made fun of illustrators go through the same heart sink we went. And it doesn't actually amuse me.

  • RyzerRate
    RyzerRate 8 hours ago

    0:12 he got me XD

  • moon Fairy
    moon Fairy 8 hours ago

    hasn't this been what hatsune miku has been doing forever

  • dumtea
    dumtea 8 hours ago

    if you think about it, this is just higher quality vocaloid

  • Datfishboy
    Datfishboy 8 hours ago


  • eefaimz
    eefaimz 8 hours ago

    Sorry Charlie, I can't watch this one. I'm too scared by the jump scare and how you might do it again.

  • Mr.Brownstone
    Mr.Brownstone 8 hours ago

    Some needs to clip Charlie scare jumping AI like that and put it in with Charlie out of context compilation

  • Hen Tai
    Hen Tai 8 hours ago

    The man literally has the physique of a 15 year old and acts like one.

  • Patrick W. Dunne
    Patrick W. Dunne 8 hours ago

    You know, I like AI for writing cover letters and generating ideas and pictures. But holy shit, can it slow down for just a few minutes? I feel like it's growing too fast.

  • Antonio Castaneda
    Antonio Castaneda 8 hours ago

    if you ever come at me like that again....i will destroy you, i shit my fucking pants

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 8 hours ago

    The way this technology is headed makes me wanna cry.

  • My Butt
    My Butt 8 hours ago

    I can’t believe that no one has noticed how alike Charlie is to Keanu reeves in looks

  • Anthøny
    Anthøny 8 hours ago

    It's going to be wild when people have to trademark their own voices in the future

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A 8 hours ago

    Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. You’re never bored, and it’s 160+ minutes.

  • Espurr TheStupidIdiot

    Charlie, Kanye isn't anti-semitic anymore, he watched 21 Jump Street!

  • Dc
    Dc 8 hours ago

    I think what we will need at the very least is a new bill or right, or some kind of legislation to a right to your own likeness and image. People cant be allowed to mimic you without your consent. I know impersenation is already illeagle to some extent, but I think it might need to go a bit further. Then we will have to figure out tools to detect and track the people who do it so they can be held accountable. If we don't figure it out now when we can be calm, level headed, and rational about it, then we will do it after a major incident occurs and the laws will be far too overreaching in scope.

    • Dc
      Dc 8 hours ago

      Like many issues in our modern society, consent appears to be key

  • ninjahpanese808
    ninjahpanese808 8 hours ago

    A I and deep fakes

  • Bwah
    Bwah 8 hours ago

    This is next level...

  • Daniel Solano
    Daniel Solano 8 hours ago

    Ai can’t come one bit close to human emotions though you can tell in a song all the emotions that goes into the music

  • Yung Walt
    Yung Walt 8 hours ago

    Idk man, I'm really not sure how much this will change music forever, at least I hope so. I feel like songs have emotions to them, not all of them are important emotions of course, but would people really think that what an AI is meaningfull in any way? I just don't think I'd hear an AI singing and writing regardless to its quality and think "wow this means a lot to me on a personal level." I definitely altering voices and sounds could be used a lot though. It was pretty cool how close this guy sounds like kanye. In general AI frightens me though. At what point will this technology go beyond humans? What value will we have after beaten entirely by our creations? I feel like culturally and mentally humanity is on a rapid decline. Time will tell though, and we will see.