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Dylan Anderson
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  • Darlete Lopes
    Darlete Lopes 12 hours ago


  • SnowDinner
    SnowDinner 12 hours ago

    I don’t wanna be the person that kills the fun but as someone who has a dog and the pool, we don’t let the dog in the pool because the dog hair can actually clock up the pool which is very expensive for repairs

  • Mc M
    Mc M 12 hours ago

    Like she needs your pennies and ones πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • E
    E 12 hours ago

    The cashier was not happy the officer helped her out 😏

  • Paul Cary Robertson Carlisle

    Cool can she draw her own originals

  • coolguy5 4life
    coolguy5 4life 12 hours ago

    Homeless females get HELP. HOMELESS DUDE GETS JAIL

  • Mr. Man45
    Mr. Man45 12 hours ago

    Smart lmao

  • mark tony
    mark tony 12 hours ago

    This is why they hate America we spoiled

  • Life Happens
    Life Happens 12 hours ago

    This is what kids need. Not jealous overbearing parents...living parents who put the CHILD 1ST

  • kōri
    kōri 12 hours ago

    Since when is the ice cream machine working

  • _.Anime-enthusiast._
    _.Anime-enthusiast._ 12 hours ago

    If my brain worked half as good, I'd be a zillionaire by now

  • christina carlson
    christina carlson 12 hours ago

    this is a divine masculine

  • J P
    J P 12 hours ago

    Another stupid GenZ comment coming through πŸ§ πŸ’©

  • ang3l x
    ang3l x 12 hours ago

    it’s called whisper mode lmao still funny tho

    KEEWAI bK 12 hours ago

    I would broke them kids off a 100 πŸ˜‚ like you my roll dog now keep me alerted gangsta

  • Cathy Hill
    Cathy Hill 12 hours ago

    God bless her so sweet, RIP she is beautiful , so cute , 😍❀😒 , you are an angel of God now , you are free , and that is the best, lol hugs sent to your family friends, prayers β€πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— for all , have a great night πŸŒ™πŸ˜Šβ€

  • Max Andersson
    Max Andersson 12 hours ago

    I have serius problems with lawemforsment but this is just fucking beutiful.

  • TnA Adventure
    TnA Adventure 12 hours ago

    Sad state of Americans, send million/billionaires money when you make 30k a year. brilliant.

  • Andy Ridley
    Andy Ridley 12 hours ago

    Thats air circulation on a part of door, top or bottom on very old hinges in very old buildings. The door while banging off the frame, and usually never at the same rate. Must BE an air vent or cold air return to create such a racket. Thats a hoax to get cheap rent. Put money on it, get new hinges, it will stop. Besides if it was haunted, the electricity would be flashing or out. Notice how when he opened the front door the cadence slowed down.

  • PistolaSUPER
    PistolaSUPER 12 hours ago

    We need trees for oxygen to breathe. SMH

  • Lynn B
    Lynn B 12 hours ago

    How sweet ❀

  • TruthTime
    TruthTime 12 hours ago

    the team gave up they didn't even try to get either one of the one side's kicks they just laid back wasn't even trying

  • Maggie Adams
    Maggie Adams 12 hours ago

    give it to me

  • cubii
    cubii 12 hours ago


  • irradia
    irradia 12 hours ago

    Bro the look on his face...

  • Wen Song
    Wen Song 12 hours ago

    They are great friends, until...

  • Mark Lemond
    Mark Lemond 12 hours ago

    I would have tased and arrested that criminal

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 12 hours ago

    ❀ awesome thank you πŸ™‚

  • Marcelo Ferrada
    Marcelo Ferrada 12 hours ago

    20 is odee lmfao

  • Icepak Packie
    Icepak Packie 12 hours ago

    Please teach Ur kid to shake with his right hand not the left........

  • Veronica Leija
    Veronica Leija 12 hours ago

    She made me cry omg 😒so touching

  • Daniel
    Daniel 12 hours ago

    God doesn't exist so what the fucks this about

  • Edward's Sisters'Hands

    She won two bucks.

  • Claire Brinley
    Claire Brinley 12 hours ago

    thats funny hes not eving doing it

  • Like Button
    Like Button 12 hours ago

    This dog has more people show up for his part than me 😒

    I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS 12 hours ago

    Well I'm sure he's also crying because he's been alone for many birthdays

  • Errol Sexon
    Errol Sexon 12 hours ago

    Does he still gets a ticket for speeding?πŸ˜…

  • Jon Wall
    Jon Wall 12 hours ago

    Selena is fine as hell

  • Nancy Yakshaw
    Nancy Yakshaw 12 hours ago

    Very odd. Amazing.

  • Nandinho
    Nandinho 12 hours ago

    What a queen

  • Dagobert Duck
    Dagobert Duck 12 hours ago

    How was He not chosen to play hagrid

  • CaptDankO
    CaptDankO 12 hours ago

    He makes 90k a year a fucking hat an gloves is the least he could do. Way over paid.

  • Alfonso Stevens
    Alfonso Stevens 12 hours ago

    I want one NOW AND BUY ME A POND

    RC DEPENDANT 12 hours ago

    Good man

  • chris leonard
    chris leonard 12 hours ago

    Who is drake?

  • Barry Weaver
    Barry Weaver 12 hours ago

    That made me smile. He'll be water skiing soon I bet!!

  • X
    X 12 hours ago

    Nah, I have to see live. Fake.

  • BeardGawd
    BeardGawd 12 hours ago

    I swear fans can be such idiots sometimes

  • saints girl
    saints girl 12 hours ago

    Pure love from a stranger! This is how everyone needs to be with each other!!!