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This is Penelope Pop
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  • JYPmina_ penguinprincess

    That dog looks super cute but sounds scary as hell 😂

  • JYPmina_ penguinprincess

    Your mom is super pretty

  • A B
    A B Day ago

    🤪 love you ppop

  • Jelyn Dizon
    Jelyn Dizon Day ago

    So cute, Winnie! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Karen Corpuz
    Karen Corpuz Day ago


  • Charis Baluyot


  • mfdse 17
    mfdse 17 Day ago

    👻👻👻👻👻👻 @mjdsesguerra

  • Avie Gutierrez


  • Val A.
    Val A. Day ago

    What a Cutiepie

  • Daffodil Canag

    👻 I'M a fun of you doing basic things but still it's elegant.

  • Carmy's Life
    Carmy's Life Day ago


  • Rochelle Reyes


  • annee sy
    annee sy Day ago

    🤪 @iamrhedd10

  • Katrina Peña
    Katrina Peña Day ago


  • Shelby Palmos
    Shelby Palmos Day ago

    🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 love youu! From ILO

  • Lhezel Villaflores


  • Fayiiee
    Fayiiee 2 days ago

    Winnie meets Winnie, so cuteee! 💕🥰

  • Adette Sison
    Adette Sison 2 days ago


  • Vanshika Sharma
    Vanshika Sharma 2 days ago

    Do u know that all these bags are made of real leather and real leather comes from animal skin. How cruel can u be for fashion. Well our bags might not be the best quality but atleast they r not made of animal skin, atleast no animal was murdered for my bag...

    • Vanshika Sharma
      Vanshika Sharma 2 days ago

      @Penelope Pop and u have some humanity. The fact that u r happy and u don't even regret it and u don't see anything wrong in it speaks volume about u. U can be as intellectual as u want to be behind a screen but the reality can always shok u.

    • Penelope Pop
      Penelope Pop 2 days ago

      Vanshika Sharma have a nice day :)

    • Vanshika Sharma
      Vanshika Sharma 2 days ago

      @Penelope PopNo...i am not saint, I am normal. That how every normal human being should behave. Killing animals for fashion is cruelty on another level. according to u there is nothing wrong in killing animals for fashion ?????? So all these organisations working for this cause is stupid ????? U can't say these things like it's just a common thing and u can easily ignore it.

    • Penelope Pop
      Penelope Pop 2 days ago

      Vanshika Sharma you must be a saint

  • kim basconcillo
    kim basconcillo 2 days ago


  • Jerwin Dy
    Jerwin Dy 2 days ago

    what's the phone you're using?

  • Czarina Talon
    Czarina Talon 2 days ago


  • Maricar Laygo
    Maricar Laygo 2 days ago

    Love the sweatshirt. D I S N E Y L A N D. 😍 Winnie meets mickey and winnie too ✌🏻🤣🤣🤣

  • Mary Ann Padolina
    Mary Ann Padolina 3 days ago


  • Joyce Bagac
    Joyce Bagac 3 days ago


  • Kristy Rivera
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  • Roxy Nacu
    Roxy Nacu 3 days ago


  • Joolia Who
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  • menchie ruelo
    menchie ruelo 3 days ago

    👻👻👻 giveaways ♥️😊🥳

  • Anna Juhana Baunto
    Anna Juhana Baunto 3 days ago

    Everything looks nice on you.

  • Sushmita Asilo
    Sushmita Asilo 3 days ago


  • arrianza jazmin flores

    you're so cuteeeee! I'm a fan 👻👻👻

  • Trisha Yangan
    Trisha Yangan 3 days ago

    If this aint the cutest, idk what is.

  • Krista Respicio
    Krista Respicio 3 days ago


  • flare ko
    flare ko 3 days ago

    he's voice is so adorable😍

  • keshya gey
    keshya gey 3 days ago

    Really like Winnie! Classy and Her accent 😍

  • c m
    c m 5 days ago

    thank you for sharing this with us! May God bless you and Pat! 💕💕💕💕

  • Kate Beltran
    Kate Beltran 6 days ago

    You such a cutieeeee!!!! 🥰

  • Maureen Joy Magbag
    Maureen Joy Magbag 6 days ago

    You have the most supportive bf!!! 😍😍😍

  • Darling Coach
    Darling Coach 6 days ago

    Hello Winnie! I just wanted to say your videos were very helpful. I myself would love to declutter my wardrobe and stuff. I really find your videos so interesting. Your tips were so amazing. I also love your soft spoken voice.

  • noona.condition EXO SHINEE RV NCT SUJU BTOB

    Hindi lang maingay si kuya Mikee pero playful din sya minsan ahahha

  • Cess Rodriguez
    Cess Rodriguez 6 days ago

    love this couple 😍

  • Anna Juhana Baunto
    Anna Juhana Baunto 6 days ago

    Nice vid 💙

  • Nikola Simonette Castillo

    Did you took off your sunnies review I wanna show it to my friend huhu

  • Levy0621
    Levy0621 7 days ago

    Loved it! ❤️😍

  • Sincerely, Julienne


  • Nemia Vera
    Nemia Vera 7 days ago

    You're so cute Winnie

  • Ana king
    Ana king 8 days ago

    watching your vids makes me want to fix messy my life...

  • Jilian Gan
    Jilian Gan 8 days ago

    Happy Teacher's Day!!!! ❤️

  • Katrina Esteban
    Katrina Esteban 8 days ago

    I love you Ms. Penelope ♥️

  • camillelim
    camillelim 9 days ago

    Sobrang nakakatuwa ang video na to! Maybe 24 hours speaking tagalog challenge would be next 😊

  • muchi27ko
    muchi27ko 9 days ago

    I miss Disneyland😯

  • Patti Cams
    Patti Cams 9 days ago

    Oh, look it's Winnie Mouse! 😉

  • Catherine Elielle Ramos

    Sooooooo me in the intro im pretty much luke this when im shopping in Landers i cray cray! Ilysm Winnie!

    • Penelope Pop
      Penelope Pop 9 days ago

      Catherine Elielle Ramos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aumarigan
    aumarigan 9 days ago

    Just saw you on Closet subscriber here. Very nice content.

  • christianefbowiefan
    christianefbowiefan 10 days ago

    I love the bowl!

  • Kessah Gomez
    Kessah Gomez 10 days ago

    I really love the part where Winnie meets Winnie . Yay 🎉❤️🤗

  • Paroot Mcfarmer
    Paroot Mcfarmer 10 days ago

    Super cute outfit Winnie 😍 The supportive boyfie behind the camera Pat ❤

  • Angela Cuaderno
    Angela Cuaderno 10 days ago

    Cute niyo po❤️❤️

  • Angela Cuaderno
    Angela Cuaderno 10 days ago

    Awiiee❤️❤️😍😍 wuvyu ate winnie❤️

  • Asthlei Asuncion
    Asthlei Asuncion 10 days ago

    My dreamland♥️

  • Cindeeh S
    Cindeeh S 10 days ago

    winnie!! you're so cute! you'd be a cool mom someday :)

  • tessa datiles
    tessa datiles 11 days ago

    Wow! This video format is amazing!🙌 i enjoyed playing /exploring around with my cp😋

  • Elizabeth Perante
    Elizabeth Perante 11 days ago

    thank u winnie for sharing us the disneyland.

  • Frank Martin Catalla

    I really love how you create your vlogs. So fun to watch! More power to you! ♥️

  • Lian Custodio
    Lian Custodio 11 days ago

    Cutie, P! 💕

  • Jam Reciña
    Jam Reciña 11 days ago

    You and Patrick should make more videos! Both of u so kyuuuut 😍😍😍

  • itsyagirlFranch
    itsyagirlFranch 11 days ago

    Missing California because of this vlog. Im in awe watching the entire vlog 😍 its such a great thing seeing winnie being so cute with disney stuff 💕

  • Lillian Omandam
    Lillian Omandam 11 days ago

    thankk you for taking us to Disneylaandd ❤️❤️ such a cutie tour guide 😍

  • Princess Marie Aquino

    Makes me wanna go back to Disney!! ✨

  • Luzvi Batingan
    Luzvi Batingan 11 days ago

    siriano brothers both handsoms

  • Katrina Esteban
    Katrina Esteban 11 days ago

    hope i can visit disneyland also. thank you for the tour.

  • Myra Bantugan
    Myra Bantugan 11 days ago

    Thanks for sharing. I love Disneyland theme parks!!!

  • Dana Erika Medina
    Dana Erika Medina 11 days ago

    You're sooooooo cute! Is that Seve's picture at the back of your phone or Patrick?

  • Ayn Ru
    Ayn Ru 11 days ago

    Winnie meets Winnie

  • lizle llyza Ugot
    lizle llyza Ugot 11 days ago

    You two are so adorable! I'm so kilig 😊😍😁

  • Keziah Keren
    Keziah Keren 11 days ago

    Ms. Winnie you are soo cute :>

  • Luzvi Batingan
    Luzvi Batingan 11 days ago

    she's a sweet gf right..Holeng nga❤

  • Juliet
    Juliet 11 days ago

    Love it.❤️.

  • Mylene Ivy Cojuangco

    I love this

  • Noniley Cuaresma
    Noniley Cuaresma 11 days ago

    I can feel the enjoyment just watching your vlog! 😍😍😍 are you in USA Disneyland? Similar to HK Disneyland but I guess USA Disneyland is bigger, I’ve been there (HK Disneyland) twice already and it’s amazing!!!!!! I’m planning to come back again next month! Is the Disney app also applicable on other branches like HK Disneyland? Thanks 😘

  • Ana Clarisa Dumalaog

    hi winnie. :)

  • cara barbara butera
    cara barbara butera 11 days ago

    You look so cute in that outfit!

  • shawn xx
    shawn xx 11 days ago

    omg im early,, cute vlog ♡♡

  • ekswAyZee yee
    ekswAyZee yee 12 days ago

    Theme parks are my fave. been to universal and disney ..wanted to visit Japan disney someday.

  • Maxibelle Aquino
    Maxibelle Aquino 12 days ago

    Disneyland HK?

  • Shekinah Lascuna
    Shekinah Lascuna 12 days ago

    Yeeyyy new vid so cute😍😍😍😍

  • Mhie Caspe
    Mhie Caspe 12 days ago

    Super super cute winnie❤

  • Kaye Barrun
    Kaye Barrun 12 days ago

    Winnie meets Winnie ❤️

  • matchavelvet
    matchavelvet 12 days ago

    Winnie, such a cutie 😌

  • gerald martin lumawag

    Love it!!!! ❤

  • Mary Jasmin
    Mary Jasmin 12 days ago

    Cutie P 💕

  • Mhie Caspe
    Mhie Caspe 12 days ago

    Sana ma meet ka din namin ms.winnie

  • Mhie Caspe
    Mhie Caspe 12 days ago

    Love your vlog❤

  • Non Ryder
    Non Ryder 12 days ago

    Where did you get your top Ms Winnie?

  • Mhie Caspe
    Mhie Caspe 12 days ago

    Ang cute nyo❤

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  • Janica Mangibin
    Janica Mangibin 14 days ago

    makin me want to buy high rise flared jeans 😘 luv u winnie

  • Annie Barrera
    Annie Barrera 15 days ago

    Ilove you winnie 😘

    JUNAIRAH LIMPAO 15 days ago

    Adorable couple 💖 more vlog w/ Pat ate winnie 😘