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Game Theory: No More Games
Views 1.9M3 months ago
The $1.7 Million Lie
Views 3.4M10 months ago
They stole $1.7 million
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  • Stephanie Sta. Ana
    Stephanie Sta. Ana 2 hours ago


  • Kiera Fayd
    Kiera Fayd 2 hours ago

    I'd be interested in seeing a followup to this, examining how the abilities of some behemoths might work. What would it take for a living creature to generate lightningbolts like Drask or ball lightning like Stormclaw. Electric eels can generate electricity but not enough to arc to creatures that arn't touching them or the water they are in. How about Embermane, what would it take for a creature to be literally on fire at all times but not be burned to death? We have bio-luminescent creatures on earth but could they possibly generate enough coherent light to make a laser beam like Valomyr?

  • SomeRandomBoi YT
    SomeRandomBoi YT 2 hours ago

    That was the longest cold open I have ever witnessed in my entire internet life

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 2 hours ago


  • ela aujero
    ela aujero 2 hours ago

    I already know the portal for 28888888888888889889999999997e63663636362662626363546362526272762522425626262523¥/85746$/€÷&_*#(7÷_*#_*÷*6#_*'87_**_%=567€€&^$=66666666666666=555555577888998876554322=5//_**********9999990097&%€%7_86586€/£58585858_8_£_£_*%&%&%€%&^&^€/&%&/€#_=€/757586858_£_8_8/7/7/8€/7/8/7/7/7/6=6=5÷5÷5×4×4+4×5÷6=7/8/¥_¥€₩_£/¥@@@12332222×2222222222222222222222222223333334444455566677788999009987776655544332222111111111111667876544=_^$=6£€_**___677€_/_€=/_€&^/_&^€___€€€€8:::::76556778999008765434567991 millon 5544566435667765443346789098uyt5545556677777777777775432123456789009775432www345678900987y66554433221123345567⁸99000,^*^(^*^*%&%&$_=7574646476868687868675757/7575757575757//77/7/7/%€#/÷657/86£6£68686£_£_£_8_£_£_/=€/75746453=242/45868678978674635224×=×/÷/÷_=£_₩££¥)(&^&^%###-'cvxfbv+23334556778900987654322+!×××@÷÷#==$$'xxx/__/56_/66_/666_/666//&877765555666666666666666666666666666666654445567764667654566789008775332234556788900987543212344566789009887653212234556788900988766443221235667890009987766544322122334⁴56678890999999999999888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888889976557£&^%%€£&^%€€€76//7766/77_7655/_6//7666_/_66_/_6_/=6€€/_77€/67€_/7€/677_/67^/67€^$=6€€^=57_/6_66_/66_/66_/56__/56_/44==$%^&€7654÷$%&**886543÷#$%^&*££€/÷÷×12+×!@#%^*())(¥₩₩09€66=##'cbnn0998765432234456789008754321346790986432_%€%$^£$,_#_*__÷_*$#*#€/(=8/=6¥÷€¥/÷£€/÷7¥5=€(5÷7¥#(€5÷(€5÷64¥÷£5÷644ww244678899877777777777 years

  • Creative Libra
    Creative Libra 2 hours ago

    Me: *laughs in William Afton*

  • Bigwee G
    Bigwee G 2 hours ago

    I bought Mario Maker for 1000¥, about 10 bucks. I was late for the WiiU because my dad had monopolied it and the Switch.

  • Woof you
    Woof you 2 hours ago

    “They’re All Here” Funtime Freddy: **cries**

  • Moonlight Ash
    Moonlight Ash 2 hours ago

    I saw a face at 8:31

  • Moon ashes Divine
    Moon ashes Divine 2 hours ago

    Man U make a game really emotional

  • Jared Brick
    Jared Brick 2 hours ago

    I just watched the streamy awards. Not gonna lie, it felt weird with letters not attached to mine, but I give this Matt guy props for not knowing what to give me next

  • Evan Verburg
    Evan Verburg 2 hours ago

    Since when exactly do we measure 3d models in pixels? Think i missed the memo on that one...

  • Egocentric Introvert

    I tell you people, Mojang will be the next Scott...

  • Temporary name Coz I can’t think of one

    When u commit beastility

  • Yep Sii
    Yep Sii 2 hours ago

    Golden Freddie and baby I can't chooseUwU

  • Minecraft Series
    Minecraft Series 3 hours ago

    R u in other random encounter musicals other than bendy

  • Physics_Hacker
    Physics_Hacker 3 hours ago

    The intros of this and the last theory on this game really remind me of this weird VR game I watched a playthrough of a long time ago...unless that was some kind of fever dream...

  • Rhino Wignog
    Rhino Wignog 3 hours ago


  • Favour Ahamefula
    Favour Ahamefula 3 hours ago


  • Mike McMillan
    Mike McMillan 3 hours ago

    Handle design plays a role in accuracy and the ability control. Blade wise, the Halo tool may be better, however, useability would land on the Jedi design.

  • SogaleoBoy 19157
    SogaleoBoy 19157 3 hours ago

    How is Kirby saying Hi!

  • gamer foundation
    gamer foundation 3 hours ago

    11:35 yuris eyes are so scary the look so empty but also filled with terror

  • The Amazing World Of Jag!

    I’d be petrified to ask this many intense questions with the person in charge of Clip-Share 😂

  • Joan Daba
    Joan Daba 3 hours ago

    If force slow is basically time stop, then maybe star wars is just sci-fi jojo???????

  • Louies Main
    Louies Main 3 hours ago

    Was rewatching your Fnaf theorys and was this and Said to myself oh wait this was my favorite theory

  • Santiago Rojas
    Santiago Rojas 3 hours ago

    Scott: Has breakfast Matpat: Write that down, that means something

  • u c me gaming
    u c me gaming 3 hours ago

    What if the water gods flooded them for not worshiping them

  • Aaron Quinn
    Aaron Quinn 3 hours ago

    I live in the middle east and I think this theory is ok

  • Alex Carter
    Alex Carter 3 hours ago

    Anything: *exists* The universe: 13:50

  • Sergio Banks-Jacobo
    Sergio Banks-Jacobo 3 hours ago

    december and still no video thanks mat

  • Dinosaurus Rex
    Dinosaurus Rex 3 hours ago

    Both the comment section and this video is very chaotic.

  • Franz Xaver Fuchsberger

    I want that oculus😂 i just want it

  • TxAst
    TxAst 3 hours ago

    *Didnt he get all of his bones and guts scooped out*

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 3 hours ago


  • Black Knight
    Black Knight 3 hours ago

    I have flipped the queen in chess

  • wow its a bagel
    wow its a bagel 4 hours ago

    My english teacher has a printed buffski on his wall

  • •Ducky’s Life At Hogwarts•


  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic 4 hours ago

    3:02:45 Says relay, defines triathlon.

  • Adrian Affei
    Adrian Affei 4 hours ago

    I prefer league of legends because I play full of mobile legend with my friends.

  • Laynie E
    Laynie E 4 hours ago

    I feel like the Ceo if Clip-Share should be someone who actually understands the creators needs not someone who is just trying to please the press

  • SPC Samhain_
    SPC Samhain_ 4 hours ago

    And that's also why the drowned die near the conduit, their souls were freed, their work was done.

  • Lupus Noctis
    Lupus Noctis 4 hours ago

    2:48 LIFE NUMBER 17

  • Ghost Dragon
    Ghost Dragon 4 hours ago

    .... this poor boy 😂

  • Laynie E
    Laynie E 4 hours ago

    The gaming community built Clip-Share, but sadly even the Ceo treats them like a second thought

  • Historian Nerd28
    Historian Nerd28 4 hours ago

    Did anyone notice he only made it 3 minutes in the night before he got killed?

  • Laynie E
    Laynie E 4 hours ago

    It’s very frustrating because no matter how friendly, open, fair, easy to understand, and to the point Mat is, Susan keeps avoiding the question which shows how little she believes in the gaming community

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet 4 hours ago

    Thx matpat😁😘😍

  • Daiki Kaito
    Daiki Kaito 4 hours ago

    16:49 the eyes tho xDD

  • c.vanmalsawma sawmtea

    0:07 is my worst nightmare

  • christine remoto
    christine remoto 4 hours ago


  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic 4 hours ago

    2:30:35 That's great, which means that Stephanie will bye dying _gasp_ her hair

  • Cesar Maldonado
    Cesar Maldonado 4 hours ago

    there are three types of cats, the alive ones the dead ones and the ones who are poptarts

  • Raggedy ManXL
    Raggedy ManXL 4 hours ago

    The average age of a gamer is 33. So that means it is 1-66 years old...okay. That means there are 53 years from 13 to 66. How can lets play videos be for kids? I had to put my other channel on hold because of this. Just looking forward to deleting 383 videos just because I enjoy Minecraft and Terraria. 2.5 years gone because Clip-Share screwed up.

  • Thomas the DANK engine

    Next theory should be on the villagers and pillagers

  • Your Local Poop Dealer

    Go to the ammunation with the shooting range from the long stretch mission as franklin and he racial profiles him to be a gangbanger

  • Mr12Relic
    Mr12Relic 4 hours ago

    2:22:06 Quarks are found in both protons and neutrons.

  • A M
    A M 4 hours ago

    He actually became bald now

  • Smokie
    Smokie 4 hours ago


  • Leo Buckingham
    Leo Buckingham 4 hours ago


  • Dr_Commando
    Dr_Commando 4 hours ago

    Anyone else heard of One Piece the anime made back in 1999 well getting some One Piece PIRATE VIBS here especially the heart of the sea REALLY reminds me of it

  • Meme Messiah
    Meme Messiah 4 hours ago

    Can you do a theory on Boneworks

  • HMMM -HIMARI!!!!
    HMMM -HIMARI!!!! 4 hours ago

    Nope not today

  • jaciel1964
    jaciel1964 4 hours ago

    So I watched a whole video just for you to tell me to watch another video? Absolutely

  • Infamous Was Taken
    Infamous Was Taken 4 hours ago

    2015: Using Markiplier in cannon as a joke 2019: Markiplier is in the FNaF AR Trailer

  • kathy p
    kathy p 4 hours ago

    I have Super Mario Maker 2

  • Joseph McQuillar
    Joseph McQuillar 4 hours ago

    But Matpat they said DEATH including ness dieing so does that mean W.D Gaster is ness?

  • End Nitro
    End Nitro 4 hours ago

    Theory: Scott is just throwing random ideas into the games and sitting back with a bowl of popcorn as he watches the community suffer and struggle to piece together a story that was never meant to be.

  • cooldude7893
    cooldude7893 4 hours ago

    everyone thats not me:Minecraft theory Me:can you do a terraria theory

  • Mufit Kabir Munish
    Mufit Kabir Munish 4 hours ago

    Wanna join my free robuxs giveway well like this comment for 1000000 robuxs for free

  • Dr_Commando
    Dr_Commando 4 hours ago

    Hope saint judes has a bigger heart then people that don't want the cure due to margin/prophet losses Shame of what the world's become

  • The Vault The Official Channel

    Can Force Pushes be aimed at the ground, to push the Force User upwards, so they can double jump/fly?

  • Blanca flores
    Blanca flores 4 hours ago

    Lol the intro tho what team are u guys in (If u play Pokemon go)

  • Minecraft GamerYeet
    Minecraft GamerYeet 4 hours ago

    Make a science of knack 2 video please

  • shaggy Roger
    shaggy Roger 4 hours ago

    Pewdiepie mrbeast and matpat The popular The inspiration The brains Can do anything

  • katchatty26
    katchatty26 4 hours ago

    “unlike cranberries” 2nd top donor is ocean spray cranberies

  • Australian For ever
    Australian For ever 4 hours ago

    I have a theory that fnaf 2 is in Australia because its the start of summer in November here also phone guy said he recorded the messages so he could of easly shipped it over

  • Fusion Blade
    Fusion Blade 4 hours ago

    Hey gooses don’t quack they Hÿonk

  • MarioxZelda Gamer
    MarioxZelda Gamer 4 hours ago

    Me and my friend summoned the wither in the end and all Enderman around the wither started attacking it

  • Step Stuart
    Step Stuart 5 hours ago

    I can absolutely blame them. Capitalism is slowly killing humanity. It may not be their fault, but they are culpable.

  • Voltronatic 345
    Voltronatic 345 5 hours ago

    Out of boredom I’m gonna get the conduit in the underwater building by replacing the gold blocks with enough space for a conduit

  • King Archer
    King Archer 5 hours ago

    Matpat had the right theory but labeled for the wrong reasons, Facebook's died and Clip-Share rewind is trash

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 5 hours ago

    God is a pen Matpat is a dictionary God created the world Matpat made it smarter 👌✌️

  • Johnathon Cook
    Johnathon Cook 5 hours ago

    The sans font

  • Gacha Squad
    Gacha Squad 5 hours ago

    Okay so if baby Mickey Mouse sounds like a drug addict and swears in every sentence is child friendly..?

  • Keosha Cathey
    Keosha Cathey 5 hours ago

    How screwed are they? Completely! They so screwed, I used one as my bed frame

  • Coconut
    Coconut 5 hours ago

    A dog

  • Ro Lanslide
    Ro Lanslide 5 hours ago

    "coming in 2018" hm

  • Rolando Pelaez
    Rolando Pelaez 5 hours ago


  • Mikael Makivirta
    Mikael Makivirta 5 hours ago

    Next time on Game Theory: What are phantoms, where did they come from?

  • Oni Bank
    Oni Bank 5 hours ago

    This Was DUMB

  • M I D A S
    M I D A S 5 hours ago

    Now, Analyze the Fallout Power Armor

  • ScaryTom Bomb
    ScaryTom Bomb 5 hours ago

    Hot wings

  • Chili _boi
    Chili _boi 5 hours ago

    So kids get a free adblocker.

    BLUELINKBR 5 hours ago

    MatPat: This is the end of FNAF. Scott using the forc... I mean, Remnant: amazing everything you just said was wrong.

  • Nathan Lay
    Nathan Lay 5 hours ago

    Hey matpat, you forgot about lefty

  • some random guy
    some random guy 5 hours ago

    “They’re hostile towards baby turtles” _drinks through plastic straw aggressively_

  • Chelise105
    Chelise105 5 hours ago

    It's all on the parents. Clip-Share has Clip-Share kids for a reason. Clip-Share says in the terms of service you must be 13+ to 7se Clip-Share and create an account at all. Parents are just giving kids their phone and not monitoring what they're watching. Now we're all getting punished for irresponsible parents. If you aren't gonna watch your kids, don't have kids dumbasses