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Passport - Part 3
Customs agent: xsaiiren |
Paul + Customs agent 2: FyrusYT |
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Passport - Part 2
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Pika has boing boing. Caller Agent voice: TWITTER: OmNomDomz INSTAGRAM: omnomdomz
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Hello I'm back! This is gonna be a long story. I've kinda been working on this on and off the past couple of months. I designed and rigged my model last year but wasn't really sure what to do with it so I'm giving it a try in the animations. Sorry about the janky quality. Call agent voice: TWITTER: OmNomDomz INSTAGRAM: omnomdomz
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Livestreamed on twitch: I'll still be around. Might stream more. But for now, I'll brazillian butt lift.
Scribble Showdown Europe Tour!
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Hurry hurry!
Sucking at Valorant with friends
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I'll improve the footage and sound quality next time. Animators: Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada Ehlboy: | ehlgirl Music: Christopher Carlone YT: Website: ~Follow me!~ TWITTER: OmNomDomz INSTAGRAM: omnomdomz DISCORD:
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For those who didn't see the update video, I can't make it to the US locations in the Scribble Showdown tour (@Emirichu will sub in) but can still do the Toronto and London Shows. Please continue to support us! Get tickets to our Tour! Animators: Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada Jomm: jommish | FlashJomm Music: Christopher Carlone YT...
I can't do Scribble Showdown (in America...also Emirichu is subbing in)
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BIG DOO DOO FEELS. @Emirichu will be my sub in. Please continue to support the rest of the team. Tickets still available at !!!
When you say "you too" by accident
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Get tickets to our Tour! Animators: Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada Music: Christopher Carlone YT: Website: ~Follow me!~ TWITTER: OmNomDomz INSTAGRAM: omnomdomz DISCORD:
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GET YOUR TICKETS AT Additional Animators: Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada Christopher Carlone YT: Website: ~Follow me!~ TWITTER: OmNomDomz INSTAGRAM: omnomdomz DISCORD:
Dreams with my girlfriend
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The recurring theme seems to be insecurities and betrayal Get 2021 tickets to Scribble Showdown! Claire: | chikarabbit Mochi: chikasrabbit Additional Animators: Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada Ehlboy: | ehlgirl Pluto: seanpIuto |
Architecture School
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WHAT I LEARNED IN ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL IS BLANKITY BLANKITY BLANK. Animators: Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada Jomm: jommish| ...and me :'D Christopher Carlone YT: Website: Outro Song by dj-Jo: ~Follow me!~ TWITCH: TWITTER: twitter...
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Trying to stream more on twitch! Sometimes work, sometimes games. Additional Animators: Aaron Estrada: aeron_estrada Ehlboy: | ehlgirl Jomm: jommish| Pluto: seanpIuto | Christopher Carlone YT: Website: www.christophercarlon...
I got scammed
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I got scammed
Gold Dug
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Gold Dug
I'm in the Cafe Chaos card game!
Views 677K3 years ago
I'm in the Cafe Chaos card game!
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The Media Badge
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The Media Badge
You can visit people's dreams, but you appear naked [Sober Convos 5]
Views 3.9M3 years ago
You can visit people's dreams, but you appear naked [Sober Convos 5]
I am hosting a Smash Ultimate online tournament! JUNE 19-21
Views 314K3 years ago
I am hosting a Smash Ultimate online tournament! JUNE 19-21
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Liking Things
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Liking Things
Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship
Views 3.7M3 years ago
Sober Convos 4: Crushes and The Perfect Relationship
Sober Convos 3: Jobs & Restaurants
Views 3.5M3 years ago
Sober Convos 3: Jobs & Restaurants
Sober Convos: Prisoners & Trolleys
Views 3.7M3 years ago
Sober Convos: Prisoners & Trolleys
Sober Convos
Views 6M3 years ago
Sober Convos
Views 5M3 years ago
My Video Making Process
Views 2.6M3 years ago
My Video Making Process
My Dreams
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My Dreams


  • Pineapple Panda
    Pineapple Panda 2 hours ago

    lol got domic on in the backround while i model his face for a 3d print

  • Logan’s shorts
    Logan’s shorts 3 hours ago

    What did he seriously teach me something

  • vvian
    vvian 4 hours ago

    nice to see everyone else was like "damn i should remember this" and ended up actually remembering it 10 years later

    EDDIE RATH 6 hours ago

    This man can shine in a time of rumblings that story time content is a dead era. Trully a don

  • Lil e personal
    Lil e personal 8 hours ago

    six years later WHAT DID STEVE DO

  • -saltx58 productions

    I'm so happy cashiers aren't like this where I live, but the random people on the streets asking for donations are so annoying, and they always do that guilt-tripping thing... I never even stop to listen to them, just say 'no' as flatly as possible without slowing down in the slightest. My friends find it hilarious because I'm often pretty blunt when I don't care about you, but it's seriously the only way I can deal with people like that.

  • Mister Epidermis
    Mister Epidermis 9 hours ago

    this is crazyyyy

  • Little Things In Life
    Little Things In Life 15 hours ago

    I🤣 used this video to study idioms for exam

  • Divya Bajpai
    Divya Bajpai 17 hours ago

    In India... You just hand the cop a few bucks and you are free to go...

  • 1bookfisher
    1bookfisher 20 hours ago

    Since first watching this video, I've learned that you can't request new pokéstops unless you're a certain level or higher, I think it's level 30? Maybe more idk, but that would probably be why you can't make the café a pokéstop!

  • Mystical Archives
    Mystical Archives 21 hour ago

    I have a job and still can’t afford to move out

  • 1bookfisher
    1bookfisher 21 hour ago

    Personally I like pineapple on pizza because I like the crunch it adds and I find it adds a nice sweetness that compliments the savouriness of the rest of the pizza o: but ofc everyone feels different!! For example, I don't like bananas (never have, even as a baby) and I can articulate as an adult why- something's "off" about their taste to me, and I really dislike the texture (which might be exaggerated to me, speaking in sensory terms, because I'm autistic). But other people like, or even love bananas!! And they should be allowed to (honestly it's good and healthy, I sometimes have trouble getting enough potassium so good for them!!), everyone should be allowed to like what they like!! Really appreciate videos like this, restores some faith in humanity 💕

  • Sparrowspear
    Sparrowspear Day ago

    It’s 2023 and kids are still brainwashed into perceptions on romance etc. now I’m older and I find I don’t feel this stuff

  • Thepratic
    Thepratic Day ago

    i got my permit and it is so fun driving im 16 btw

  • chippygaming
    chippygaming Day ago

    That's how I eat it 😭😭

  • max tuner
    max tuner Day ago

    Wait It's legal to sell sexual services but illegal to purchase them?

  • Saanvi
    Saanvi Day ago

    I had (or maybe still have) a crush on a guy who i was studying with in the online study room. We chatted for a while, he flirted with me and studied together 2 days. The 3rd day, he told that the his name is not what he told me, he didn't want to give his real name to just someone online. I got kinda mad on that but that wasn't the only thing i was mad about, he also sent a wrong message to which supposed to be sent to his other guy friend and was about his neighbor. It sounded kinda dirty but i ignored that. Then on the 4th day, he said something very cheap about me on text when we were talking on text (basically fighting kind of). I still tried to tell him that what he said is very disrespectful to say any girl or a person irrespective of the fight. He apologized but said the same thing twice when i refused to accept his apology. Ofc, then i had to block him. I felt kinda sad that it was the first time i liked someone so much but he had to be a bad guy.

  • Sheryl
    Sheryl Day ago

    Valorant part 2 pls😭

  • Sheryl
    Sheryl Day ago

    5:50 LMFAO

  • Nathaniel Huerta

    1:02 i had a dream similar to this where i could fly by pushing my body weight where i wanted to fly but i couldnt go super high it was strange since i was feeling the force from flying irl

  • Hannah Boe Banna

    and 10 years later, here we all are Dominic’s Comonics

  • SRG
    SRG Day ago

    Adobo? Pinoy ka pala sir, Mabuhay!

  • Anikin3279
    Anikin3279 Day ago

    0:32 the fact that I was thinking of the name "Sarah" before he even said it was insane.

  • AychSkwaird
    AychSkwaird Day ago

    Idk why but I like to come back here and watch Daidus’ bit. The way he says “pb AND j!” Is really funny to me.

  • Adam123oturumunuaçtı

    Yes, its booty-ful

  • David Klemen
    David Klemen 2 days ago

    I like watching one of your videos every day before doing school work, your videos are short and sweet :)

  • Kanazaki Tom
    Kanazaki Tom 2 days ago

    No idea why youtube recommended me this video but WYSI

  • ChillBalticGirl22
    ChillBalticGirl22 2 days ago

    😂😂😂 $550 sounds like heaven!!!!

  • Matthew Howard
    Matthew Howard 2 days ago

    What is the point of the game? Want to get back into but not sure what to do! :)

  • slimsmelly
    slimsmelly  3 days ago

    10 years 🤑

  • ThatEnbyRowan
    ThatEnbyRowan 3 days ago

    allos are weird

  • smiles17
    smiles17 3 days ago

    What did Steve do

  • LLCourt
    LLCourt 3 days ago

    10 years later still lives in my head rent free 😉

  • James Tilsley
    James Tilsley 3 days ago

    The UK and Ireland have the Common Travel Area (CTA), so there’s no border security (aside from showing some photo ID at boarding) since all flights are classed as internal.

  • Arlan Chambliss
    Arlan Chambliss 3 days ago

    I remember watching this in middle school now I pay bills

  • PlanetMars
    PlanetMars 3 days ago

    I toast the bread before making a pb and j but i put on nutella instead of jelly

  • Revas Gamer
    Revas Gamer 3 days ago

    I'm a soldier in the Philippines. That part with ur mom, had the very same experience when our list of requirements for commission was given to us. Being stationed far away from our home in Manila (where all my docs are in), mom instantly became the de facto secretary. Domics! Glad you're back! Your channel is one of the firsts I've ever watched in Clip-Share wayback during college. (2015)

  • Darren
    Darren 3 days ago

    Is it crazy that I remember where I was when this came out? This was the first video I ever watched on Domic‘s channel. This got put in my recommended literally an 5 minutes after uploading

  • The unknown user
    The unknown user 3 days ago

    For you viewers, if you are short you should do gymnastics and learn the Manna and Planche, so people would respect you! These static strength moves are easy for shorter people thanks to levers and physics. So if others bully you, you show them this, what 99.99 percent of non gymnasts can't do💀

  • Sherwin Ramos
    Sherwin Ramos 3 days ago

    my teacher showed me this in my 6th grade class

  • HailMuse
    HailMuse 3 days ago

    I still remember this one time in HS where I fully yelled, The girl I was talking to had a reputation of being a one-upper when it came to victimhood. I was complaining about my mom sending me to school despite my stomach being garbage because schools and attendance. Girly had gotten her wisdom teeth removed two weeks prior. While I was bitching about my stomach she goes in a half joking voice "well wait till you get your wisdom teeth removed then you'll know full pain" I legit yelled "IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU" In front of my entire choir class which was like 40 people and stormed to my seat. People just stared at me like I shanked her cat because I'm just never angry in person especially to the point of yelling.

  • Ivaaaannnnnn
    Ivaaaannnnnn 4 days ago

    Steve DUDE

  • Jacob the animator's second channel

    4:12 That is in my opinion the funniest part of the Video

  • pug squad
    pug squad 4 days ago

    1:38. I was sprinting to the bus stop. I was 3 mins early.

  • Ifeoma
    Ifeoma 4 days ago

    How old do you feel now Dom?

  • BruhEditz
    BruhEditz 4 days ago

    Butt my friend doesn’t have an arse

  • Surface Informative

    Brother you're a real Naruto like face maybe 😂

  • Surface Informative


  • Just A Random Fan
    Just A Random Fan 4 days ago

    6:32 this will brighten your day :)