David Dobrik
David Dobrik
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  • thereal slimshady

    0:56 my nigga Cesar looks like Nick Diaz

  • Colton
    Colton Hour ago

    That guys Mexican of course he drinks

  • Donat
    Donat Hour ago

    You are the best

  • free thinker
    free thinker Hour ago

    the face justin make is priceless ! he is like oh so this is what is what ! i think he loved the experience

  • aubrey fernandez

    “where are my glasses?” i feel like Velma.” 💀

  • Epifany Meeks
    Epifany Meeks Hour ago

    Omg the guy that said he didn’t like yummy I TOTALLY AGREEE

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores Hour ago

    2020 anyone

  • Ahmed Lalami
    Ahmed Lalami Hour ago


  • Vinnie Moreno
    Vinnie Moreno Hour ago

    Now please do everyone a favor and drive that car off a cliff.

  • hashbow
    hashbow Hour ago

    2020 got this in my recommended still really good even if i watch it 5 years ago...

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores Hour ago

    2020 anyone

  • Summer Morris
    Summer Morris Hour ago

    I have been a huge fan of him since he started singing I've always listened to his music! It be a dream come true to every meet him! 🇨🇦

  • Reborn Life
    Reborn Life Hour ago

    Your so funny

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores Hour ago

    2020 anyone

  • Jasmine Hunter
    Jasmine Hunter Hour ago

    3:34 Gabbie got stuffed alright 😉🥰

  • Ava Flores
    Ava Flores Hour ago

    2020 anyonw

  • Emily Lawyer
    Emily Lawyer Hour ago

    0:33 um what is that in the background

  • Nayops 19
    Nayops 19 Hour ago

    0:44 Drake and Josh

  • The real cisco Kidd

    Big nicks little ass voice

  • cloudysunshine
    cloudysunshine Hour ago

    it’s been a year and you still don’t have the mayonnaise :(

  • mussicaly star
    mussicaly star Hour ago

    David hasn't posted in 6 days should we be worried 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • D Mack
    D Mack Hour ago

    This dude and Jimmy Fallon should have a laugh off

  • Robin
    Robin Hour ago

    You better surprise People with me

  • Mythic Raza.
    Mythic Raza. Hour ago

    1:00 U don’t need to waste ur time tryna for find it

  • Avani Sanchez
    Avani Sanchez Hour ago


  • eden harel
    eden harel Hour ago

    I want to be your friend

  • Daniel Katout
    Daniel Katout 2 hours ago

    No one gives a fuck about Bieber

  • Malika Serir
    Malika Serir 2 hours ago

    I love how Matt is always concernd about his friends

  • Bas Edin
    Bas Edin 2 hours ago

    That slap was amazing

  • Dajjal
    Dajjal 2 hours ago

    When you understand that people worship not God, but creatures (which he created). The paradox ...

  • male11nov
    male11nov 2 hours ago

    Guy is anoying as fuck... be more natural, not a real asskiss

  • Spicy Sugar
    Spicy Sugar 2 hours ago

    Matt is the gayest person in the group other than the gay one

  • Jessica Styles
    Jessica Styles 2 hours ago

    does anyone know what vlog the clip of heath imitating the blue macaw when it tried to bite him is from? Or is it like a bts goodie lmaooo

  • Chris Falzone
    Chris Falzone 2 hours ago

    Where is the last second asshole lol

  • The Asian
    The Asian 2 hours ago

    Has a smartphone w/ data, decent clothes, and spends money on weed... Perfectly describes the LA homeless crisis.

  • Milagros Maestas
    Milagros Maestas 2 hours ago

    Scott- is that my fucking suitcase ? 😂

  • Bahama_ Babe_
    Bahama_ Babe_ 2 hours ago

    4:15 the lady on the speaker sounds like lisa

  • Randee Battee-Todd
    Randee Battee-Todd 2 hours ago

    I have watched this video before but now I have a serious obsession with Mariah & Heath that I had to watch it again & I'm literately crying in my office like a big ass baby now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glorifiedation
    Glorifiedation 2 hours ago

    "It's as dangerous as acid" ~Covers surrounding lawn etc. in it

  • Theo Febryan
    Theo Febryan 2 hours ago

    So, i was wondering until now. Who is that girl?

  • maya alyssa
    maya alyssa 2 hours ago

    Lol sinjin drowning in the vlog

  • L&K Vlogs
    L&K Vlogs 2 hours ago

    Well I would really be crying David says come here guys get a thumbnail get a thumbnail 😂

  • alayna davis
    alayna davis 2 hours ago


  • Christina Gray
    Christina Gray 2 hours ago

    National anthem of David’s vlog: Dancing Queen

  • Nancy Nguyen
    Nancy Nguyen 2 hours ago


  • quenten
    quenten 2 hours ago

    David: on three everyone fake laugh like fuck!!

  • Roadto1ksubs with0posts

    I love the totally irrelevant stuff before the actual video

  • Christian Neidige
    Christian Neidige 2 hours ago

    I love these vlogs

  • Shaurya Katoch
    Shaurya Katoch 2 hours ago

    To be fair it’s because of those chicks the people behind got free food. Had they not cut him in line they wouldn’t have paid.

  • Yazmin Cruz
    Yazmin Cruz 2 hours ago


  • fk40
    fk40 2 hours ago

    Every morning I like to wake up and make a big cup of di**

  • Nilson Piana
    Nilson Piana 2 hours ago

    All we need to do with Billie Eilish

  • Nilson Piana
    Nilson Piana 2 hours ago

    Very Insane!!!

  • Cesar Ayala
    Cesar Ayala 2 hours ago

    get chief keef in your next vlog

  • Lexie Hopkins-Hastie

    God looked at the world and said I’m going to bless everyone with David Dobrik and he did.

  • Baby_Gurl 123
    Baby_Gurl 123 2 hours ago


  • lead voodoo
    lead voodoo 2 hours ago

    why does natalie have to be SO HOT

  • Moises Jp
    Moises Jp 2 hours ago


  • Garek Dohrendorf
    Garek Dohrendorf 2 hours ago

    Is it bad I knew bachelor #2 from SP7 before this

  • Ivy Mastrud
    Ivy Mastrud 2 hours ago


  • Baby_Gurl 123
    Baby_Gurl 123 2 hours ago

    I honestly feel bad for them, but love the vlogs🥰

  • Anita Ortiz
    Anita Ortiz 2 hours ago


  • Big Man
    Big Man 2 hours ago

    What a life.

  • william valle
    william valle 3 hours ago

    What's the song at 2:06

  • Teaa teaa
    Teaa teaa 3 hours ago

    Its been almost 2 years....

  • Sam Shelley
    Sam Shelley 3 hours ago

    Everyone here seems drunk

  • unicorn jam
    unicorn jam 3 hours ago

    People pay 2,000 to go to prom with dom just so they can make it on the vlog.

  • LyfeAsCam
    LyfeAsCam 3 hours ago

    bruh i love justin

  • Pol Saturne
    Pol Saturne 3 hours ago


  • Sam Shelley
    Sam Shelley 3 hours ago

    1:35 Ur welcome

  • Jose terriquez
    Jose terriquez 3 hours ago

    David Next time Get J.Cole to do this and if you do invite me over pls i think i would have an actual spasm attack

  • Mas Liberato
    Mas Liberato 3 hours ago

    Jeff’s penny wise laugh 1:56?

  • Sophia Castorena
    Sophia Castorena 3 hours ago

    3:21 when she said “ I hope he cries like this at our wedding “ the way he looked back 😭😂

  • Esther Gutierrez
    Esther Gutierrez 3 hours ago

    His car back then and now a Tesla

  • Rube Richgal
    Rube Richgal 3 hours ago


  • Franchesca Mendeng
    Franchesca Mendeng 3 hours ago

    the ending montage of david was , so cutteeeee🧑🏽‍🦯🤍.

  • Gabriela Prieto
    Gabriela Prieto 3 hours ago

    Mataron of David? FOR SURE

  • Baby_Gurl 123
    Baby_Gurl 123 3 hours ago

    I’ve never seen porn like that in my life

  • Benthe van den Dungen

    Okay this is so creepy I got an advertisement about a RED dress

  • Catherine Vento
    Catherine Vento 3 hours ago

    How is davids family tan and blonde and then there’s him. I love him though

  • LordofYumYum
    LordofYumYum 3 hours ago

    New idea, shaving foam with built in aftershave.

  • Cole Aiston
    Cole Aiston 3 hours ago

    Did you see the girl flash the camera at Jason’s show😂

  • Arody Ndena
    Arody Ndena 3 hours ago

    The last dude 💖💖❣️😝

  • Ella M
    Ella M 3 hours ago

    That’s not him

  • succinds
    succinds 3 hours ago

    Her ass is shaped like an air pod.

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray 3 hours ago

    “CALL AN UBER!” Legit made me laugh

  • Monc Chen
    Monc Chen 3 hours ago

    No one talking about how adorable it was when David rolled on the floor giggling like a baby

  • Brooklynn Howard
    Brooklynn Howard 3 hours ago

    Ok but yummy isn’t it 😂, like I love his old songs but as soon as he turned 18 he went south 😂. *turns around and Justin is behind me* 😂

  • Ismat Lifo
    Ismat Lifo 3 hours ago

    How are his car seats still white?

  • TDashNoAkaTno
    TDashNoAkaTno 3 hours ago

    Why is this video so short?

  • Eleman Hillary Barnabas

    i have eyes that are sharp but cant still locate strings on a guitor

  • Ismat Lifo
    Ismat Lifo 3 hours ago

    How the inside of my brain looks like

  • jack minter
    jack minter 3 hours ago

    i went cold watching this

  • Danger Brown
    Danger Brown 3 hours ago

    Omg at 2:10 the guy on the left is Andrew who works for Shane Dawson!!!!!!!!!

  • Carsten Ellingson
    Carsten Ellingson 3 hours ago

    David Dobrik you Are the best Clip-Sharer in the world I love Justin Bieber

  • knoblauch dittrich
    knoblauch dittrich 3 hours ago

    Fucking hilarious

  • vie en rose
    vie en rose 3 hours ago

    Here from Danny lol

  • Bridgett Catron
    Bridgett Catron 3 hours ago

    Literally Christmas with my family

  • Lexie Banuelos
    Lexie Banuelos 3 hours ago

    David, fly me to LA and I will cook for you!!! The best fucking food you'll ever have!! :)

  • Telisa
    Telisa 3 hours ago

    Do y'all have room for another 40 year old in the Friend Group? 😂