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Halsey - 929 (Lyric Video)
Views 867K8 days ago
Halsey - 3am (Visualizer)
Views 342K9 days ago
Halsey - You should be sad
Views 18M19 days ago
Halsey - Graveyard
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Halsey - clementine
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Halsey - Nightmare
Views 83M8 months ago
Halsey - Without Me
Views 345MYear ago
Halsey - Sorry
Views 64M2 years ago
Halsey - Bad At Love
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Halsey - Alone (Audio)
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Halsey - Now Or Never
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Halsey - Castle
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Halsey - Colors
Views 193M3 years ago


  • Jorge Reynoso
    Jorge Reynoso 4 hours ago

    Absolutely loving this whole Album. Thank you so much Halsey for the Art you created and sharing your experiences through music 💜.

  • Uma Army Brasileira
    Uma Army Brasileira 4 hours ago


  • Fox mulder
    Fox mulder 4 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, video makes the song better.

  • Juan E
    Juan E 4 hours ago

    This music video deserves more

  • Ronnycin
    Ronnycin 4 hours ago


  • Grazielle Veroneze
    Grazielle Veroneze 4 hours ago


  • Margarita Rosario
    Margarita Rosario 4 hours ago

    Holy fuck 2:36 almost gave me a fucking ptsd attack like wooooooooah

  • Charlene Padama
    Charlene Padama 4 hours ago

    Partly, Halsey helped on giving hint regarding BTS comeback. 🤔 BigHit released the MOTS: 7 INTERLUDE 'Shadow' on Jan 9 performed by SUGA

  • 蒼飴
    蒼飴 4 hours ago


  • Impedancenetwork
    Impedancenetwork 4 hours ago

    She is not singing. She is lip syncing.

  • pulsatid
    pulsatid 4 hours ago

    Anyone January 2020

  • Eavanah Epps
    Eavanah Epps 4 hours ago

    Song about YUNGBLUD ❤️

  • Marie Peters
    Marie Peters 4 hours ago

    I know I should be sad but I'm just confused 😂

  • Asdry paz
    Asdry paz 4 hours ago

    It’s sounds like shape of you

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller 4 hours ago

    director: how much porn do you want in this video? Halsey: yes

  • Alexis Welsh
    Alexis Welsh 4 hours ago

    Here before Tik tok blows this song up

  • Gabby _
    Gabby _ 4 hours ago

    This album is beautiful and raw

  • E G
    E G 5 hours ago

    Still love this apocalyptic the 100 vibes

  • Julian Fernandez
    Julian Fernandez 5 hours ago


  • stephanie p
    stephanie p 5 hours ago

    I was pregnant with twins I lost one of my babies but I'm so grateful to have a beautiful 5 year old little girl but I still think about her sister or brother that I lost . ❤👩‍👧

  • Sinai Sinai
    Sinai Sinai 5 hours ago

    Imagine if she’s writing this song for Namjoon cuz BTS wrote songs to show us how to love ourselves and Halsey is just trying to tell them that she’s still learning to love herself and that she’s probably in love with Namjoon or one of the BTS members. OMLLLL IMAGINE

  • Quayli Turner
    Quayli Turner 5 hours ago

    Water bill dry a stain? No Bill to sweep up trash? Of course

  • Jasuket12 GamerG
    Jasuket12 GamerG 5 hours ago

    Los chinos de bts son de Japón son coreanos no no no bro pero si son corenaos ha ha hahaa

  • Felipe Batista
    Felipe Batista 5 hours ago

    This is Halsey's best song!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 5 hours ago


  • Arianna McElroy
    Arianna McElroy 5 hours ago

    Pink hair in detroit was right, when I first heard you, it was when my dad had committed suicide, all I did was replay your music it was the only thing that was even close to the emotions I was feeling, It was the only thing that comforted me when nothing else could, it was the only music that help me feel completely sane when I was completely insane.... It’s crazy how just one song can keep you breathing when you can’t seem to do it yourself. I have always related to your music in some kind of way even if it meant something completely different to others and you. Please keep being genuine and beautiful inside and outside.♥️

  • Serhii Duda
    Serhii Duda 5 hours ago

    it's a masterpiece <3

  • WhiteChocolateMocha
    WhiteChocolateMocha 5 hours ago

    The technical term is 'grandad eyebrows'

  • Angel Villacis
    Angel Villacis 5 hours ago

    I love Hasley!! I wish I could see u

  • vicente Pool
    vicente Pool 5 hours ago

    me encanta como canta halsey

  • D- MAG
    D- MAG 5 hours ago

    scrie ceva

  • Alice Salazar
    Alice Salazar 5 hours ago

    She is beautiful

  • David Stoll
    David Stoll 5 hours ago

    Whatever happened, he was wrong. Doesn't matter if he was right. No. You're wrong and should apologize. 😊🔥🌋😲🤠

  • D- MAG
    D- MAG 5 hours ago

    ce pizda seiia glamurnaia o luat zubacistka daa

  • Sabrina Tainà Assis

    Quem é fã dessa diva da um like ai mano 😘

  • Andrew Meier
    Andrew Meier 5 hours ago

    am i the only one that when i listen to music with paper in front of me i try to write the lyrics but can never keep up😂

  • y o o r i t o
    y o o r i t o 5 hours ago

    98% of comments: BTS and Halsey's fans. 2% of comments: just Halsey's fans. 98% de los comentarios: fans de BTS y Halsey. 2% de los comentarios: sólo fans de Halsey.

  • april mae
    april mae 6 hours ago

    Good job rhyming you with you.... this video is trash.

  • Giordana Oliveira
    Giordana Oliveira 6 hours ago

    Amo essa! You are not half the man you think that you are tem muito cara ai precisando ouvir isso

  • jadams2113
    jadams2113 6 hours ago

    "Baby" line is super goofy and cringe I'm sorry

  • rustytr
    rustytr 6 hours ago

    I dig those new boobies even though her old ones were better

  • misbah
    misbah 6 hours ago

    Is she vibing Jeffree Star on that horse?

  • Oumar Dęs L’Aūbę

    HEY !!!

  • Jamie Michalski
    Jamie Michalski 6 hours ago

    Her: glad she never had a baby with him Him: glad he doesn't have child support payments.

  • CêCê U
    CêCê U 6 hours ago

    THIS IS A BOP!!!! Wake up world!!!!! 😲👌

    DANK VIII 6 hours ago

    shitty song but damn is she sexy

  • Lidiani da Silva
    Lidiani da Silva 6 hours ago

    Suga fofinho 💋

  • Sin
    Sin 6 hours ago

    this song really hits home for me O.O

  • Fernanda Vitoria
    Fernanda Vitoria 6 hours ago

    What mv my dear that mv ...

  • Alison Paulina Patiño

    🤢👊👊👊👊🤣🤣🖕 halsey #arianagrandenohalsey🤢🖕

  • Samuel Line
    Samuel Line 6 hours ago

    I need a mashup of this and "I Miss Me More"

  • ೃ- c l a p༄
    ೃ- c l a p༄ 6 hours ago

    vine aca por el au renegade, iconico

  • Nina M
    Nina M 6 hours ago

    honestly this album is a masterpiece ! i love all the songs !! ❤❤❤

  • Nina M
    Nina M 6 hours ago

    Ashley is such a wonderful and strong person ❤

  • Kaytee B
    Kaytee B 6 hours ago

    Fucking love this song. This album came at the right time for me and my fucked up life

  • Lively Mills
    Lively Mills 6 hours ago


  • TheJrogers123
    TheJrogers123 6 hours ago

    This is utterly incredible.

  • Edin Yildirim
    Edin Yildirim 6 hours ago

    This is a diss to G-Eazy and yeah she is savage but it is kinda cool and I personally appreciate how she raise after she has broken so hard

  • عاشقة كوريا كوريا


  • adil bachiri
    adil bachiri 6 hours ago

    now i have to delete this from my youtube history x)

  • Xyz 87
    Xyz 87 7 hours ago

    This moment you represent the fantasy bra and halsey just stole the show ♥️

  • Music & Lemons
    Music & Lemons 7 hours ago

    Emotion, ballad, Voice and Guitar, and a fuckn sexy coreo hahahaha

  • Nina M
    Nina M 7 hours ago

    wow ! this is so beautiful ! ❤ but i hope our dear Ashley is feeling good ! we love you ❤

  • Isaac Crotts
    Isaac Crotts 7 hours ago

    Love my sister and she likes this song

  • Bruno Pellin
    Bruno Pellin 7 hours ago

    cause i don't wanna hold my thumb in your ass

  • northofyou33
    northofyou33 7 hours ago

    What is with the soft porn? Makes no sense with this song.

    • northofyou33
      northofyou33 7 hours ago

      And why is she dressed like Shania Twain? WTF? I don't get this video.

  • shawn bridges
    shawn bridges 7 hours ago

    This is such a beautiful song

  • Pamela Evaristo
    Pamela Evaristo 7 hours ago

    Suga biased reportense

  • Mike Pierce
    Mike Pierce 7 hours ago

    Fiona Gallagher is one of the dancers? Aka Emmy Rossum. Ever since someone pointed out I notice her in the beginning next to Halsey

  • Abi C.
    Abi C. 7 hours ago

    Can she bring this style back please

  • Pete Robert
    Pete Robert 7 hours ago

    the first time i saw her i knew she was destined to be a diva and shes friggin hot nice booty shes supermodel material lol

  • zeas Card
    zeas Card 7 hours ago

    Still learning and finally// best song😍😍😍

  • VAHC 27
    VAHC 27 7 hours ago

    Muy buena canción y muy buen video 👌🏽

  • Clemente Cisneros
    Clemente Cisneros 7 hours ago

    Anyone getting Lady Gaga's You and I vibes?

    • Nat Romero
      Nat Romero 7 hours ago

      Clemente Cisneros yes seriously I was thinking wait didn’t Gaga do this for You and I

  • memo dedo
    memo dedo 7 hours ago

    This is the most BPD (borderline personality disorder) song ever.

  • lev78els
    lev78els 7 hours ago

    people dont understand manics sad history sad life

  • Xx_savagwwolf_xX ‘

    Rest easy juice have fun fly high bro 🤞😭😭

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 7 hours ago


  • Roxy Hearts
    Roxy Hearts 7 hours ago

    Aww shit guess Im gay

  • Kay Jee
    Kay Jee 8 hours ago

    Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera are both living watching this somewhere right now! ((Edit: And Ga-Ga!))

  • sketchi3!
    sketchi3! 8 hours ago

    Can this be in the next final fantasy or kingdom hearts game?

  • Axiil Team
    Axiil Team 8 hours ago


  • Lord Hastings
    Lord Hastings 8 hours ago

    Artist: New Jersey Libra Song Title: "20-Way in a Satanic Barn"

  • Shirley Haja
    Shirley Haja 8 hours ago

    Me encanta porque se siente q estas en tu mundo propio

  • Lee Shunmugam
    Lee Shunmugam 8 hours ago

    Just like most music videos the words don't follow the actions. Shout out to Shania Twain reference.

  • jade griffin
    jade griffin 8 hours ago

    Why did this song sing about a guy i use to know like that lol

  • karime Peréz
    karime Peréz 8 hours ago

    I love the song

  • sketchi3!
    sketchi3! 8 hours ago

    Damn I feel like the music video for nightmare shouldve been for this song. But I cant wait till she makes a music video for this. She just has too.

  • blackstar007 001
    blackstar007 001 8 hours ago

    such a shitty song 🥴 like i’’m watching another musicvideo and listening really other song! there was any connection between song&video! awfull song 🤮👎🏼

  • XerosPower
    XerosPower 8 hours ago

    "The loneliest people are the kindest The saddest people smile the brightest and the most damaged people are the wisest"

  • Mhd Fethi
    Mhd Fethi 8 hours ago


  • IFancy BTS
    IFancy BTS 8 hours ago

    Nooooooo 🌸

  • A.R.M.Y
    A.R.M.Y 8 hours ago

    Omg The voice Gives Halsey IS Good Different From MV'S Of bangtan, In boy whit Luv It is Slim The voice Gives Halsey Already On here At the Channel Her IS Middle Thick AND Slim Type WHAT? HOW SO PEOPLE Kkkkkkkk I Love you Halsey thanks for showing up at one of MV'S 💜💜😄👏👏👍😄😄👉🇧🇷

  • Carla Loor
    Carla Loor 8 hours ago


  • Le Joueur Cynique
    Le Joueur Cynique 8 hours ago

    Is this my Pornhub tab?

  • Alexandra Geyden
    Alexandra Geyden 8 hours ago

    Halsey with short hair just makes me x1000 gay

  • Afaf Mitri
    Afaf Mitri 8 hours ago

    Who is here now?

  • amara
    amara 8 hours ago

    Sugas lyrics 😭❤️

  • Vladimir Parfenov
    Vladimir Parfenov 8 hours ago

    from Russia with love, you topchik

  • Pilipiuk życiem
    Pilipiuk życiem 8 hours ago

    Can anybody please tell me where the video was filmed? The view at the end is sooo mesmerising