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EVIL - Did You Hear That
Views 2773 days ago
SEAL Team - Talk It Out
Views 2.5K5 days ago
SEAL Team - Trying Again
Views 9K11 days ago
SEAL Team - Forced Award
Views 2.8K11 days ago
FBI - You Did Good
Views 2.9K12 days ago
FBI - That's Not Who We Are
Views 2.9K12 days ago
Bull - Jury Selection
Views 42713 days ago
Bull - Bad Faith
Views 1.1K13 days ago
EVIL - Child of the Corn
Views 49317 days ago
EVIL - Nothing But Pain
Views 26917 days ago
The Unicorn - Recipe Book
Views 29317 days ago
S.W.A.T. - July
Views 14K18 days ago
S.W.A.T. - Take Me
Views 59K18 days ago
SEAL Team - Diagnosis
Views 4.3K18 days ago


  • Thomas Heath
    Thomas Heath 5 hours ago

    Should have listened to MacArthers idea back during the Korean War

  • Akram Games
    Akram Games 5 hours ago

    I seriously did this challenge and I passed out for 10 second with my friend slapping the hell out of my face to wake up, damn that was in 2013, never do it ever ever or think about doing it

  • Majin Buu
    Majin Buu 5 hours ago

    My iguana is a girl and I'm a advanced keeper

  • Sula McCaskie
    Sula McCaskie 5 hours ago

    It’s as if Tichina never wants Terry to be happy.

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 5 hours ago

    Steffy and ridge and

  • Yxz Turbo
    Yxz Turbo 5 hours ago


  • Playful Kitten
    Playful Kitten 5 hours ago

    Oh. My. God. How adorable was little Cindy Brady at that age? ☺

  • Sarah Farquhar that crazy Equestrian

    I'm adopted and idk who my biological parents are. But I love my adoptive parents so we good 👌

  • Minty
    Minty 5 hours ago

    Why would you pull all the way back? You will cause a stall and then a nose dive.

  • danielle diller
    danielle diller 5 hours ago

    Sounds like my aunt

  • Robin Justice
    Robin Justice 5 hours ago

    This should be labeled Dr. Phil put in his place by guest.

  • Brandon MacDonald
    Brandon MacDonald 5 hours ago

    Was this even tichina Arnold didn't even look like her .

  • Playful Kitten
    Playful Kitten 5 hours ago

    0:55 Little Cindy, clapping at the most inappropriate time. Hahaha, she was too cute for words at that age. 😂

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 5 hours ago

    Ridge say goodbye brook and get divorce and merry wedding it over and Erica and Stephanie merry wedding and Erica and. Quinn merry wedding day and messed up and no one show up at wedding and

  • Chris Nichol
    Chris Nichol 5 hours ago

    F this lady so much, i have so much hate for her

  • Virginia Singleton
    Virginia Singleton 5 hours ago

    U tortured her to Liam when she was stuck in a gondola and u married Steffy.

  • Israeli Queen
    Israeli Queen 5 hours ago

    steffy was reaming Hope out but not reaming Liam out for defending Hope? Steffy is stupid.

  • Playful Kitten
    Playful Kitten 5 hours ago

    When Cindy was that little, she was the cutest, sweetest little thing. ☺

  • Asdd Qwer
    Asdd Qwer 5 hours ago


  • Gabrielle Layne
    Gabrielle Layne 5 hours ago


  • Nicholas Clemens
    Nicholas Clemens 5 hours ago

    If god existed, that shot would’ve gone in.

  • banana banana
    banana banana 6 hours ago

    O my god

  • Rackets
    Rackets 6 hours ago

    Greed is a terrible teacher..For years they received higher than market average returns and didnt complain.And where was the SEC. They investigated Madoff several times and found nothing. And he had nothing to show them..No stocks, bonds or having bought anything except for himself.

  • Vlogoholic
    Vlogoholic 6 hours ago

    nobody: title: Active School Shooter video category: 𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓽𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 6 hours ago

    Brook and ridge and

  • Doreen Fawcett
    Doreen Fawcett 6 hours ago

    Don’t talk rubbish

  • Playful Kitten
    Playful Kitten 6 hours ago

    Boosters = Mean Girls

  • Richard Thomas
    Richard Thomas 6 hours ago

    3/4 of the video is the host and mom blabbing skip ahead to 3:30 if you want to hear him play he’s great .

  • Alina Mitchelson
    Alina Mitchelson 6 hours ago

    I thought sorry Cane was coming for Steffy.

  • Alina Mitchelson
    Alina Mitchelson 6 hours ago

    Pretty designs

  • General Ripper
    General Ripper 6 hours ago

    Man I wish I had been there to take on that older and bigger dude who is walking up to Casey at the end.. Little coward is ganging up on a younger guy. What a loser.

  • Eloise Craig
    Eloise Craig 6 hours ago

    Good job

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 6 hours ago

    Ridge and Thomas and brook and

  • Randy Dubin
    Randy Dubin 6 hours ago

    And, this, my friends, is exactly why SWAT people need to be eradicated. They are the ultimate cold-blooded murderers and need to die in a genocide. Simple as that.

  • Mawwk
    Mawwk 6 hours ago


  • Becky Thomson
    Becky Thomson 6 hours ago

    I wish I was there so when the kid broke his legs I would jump on him and and repeatedly knock the shit out of him🤬

  • Trevor Johnston
    Trevor Johnston 6 hours ago

    I am a short sleeper

  • Jesse Torres
    Jesse Torres 6 hours ago

    Why does the priest look like Governor Andrew Cuomo?

  • Liza Williams
    Liza Williams 6 hours ago

    She is an idiot

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 6 hours ago

    Erica and Stephaine and pass way and

  • Freezing Freezzing
    Freezing Freezzing 7 hours ago


  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 7 hours ago

    Ridge and Erica son Stephaine son and Quinn and merry wedding day and messed up Erica and very sick and

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 7 hours ago

    Brook daughter killed Thomas son and Steffy Wyatt and laim and

  • Wayne Hoxit
    Wayne Hoxit 7 hours ago

    Was there a main reason Carol was extreme mad at her daughter just asking

  • Zaheen Ansari
    Zaheen Ansari 7 hours ago

    They got aa 12 gauge shotguns with suppressors

  • Mister Pfister Ayna Lee

    This guy has been telling it straight from day dot, take him at face value, not many Hollyweird celebrities come out and tell it like it is. If they can kill Isaac Kappy then Randy Quaid has very good ground for fearing the star whackers, a news anchor is not in the know as much as someone who has worked the inner machinations of this sordid business in Hollyweird for decades.

  • Lulu loves chipotle
    Lulu loves chipotle 7 hours ago

    His little run is so cute! Luv u alex. (You deserve the tony)

  • Monzter Films
    Monzter Films 7 hours ago

    Hey Harr.

  • GreenBlueXX
    GreenBlueXX 7 hours ago

    Can't nobody be serious those days.... So much idiots🙁

  • Tom Seadon
    Tom Seadon 7 hours ago

    That’s just amazing! What a God given talent.

  • Lulu loves chipotle
    Lulu loves chipotle 7 hours ago

    Hey folks! I’m AT THe tonYs!

  • Maurice Tyson
    Maurice Tyson 7 hours ago


  • Lupe Delg!dillo
    Lupe Delg!dillo 7 hours ago

    666 CHIP ALL 2020

  • Louie Garcia
    Louie Garcia 7 hours ago

    Y u give this guy air time a want to b gangster

  • Ernest Isaac
    Ernest Isaac 7 hours ago

    Mainly because insomnia I experienced wasn`t severe, and so I did not take it significantly. But about five years ago, my issue became worse. It is already a good sleep for me if I am able to sleep for 3 hours. Regularly, I couldn’t get myself to get sleep the whole night. I applied this particular course of action “Fαnvοkα Fawam” (Google it). Right on the spot, only on that moment only, I observed favorable effects. After a few days of making use of the treatment program, I was able to achieve Four to seven hours of excellent sleep. My sleep becomes a lot better daily.. .

  • Nickolas Christenson


  • Abdeezy Coogi
    Abdeezy Coogi 7 hours ago

    Hey you jst got robbed 😂😂

  • Dereon Carter
    Dereon Carter 8 hours ago

    I wish I knew my dad man

  • L uis Cruz
    L uis Cruz 8 hours ago

    They should all be investigated they are all greedy corrupt criminals

  • Hobo Sapien
    Hobo Sapien 8 hours ago

    I never liked Star Trek but I respect it. Finally got to see the fight.

  • chevanique johnson
    chevanique johnson 8 hours ago

    To everyone that is saying brooke should forgive thomas, if a man is doing what thomas is doing to y'all daughter would you forgive him? Just like ridge as to do right by his son, brook has to do the same for her daughter.

    • Lyricist Anonymous
      Lyricist Anonymous 6 hours ago

      Amen!!👏🏾👏🏾 it would be a different story if Thomas waa actually trying to change! All he does is scheme and connive. He let Hope think he was dead, he drugged Liam, ran Emma off the road, threatened to do the same thing to Flo and he's using his son as a bargaining chip to try to have sex with Hope. He's a piece of 💩

  • Dereon Carter
    Dereon Carter 8 hours ago

    Can someone answer me this? Why is it when black kids grow up and leave their communitys and get out into the real world they refuse to acknowledge that they came from these kind of households??? Or hell they refuse to acknowledge that most of they dna is from Africa? What's wrong with these ppl? They refuse to acknowledge something that's apart of them.

  • Jenelle Bacchus
    Jenelle Bacchus 8 hours ago


  • tony h
    tony h 8 hours ago

    msnbc loose a lot of viewers from letting Oberman go he was a good news guy the way he made news was fun to watch the news

  • AG Styles
    AG Styles 8 hours ago

    Them 2's are too nice

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 8 hours ago

    Keep sally Wyatt and not flo and

    SUSAN MCCONNELL 8 hours ago

    She's going to regret not listening her husband something's not right about this pharmacy men.🤔

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 8 hours ago

    Wyatt listen to your father and

  • joao luiz
    joao luiz 8 hours ago

    Suco de Fruta

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 8 hours ago

    Wyatt feel with flo and hurt pain sally and Quinn non business and

  • Helen Wiggins
    Helen Wiggins 8 hours ago

    Read the book. Running with Sherman by Crisopher McDougal

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 8 hours ago

    Wyatt hurt sally Quinn non business and flo and laim and Steffy Wyatt and

  • Pierreisna Archille
    Pierreisna Archille 8 hours ago

    Katie and billy and Wyatt and Steffy Wyatt merry wedding and laim and

  • Dolores Romo
    Dolores Romo 9 hours ago

    Unfortunately, Because Katherine Kelly Lange wanted more character development from the Producers, Brooke will not forgive Evil Thomas, therefore divorce papers are signed. But Ridge will be the one with Egg on his face with this story. lol Brooke can actually see The Forrest for the Trees and Ole fool Ridge cannot right now. He will get a very Rude awakening ,when he finally sees, he cannot help his Psychotic son and neither can , Thomas' mom, Taylor, a character who has some of these tendencies herself, Shooting Bill in cold blood and walking away,keeping this a :Big Secret"! So we will see Ridge with Nasty snake Shauna for a bit..but it will not last, us longtime viewers know this much! Brooke character is gaining more strength..and so this time she will not resort back to the bottle. Because she has one of the biggest hearts on this soap and usually does forgive.usually a crying sap.and folds . Because actress Katherine Kelly Lange wants more . accountability and more Courageousness for her character, this time she is holding her ground,something Ridge is not used to.This actress has the clout and talent to pull this off since she has been playing this character since day one,1987 on B&B! In the end, she will be The true Respected one..since she will be hard nosed and lose the love of her life least for a while anyway . So all you Shauna fans, enjoy while you can because we all know the end result. Have a blessed day all. By the way, I read a recent article this actress saying she asked for more development for her longtime character. You go Brooke!!!!!

  • The Warrior
    The Warrior 9 hours ago

    I never noticed that the .. cemetery man is blind in one eye!

  • Natalie Arreola
    Natalie Arreola 9 hours ago

    I don't believe anyone wants hope or Steffy to be with Liam. This has come down to the other girl losing. No matter about sense. This is just about gloating that one girl has him even if he's not worth having. Idk I could be wrong.

  • Sideshow Bob
    Sideshow Bob 9 hours ago

    I wouldn't pay that fat pig tricia a dollar for anything

  • Suely Almeida
    Suely Almeida 9 hours ago

    Random guy: get off my car fool Chris: how did he know my nickname ? Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😘

  • flxwercxrpse
    flxwercxrpse 9 hours ago

    My fav episode lmaoo

  • flxwercxrpse
    flxwercxrpse 9 hours ago

    Just finished both seasons and i want MORE

  • BeerGrills
    BeerGrills 9 hours ago

    Well done buddy!

  • Katie Brown
    Katie Brown 9 hours ago

    Mama drew took my chocalotes

  • S singh
    S singh 9 hours ago

    I had a near death experience when i was 12 and i met a lot of families from previous lives and i played with some of the children who told me that i was their mom. People come back over and over.

  • Katie Brown
    Katie Brown 9 hours ago

    Hey MARIO ya mama so stupid she throw a quarter back with some refuns

  • kedoh75
    kedoh75 9 hours ago

    Love the show it's hilarious.

  • Captain Freedom
    Captain Freedom 9 hours ago

    “Publically.” - CBS News

  • I’m racist because a liberal told me I was

    But people did mess with Joe

  • Jay Ara
    Jay Ara 9 hours ago

    Mike your full of wisdom.... you have my respect

  • jacksrandomadventures

    does anyone have an update?.. im too lazy to look for it myself

  • Audra Baldwin
    Audra Baldwin 9 hours ago

    Umm where are they hiding anything in those jeans really.

  • Mikael Gibson
    Mikael Gibson 9 hours ago

    I was playing this on my phone and playing it on my tv and it matched up!

  • Melanie K
    Melanie K 9 hours ago

    Poor broke hoe boo hoo she's getting her karma and ridge sign the papers and get rid of the trash broke is a hypocrite she begged forgiveness from everyone for everything she's done she has lied and slept with everyone hopeless only exist because her mother is a who're

  • Abraham Flores
    Abraham Flores 9 hours ago

    I liked that guy f dr phil

  • profnasty
    profnasty 9 hours ago

    Hereto fore Prince Andrew will be responsible for dog messes.

  • Bismarck
    Bismarck 9 hours ago

    The doolittle raid was superficial in damage. but it still had its intended effect. Showing Japan, "Hey, we can hit you too."

  • Liza Tanzawa
    Liza Tanzawa 10 hours ago

    This is so great! And I feel like I'm playing a game with my Uncle and Auntie!!!

  • madisonkai
    madisonkai 10 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me how Jason and Dr Pierce can have a relationship but Lisa and Sonny can’t? I don’t know anything about the military but isn’t Jason and Dr Pierce’s relationship a conflict of interest too?

  • Lena Jackson
    Lena Jackson 10 hours ago

    I THOUGHT he DIDN'T have sex with THE WANNA be pastor with AIDS...... 🤔🤔 he can't wash the smell OF DUDE cologne off your body. OH MY GOD

  • Legion
    Legion 10 hours ago

    *Melrose Place*