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  • Pabi Mashilo
    Pabi Mashilo 33 minutes ago

    A masterpiece🤩

  • StajiX
    StajiX 35 minutes ago

    0:48 dont use drugs kids

  • Felix Notbohm
    Felix Notbohm 52 minutes ago

    Advertisements are boring and annoying. But this one is different, this one tells us a story about one of the most successful and influential companies of our lifetime. Well done Mercedes❤

  • abdullox sharipov

    Very first time I want to watch an advertisement .. the guy who came up with this idea is just a true genius

  • [GD] GDasher
    [GD] GDasher Hour ago

    From regular old-timey cars to this? Dang. You can really see how Mercedes-Benz has improved over the years, decades, CENTURIES. Such a beautiful car. I really want to know how much this costs.

  • Tarik Kapetanović

    The car is legit pulsating

  • Abasi Mustafa
    Abasi Mustafa Hour ago

    Je t'aime Mercedes

  • rahim einollahi
    rahim einollahi 2 hours ago

    very nice car , it's good feel this moves♥

  • Endorion
    Endorion 2 hours ago

    The thing is who are these people? No one knows.

  • Rameez Pansari
    Rameez Pansari 2 hours ago

    Natural look 😍

  • blacknigga
    blacknigga 2 hours ago

    Do they still reply to peeps

  • Metro Thottin
    Metro Thottin 2 hours ago

    I love this Ad Only If It came on TV That Would Be Dope But I Can Tell This was An old Ad when The Weeknd First started He should Of Showed that Glow In The Dark Mercedes Benz With The See Thru Doors lol 😂

  • Pekka Gamer
    Pekka Gamer 2 hours ago

    Dream to own one of mercedes benz's cars in the future 👍

  • Pekka Gamer
    Pekka Gamer 2 hours ago

    ❤ Mercedes always have been a fan of mercedes Suvs

  • Sheldon Aubut
    Sheldon Aubut 2 hours ago

    I was sorely disappointed in this video. I do so love M-B, but to call this "off road" is an insult to all the people who take cars and trucks really off-road. This was maybe "off tarmac" or "on slightly unimproved roads" but not "off-road" by any stretch of the imagination. Here I was, waiting to see how it did in rock climbing or mud pits not just a little drive in the country.

  • K. Y . A
    K. Y . A 2 hours ago

    My Heart ❤️ Legend ❤️

  • Den im
    Den im 3 hours ago

    This is not Hollywood, this is Mercedes and real!

  • Antonio Sasso Garcia Filho

    Wonderful scenario! Wonderful car! Regards from Brazil

  • Mohamed FalleeS
    Mohamed FalleeS 3 hours ago

    I'm Mercedes😍😘❤❤❤❤💯

  • Den im
    Den im 3 hours ago

    This is quality... Only the best!

  • joseph schotman
    joseph schotman 3 hours ago

    I love mercedes espacially the g63😍😍😍

    • joseph schotman
      joseph schotman 2 hours ago

      The hight and the speed and the doors just everething i have a little version with the best details😍😍

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 2 hours ago

      Good choice! What's your favourite thing about that beauty? 😍

    • joseph schotman
      joseph schotman 3 hours ago


  • Dong Zakhai
    Dong Zakhai 4 hours ago

    The toy cars have magnets

  • Saqib Zaman
    Saqib Zaman 4 hours ago

    What a sick advert👏 love history and story and origins in adverts reminds the company and people where it came from as well as the heritage

    • Saqib Zaman
      Saqib Zaman 2 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz unfortunately not yet but hopefully dont have a car yet in uni when I finish will deffo try

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 2 hours ago

      Wow, you've got great taste, Saqib! Do you have a star of your own? 🙂

    • Saqib Zaman
      Saqib Zaman 3 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz 😍 love the cars epcially the matte charcoal grey amg a class the roadman car if the year in the uk

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      That's exactly what we were going for! 🤩

  • Милый TV
    Милый TV 4 hours ago

    I was fan of a ML series and New GLE is my dream car. I will buy it for sure one day!

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      We look forward to seeing some pics of you with your future dream car so be sure to keep us posted! 😍

  • F_rdi
    F_rdi 4 hours ago

    Why does the 250 Car has 4 different Adaptive Option (like steering) and the Cla45s only has 3?!? I don't get it...

    • F_rdi
      F_rdi 2 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz well okay, it's fast enough anyway 😂

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 2 hours ago

      Different models have different features. 🙂

  • Aditya Thakur
    Aditya Thakur 4 hours ago

    Mercedes will like my comment. Because LOL M SPORTS 👎

  • nuray kaya
    nuray kaya 4 hours ago

    Mercedes I love you so much😍😍♥️😍❤. İf you answer to my question I am happy. Samsung or apple ?

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      We love you too! 😍 Can we choose both? 🤷‍♂️

  • axe
    axe 4 hours ago

    this is great i have just been funded with 💥$5463 they are so amazing through this link:👉 👉

  • Sourav Banerjee
    Sourav Banerjee 4 hours ago


  • D Vikend
    D Vikend 4 hours ago


    SHIVAM SHARMA 5 hours ago

    ⚘💞❤💞❤💞🎉😘💞❤💞❤💞❤ love merc Always💖💘

    TODAY'S TRUTH 5 hours ago

    World's Best Car Brand=Mercedes-Benz♥️

  • Ahmad Azzam
    Ahmad Azzam 5 hours ago

    I hope if I can get it 🥺

    • Ahmad Azzam
      Ahmad Azzam 3 hours ago

      Mercedes-Benz I haven’t a enough money 💰🥺😭

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      Just pay a visit to your nearest dealership! 😉

  • Artes Pintura Ana Estrela


  • alperrrrrrrrr
    alperrrrrrrrr 5 hours ago

    Nice but not a w123.. The best car ever made by mercedes is the 123.

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      We agree that the W123 is a great car but this one's not too bad either! Why don't you head over to your local dealership and ask for a test drive? 😉

    AUDI BLU 5 hours ago

    Good car

  • Dark S
    Dark S 5 hours ago

    no one can beat merc😈😈

  • Blodershade Donald productions

    Why did i do this

    • Blodershade Donald productions
      Blodershade Donald productions 2 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz Hit the cars front to front. It seems like everyone did it. +my dad owns a 2015 CLS one of the best cars we ever had 👍 But i think the cars should shut down when they hit front to front.

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      Do what? 🤔

  • DdAaVvIiDd
    DdAaVvIiDd 5 hours ago

    RIP Jess. She had a great personality and what a great car review

  • Hamza Rzayev
    Hamza Rzayev 5 hours ago

    Llooovee mersedes benz amg

  • DdAaVvIiDd
    DdAaVvIiDd 5 hours ago

    My only cars will be Mercedes-Benz!!!!!!!

  • DdAaVvIiDd
    DdAaVvIiDd 5 hours ago

    Like universal healthcare, America won’t allow the advanced headlight technology that Mercedes has in Europe

  • DdAaVvIiDd
    DdAaVvIiDd 5 hours ago

    The GLC is my favorite car

  • Supercars in Greece
    Supercars in Greece 5 hours ago

    My favorite manufacturer! Lovely cabriolet!

  • jurassic cip
    jurassic cip 5 hours ago

    MERCEDES i love you 🚗😝❤👍

  • MAN 008
    MAN 008 5 hours ago

    Love Mercedes Life Mercedes World Mercedes Dream Mercedes My everything is Mercedes I love you Mercedes You are the best

  • Amisha Pawshe
    Amisha Pawshe 5 hours ago

    I love it

  • Oguzhan Ceylan
    Oguzhan Ceylan 5 hours ago

    Liked before watch the full video Why? Cuz mercedes

  • Fabi
    Fabi 5 hours ago


  • Mercedes-Benz
    Mercedes-Benz 5 hours ago

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    • Rameez Pansari
      Rameez Pansari 2 hours ago

      Mercedes-Benz hey Mercedes I'd like to give a secret suggestion to

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 2 hours ago

      It definitely is! 😍

    • ammar siddiqui
      ammar siddiqui 3 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz true and hey in all seriousness that mercedes in this videos seems perfect for driving down these beautiful roads

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      Well, remember that dreams can come true! 😉

    • ammar siddiqui
      ammar siddiqui 4 hours ago

      ahh its my dream to one day live in a house which is in a wooded area like that and Beautiful BEAUTIFUL car on those roads and this ad makes me want that even more

  • Ricky P
    Ricky P 6 hours ago

    1:54 is my favorite, guy stealing the emblem

  • Humayoon Hussain
    Humayoon Hussain 6 hours ago

    Who is here after Blinding Lights Music Video? 🔥

  • ZeroCal90
    ZeroCal90 6 hours ago

    I wonder how mercedes always come with the best looking and beautiful cars

    • ZeroCal90
      ZeroCal90 5 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz hehe

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 5 hours ago

      Unfortunately, we can't reveal all our secrets! 😜

  • Fudz fanz 2007
    Fudz fanz 2007 6 hours ago

    You should team up with auto art they make the best diecast ever

  • Flameyy
    Flameyy 6 hours ago


  • The Punisher
    The Punisher 6 hours ago

    Das beste oder nichts Mercedes Benz

  • Patrick Sieber
    Patrick Sieber 7 hours ago

    To be honest... i am a big BMW fan and owner ... ... but i went to a Mercedes Dealer after i saw this! He was very nice and kind... still, the car was too expensive for us :( :D

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 5 hours ago

      Maybe paying another visit to your local dealership could prove useful... our colleagues there might be able to help you out and hook you up! 🙂

    • Patrick Sieber
      Patrick Sieber 6 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz Far from realistic :( We are trying to get a small camper van...but the new Vito (even used) is to high in price :P

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 6 hours ago

      We're glad this video managed to sway you in our direction, Patrick! Hopefully, there will be other models which are more within your price range. 🙂

    NORMAL GUY 7 hours ago

    You actually can if you make the car go fast and just push it together in high speed or just crash it from the back

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 6 hours ago

      The magnets will always prevent that from happening! 😉

  • Huawei Chan
    Huawei Chan 7 hours ago

    But the glc 300 in my country doesn't come with 48v, Maybe only for LHD Europe market

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 6 hours ago

      Once again, the best thing we recommend is to get a diagnosis from your nearest official Mercedes Benz dealership. We are sure that our colleagues have the adequate technological expertise to advise the best course of action for your circumstances. 🙂

  • Tonie Solomon
    Tonie Solomon 7 hours ago

    what is that square knob thing behind the navigation pad is that the gear

  • Agustín José Arenas Bobenrieth

    A Mercedes test drive from Mercedes...

  • Roelant Verhoeven
    Roelant Verhoeven 8 hours ago

    "a witch" trains had been around for 60 years... and there had been vehicles with an internal combustion engine before :p sorry to rain on your parade Mercedes

  • Θανος Χεφνερ

    I give a shit for them, they think are lions in the jungle of citizen All of them have a bug of drugs and live a life in utopia And some day they cry because they broke or make sick because of this way of life

  • Ayoife Oni
    Ayoife Oni 8 hours ago

    The first car I ever drove was my mom's Mercedes-Benz, it was love at first drive. And I've promised myself that I'm definitely buying myself at least two Mercedes-Benz cars. Maybe someday even work with you guys :)

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 6 hours ago

      We love your ambition! 😍 And 'love at first drive' has such a great ring to it... mind if we steal? 😜

  • Ro Ke
    Ro Ke 8 hours ago

    Like my dream car🙈

  • BS Motorsport
    BS Motorsport 8 hours ago

    Need to drive it 👍

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 6 hours ago

      Just head over to your local dealership and ask for a test drive. 😉

  • ga-ga szpital
    ga-ga szpital 8 hours ago

    The next STAR is born.

    • ga-ga szpital
      ga-ga szpital 6 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz 💪🏻🎅🏻

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 6 hours ago

      And it's so bright, it will 'blind' you! Geddit? 😜

  • Rares Tucaciuc
    Rares Tucaciuc 9 hours ago

    I cried of joy, happiness and hope. Best video and story EVER !!! Respect!

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 8 hours ago

      Wow, that makes us so happy to hear! 🥰

  • Salma Belcourt
    Salma Belcourt 9 hours ago

    I love Abel’s singing voice and talking voice 🥰👌🏽

  • Brigno Tovar
    Brigno Tovar 10 hours ago

    This looks like a Movie trailer...

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 9 hours ago

      Does it make you want to watch the full movie? 🙂

  • Hshs Vshhd
    Hshs Vshhd 10 hours ago

    Esque es the weeknd en el anucio wow 😮😮😮 por eso esta tan hermoso el video

  • Suriyan S
    Suriyan S 10 hours ago

    I like the car.......

  • Suriyan S
    Suriyan S 10 hours ago


  • Sara MMA
    Sara MMA 10 hours ago


  • Its_Jeuno
    Its_Jeuno 10 hours ago

    I really like the design of the CLA over the A class, though sadly I can't get one since I can't drive yet in my country :(

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 7 hours ago

      Don't be too sad about that cos your time will come soon enough! 😉

  • panamaUE
    panamaUE 10 hours ago

    Im going to buy one now

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 9 hours ago

      You won't regret it! And make sure to play the song in it while you're coasting down the highway. 😉

  • NiCo
    NiCo 11 hours ago

    Best luxury SUV in the segment 😍👌🏼. But please please please Mercedes: bring the CLS Shooting Brake back! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😍

    • NiCo
      NiCo 6 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz 🙏🏼🙏🏼😍

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 7 hours ago

      We're glad you like it. 🥰 We'll see what we can do about the Shooting Brake but no promises!

  • karl el
    karl el 11 hours ago

    My dream I just wanna say "What do you mean, I drive a Mercedes!"

  • Shamut on EV’s
    Shamut on EV’s 12 hours ago

    What’s this? Corporate BS pretending to be a genuine YT review?

    • Shamut on EV’s
      Shamut on EV’s 10 hours ago

      Coolio Kaliba as an MA in English I have to admit I wasn’t aware that showcase meant “corporate BS disguised as sth else”. Daimler clearly not in touch with the times

    • Coolio Kaliba
      Coolio Kaliba 11 hours ago

      Shamut on EV’s heard about showcase?

  • Ramnath Iyer
    Ramnath Iyer 12 hours ago

    Genuinely an amazing machine....a beautiful BENZ SUV

  • Nishad S
    Nishad S 12 hours ago

    The Weekend : can we use your car on our music video ! Mercedes : Only if we could use your music on our ad !

  • Nishad S
    Nishad S 12 hours ago

    Mercedes should invest in electric cars

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 12 hours ago

      We are already putting a lot of resources into our electric model ranges. It just takes time, because we want them to be perfect! 😉

  • Cesc Fran
    Cesc Fran 13 hours ago

    0:12 ? 1:57 !

  • Egooktamuck
    Egooktamuck 13 hours ago

    First of all, Mercedes should get a grip on the problem with the poorly manufactured seats of the GLE!

  • I TV
    I TV 15 hours ago

    - Is it The Weeknd playing in your Mercedes? - What do you mean? It is the default playlist

  • Gairick
    Gairick 16 hours ago

    #FNCWIN lets fking go

  • Bharat Chauhan
    Bharat Chauhan 17 hours ago

    is that Mr. JWW?

  • yoga asix
    yoga asix 17 hours ago

    The iDrive are better (Matt Watson) 😁

  • Yas Pat
    Yas Pat 17 hours ago

    Very poor video! Still need to prove that it’s a good off reader. This video shows an suv driving in towns and country side. Something which all cars do.

  • shadowflare99
    shadowflare99 18 hours ago

    Canada.... Canada... Canada pleasssseeeeee!

  • Y
    Y 19 hours ago

    Is it 2019 ??

  • Dana Olson
    Dana Olson 19 hours ago

    My 2008 GL450 may need valve guide seals replaced. No garage will touch it, saying the car is now worthless and they don't feel right taking my money. The owner of the largest independent Mercedes shop near me went so far as to say he personally will never buy another Mercedes again, as they are now so complex and unreliable. I hope it lasts long enough so I can replace it with an electric SUV. Sadly repairs average out to $500 per month for these things.

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 13 hours ago

      Hi Dana, we are sorry to hear you have problems with your Mercedes-Benz. We do advise you to visit an official Mercedes-Benz Workshop, they will be able to guide you to your best possible option. If you let us know your location, we can help you.

  • Petar Kresoja
    Petar Kresoja 20 hours ago

    8:32 add this to B class, it would look so mad

  • Petar Kresoja
    Petar Kresoja 20 hours ago

    Sadly i can only afford a GLC... Nah just kidding i drive W211 daily, 280cdi

  • Raskolnificacion
    Raskolnificacion 20 hours ago

    Dear me of the future: Enjoy your ride at Shenzhen with your brand new Mercedes Benz.

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 7 hours ago

      Looking forward to seeing them! 🥰

    • Raskolnificacion
      Raskolnificacion 11 hours ago

      @Mercedes-Benz I will certainly do, uncle MB

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 13 hours ago

      Dear you of the future, don't forget to share pictures with us, of your ride! 😉

  • jironmeister
    jironmeister 20 hours ago

    But not 4 Hi Range

  • MAN 008
    MAN 008 20 hours ago

    Mercedes every car is the best This car like a monster Best car ever Love you Mercedes

  • Aditya Kad
    Aditya Kad 21 hour ago

    My favourite SUV❤️❤️

  • Richard
    Richard 21 hour ago

    Isn't this the 2020? Not 2019

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 3 hours ago

      We can assure you that it's the 2019 model but we released the video to promote it this year. Nothing contradictory about that in our opinion. 🙂

    • Richard
      Richard 11 hours ago

      Mercedes-Benz : of course you can promote it in 2020. But if your channel is part of Mercedes Daimler company, then this contradicts your website. And just about every other website and channel. The car in this video appears to be the 2020 model.

    • Mercedes-Benz
      Mercedes-Benz 12 hours ago

      The model was released in 2019. That doesn't mean we cannot promote it in 2020. 😉

  • Adam
    Adam 21 hour ago

    Well played