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STASIS BONE TOTEM brings you to the terror of the deep sea after deep space, where the ancient ones await alongside fleshy manmade horrors and malevolent AI.
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00:00 - Intro
00:19 - Standalone Sequel
00:52 - Game Premise
03:18 - Visuals
08:40 - Music & Sound Design
11:30 - Gameplay Mechanics
14:19 - Story
16:14 - Story (SPOILERS)
36:55 - Conclusions
37:47 - Credits
38:53 - Voices
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  • Nephrak
    Nephrak 10 hours ago

    absolutely badass sound design. I hope whoever did it gets recognized for their work.

  • Officer Hotpants
    Officer Hotpants 12 hours ago

    Boy. "Plapatine" means something _really_ different now.

  • David Green
    David Green 12 hours ago

    Another game series that EA ran into the ground.

  • RedLiquid
    RedLiquid 16 hours ago

    4 years in the making, after being teased in unreal world it's finally here.

  • Remnault
    Remnault 18 hours ago

    So wait, is it implying the wife gave birth to one of the hybrids? I’m slow so I think I missed something.

  • Dabin Buh
    Dabin Buh 19 hours ago

    I still think it's so stupid they're in an airlock with the pressure of atmosphere sucking on them and she has the strength and time to shoot what should be an unbreakable window lmao... and she survives

  • AlmightyGatsby
    AlmightyGatsby 19 hours ago

    Crazy this video is the reason i played gothic snd i syill come back and watch

  • José Malta
    José Malta 20 hours ago

    Imagine if the artists of this game made Sacrifice 2! They would make magic, they would commit magic!!

  • inspector gadget
    inspector gadget 20 hours ago

    27:45 Wait why are there conveyor belts, keyboards, and fluorescent lights in a fantasy game?

  • DEES • 1second ago
    DEES • 1second ago 22 hours ago

    game useing ai generated images took alot away from its quality

  • Supercohboy
    Supercohboy 22 hours ago

    27:17 Aaand Calaban is a fallen angel, having been dumped into the sea to literally fall deep into the depths. That's a clever bit of symbolism, these devs never cease to impress.

  • Krossy
    Krossy Day ago

    Matt Shipman is fuckin wild

  • kitghost1
    kitghost1 Day ago

    Its like my third time watching this and i didnt realize till now that you have named your bots haze and nieve jesus christ

  • keatonf0x
    keatonf0x Day ago

    I need to play this

  • Munt
    Munt Day ago

    I never considered that colonial marines used the extinction system but I played the shit out of that game as a kid and just thought it was default canon

  • angermyode
    angermyode Day ago

    Apparently the homeless guy doesn't die.

  • History Nerd
    History Nerd Day ago

    I can see why people dislike act 4, but I didn't find it all that bad. It's the shortest chapter by far. Sure, rotating the camera can get annoying, but overall I thought it was okay. I was glad to get back to Drezen though.

  • roach
    roach Day ago

    Wtf 😂

  • ithink iagree
    ithink iagree Day ago

    Ye Ye - Ye

  • Nicolas Quidam

    Typically my favorite type of game. Haaa... Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Ruins of Myth Drannor... and their worthy heir Kingmaker then Wrath of the Righteous. So many unforgettable and timeless adventures whose style has still not aged. The rules from Pathfinder First Edition are great and can emulate just about anything you want in medieval fantasy. Unfortunately, the rules of the second edition no longer have anything to do with those of the first, it is a real disaster, I hope that Owlcat Games never makes a game on them (that would be suicidal). On the other hand, where we really expect them is on Starfinder (the SF space version of Pathfinder first edition), because after Wrath of the Righteous it would be the way to easily change register while keeping the same mechanics. After managing a barony then an army, this time it would be a question of managing the health and evolution of a starship (like Star Trek, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy) alongside exploration. Which would be much more interesting than a barony or an army. While exploring various planets and space stations. Starfinder, like its med-fan counterpart, allows you to emulate almost anything you want in SF (Space Opera or Cyberpunk). From Robocop to Han Solo, via Cowboy Bebop or the Jedi. What joy in a game like Wrath of the Righteous. And then are there many SF space games like Baldur's Gate? Because I've never seen one. This would be the opportunity. ^_^

  • Artistical
    Artistical Day ago

    I still can't get over the fact that Alberich's voice actor, David Gasman, is the same voice actor behind Rayman, Twinsen (from Little Big Adventure 2), Cutter Slade (from Outcast), Pey'j (from Beyond Good & Evil), and at least a third of David Cage's games. The guy has impressive range.

  • AnimelapsenHakkaaja

    Alan Wake has qr code

  • Noah Pippart
    Noah Pippart Day ago


  • dither8
    dither8 Day ago

    Game literally looks like a gmod skit half the time

  • The Drunken Coward

    I have a theory about the Myrkridia and the Summoner. What if... those aren't the Myrkridia? But just powerful bat monsters used to bolster Soulblighters army that are GIVEN the name of Myrkridia to strike immediate fear into anyone facing them. Like, a propaganda move. I mean, we are TOLD it is the Myrkridia, but by whom? Mostly by the bad guys. And the characters are convinced these are the Myrkridia, because they ARE fairly awful. They MUST be the Myrkridia. Until you sit down and think about it and wonder - ARE they the Myrkridia? The Summoner might also be under the impression that they are Myrkridia and that he IS the man spoken of in legend, bringing back the Myrkridia, which would explain both his sudden appearance, boisterous mannerisms and then just as sudden - and uncommented - death. He WAS powerful, in that he summoned an army of soldiers, but... those weren't Myrkridia and he is not the second coming of Jesus Mykridi-ist. I enjoy this theory mostly because it makes the Myrkridia faceless again.

  • Leandro Gado
    Leandro Gado Day ago

    30:56 pog

  • מלכ כדורים


  • Zaziki Komo
    Zaziki Komo Day ago

    "You can't survive by just hiding." Oh I beg to differ. I have wedged furniture into impossible-to-move positions and created bases where the only time I need to do anything at night is to throw a flare down because of a Darkness event.

  • YayapLives
    YayapLives Day ago

    Silly mandalore, clearly the camera was programmed like that to add headbobbing for extra realism.

    LEX SAN Day ago

    In my opinion for sure a hidden classic ❤

  • forealdo
    forealdo Day ago

    Having come back to this after the Myth videos, Kostaltyn reminds me a lot of the Deceiver

  • Pocket Infinity
    Pocket Infinity 2 days ago

    "If I wanted to see China fight over some ocean rocks I could watch the news" --MandaloreGaming, 2019

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown 2 days ago

    I'm not even fully into the video , but I like how they named him moses considering the origin of the name as said in Exodus.

  • MrClauExe
    MrClauExe 2 days ago

    "story passes into myth"....hold on, like the game myth? Why the fucking rabbit hole is so deep

  • Zed C
    Zed C 2 days ago

    5:45 i think we should put banban in the spine remover

  • Cole and his videos

    Im gonna stop the video a quarter through and play this myself I love unironic cringe edge

  • Sibel
    Sibel 2 days ago

    3:26 Are you sure those are 3d? They look more like sprites tbh.

  • Hershcream
    Hershcream 2 days ago

    Fck 6 years ago u made this and i am just now thinking about getting into it

  • Rusty Blader
    Rusty Blader 2 days ago

    Im laughing so hard because i have never seen a game make a protagonist to be such an ass hole youre supposed to root for its kinda hilarious haha.

  • Spartan-P0351
    Spartan-P0351 2 days ago

    I recently bought the 10th anniversary edition on steam for like 12 bucks and ive had the most fun ive ever had in a game in a while. Having knowledge of the lore before hand helped me get immersed into the gameplay and enjoy every orc i smashed. Best parts of the game were the jetpack missions. WE MARCH FOR MACRAGGE!

  • Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue 2 days ago

    Half of this video i 'watched' with my palm covering the screen on the phone...

  • Rusty Blader
    Rusty Blader 2 days ago

    I wonder if this game is why we didnt get anymore norse mythology games for a long time after lol

  • Aegis
    Aegis 2 days ago

    Ironically, the only thing that could kill halo was itself.

  • Post-Frog
    Post-Frog 2 days ago

    the AI thing really is sad):

  • Tempura Calipso
    Tempura Calipso 2 days ago

    11:30 WHAT DO YOU MEAN MANDY PLAYED FAUST SEVEN GAMES OF THE SOUL, WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN, WHERE IS THE FOOTAGE??!?!?! edit: I'm going to lose my mind if this game becomes this year's Halloween vid

  • FFIXisdashit
    FFIXisdashit 2 days ago

    Gothic Classic was just added to switch the other day 😂 reminded me of this video years ago 🤩

  • 71[50]7
    71[50]7 2 days ago

    I was suspicious when I first saw the art used here, but after looking at Twitter I'm thinking it was deliberate: F&H video coming next month?

  • Boran
    Boran 2 days ago

    Wish all the internet reviewers were just as good as you

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 days ago

    I'm upset that nobody has pointed out that the narrator of the game is grandpa max