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  • richard king
    richard king 25 days ago

    Nice. Nice to see my dad there. I do miss him.

  • Dov Landzbaum
    Dov Landzbaum 4 months ago

    Why is the vid on its side??? It's annoying.

  • Jeremy Mccardle
    Jeremy Mccardle 5 months ago

    I love the bike but get anoyed when people pur the seat clamps on backwards

  • E World
    E World Year ago

    We tasted Eddy's fried noodle tonight. Sooo delicious! Thanks Eddy.

  • shafiq mustafa
    shafiq mustafa Year ago

    Hi, im after a mint condition Kuwahara laser light 1983 or 84 willing to pay £1500.

  • Laserlite 3000
    Laserlite 3000 Year ago

    What ya think of those 2019 reissues?

  • Debii Deruelas
    Debii Deruelas Year ago

    Nice video. But, stop throwing your harmonicas around.

  • gdub454
    gdub454 Year ago

    Why do you have hideous gold sprocket & cranks on a chrome & blue bike?..are you retarded or somethin?..

    • gdub454
      gdub454 Year ago

      OK..Bruins colors..makes perfect sense good enough for me...later

    • cooknengr
      cooknengr Year ago

      Because Blue and gold is UCLA bruins color.....i thought it look pretty cool that the all blue or all gold . personal preference.Nope, I just responded to your question whether I am retarded or something...

    • gdub454
      gdub454 Year ago

      OK ..great you have a engineering degree from UCLA..good for you...still doesnt answer my question of why you have almost orange sprocket & cranks on a chrome & blue were so excited to tell me about your degree that your ADD kicked in and you forgot..I guess

  • Michael U
    Michael U Year ago

    I have a NOS yellow pad set for that bike willing to sell it if you want it

  • Mik
    Mik 2 years ago

    Very nice Bro keep up the good work. Brings back some nice memories. Im in the process of doing up my old KY-1 which I had since I was 11 Cant wait to get it running again

  • Rahul Sudra
    Rahul Sudra 4 years ago

    Kickstand and reflector pedals need to go

    • Damage, Inc.
      Damage, Inc. 4 years ago

      @Rahsta Monsta That shit is OG, fuckoff.

  • faizal edid
    faizal edid 6 years ago


  • werkis2
    werkis2 7 years ago

    Fine!i have learned many tehniques bends, overblow, little bit overdrawing , octave playing, beatbox + harmonica, vibrato tehniques and many other things altought i am not very musical person so progress is slow but atleast i can use thoes tehniques. Lee Oskars are fine only one i realy had probles was Lee Oskar HiG. Now i like Golden Melody, Suzuki Harpmaster, Promaster, Hammond, Lee Oskar. I also have suzuki manji which is great for overblow and bends but i feel very uncomfortable playing it .

  • Penkala Productions
    Penkala Productions 7 years ago

    @BetoTheButcher I believe the first one he plays is the hohner

  • xelather alexander
    xelather alexander 8 years ago

    hi i have the exact same bike. i was wondering how much i could sell it for because it has some rust on it or if u know how to remove the rust so it looks shiny again that would be great if you could help me out

  • Tek
    Tek 8 years ago

    Nice bikes, man. I have a Kuwi too. Apollo version though but it does say Kuwahara down the sides. My uncle has one as well KZ-1 or 2. I'm not sure. He's the one that gave me my Kuwi and got me into this hobby. He also has a SkyWay and RedLine.

  • catabolismo
    catabolismo 8 years ago

    may be the honner sounds a little better, but the lee oscar it´s easier to play . honner harps also are more easy to break.

  • Fil Klam
    Fil Klam 8 years ago

    hey I have that chrome osaka kuwahara padset in near mint, any guess what that's worth? I'm guessing about a 100 USD

    BLUELIONFILMS 8 years ago

    Any idea what this worm is and how to control it??.. I have the same issue with my corn here in florida...

  • kandenk
    kandenk 8 years ago

    Inspiring. God Bless You Yvonne :)

  • Eugene Ng
    Eugene Ng 8 years ago

    you are a miracle

  • Eugene Ng
    Eugene Ng 8 years ago

    God bless..

  • netmatrix75
    netmatrix75 8 years ago

    U just need an Araya wheels to complete it. hahaha

  • 60spastlife
    60spastlife 8 years ago

    I'm really diggin' the 83 and the 2.5s, especially the "rider" ET.

  • H1zzy
    H1zzy 8 years ago

    thanks 4 your video

  • Beto Buche
    Beto Buche 8 years ago

    which is the higher pitched one? the one he played first? I like that one.

  • brianwurst1234
    brianwurst1234 8 years ago

    Kuwahara was a division of Schwinn?

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 9 years ago

    I like the hohner better.

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 9 years ago

    AcCtually, I used a cheap Canon ELPH, in the State its SD1000

  • Aestheticpassion
    Aestheticpassion 9 years ago

    Nice movie what camera did you use to transfer it

  • BullHorn
    BullHorn 9 years ago

    They all sound great.. question is, which one feels better?

  • The Zec
    The Zec 9 years ago

    I had a Kuwahara, chrome/blue with Maxy Cross cranks when I was a kid. Man I loved that bike.

  • Keri Betti
    Keri Betti 9 years ago

    Hey.. Sorry to tell you, but you are not doing an overblow. you are doing a b low bend (very badly) You can only do an overdraw on hole 10. It is a semitone higher than the 10 blow. i plan to put a few vids up soon. check out my channel: indigobluenz (not just yet because it is empty atm)Keep it up dude ;-)

  • Dave Mustaine
    Dave Mustaine 9 years ago

    Beautiful collection of OS Kuwa's you have. Love them Shimano DX's...sweeet!!

  • Ly Nhan
    Ly Nhan 9 years ago

    how can u bend hole 10 like that ?

  • ThunderHead72
    ThunderHead72 9 years ago

    This is an amazing collection, I especially like the one at 2:33, I think it's the blue tires and blue metallic brake calipers that caught my eye. When I was a kid I had a red bmx that had blue snakebelly tread tires, oh the memories! Take care of those bikes, man! (And I had E.T. flashbacks watching this vid for some reason, lol!)

  • mike hawksafloppin
    mike hawksafloppin 9 years ago

    Nice bunny hop!

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 9 years ago

    It's a aluminum, oldschool kick stand, made in the USA.

  • Andy C
    Andy C 9 years ago

    what kickstand is on those bikes?

  • Emily Block
    Emily Block 9 years ago

    Hi Yvonne its em from Australia i bought your book and we emailed. Wishing you all the best in your recovery hon! xo

  • saifulizhan
    saifulizhan 9 years ago

    laser post, laser bar, sugino one peace crank, elina seats, tange lock nuts....gosh i can still smell my childhood bike....this brings back memories

  • Xia Gu Cao
    Xia Gu Cao 9 years ago

    it seems so delicious on what u ate..

  • TheSonicmule
    TheSonicmule 9 years ago

    closer, i can almost smell it.

  • scaryleary
    scaryleary 9 years ago

    lovely bike.. but pull them bars back a tad..

  • David Cryer
    David Cryer 9 years ago

    HI Love your bikes always been a fan of the Kuwahara.I am curently restoring my first bike bought in 1980 Perth WA itls the first model a single guset black and gold.Been collecting NOS parts neerly complete will post a vid when finished.

  • werkis2
    werkis2 9 years ago

    HE he lee oskar lose funny need so much power to get soemthing out from lee oskar 10 hole eh im think i should buy special 20

  • Adam lancaster
    Adam lancaster 10 years ago

    lol stfu you lil cuntbags, maybe he cooked it up...

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 10 years ago

    Someday..I'll post on BMX museum.

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 10 years ago

    The frame ran me $550 or so, I got the rest of NOS parts during a trip to Borneo island. I think with the current market price, NOS part on the laser it's in hte $2000 range,

  • Rosco6767
    Rosco6767 10 years ago

    I had the Kuwahara Magician Expert back in the late 80's. Loved that bike, but some asswipe stole it from the local 711 lol.

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 10 years ago

    Blackwidoe: Aiyah, deleted your comment by accident, I also like the Chung Chang comment, genius that I am.

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 10 years ago

    Various, late 70s

  • Franksetsfire
    Franksetsfire 10 years ago

    Hi , those of the days .You got a cool collection , I used to have a KZ frame with own assembled parts , but got stolen 18 years ago . I really want that ET the whole set , though its actually a high tensile still frame , its REALLY got that nostalgic value , My friend and i dying to find one of these recently . Sugino stem , Dia compe brake all that , drooling while thinking it lols . Are u in BMX musuem web too ?

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 10 years ago

    These are oldschool bikes, Kuwahara is Japanese brand, so I thought Japanese parts would be more appropriate. The Shimano pedal goes with the Shimano DX crank sets which are extremely rare. Btw, the last Shimano DX pedal I saw on ebay was $500 a pair ...

  • matbulem
    matbulem 10 years ago

    Awesome, just awesome. That ET elina seat, I had one, and the Dia Compe brake levers..too. I wish to restore one !

  • Schlagzeugsau
    Schlagzeugsau 10 years ago

    Hohner Rock´s !!! Great !

  • konichiwa8911
    konichiwa8911 10 years ago

    Thanks for posting it!! Good Joob!!

  • blackwidowkickass
    blackwidowkickass 10 years ago

    That's precious memory. Glad dad was into all these recording, filming and family photographing.

  • Karthik Karunanithy
    Karthik Karunanithy 10 years ago


  • The Zec
    The Zec 11 years ago

    I had one of these 25 years or so ago. Maxy Cross cranks, had the Cal Lite Kuwahara pads, I loved that bike.

  • Jess91296
    Jess91296 11 years ago

    WAT DA HELL IS THIS A LIVING NIGHT MARE?! Well the music is kind of chatchy!? What the HELL AM I SAYING!

  • gladessa francia Pili
    gladessa francia Pili 11 years ago

    you've got to see them perform at the Highlands! Sal (the second guy) is the crowds fave...super sexy!

  • Urban x44x
    Urban x44x 11 years ago

    nice concert

  • joseth leon
    joseth leon 11 years ago

    el mejor q rico....diooossssssssss.........att jeans

  • nuskaha
    nuskaha 11 years ago

    great vid,thankyou for sharing those bikes,i had an ET, i bought it in 1982 at a cost of £184 ,i so wish i still had it.all the best mate.

  • paulloots
    paulloots 11 years ago

    Those bikes are awesome. Takes me back to the 80's. Nice job !!!!

  • theorabbit
    theorabbit 11 years ago

    omg! why would u wanna kill a crab and put it on youtube? thats cruel! creatures eat other creatures, its natural. but not to put the creature as much pain as possible. put the knife in quite deep quickly dont just stab softly and wait for the innocent crab to internally bleed to death!

  • cooknengr
    cooknengr 11 years ago

    as lame as you buddy,? I live in L.A. and went there during Christmas.

  • blackwidowkickass
    blackwidowkickass 11 years ago

    gosh... good that you didn't hold his underwear. suai one you know

  • Mike Rowledge
    Mike Rowledge 11 years ago

    did u rally find that savage in a dumpster i want it ill buy it i want sooooo bad!!!!

  • Mike Rowledge
    Mike Rowledge 11 years ago

    lol u didnt find that savage did u? i want it soooo bad!

  • Djboy
    Djboy 12 years ago

    Can we have some more videos like this of the Hollywood Men doing their routines please! please! please!

  • Christian Noli
    Christian Noli 12 years ago

    Ok the music is annoying but who can deny is the most unforgetable song in the world? You listen it just once and it lasts in your brain forever!! (for good or bad...)

  • jawharp
    jawharp 12 years ago


  • Tiny S
    Tiny S 12 years ago

    man i watch stuff that most people would consider sick (snake's swallowing prey live and other stuff like that... not that i do it i just watch the vids other people make) but this... this is just sick man u have some serious problems if u actually enjoy doing this to animals. same to the people who actually enjoyed watching this shit.

  • Dustin Lach
    Dustin Lach 12 years ago

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  • famouses
    famouses 13 years ago

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  • Falconry
    Falconry 13 years ago

    that was really mean,even if it was just twiching muscle, you shouldent hurt any animle unless you are going to eat it, and if you do do it as painless as possible.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 13 years ago

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  • Ghost
    Ghost 13 years ago

    yea y dont u play with its head right after u cut it off! ya jackass

  • HoneyBearHawns
    HoneyBearHawns 13 years ago

    ahhh!!!! thats wicked!!!! cool shit though..

  • Horsespit
    Horsespit 13 years ago

    nice zoom...

  • Altair Garden
    Altair Garden 13 years ago


  • scooterbugs25
    scooterbugs25 13 years ago

    how inhumane!