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  • Guillermo Calderón
    Guillermo Calderón 16 hours ago

    You are all so afraid of a Iberoamérica united...

  • Henry Burby
    Henry Burby 16 hours ago

    David Florian Bieber had to fight so hard against the radical centrism of the reporter. he did a good job.

  • Jay LM
    Jay LM 16 hours ago

    Also DW had been slacking in investigation the range of those drones aren't that great and they would've been intercepted way before Moscow... DW seems to not see those two very easily seen facts

  • Senzo Sanjuro
    Senzo Sanjuro 16 hours ago

    A russian attempt to destabilize Europe for sure 😑 You want peace in your country... don't let russians enter 👍

  • Forgotten World
    Forgotten World 16 hours ago

    This is such a shame, Lula is trashing the huge opportunities he have been given since winning the election, and deepening the dependence on China. What industries would be interested in a Brazil close to the narco-state of Venezuela? Completely absurd and dumb on geopolitics.

  • LeonBLADESOrton 1889
    LeonBLADESOrton 1889 16 hours ago

    he looks scared to me like a little old lonely man 👀💣💥

    N7 WAR HOUND 16 hours ago

    Who would have thought in 2019 we’d casually be listening to news about drone attacks on Moscow while at work. Cooking. Or working out at the gym

  • Serguei Vergounov
    Serguei Vergounov 16 hours ago

    NATO will lose.

  • Uu EE
    Uu EE 16 hours ago

    مقتل جنرالات مريكان في ضربه جويه الروسيا لمقر حلف ناتو في اوكرانيه تحت الارض

  • Mike D
    Mike D 16 hours ago

    Russia's been bombing scores of residential buildings all across Ukraine every day for over a year now.

  • Samson Soturian
    Samson Soturian 16 hours ago

    These goons can't even control their own private companies, much less work together for world domination.

  • Jay LM
    Jay LM 16 hours ago

    Wow DW great let's bring in a Russian journalist and treat them like experts

  • Serguei Vergounov
    Serguei Vergounov 16 hours ago

    Bakhmut is lost. 20% of territory lost. Over 300K Ukrainian men KIA. Ok, let's talk that drone in Moscow.😁

  • Henry Burby
    Henry Burby 16 hours ago

    ah yes. genocide is "expressing your own opinion." not a surprising take from the Russian foreign minister. the US should have acted in Belgrade sooner.

  • Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius

    false flag putin smh, pathetic

  • Violet
    Violet 16 hours ago

    >doesn't vote >someone they don't like gets elected >protests >5 head move

  • Richard Whelan
    Richard Whelan 16 hours ago

    NATO should not be there.

  • Uu EE
    Uu EE 16 hours ago

    للمره ثانيه تم تدمير منظومة باتريوت الامريكيه

  • Viet Nam
    Viet Nam 16 hours ago

    The west created monsters and chaos around the world for too long....it’s the end of western civilization....thx to USA avoidable Ukraine war exposed all these these stuffs on the world stage for countries to see

  • countryman
    countryman 16 hours ago

    Ha,ha,ha motha fuc*as!! That's called karma bitc*es.

  • Mark
    Mark 16 hours ago

    Russia will slowly bleed to death. With the support of NATO Ukraine will retake all of its territory. At this point I don't think many people sympathize with the Russian people. If they don't stand up for themselves and get rid of Putin they deserve to go down with him.

  • What'd Say Again?
    What'd Say Again? 16 hours ago


  • Serguei Vergounov
    Serguei Vergounov 16 hours ago

    How exposed is Patriot to destruction?😁

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik 16 hours ago

    I disagree it is most likely a false flag attack by Russia. If Ukraine was going to attack it would be at night or during inclement weather, it would be a multiple prong attack with heavier weapons, and multiple level attacks with chaff to blind Russian radar.

  • Uu EE
    Uu EE 16 hours ago

    ضربه جويه روسيا لمقر لحلف ناتو تحت الارض ولم يعرف عدد القتلى في الضربه

  • Kevin Nunes
    Kevin Nunes 16 hours ago

    Serbia really want round 2? 😂

  • V
    V 16 hours ago

    Charge them as adults

  • Victor
    Victor 16 hours ago

    Lula is a joke.

  • mh
    mh 16 hours ago

    "Time to bomb for peace!" - NATO, The Defensive Alliance.

  • drewski h
    drewski h 16 hours ago


    RCTBR 16 hours ago

    As a Latin American, this is like bring together the rehab, the hospice and the prison into a crossover episode. Latin Americans prefer to spend a generation time blaming others for their fails than start thinking about changing our own flaws.

  • Wilson kafeero Timz tv

    it's bin Russiaz lisez2 as eva

  • Serguei Vergounov
    Serguei Vergounov 16 hours ago

    United. And not under Washington D.C. control. United States 'leadership' fades away.😆

  • Hey Guys what's Happening !!!

    Land is stolen by Albanians Serb army goes in to reclaim it NATO bombs Belgrade NATO steals land on behalf of Albanians NATO wants everyone to live in peace ?

  • Soren Ingram
    Soren Ingram 16 hours ago

    The only Terrorist here is Putin. Any blame game by the Kremlin is just pathetic..

  • white beam
    white beam 16 hours ago

    Kosovo is Serbia and nobody can change that

  • Junk Sock
    Junk Sock 16 hours ago

    Yeah right

  • Jacek Kokot
    Jacek Kokot 16 hours ago

    its happened when You have uncontrolled emigration (many years ago)

  • Rex Worthy
    Rex Worthy 16 hours ago

    The war is going on to long now. This is a time to take the war inside Russian. We must convince the Russian people, to overthrow Putin and his gang of cutthroats.

  • Yeisson Camacho
    Yeisson Camacho 16 hours ago

    Lula, Maduro, Petro, Alberto, Boric... Todos los empobrecedores juntos.

  • Nott Environmental
    Nott Environmental 16 hours ago

    Climate change is irreversible now, we've had 25yrs but still increase emissions. 50% of crops will fail by 2035. It's alarming but leadership are corrupted

  • Muhammad Yahya
    Muhammad Yahya 16 hours ago

    wow you called a military tout Mateeullah to talk about IK

  • Song nian Zhang
    Song nian Zhang 16 hours ago

    why NATO support Kosovo vs not support Eastern Ukraine? Typical double standard?

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 16 hours ago

    Biden as overseen the greatest decline in American influence in the history of our nation. All of these countries are openly trying to depose us. Haha. It’s crazy.

    • Gabriel Jean-Batiste
      Gabriel Jean-Batiste 16 hours ago

      News flash: most countries put up with the US, but they'd truly rather not. And to burst your bubble: most of the world disliked the US even more under Bush & Trump--not Biden or Obama.

  • TA
    TA 16 hours ago

    "Victim-blaming" is Russia's typical SOP. Change russian culture to stop this SOP.

  • Whatthe
    Whatthe 16 hours ago

    He bringing up violence against cops and doesn't even mention Antifa , portland or BLM . What propoganda . Tell the whole truth buddy. Arm up theys , more the merrier .

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar 16 hours ago

    Seems Nato is attacking moscow so that it can launch nuclear attack on Europe and them US can make the Europe its slave, like it did with iraq

  • parker1093
    parker1093 16 hours ago

    If Russian people are expecting sympathy from these attacks, they will be disappointed. For over a year the Russian military has conducted a brutal and unwarranted war against the people of Ukraine leaving entire city's reduced to wastelands. When the Ukrainian military would not crumble they bombed power plants, dams, hospitals, schools; anything they thought would break the will of the people. It is only fitting that the war should now return to their doorstep.

  • Hector Riquelme
    Hector Riquelme 16 hours ago

    eye for an eye

  • Dungeon Bay Shop
    Dungeon Bay Shop 16 hours ago

    World at war