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Thinking Secondhand First
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A Clean Slate
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MBA Fellowships at HBS
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Spring on Campus
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The Confidence to Apply
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Innovation Lessons
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  • Nicholi
    Nicholi Hour ago

    He sounds like he's yanggang at the end of his speech

  • Nicholi
    Nicholi Hour ago

    I guess these are some of the lines we will be hearing during his run for president. Screw you Bloomberg.. we're already yanggang

  • Bewantsu Gurung
    Bewantsu Gurung 19 hours ago

    I am comin harvard 2021

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao Day ago

    🌸😎 To the brother of John Peter James, JD Columbia University live in San Francisco and a Ferrari owner in 1985; Taking the State of virginia off the GOLD Standard would be the most important thing the Roosevelt administration could do.

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao Day ago

    To the brother of John Peter James, JD Columbia University live in San Francisco and a Ferrari owner in 1985; Taking the State of virginia off the GOLD Standard would be the most important thing the Roosevelt administration could do.

  • Exploring The Current

    Good job czn...

  • Charles Love
    Charles Love 4 days ago

    Does the university “own” the idea that’s presented to the VC’s / seasoned investors?

  • Z Huang
    Z Huang 6 days ago

    Think of Mike Pence who never eats alone with females. Is this problem or women's? It is a manifestation that education for men is not there yet, but not an undesirable or unintended consequences of #MeToo.

  • Giovanni Flormoran
    Giovanni Flormoran 7 days ago

    Bloomberg will win the the 2020 USA presidential elections!

  • DJ Szabó
    DJ Szabó 7 days ago

    Tell the kids how much fun you had on JE's jet.

  • Jacob Hay
    Jacob Hay 8 days ago

    Bloomberg & Yang would be great running team for potus and vpotus but unfortunately they’re too normal and sane for the Democratic Party of our generation ...

  • Evan Suarez
    Evan Suarez 8 days ago

    Yep, this guy wont make it past the primaries.

  • Joel Bondurant
    Joel Bondurant 8 days ago

    Tax sucking welfare terrorists need to be dropped in a desert under heavy fire.

  • clairtide aly
    clairtide aly 8 days ago

    Love ❤️ you Erin , strong 💪 woman, and my other girl, you’re a the West Point that’s nice to hear . Nice interview.👍

  • clairtide aly
    clairtide aly 9 days ago

    That’s very nice 👍 to see all the 4 students military community HBS . Erin I’m thrilled 😁 to see you . Happy veteran’s Day to all of you.❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹

  • La ZBend
    La ZBend 9 days ago

    Mr. Bloomberg would be an outstanding President that I would be PROUD of for my child, my country, and for representing our country around the world!!!

      DARRYL PHILLIPS 3 days ago

      Bloomberg and Governor Patrick entry in the Democratic primary will shake up the race.

    • Sally Mega
      Sally Mega 9 days ago

      I checked him out today thanks to the news. And he is definitely "speaking" to me.

  • arrival 19 santoniyus 80

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  • Joel Bondurant
    Joel Bondurant 10 days ago

    business "science"

  • Christopher Chalfant

    I'm all for making our capitalist society more fair for everyone but this video was basically meaningless. How did this make it onto HBS? No discussion of a tangible solution. No description of previous & other failed economic models. Please bring a more mature, well thought out perspective to the situation you wish to improve.

    USA MBA VIDEO BOOK 15 days ago

    Nice video

  • Ashu Gautam
    Ashu Gautam 19 days ago

    Great Sir Very well

  • SSArcher11
    SSArcher11 20 days ago

    I think Karl Marx's character was more mixed than described.

  • Mervin Rapp
    Mervin Rapp 23 days ago

    Inspiring speech

  • Robert W Norris II
    Robert W Norris II 24 days ago

    What case studies you reading?

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao 27 days ago

    I like Pizza and expect the parlor you recommended does also, since they made it. Jack Welch and his bride in Heaven, Suzie Q It is that sort of brilliance that makes capitalism a friend of all nations. We do not need Virginia's soldiers yesterday, today or tomorrow or forever snd they will never see American Industrial Strength again since they surrendered to Satan under my brother's Command, John Kohler Jeanes code named ; Maycee Grey at Walnut Hills Farm. GE today: 8.96 Buy

  • adelaja olaneye
    adelaja olaneye 28 days ago

    Is anybody looking at doing MBA in Harvard ? Drop your email, let’s connect & leverage on each other’s strength and work on getting in.

    • gikonyo maina
      gikonyo maina 10 days ago


    • Tafadzwa Sigauke
      Tafadzwa Sigauke 27 days ago

      Yes. sigauke33@yahoo.com, though a few years from now. Still working on my Bach in Engineering

  • TheUnique mine
    TheUnique mine Month ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We got em, We found the C.E.O of Cancer

  • Jamal69 Jackson
    Jamal69 Jackson Month ago

    There's nothing distinguished about this pathetic moron, he just has a lot of money. Just like most other wealthy douchebags, he distinguishes himself by trying to become wealthier and more politically powerful at the working American's expense!

  • Potter Mania
    Potter Mania Month ago

    Visionary professional !

  • Adil Siddiqui
    Adil Siddiqui Month ago

    It’s funny how this issue is not highlighted as opposed to what’s happening with Kurdish terrorist ground or even Kashmir? The world operates with a specific agenda

  • Robert W Norris II

    It's the company you keep. "All my heroes are on the Clip-Share." Can't really leverage that -yet-.....

  • DAVID Games
    DAVID Games Month ago

    Sou inscrito , e me inscrevi no meu canal também, não custa nada 😍😍😍

  • Science Hacker
    Science Hacker Month ago

    I am coming hbs

  • San Sesbunso
    San Sesbunso Month ago

    So nonstandard accent. I doubted that if it was Spanish or English.

  • TY
    TY Month ago

    Currently i'm working as the internship at the venture capital firm in Japan and will start to study at nyu stern in order for me to grasp more knowledge about the venture capital so am pleased to hear the voice of professional of that related field and some day want to be the professional like them.

  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson Month ago

    @10:20 - I don't trust a person who talks about respecting a person's right to define happiness for themselves and then backhands his own daughter for *not* going to HBS and becoming a family counselor, which by the way is a fine career. Prof. Stevenson just likes to hear himself talk. It's self absorption disguised as wise words.

  • Justin Lee Miller

    He sounds a lot like Andrew Yang.

  • Ahmed Oulaqi
    Ahmed Oulaqi Month ago

    How the hick Michael Tushman graduate his MBA in 1942, that's 77 years ago, how old is he now 100?? He should be at least 100 of that's true....

  • Diana Correa
    Diana Correa Month ago

    This MF raped a child in 2014 With the help of the government Amin Istrabadi was one of the MF who helped him

  • M.K. S.
    M.K. S. Month ago

    "#Black Business ("Enterprise") -Matters!!"??

  • Mc Bancomat
    Mc Bancomat Month ago

    Thanks sir for the good name of are country

  • Theron Roberts
    Theron Roberts Month ago

    I have a question for you Michael Bloomberg you idiot. You really believe the leader of China is not a communist dictator? You say that the leader of China cares about the people there? And that he has to listen to the people in order to get things done. The point I am getting to is about global warming. China doesn't give a damn about global warming. About it's people. Ask the people who live in China how they are treated by their leaders. Their leaders don't give a damn about the people there. And if the news media would do their jobs the way they are supposed to. The American public would understand what kind of a menace the Chinese government is within the world.

  • W Ghost
    W Ghost Month ago


  • W Ghost
    W Ghost Month ago

    'Investing in people' is the first step on the road to glory indeed , and money does not buy talent because talent is something that you have or you don't it doesn't come and go like money . I just wanted to add that predicting the future is one of the most challenging things for any deep thinker but there's a bigger obstacle which is how to make sure that you're running the right business ? in my humble opinion the key to business success nowadays and futuristicly is to establish a product or a service that is unique and considered a necessity at the same time which is a very hard equation but it's not impossible , on the other hand that won't work without a business ground based upon 'Free trade' Thank You Harvard for all the great effort and all the sincere care , Highly Appreciated as usual .

  • lalith lalith
    lalith lalith Month ago

    Is work experience necessary to get into harvard mba

  • Andrew Silva
    Andrew Silva Month ago

    Props to her. Holy shit

  • mantisamygdala
    mantisamygdala Month ago

    I've read the book this year. I was shocked. I'm from Germany, and I would have never thought that in a developed country such inequality is possible as described in the book. After the USA and their allies ended the fascism (Nazis) in Germany in 1945, the USA became a paragon for liberty and human rights for us. Now the US have a president who stirs the hate between the genders and races and social groups to exploit the differences for his own profit. Hope, this is the bottom, and all the young women like AOC who entered the lower house last year will built a brighter future for all groups soon. If you havent' read the book already, read it now.

  • Akira Suzuki
    Akira Suzuki Month ago

    Bangladesh govt. restricts Rohingya refugees from working or having a job. There are refugees hosted in other countries in the world, but they (for example Turkey hosting Syrian refugees, Jordan hosting Palestinian refugees) do not restrict refugees from working. Bangladesh govt do not acknowledge them as refugees, instead, calls them Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN). By not acknowledging their refugee status, Rohingyas are denied the rights of refugees specified by the United Nations. Rohingya refugees suffered much and they should be given refugee status in Bangladesh.

  • Nguyen Ba Tu Nguyen

    Would someone shares the books of your school to who are not able to attend the class, although they love to improve some business skills?

  • Bald Men Win
    Bald Men Win Month ago

    So it's actually a Socialist Economic Takeover of Independent Sovereign Economies to direct Funds to those New Green Cronies who will thrive under the new Global Government - GOT IT..!!

  • Vi Lan Dam
    Vi Lan Dam Month ago

    Wow 😮

  • W Ghost
    W Ghost Month ago

    That sounds good indeed yet i'd like to address the fact as i see it but i will begin with a question What's the point of what we can learn from the Rohingya when they can't have the right to live in the first place ? those people need a Real solution , even if we look at it from a capitalistic perspective in reference to Adam Smith the Rohingya people need an effective solution , i mean i truly appreciate all those who are trying to help from the heart not for the public image and five minutes of fame , someone has to be held accountable in the International Court Of Justice for this crime against Humanity and that's what i know. #DoSomethingREAL

    • W Ghost
      W Ghost Month ago

      @Liam Tun If you still want to go down that route my advice to you would be >Watch Your Mouth<

    • Liam Tun
      Liam Tun Month ago

      Finding for Justice should start with Rohingyas' ideological and financial backers in Saudi Arabia & Pakistan.

  • sol dein
    sol dein Month ago

    I wish I could study there,i will be in college next year :( maybe n God's plan 🙏someday

  • Ji-Eun Kim
    Ji-Eun Kim Month ago

    So many negative comments... surprised at how a lot of Americans are now seeing grad school as a “waste of time”. Professional degrees have been the ladder to a better social status and life quality for years. It is true that PhD, MBA, and other professional degrees are challenging and time-consuming, but the upper-middle class elites that contribute innovative thoughts and technologies clearly consist a lot of those people. I can’t believe how much people look down on elites that actually drive the world... how ignorant we have become on the importance of education :(

  • Mohd. Imtiaz Karim

    Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Sami
    Sami Month ago


  • Jose Zurita
    Jose Zurita Month ago

    Hood baby shit whoa whoa hood baby shit whoa whoa

  • Drew Hendley
    Drew Hendley Month ago


  • Leona Banks
    Leona Banks Month ago

    BOYCOTT THESE SELLOUT JOKERS: Before any BW spend one red dime on any BM's businesses, music, movies, videos, concerts, etc....ladies please, please, please do your research to see who they are dating and who they are married to. If you see that they don't date BW, especially Brown skin, dark skin and black, DO NOT spend your hard earned money on these JASPERS and JOKES. I work very hard for my money and I'm not going to keep spending my money on these professional fools so that they can go take care of, build up, uplift and glorify any other race but their own. Money is POWER! We need to stop EMPOWERING them to continue treating us like we are a piece of garbage. They treat WW and anyone light skin like diamonds and gold, but treat brown, dark and black like they are WORTHLESS. I say it STOPS here. Please my Ebony Queens we are all we have ....each other. We can bring these LOSERS down to their knees. They have boycotted us, I say we BOYCOTT them. Boycott their barbershops, salons, ANYTHING where they can make money. I'm not just talking about the entertainment field.....I mean EVERYTHING. Let the WW spend THEIR money on these BASTARDS who HATE their own Race and Nation of women. Let's take back our POWER!

  • W Ghost
    W Ghost Month ago

    Good question indeed

  • Grace Lily
    Grace Lily Month ago

    More student loan debt

    • Ji-Eun Kim
      Ji-Eun Kim Month ago

      To people who go to earn MBA or have MBA, the tuition won’t actually be a huge burden. My friends who are in Wall Street are making good six digits straight out of undergrad (with potential of reaching million a year in the future). Also, a lot of companies fund their talented employees to learn more at such institutions. So... yeah... it’s not the league you’ll have to worry about.

  • Freek Martinus
    Freek Martinus Month ago

    Going to oxford, maybe do masters there someday😁

  • Barnaby Bex
    Barnaby Bex Month ago

    Sana all


    This dickweed is a gun control freak.

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar Month ago

    One of the greatest Bangladeshi's ever

  • laris andrew
    laris andrew Month ago

    Lol going to college to learn business from people that aren’t even business men/ women.

    • Ji-Eun Kim
      Ji-Eun Kim Month ago

      A lot of MBA students are actually from companies and firms. So a good number would actually be real business people!

    • MiracleWorldTV
      MiracleWorldTV Month ago

      They aren't there to learn as much as they're there to network. It's one of the most respected branded clubs with some of the most influential and successful alumni in the world. The professor says it at 0:58.

  • Erik Fountaine
    Erik Fountaine Month ago

    The leftist never lets up. Ever. Propaganda is a way of life.

  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson Month ago

    This guy is full of bullshit.

  • W Ghost
    W Ghost 2 months ago

    I'm glad you brought that up Harvard because i'm so confused at this point . On one hand people want a better future for our planet which is something i do support from the bottom of my heart , on the other hand the producers wants to make extra money out of it and the consumers only cares about paying less bills ! ''If i can rule the world i will be a good dictator''

  • gikonyo maina
    gikonyo maina 2 months ago

    Class of 2026 .... Amen

  • Lucia C
    Lucia C 2 months ago

    I hope these kids learn something about how the neo-liberal capitalist economy is failing us. And I hope they learn about socialist democracy.

  • Irshad TP
    Irshad TP 2 months ago


  • John Isho
    John Isho 2 months ago

    Harvard is a joke now, I remember when ivy schools were respected, not anymore

  • Prakhar Education
    Prakhar Education 2 months ago

    What is meant

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li 2 months ago

    Imagine getting in lol

  • A typical white man
    A typical white man 2 months ago

    The class of 2021????? Da flip, we are in 2019

  • Justin
    Justin 2 months ago

    Everyone in the comment section that wants to go here are all brown people?

  • sabbir ahmed
    sabbir ahmed 2 months ago

    World's best Business School ✌ I'm from Bangladesh. Best wishes for all brilliant Professors & students for researching day to night for solving world's business problem. My dream's business school 🎓

  • Ben Videographer
    Ben Videographer 2 months ago

    Ah fair Harvard, dedicated to screwing the poor and spreading neoliberal misery around the world.

  • Rani Ng
    Rani Ng 2 months ago

    One day I will be there!

  • Anderson Claiton
    Anderson Claiton 2 months ago

    First visualization, comment and like 😉 São Paulo / Brazil

  • Anderson Claiton
    Anderson Claiton 2 months ago

    First visualization

  • Wi se
    Wi se 2 months ago

    If Harvard is advertising MBA program then clearly it's not as popular as it used to be. Loosing market share! 😄

    • Kenz
      Kenz 2 months ago

      It’s not losing popularity in a way that people don’t want to go. Most people just can’t afford education anymore so there aren’t as many applicants. This too has pros though as having education is seen as more valuable and competitive again.

    • Wi se
      Wi se 2 months ago

      @Kal business of education buddy business of education!! 😊

    • Kal
      Kal 2 months ago

      “Market share” of what? Maybe you need to go to business school, because Harvard isn’t a company.

    • Wi se
      Wi se 2 months ago

      @Cruze 80 So you acknowledge it's advertisement which every 'education' provider does these days. As education has become business after all!! Do you have a vested interest in defending them, Sir?

    • Cruze 80
      Cruze 80 2 months ago

      @Wi se Every colleges and Universities does this same kinda video across the globe. This aint 1993 it's 2019. You are still living in the past.

  • Elephant In The Room
    Elephant In The Room 2 months ago

    why do they keep showing the minritees?

    • Fiki Firmansyah
      Fiki Firmansyah Month ago

      They target market. Asians still thinking harvard is top and highest status for family.

  • khaja azharuddin
    khaja azharuddin 2 months ago

    Not just harvard but also every low usa university is like harvard for me unfortunately god didn't make my destiny in usa and i accept that.

  • Stomi Ball
    Stomi Ball 2 months ago


  • eakherenow
    eakherenow 2 months ago

    She is blind and biased when it comes to Hilary who stood by her predator man against every woman he lied about.Hilary also paid 20% higher wages to her male campaign workers.Look at your own blindness and disparate responses of yourself and Clinton.

    REALMS OF GOD 2 months ago

    He was running for president but I heard he lost too much money betting on a fabrazhay egg. lmfao.

  • Tin Tin
    Tin Tin 2 months ago

    Gary Vee - cllg is useless .Go out in market get your first job hustle adapt and learn from experiences and become good leader

    • abtozi am
      abtozi am Month ago

      Tin Tin and Gary vee, Elon musk and these other entrepreneur gurus will hire a college graduate over someone who did not graduate college. If one has a plan and graduates college I think they will be in a great position to make more than a non college graduate.

    • Kal
      Kal 2 months ago

      Yeah, I’m going to listen not to go to college from someone who can’t form a coherent sentence. Okay.

  • Omar Abid
    Omar Abid 2 months ago

    Dream to study here. A BBA graduate from 🇵🇰

    • adi aswal
      adi aswal Month ago

      All the best

    • Qumber Murtaza
      Qumber Murtaza 2 months ago

      I hope your dream come true. I also dream to study in Harvard University 👍❤️🇵🇰

  • Sameer Thigale
    Sameer Thigale 2 months ago

    Too good.

  • Julyanti Purnamasari
    Julyanti Purnamasari 2 months ago

    really appreciate it! hope someday I can be a part of that community (HBS alumni).. Ameen..

  • Marko Benic
    Marko Benic 2 months ago


  • Ivana Minz
    Ivana Minz 2 months ago

    That's a brilliant example of getting out into the field and making real impact.

  • starryeyez247
    starryeyez247 2 months ago

    Check out GOONJ in India

  • Margaret Mager
    Margaret Mager 2 months ago

    Passion makes all the difference and will sustain you when you feel burned out. You have passion. I hope you get the big grant that will sustain your mission. Your home town is rooting for you.

  • Htet Paing Aung
    Htet Paing Aung 2 months ago

    Marvelous, I'd heard about this concept of buying second-hand clothes is very cost-effective and environmentally friendly, otherwise, it's saving the environment indirectly because of the dyeing of clothes need to use loads of chemicals which it produces so much carbon dioxide and other stuff in this process. ✌ Save the planet together by wearing second-hand clothes.

  • Ahmed Riyaj Khan
    Ahmed Riyaj Khan 2 months ago


  • W Ghost
    W Ghost 2 months ago

    ''We need more people who cares'' Thank You Harvard . Always Appreciated . clip-share.net/video/l61M05JkZ0g/video.html