U.S. Soccer
U.S. Soccer
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  • Rick Caldwell
    Rick Caldwell 7 hours ago

    Good riddance. Rapinoe is a disgrace.

  • Billionaire inspiration

    I'm cristiano Ronaldoooo Messiii👎👎

  • JnL
    JnL 8 hours ago

    Trashy woman I have advised my daughter to be nothing like her

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 9 hours ago

    Has to be a horrible feeling talking on the mic when you know just about everyone in the Country hates you.

  • Pekeniioh MuZah
    Pekeniioh MuZah 10 hours ago

    It works perfectly for me!

  • Inigo Montoya
    Inigo Montoya 10 hours ago

    We are all better off that she is done. You didn't represent this country in any positive light. Please f*** off. I'm sorry, but you are detrimental to the success of the team.

  • justanothervalidcomment

    This belongs here "💩"

  • This Isnt Me
    This Isnt Me 11 hours ago

    What a genuine clown sitting on a throne, speaking on how she thinks she's changed the world when 99% of people have never seen her kick a ball.

  • Amer Adam
    Amer Adam 12 hours ago

    A real legend and achiever, she is unparalleled in football and social causes of injustice, a real example of a free woman

    • Amer Adam
      Amer Adam 9 hours ago

      @HexMafia You're welcome, I'm also laughing at your comment buddy🤣🤣

    • HexMafia
      HexMafia 10 hours ago

      😂thanks. I needed a laugh 🤣

  • My Channel
    My Channel 12 hours ago

    I'm glad that POS is gone!!!

  • James Cain
    James Cain 12 hours ago

    The female Homelander!! Terrible speech.

  • Good Mourning America
    Good Mourning America 13 hours ago

    Since you dont like america. At all.. go live anywhere else you little boy

  • Isaac Sanders
    Isaac Sanders 14 hours ago

    A global icon and only 35k views?

  • Samsung 4
    Samsung 4 14 hours ago


  • dmoney668
    dmoney668 15 hours ago

    Good stuff fellas

  • Richie Nguyen
    Richie Nguyen 15 hours ago

    I honestly feel ashamed for America. Having a player playing a national team but refusing to put her hands on the heart during the national anthem is such a disgrace.

  • Rush182Link
    Rush182Link 15 hours ago

    Wow cannot believe it’s been 10 years now. I remember being a freshman in community college at that time. I missed the first half of that game cause of my part time job at the time. But then I was grateful I witnessed the highlighted moment. Good times!

  • JMinaj
    JMinaj 15 hours ago

    To me, she seems phony. She gives off bad energy.

  • R Jonzun
    R Jonzun 16 hours ago

    Don't let the door hit you in the a$$

  • Laura Griesbach
    Laura Griesbach 17 hours ago

    That’s when soccer was about soccer. ❤

  • Danielle Marquez
    Danielle Marquez 17 hours ago

    Incredible person, incredible player. I will truly miss seeing her on the pitch and dominating every minute she plays. Hoping she finds even greater fulfillment in this next chapter!

  • Yefim Rabinovich
    Yefim Rabinovich 18 hours ago


    NAMELESS 18 hours ago

    GO SWEDEN!!!! AMericans are still celebrating your win

  • Db Parrish
    Db Parrish 18 hours ago

    Disgusting narsicicistic woman🤑

  • turcanewyork
    turcanewyork 18 hours ago


  • Temujin Khan
    Temujin Khan 18 hours ago

    One of the most ungrateful American athletes in the world. I guess she is running away because once the boys come in to play against her she will be left in the dust

  • Gamer Gaming
    Gamer Gaming 19 hours ago


  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen 19 hours ago

    Thank you, Julie Ertz.

  • Francis Nguyen
    Francis Nguyen 19 hours ago

    Thank you, Megan Rapinoe.

    • Cristina Rana
      Cristina Rana 16 hours ago

      @Francis Nguyenlegend in hating the US and yet can’t leave… Showing her privilege

    • Francis Nguyen
      Francis Nguyen 19 hours ago

      @ctoxyz She is Legend.

    • ctoxyz
      ctoxyz 19 hours ago

      ...for leaving forever

  • queenredspecial
    queenredspecial 19 hours ago

    One wishes that a good athlete also had grace and sportswomanship. What an ungrateful, arrogant being. Pity.

  • Robert Gachau
    Robert Gachau 19 hours ago

    When Mal comes back...watch out!

  • News Today
    News Today 19 hours ago

    Very good

  • News Today
    News Today 19 hours ago

    Very good

  • Bigrhythm4
    Bigrhythm4 20 hours ago

    Is youtube paying people for these FAKE comments?? Because NOBODY LIKES MEGAN RAPINOE.

  • Keith Richards
    Keith Richards 20 hours ago

    Now. Time to move to Russia since you hate America . Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Joe Steck
    Joe Steck 20 hours ago

    Good riddance

  • R Gray
    R Gray 20 hours ago


  • Jeff Taylor
    Jeff Taylor 20 hours ago

    Thank a veteran for the freedom you have to disrespect the country that you suckle at the teat of. Wrap yourself in the flag of your freedoms while you simultaneously disrespect ever person who died on the field of battle. Continue to disrespect your country. Hope your proud. You have an ugly heart.

  • Benjamin Ingram
    Benjamin Ingram 20 hours ago

    Fans still love you but you still won't respect the u.s.flag? And the men women that served.🪖

  • aliboy aliboy
    aliboy aliboy 20 hours ago

    the flock of sheep are watching teary-eyed . . . . the attendance and the atmosphere of her last game before retirement was pathetic and uninspiring, a reflection of likable personality LOL

  • J Wales
    J Wales 22 hours ago

    Philly phans love the Ertz's!

  • Yuri
    Yuri 23 hours ago

    Christen Press ❤

  • Jenny Dong
    Jenny Dong 23 hours ago

    No Messi no win.

  • Nanette Cormier
    Nanette Cormier 23 hours ago

    With few exceptions, Miami players could not read the pitch. Their passing game was abysmal, as was their decision making. Cincinnati played a Barcelona-esque game. They were the better players by far. It's a shame they lost. And yes, I'm a Miami fan!!

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy Day ago

    The new coach !!! Who will it be? There’s only one coach in the world that can keep these spoiled, diva adults who never grew up in check. AND that is HELEN HAYES from England. She is the only manager who has the balls to speak up to these women. Poor Vlatko he never had a chance with these ‘ children’ ! HAYES will keep them off the team if they revolt! A gentleman will be hounded off this team as was vlatko who lost control of Rapino and others. Haven’t yet decided after 30 years of being a fan if I’ll come back . Have to wait and see!!!!

  • njeri sonko
    njeri sonko Day ago

    Great assist from messi.

  • jackhammer gaming

    Hi I'm megan and I hate the United States and I don't give to shits about y'all so screw oh yea I missed that kick on purpose losers.