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Camila Cabello - Liar
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Camila Cabello - Shameless
Views 36M14 days ago


    BBI-BBI-BBEAT-ITXD 47 minutes ago

    Good morning in the morning...AAHAHAHAHA

  • Devilish Tao
    Devilish Tao 47 minutes ago

    Nice song

  • Tithi Sarkar
    Tithi Sarkar 48 minutes ago

    Oh Camila Cabello you r the bestest

  • Levi Turner
    Levi Turner 52 minutes ago

    Are you single?

  • Hiba Mustafa
    Hiba Mustafa 53 minutes ago

    اكو عرب بل طياره

  • Nguyễn Hương Giang
    Nguyễn Hương Giang 53 minutes ago

    oh LeLe

  • Chrystal Lim
    Chrystal Lim 53 minutes ago

    I bet the dislikes are the shameful people!!

  • Benjamin Bauche
    Benjamin Bauche 54 minutes ago


  • Benjamin Bauche
    Benjamin Bauche 54 minutes ago


  • Faique IT
    Faique IT 54 minutes ago


  • Benjamin Bauche
    Benjamin Bauche 54 minutes ago


  • JustWannaFreeFx
    JustWannaFreeFx 57 minutes ago

    Isn't this the dude from one of those Noah Centineo movies?

  • Kashu Fatima
    Kashu Fatima 58 minutes ago

    Havana:oh na na na Señorita:oh la la la Liar:oh no no no Shameless:no uh no uh no uh

  • Акгул Оразанбаева


  • Angie Gamerplayz
    Angie Gamerplayz 59 minutes ago

    Any win think dat Camilo and Shawn is adorable together?

  • Sara
    Sara Hour ago

    Poor tami :-:

  • Irina Idaho
    Irina Idaho Hour ago

    Если ты можешь это прочитать-ставь лайк;)

  • Nubia Jesus
    Nubia Jesus Hour ago

    A amo essa quem gostar de um like

  • Elias S
    Elias S Hour ago

    Amo essa música ♥😍

  • James Hamid
    James Hamid Hour ago


  • Entertainment TV

    Am I the only one who notice this song sounds like Sia

  • Irina Idaho
    Irina Idaho Hour ago

    The intro is way too long.

  • Trap Army
    Trap Army Hour ago

    Oh hey its barry allens brother in law⚡

  • Mark Pius
    Mark Pius Hour ago

    Why is Camila so inspiring😀 I love this music video so much but it needed some memes so I recreated it on my channel please check it out it will make my day😀

  • Albea Kav
    Albea Kav Hour ago


  • Aysegul Yazgan
    Aysegul Yazgan Hour ago

    Çok sevdiğim bayıldığım şarkı

  • Dibar Bes
    Dibar Bes Hour ago

    México ealowww 🇲🇽 estoy acá...

  • Wafa Sultana
    Wafa Sultana Hour ago


  • baby baby
    baby baby Hour ago


    • baby baby
      baby baby Hour ago


  • Mehmet DEVECİ
    Mehmet DEVECİ Hour ago


  • Faboulous K
    Faboulous K Hour ago

    Reminds me of Happie death day movie ....

  • Crazy B
    Crazy B Hour ago

    I Love her

  • Neetu Tiwari
    Neetu Tiwari Hour ago

    Camila - I don't believe myself when I say that I don't need you Me - I don't believe my self when I hear Shawn and Camila are just friends

    LAHIRU DALUGODA Hour ago much pain in her voice

  • Ntombikayise Nzima

    I love her smile😍

  • Aline Ventura Ventura

    Camila cabelo arasa

  • Retyu Uyrewe
    Retyu Uyrewe Hour ago

    2:20 " And I wanna chese burger" Camilla you are so funny.

  • Oksana Shcerbinovych


  • Vinit Bapardekar

    Again camilla amazed me😍😍😍

  • Merve kurt
    Merve kurt Hour ago

    I'm ship Camila and Noah but at the moment Camila's boyfriend is Shawn 🙄

    • Edward
      Edward Hour ago

      LOL this comment is for 16 seckonds posted

  • Kaya Premaratne
    Kaya Premaratne Hour ago

    I love this song

  • Marie Johnson
    Marie Johnson Hour ago

    Baby girl you an inspiration

  • Rashid Albinali
    Rashid Albinali Hour ago


  • Marie Johnson
    Marie Johnson Hour ago


  • Aqsa J
    Aqsa J Hour ago

    Lmao is it just me who noticed that the camila did her music video in the same house as Ariana did in her new song “don’t call me angel”🧐

  • Lovias Mboya
    Lovias Mboya Hour ago

    Cute voice

  • Sufiian Miah
    Sufiian Miah Hour ago

    মজাই মজা মামা😎😎😎

  • Sandra Holubova
    Sandra Holubova Hour ago

    It’s Shawn mendes

  • Elegant rose
    Elegant rose 2 hours ago

    His like my X... Ah

  • The game master
    The game master 2 hours ago

    Camila cabello iam the biggest fan of yours please come to arunachal pradesh naharlagun to do a stage performance please please please

  • Wynonna Kalissa
    Wynonna Kalissa 2 hours ago

    ouhhh i see Lele in here:V

  • Ксения Янакиева

    Girrrrl they killed ittt ❤❤

  • Love Life
    Love Life 2 hours ago

    Life is good with good music that is out now

  • Shy Princess
    Shy Princess 2 hours ago

    It genuinely sucks when you are almost choking at some Cafe and some random guy starts playing some tunes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Violet Moore
    Violet Moore 2 hours ago

    Billie : devil wings Taylor: Butterfly wings Camila: Angel wings Ariana: Dark Angel wings Me: Chicken wings Red Bull: Gives you wings

  • Emma Cesak
    Emma Cesak 2 hours ago

    Omg in 12.9. I have byrthay!

  • Marcelly Vitória
    Marcelly Vitória 2 hours ago

    Camila gostosa rsrs ❤️ quem lembra ? ( saudade) queria que ela vinhesse outra vez 🎤 Cadê o povo 🇧🇷🙃

    LATEST JEWELLERY 2 hours ago

    Hii Friends I am From India 🇮🇳 Music Ksa Hai.... Like If You Like This Song Comment If you Not Iike This Song.

  • Addy Duat
    Addy Duat 2 hours ago

    Fish lips 💋

  • Anjali Sinha
    Anjali Sinha 2 hours ago

    Every time I try to lose weight and my favorite food is in front of me: I said don't lose control, I don't want it Also me: but I can't stop it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • King Enver
    King Enver 2 hours ago

    i'll never be a liar to you

  • S J
    S J 2 hours ago

    This is going to be a billion viewer mark my words

  • lalemonbae
    lalemonbae 2 hours ago

    5:19 i think Camila is gonna drop her new album on December 7th, i don't know just a feeling ;)

  • Rain R-
    Rain R- 2 hours ago

    😍 fromJP

  • Shrek with 1 k subs Blaze

    How many times tami has been told shut up 👇

  • Trashratz
    Trashratz 2 hours ago

    That running is going to become a meme

  • GG Jan
    GG Jan 2 hours ago


  • GG Jan
    GG Jan 2 hours ago


  • Melisa SENORITA Lisa

    I love u Camila Cabello and my dad told me to put my phone one bar of volume!

  • Pritha Khasnobis
    Pritha Khasnobis 2 hours ago

    Who remembers to skip directly to 2:30 to skip the starting bullshit

  • Kashif Nawaz
    Kashif Nawaz 2 hours ago

    This song makes me liar.

  • Motzi T. Rogue
    Motzi T. Rogue 2 hours ago

    I take issue w the line “something must’ve gone wrong in my brain” She doesn’t have a brain to go wrong. So it makes no sense ;)

  • atfal _naz
    atfal _naz 2 hours ago

    So extra hahahah

  • Motzi T. Rogue
    Motzi T. Rogue 2 hours ago

    After reading the lyrics to this I can’t say I’m surprised. Great message to the kids. Sex is an addiction and that’s a good thing. Wonderful. More Talmudic garbage purposely being peddled to our youth. Destroying yet another generation

  • Elisa Ds
    Elisa Ds 2 hours ago

    One of the best video ever

  • Motzi T. Rogue
    Motzi T. Rogue 2 hours ago

    So THIS is pop music in 2019?? Unbelievable

  • RIO Mecheret
    RIO Mecheret 2 hours ago

    Wallah hamdoulah

  • Ngọc Ngọc
    Ngọc Ngọc 2 hours ago

    Xuất bản 25 thg 10, 2017

  • Ngọc Ngọc
    Ngọc Ngọc 3 hours ago

    Xuất bản 12 thg 9, 2019

  • Dahon Leaves
    Dahon Leaves 3 hours ago

    2019? CAMREN Feels💕

  • srey rath
    srey rath 3 hours ago

    Hi I'm from Cambodia I love this song♥️🇰🇭

  • mulook yahya
    mulook yahya 3 hours ago


  • Sita Rani
    Sita Rani 3 hours ago

    Her thumbnail seems so dramatic,but her video and song are kinda funny and chill 😂

  • Vero Dartayet
    Vero Dartayet 3 hours ago

    Where is Shawn mendes

  • nada amina
    nada amina 3 hours ago

    I like this is songggggggggggg veryyyyyyy much😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😊😊☺☺☺😊☺😊☺☺:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-D:-D:-DB-)B-)

  • World Aquarium Singapore

    incredible WoWwww and Woooooww

    GWAD OFFICIAL 3 hours ago


  • Uasus
    Uasus 3 hours ago

    2019? No

  • Roses BLINK
    Roses BLINK 3 hours ago

    I love this!

  • talking rabbit
    talking rabbit 3 hours ago

    The Blue bird remind me so much to 500 days of summer scene where Tom looks so happy while dancing

  • Jazel Vidal
    Jazel Vidal 3 hours ago


  • Jazel Vidal
    Jazel Vidal 3 hours ago

    Who loves Press

  • Alexis Alvarillo
    Alexis Alvarillo 3 hours ago

    La idea es de estas películas/the idea its from those movies

  • Nay RF
    Nay RF 3 hours ago

    Merece más views!!! Este vídeo es lo mejor del año!!

  • Mis's Razan
    Mis's Razan 3 hours ago

    اكو عرب بطياره😎🤟🏼

  • nina bayamna
    nina bayamna 3 hours ago

    Je suis la seule à penser qu'elle voulait dire : shawns mendes =shameless

  • Bảo Minh Nguyễn
    Bảo Minh Nguyễn 3 hours ago


  • Hope Eliana
    Hope Eliana 3 hours ago


  • AaDee SinLa
    AaDee SinLa 3 hours ago


    • okow tina
      okow tina 3 hours ago

      Who else feel her in the red dress as bellatrix lestrage..........HP?

  • rajatava dev
    rajatava dev 3 hours ago

    *I'm too young to cry in the club, so I'll just cry in my room*