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GreedFall - Launch Trailer
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NBA 2K20: Momentous
Views 11K11 days ago
WRC 8 | Launch Trailer
Views 49K12 days ago
NBA 2K20: House of Next
Views 9K12 days ago
Views 20K20 days ago
Gears POP! Launch Trailer
Views 62K26 days ago
Control: Launch Trailer
Views 29K26 days ago


  • The Randoms
    The Randoms 2 hours ago

    5:00 it’s the ever lasting gobstopper controller

  • gaminghyena29 _
    gaminghyena29 _ 2 hours ago

    Halo Reach addition update

  • Dean Moses
    Dean Moses 3 hours ago

    Now I can be like my grandfather, he was one of the best pilots in Saudi Arabia

  • Kheythe Rocha
    Kheythe Rocha 3 hours ago


    OOF OOF 3 hours ago


  • Alexander I
    Alexander I 3 hours ago

    But.. but? Why Sandman song? I don't get it.

    BROTATOCHIP 4 hours ago

    Bethesda in fallout 4 and fallout 76 have proven that they don’t understand fallout

  • Cristian Matasa
    Cristian Matasa 5 hours ago

    I love this trailer and love minecraft

  • metrabnsf847
    metrabnsf847 5 hours ago

    Better have VR support

  • Salvatore
    Salvatore 7 hours ago

    Dude wow

  • Zack Bertuzzi
    Zack Bertuzzi 8 hours ago

    Make Medal of Honor European Assault Backwards Compatible

  • Zack Bertuzzi
    Zack Bertuzzi 8 hours ago

    007 Everything Or Nothing Backwards Compatible

  • Toast
    Toast 8 hours ago

    I play on Xbox one but I have Windows 10 Edition, and I wanna transfer from 2 different accounts on the Xbox One

  • MovableFormula
    MovableFormula 8 hours ago

    It’s the destiny intro all over again

  • MovableFormula
    MovableFormula 8 hours ago

    *Thank You Lizard*

  • TheBlueComet 833
    TheBlueComet 833 8 hours ago

    When your still waiting for Crypto. ***Sad Hacker Noises***

  • F4d3Ph4n0m xD
    F4d3Ph4n0m xD 9 hours ago

    If you buy the controller will you get all of the add ons too?

  • Spacedleech 354
    Spacedleech 354 9 hours ago

    Boom :'v

  • Trent
    Trent 10 hours ago

    It really annoys me how Mike Colter didn’t even voice locke

  • Randy Zamora
    Randy Zamora 10 hours ago

    I love how they feature the eventual reigning World Series Champs at @1:09

  • Ghost_Over1ord
    Ghost_Over1ord 10 hours ago

    ost please!

  • richard antunes
    richard antunes 11 hours ago

    Meu sonho era ter um desce

    AJ WYLMS 11 hours ago

    Please don’t let this be over hyped like Anthem

  • Chainsaw1999
    Chainsaw1999 11 hours ago

    Now I never have to go outside

  • M Bevi
    M Bevi 11 hours ago

    So like Evolve?

  • laws of earth
    laws of earth 11 hours ago

    EA Sports it's in the casino

  • NAMMusic7
    NAMMusic7 12 hours ago

    I think it’s an add on

  • funkywhite cat
    funkywhite cat 12 hours ago


  • Crypto Plays
    Crypto Plays 13 hours ago

    EA: You know you want it Me: Shut up and take my money

  • HotColdLava
    HotColdLava 13 hours ago

    ONG THEY ADDD DA FUTURE LALALALALALLALA bruh just play Trials Fusion for the future

  • Bob the Peacock
    Bob the Peacock 13 hours ago

    Does this require Xbox live?

    PANTERA 13 hours ago

    Where are the teraflops??

  • Unagi
    Unagi 13 hours ago


  • NFS most wanted Backwards compatible

    Can you please make need for speed most wanted (2005), carbon and pro street backwards compatible PLEASE I really want to play them again and I'm pretty sure alot of other people do to

  • Bowl_of_Rice79
    Bowl_of_Rice79 14 hours ago

    Do U need Xbox gold or love to play online minecraft?

  • Yad .A
    Yad .A 14 hours ago

    Only thing im hyped for from e3!

  • ItsDock 42226
    ItsDock 42226 14 hours ago


  • Antonio Bueno
    Antonio Bueno 14 hours ago

    Muito bom....

  • Y3TT1
    Y3TT1 14 hours ago

    *Achivement unlocked - you can use SSD now!* Wonder what will be next big thing, MSAA?

  • Dezzy
    Dezzy 15 hours ago

    I’m here for Amy. I heard her voice on tv and I lost it. I instantly knew it was her and I almost screamed.

  • iwnl ghost
    iwnl ghost 15 hours ago

    Was this even in the campaign

  • Gaming Demon 410
    Gaming Demon 410 16 hours ago

    Hello xbox how are you ??

  • wales2k
    wales2k 16 hours ago

    What’s the song used in this trailer?

  • Mike Rasco
    Mike Rasco 16 hours ago

    @airforceproud will troll at 4K

  • Brittany Walsh
    Brittany Walsh 16 hours ago

    Amy Lee doin good things

  • ghostboy2133
    ghostboy2133 16 hours ago

    I want to pick up the Xbox one s all digital edition being that I own Xbox one and 360 digital games

  • دراغون بول زد أوف كاكاروت

    😭 Adrenaline 🔥🔥🔥

  • Frank Romeo
    Frank Romeo 17 hours ago

    Hitman seems great but won't even download the other episodes hear it's a bug problem or something idk had to delete it

    MR HAPPY AM 17 hours ago

    What did u walked into

  • Dathippiefromny
    Dathippiefromny 17 hours ago

    It’s dropping this week coming up on PC & in October on Xbox One❤️🌎☮️

  • Yahir De La Cruz Bello

    Who else sees the trailer for nostalgia?

  • Heavy Dirty Soul
    Heavy Dirty Soul 17 hours ago

    I love how they use covers of older songs to get this younger generation to appreciate older music.

  • DerekSpeare
    DerekSpeare 17 hours ago

    PC VR?

  • gamer gamer
    gamer gamer 17 hours ago


  • A Hardstyle Lamb
    A Hardstyle Lamb 18 hours ago

    "Unlock your DLC". Fixed the video title.

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller 18 hours ago

    Still waiting on that Switch port!

  • Idrissa94
    Idrissa94 18 hours ago

    Now I'm waiting for Microsoft Train Simulator 2020

  • صلوح Xover
    صلوح Xover 18 hours ago

    6 comments? Lol

  • Shanu Zayn
    Shanu Zayn 19 hours ago

    Goodman Scam Artists

  • CerealKiller558
    CerealKiller558 19 hours ago

    why does this game exist? why does every game made by Outright Games exist

  • Mr Q
    Mr Q 19 hours ago

    Subban got Lindsay Vonn 🔥🔥🔥

  • Felix
    Felix 19 hours ago

    Rise of Nations Definitive Edition😥

  • Angie Elacio
    Angie Elacio 19 hours ago

    I wish malena was going to be in the game :///

  • Maximillion Roivas
    Maximillion Roivas 19 hours ago

    Project Resistance aka Resident Evil Dead By Daylight

  • Vader Vaders
    Vader Vaders 20 hours ago

    So, 19.99 like it should be ?

  • mar mars
    mar mars 20 hours ago

    Wow three years go by fast i remember getting this game when it first came out

  • Minino Is hΞrΞ
    Minino Is hΞrΞ 20 hours ago

    I though that was lil nas

  • Gentle Giant
    Gentle Giant 20 hours ago

    "Whos winnin, boys?" *The ones who paid the most for the game*

  • TheBakedDonut20
    TheBakedDonut20 20 hours ago

    Nobody cares

  • Evgeniy Kvasov
    Evgeniy Kvasov 20 hours ago

    Заберите мои деньги!😆😅

  • testedmedal
    testedmedal 20 hours ago

    scooby doo, where are you?

  • ECH0ChAOs
    ECH0ChAOs 20 hours ago

    Coincidence it's 34 seconds long? I think not!

    • Vader Vaders
      Vader Vaders 20 hours ago

      Say's 33 seconds long on my end ? …?

  • - Styalz
    - Styalz 20 hours ago

    EA Sports Developer: I know how we can make NHL 20 great again!! EA Sports Corporate: Lets just copy and paste NHL 19 and add new commentators and call it NHL 20!!

  • Broken Pencil
    Broken Pencil 21 hour ago

    120th view

  • Jocker Jokay
    Jocker Jokay 21 hour ago

    Holaaa ;) aquí esperando el projecto scarlett

  • Ali Elachkar
    Ali Elachkar 21 hour ago

    First comment Xbox heart me I dare you

  • SkillED GaminG
    SkillED GaminG 21 hour ago

    Mom : why u aren't sleeping Me : you can't sleep now monsters nearby!!!

  • cristiano ronaldo
    cristiano ronaldo 21 hour ago

    I have Xbox one S

    GAMEZSTAA 21 hour ago

    I'm really digging the story plot for this one!

    GAMEZSTAA 21 hour ago

    So many great games are out right now! It's hard to choose!

  • Wommies
    Wommies 21 hour ago

    Super duper graphics 4k cancelled after 3 years with out saying anything to the fanbase having us all excited but mojang said nevermind smh

    GAMEZSTAA 22 hours ago

    XBOX makes the best console games!! 😆

    GAMEZSTAA 22 hours ago

    Xbox has the best controllers. The designs are incredible, especially the camouflage inspired ones. 👌

  • Sahil Butt
    Sahil Butt 22 hours ago

    truck driver have multiplayer???

    SHONAREE Tv 22 hours ago

    That we lit

  • James Gutierrez
    James Gutierrez 22 hours ago

    It's not just about the power. What about the games?

  • Slycrest 23
    Slycrest 23 22 hours ago

    Poor Gibi

  • Bethesda Skyline Skyline

    lol that was so funny

  • Garrett Sampson
    Garrett Sampson 22 hours ago

    Remember spartan lock

  • GrittleMyDittle
    GrittleMyDittle 23 hours ago

    Eehhh not my cup of tea

  • пажилая биба

    Can whis game be on ps 4?

  • Lee Garza
    Lee Garza 23 hours ago

    I’m playing , when do I get him

  • 케넨유튜브
    케넨유튜브 23 hours ago

    그래서 한국차가 나와 버린다?

  • Alex's Animations

    5 months from now. Ugh

  • BobaGaming2208 yu

    Where are the URLs for the jacket?

  • พิจิก พงศ์

    Xboxรุ่นใหม่. มีที่ใสแผ่นเกมไหมคับ. ผมอยากให้xboxรุ่นใช้แผ่นเกมของ Xbox oneได้จังเลยคนเล่นจะได้ใช้แผ่นXbox oneได้ผมของให้เครื่องเกมใหม่มีภาษาไทยด้วยน่ะคับ. เวลาตั้งค่าเครื่องของให้มีภาษาไทยด้วยน่ะคับ. ผมชอบเล่นเครื่องxbox. น่ะคับ

  • Adrian Lau
    Adrian Lau Day ago

    WOW XBOX!!

  • 갓세훈
    갓세훈 Day ago


  • Quifix Ultimate

    These idiots saying that they haven't seen 120 fps before. I bet they also didn't play PC in their intire life before.

  • Pikabluplays
    Pikabluplays Day ago

    HaloBorderFall 2 Electric Boogaloo